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Isom Hunt

FATHER: Thomas Hunt   (abt 1723 - 15 Sep 1763)
MOTHER: Ann Beals   (abt 1720 - 10 Jul 1790)

SPOUSE 1: Ann Moon   (abt 1760 - bef 1793)

SPOUSE 2: Margaret Bundy   (2 Mar 1771 - 30 Apr 1846)


AKA Hunt,Isham 
-Genealogical records from New Garden MM,NC
-Isham mentioned in Will of his father in 1763, Rowan co,NC
-Presumed dead by 1828 when his widow removes to Indiana
-New Garden MM, Guilford co,NC on 28 Sep 1793 Isam granted certificate to
 Back Creek MM to marry
-Back Creek MM, Randolph co,NC on 14 Nov 1793 Isam Hunt, son of Thomas &
 Ann, of Guilford co,NC, marries Marget Bundy [sic]
-Back Creek MM on 27 Jun 1795 Isom disowned (member of New Garden MM but
 had lived within the limits of this mtg for some time)
-New Garden MM on 28 Jul 1798 Isam condemns his misconduct; copy of
 this Minute to be sent to Back Creek MM where offense was committed
-Back Creek MM on 30 Mar 1799 noted that Isom was restored, having made an
 offering at Center MM [sic]
-New Garden MM on 29 Aug 1801 Isom & family granted certificate to
 Springfield MM
-Springfield MM, Guilford co,NC on 3 Oct 1801 Ishaam & family (sons Allen,
 Nathan, & Jesse) received on certificate from New Garden MM
-Springfield MM on 4 Feb 1804 Ishaam & family request certificate to
 New Garden MM [evidently not granted]
-Springfield MM on 2 Jun 1810 Isham & family granted certificate to
 New Garden MM
-New Garden MM on 28 Jul 1810 Isom & hw Margaret & 8 children received on
 certificate from Springfield MM dated 2 Jun 1810
-New Garden MM on 28 Sep 1822 Isom disowned [no reason shown]

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