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Isaac Harvey Sr

FATHER: William Harvey   (abt 1678 - abt 1754)
MOTHER: Judith Bolin

SPOUSE: Martha Newlin   (abt 1720 - 23 Nov 1806)


-Genealogical records from Concord MM,PA
-Death of Isaac Harvey Sr recorded at Spring MM,NC
-Newark MM, New Castle co,DE on 5 2M 1740 Isaac granted certificate to
 [Concord] MM
-Concord MM, Chester co,PA on 7 2M 1740 Isaac received on certificate from
 Newark MM [DE] to marry; on same date Isaac Harvey & Martha Newlin announce
 marriage intentions 2nd time & liberated to marry; on 23 2M 1740 Isaac
 Harvey, son of William & Judey, of Chester co,PA, marries at Concord MH,
 Martha Newlin, dau of Nathaniel & Jane, of Chester co,PA; on 5 3M 1740
 reported married
-Concord MM on 4 Sep 1765 Isaac disowned for disunity
-Concord MM on 8 Sep 1790 Isaac restored in membership
-Concord MM on 6 Oct 1790 Isaac granted certificate to Cane Creek MM,NC
-Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC on 1 Jan 1791 Isaac received on certificate
 from Concord MM,PA dated 6 Oct 1790
-Spring MM set off from Cane Creek MM,NC in 1793

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