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Joseph Hadley

FATHER: Joshua Hadley Jr   (23 5M 1743 - 4 Aug 1815)
MOTHER: Ruth Lindley   (25 3M 1745 - 15 Jul 1798)

SPOUSE: Mary Hinshaw   (20 Feb 1789 - 30 Apr 1860)


-DOB per NC IGI, confirmed by Membership record from Richland MM,IA
-Spring MM set off from Cane Creek MM,NC in 1793
-Spring MM, Orange co,NC on 25 Jul 1840 Joseph & hw Mary & 4 children
 request certificate to Bloomfield MM,IN
-Spring MM on 27 Mar 1841 Joseph's family granted certificate to
 Bloomfield MM,IN [Joseph not issued cert]
-Salem MM, Henry co,IA on 27 Nov 1841 Riley & Josephus [sons of Joseph]
 received on certificate from Spring MM,NC dated 26 Mar 1841; endorsed
 by Bloomfield MM,IN dated 10 Nov 1841
-Pleasant Plain MM set off from Salem MM,IA in 1842
-Spring MM on 28 Mar 1846 Joseph of Pesant Plain [sic] disowned [he was
 resident in Keokuk co,IA & thus within the verge of Pleasant Plain MM,IA]
-Richland MM set off from Pleasant Plain MM,IA in 1851

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