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Quaker Collection: HADLEY Line [0233]

        issue(1st marr.):

        (1) Simon DIXON, b.12 10M 1728, New Castle co,DE;            
                        d. Apr 1781, Orange co,NC; bur. Cane Creek cem;
                        [Founding Member of Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         died during REVOLUTIONARY WAR defending
                         his mill against the Tories]
              marr.(8 Nov 1752, New Garden MM, Chester co,PA)
                Elizabeth ALLEN, b.29 2M 1728, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                            dau of John ALLEN (1694-1771) & 
                                   Amy COX;
                        d.13 Oct 1793, Orange co,NC; bur. Cane Creek cem;
                        [Founding Member of Cane Creek MM,NC]

        (2) Rebecca DIXON, b.13 1M 1731/2 OS, New Castle co,DE;
                        d.19 Feb 1803, Orange co,NC;
              marr.(28 3M 1746, Hockessin PM of Newark MM, New Castle co,DE)
                William MARSHILL, b. 6 8M 1724, County Tyrone, IRELAND;
                            son of Jacob MARSHILL Jr (ca.1690-bef.1729) &
                                   Ann GRIFFITH;
                        d.28 May 1803, Orange co,NC;                   
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         donated 26 acres to the Monthly Meeting
                         on which the 2nd Meeting House was built]

        (3) Ruth DIXON, b.17 Oct 1733, New Castle co,DE [per AF];
                        d.1764, Orange co,NC; bur. Cane Creek cem;
                        [her grave is the oldest at Cane Creek Friends cem]
              marr.(25 Nov 1756, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                John DOAN, b.30 11M 1732/3, Bucks co,PA;
                            son of Joseph DOAN (ca.1706- ? ) & Mary CARTER;
                        d. 6 Mar 1811, Chatham co,NC;   
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC]

       issue(2nd marr.):

        (4) John STANFIELD, b. 1 Aug 1743, Chester co,PA [per PA IGI];
                        d.abt.1815, Cumberland co,KY;                 
                        [Charter Member in 1793 of Deep Creek MM,NC]
              marr.(2x Apr 1762, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                Phillipina Christina JONES, b. May 1746, Berks co,PA;
                            dau of John JONES (ca.1717-1781) & Mary;
                        [mentioned in 1786 as Member at Deep River MM,NC]

        (5) Samuel STANFIELD, b.29 Dec 1745, Chester co,PA [per PA IGI];
                        d. 5 Feb 1832, Greene co,TN;                
                        [disowned in 1808 at Newhope MM,TN]
              marr.(ca.1770, prob. Anson co,NC)
                Lydia VERNON,, Chester co,PA;
                            dau of Isaac VERNON (1715-1786) & 
                                   Hannah TOWNSEND; 
                        d.23 Mar 1838, Greene co,TN;

        (6) Thomas STANFIELD, b.29 Dec 1747, New Castle co,DE [per DE IGI];
                        d.11 May 1824, Logan co,OH; bur. Goshen cem;
                        [disowned in 1767 at New Garden MM,PA;
                         restored in 1791 at Westfield MM,NC;
                         Charter Member of Newhope MM,TN;
                         Founding Member of Goshen MM,OH]
              marr.(ca.1770, Chester co,PA)
                Hannah VERNON,, Wilmington, New Castle co,DE;
                            dau of Mordecai VERNON (1726- ? ) & 
                                   Mary ELLET; 
                        d.24 Sep 1830, Logan co,OH;

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