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Quaker Collection: HOBSON Line [0101]


        (1) Elizabeth HOBSON, b.30 Mar 1792, Chatham co,NC;
                        [mentioned in 1829 as a widow &
                         member at Bloomfield MM,IN]
              marr.(12 Feb 1812, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                Thomas MARSHILL, b. 9 Aug 1784, Orange co,NC;
                            son of William MARSHILL (1752-1824) & 
                                   Mary VESTAL;
                        d.13 Jun 1821, Orange co,NC; bur. Cane Creek cem;

        (2) Charles HOBSON, b.25 May 1793, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.28 Oct 1825, Chatham co,NC;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC,
                         also at Bloomfield MM,IN]
              marr.( 2 Dec 1815, Springfield MM,NC)
                Zerusha MOFFETT, b.18 Feb 1799, Rowan co,NC;
                        [aka Zeruah MOFFITT]
                        d. Feb 1841, Parke co,IN;
                        shortly after announcing marriage intentions
                        with Joshua HADLEY (1780-1857);

        (3) Simon HOBSON, b. 6 May 1795, Chatham co,NC;

        (4) William HOBSON, b. 4 Jun 1797, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.25 May 1841, Parke co,IN;
                        [per gene.recs. at Bloomfield MM,IN]
              marr.(15 Nov 1821, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                Ruth NEWLIN, b. 9 Aug 1802, Chatham co,NC;
                            dau of Joshua NEWLIN (1781-1855) & 
                                   Achsah VESTAL;
                        d.29 Mar 1864, Parke co,IN;
                        as 3rd wife of Thomas RUBOTTOM;

        (5) Isaac HOBSON Jr, b.19 Jan 1799, Chatham co,NC;
                        [disowned in 1827 at Cane Creek MM,NC]
              marr.( 9 Nov 1826, Randolph co,NC)
                Emeline McMASTERS,;

        (6) Sarah HOBSON, b.23 Jan 1801, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.18 Aug 1874, Parke co,IN; bur. Bloomingdale cem;
              marr.1(16 Mar 1825, Cane Creek MM,NC)
                Nathan MAUDLIN, b. 9 Oct 1801, Randolph co,NC;
                            son of Joseph MAUDLIN (1775- ? ) & 
                                   Violet BELL;
                        d.bef.1829, Randolph co,NC;
              marr.2(ca.1831, Parke co,IN)
                George LINDLEY, b. 8 Jul 1798, Chatham co,NC;
                            son of Jonathan LINDLEY (1770- ? ) &
                                   Susannah MARIS;
                        [per gene.recs. at Bloomfield MM,IN]

        (7) Jesse HOBSON, b.27 Dec 1803, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.28 Feb 1852, Parke co,IN;
                        [per gene.recs. at Bloomfield MM,IN;
                         also at Honey Creek/New London MM,IN]
              marr.(30 Oct 1823, Spring MM,NC)
                Lydia NEWLIN, b.21 Jun 1802, Orange co,NC;
                            dau of Jacob NEWLIN (1777- ? ) & 
                                   Ruth VESTAL;

        (8) Rebecca HOBSON, b.27 Aug 1806, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.18 Jun 1838, Parke co,IN; bur. Rush Creek cem;

        (9) Aaron HOBSON, b.28 Oct 1808, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.aft.1843, Parke co,IN;
                        [per gene.recs. at Bloomfield MM,IN]
              marr.(10 Sep 1832, Bloomfield MM,IN)
                Mary NEWLIN, b.15 Aug 1814, Chatham co,NC;
                            dau of Joshua NEWLIN (1781-1855) & 
                                   Achsah VESTAL;
                        d.17 Sep 1851, Parke co,IN; bur. Rush Creek cem;

       (10) Emey HOBSON Jr, b.12 Jan 1811, Chatham co,NC;
                        d.20 Jun 1833, Parke co,IN; bur. Rush Creek cem;

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