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Quaker Collection: HOBSON Line [0008]


        (1) George HOBSON III,, Frederick co,VA;
              marr.1(ca.1756, Orange co,NC)
                Rebecca ----;
                        [condemned misconduct in 1757 
                         at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         disowned in 1765 at Cane Creek MM,NC]
              marr.2(ca.1770, Orange co,NC)
                Hannah BECK,;
                            dau of Jeffrey BECK (ca.1723-1779) & 
                                   Lydia PHILLIPS;
              marr.3(ca.1778, Orange co,NC)
                Elizabeth RATLIFF,;

        (2) William HOBSON Sr, b. 7 3M 1739, Frederick co,VA;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         mentioned in 1807 as member at
                         Center MM, Clinton co,OH]
                        d. 1 Mar 1815, Wilmington, Clinton co,OH;
              marr.(19 May 1762, Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC)
                Sarah WILLIAMS, b.17 1M 1747 OS, Prince George co,MD;
                            dau of Jonathan WILLIAMS (ca.1721- ? ) & Mary;
                        d.29 Apr 1815, Wilmington, Clinton co,OH;

        (3) Hannah HOBSON Jr,, Frederick co,VA; 
                        [mentioned in Will of 1748 of George Hobson Sr]

        (4) Stephen HOBSON, b. 5 3M 1742, Frederick co,VA;
                        d.23 Jun 1825, Chatham co,NC; bur. Rocky River cem;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC]
              marr.1(ca. 1762, Orange co,NC)
                Ann BARNES, b.17 3M 1744, Chester co,PA;
                            dau of Brinsley BARNES (1715-1795) & 
                                   Elizabeth LINDLEY;           
                        d. 1 Feb 1775, Chatham co,NC; bur. Rocky River cem;
              marr.2(9 Oct 1782, Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC)
                Mary CREW, b.26 1M 1749, Caroline co,VA;
                            dau of Joseph CREW (1715-1795) & 
                                   Agnes STONE;           
                        d.23 May 1784, Chatham co,NC; bur. Rocky River cem;
              marr.3(18 May 1786, Cane Creek MM, Chatham co,NC)
                Mrs Deborah (MARSHILL) HINSHAW, b.14 Mar 1757, Orange co,NC;
                            dau of William MARSHILL (1724-1803) & 
                                   Rebecca DIXON;          
                            widow of Benjamin HINSHAW (1749-1779); 
                        d.20 Jul 1814, Chatham co,NC; bur. Rocky River cem;

        (5) Charles HOBSON, b.14 May 1744, Frederick co,VA;
                        d.24 Oct 1829, Preble co,OH;
              marr.(ca. 1763, Orange co,NC)
                Sarah BECK, b.15 Feb 1745, Bucks co,PA;
                        d.16 Sep 1829, Preble co,OH;
                            dau of Jeffrey BECK (ca.1723-1779) & 
                                   Lydia PHILLIPS;

        (6) James HOBSON,, Frederick co,VA;
                        d. abt 1820, Anderson co,SC;

        (7) Silas HOBSON,, Frederick co,VA;

        (8) Edward HOBSON,, Frederick co,VA;

        (9) Thomas HOBSON,, Frederick co,VA;
                        d. aft 1800, Surry co,NC;
              marr. (ca.1769, Orange co,NC)
                Elizabeth VESTAL;
                        [Census of 1790, Chatham co,NC; p.87] 

       (10) John HOBSON,, Frederick co,VA;
                        d. abt 1805, Clinton co,OH;
                        [A history of Clinton co,OH states that John & Silas Hobson,
                         both hatters and brothers of William Hobson, settled in Clinton co,OH
                         in 1804;  John built his cabin near the site of Center MH, but soon fell
                         victim to malarial poisoning and was one of the first burials at Center] 


-Resident of Burlington co,NJ when married in 1732; Colonial Records
 of NJ, vol.22,pp.233; after marriage settled on Mill Creek in MD near
 the VA state line
-Member of Hopewell MM (also known as Opekon MM), Frederick co,VA per
 Hinshaw's introduction to that Meeting in the EAQG
-Received by Deed of Gift from his parents George Hobson Sr & wife
 Elizabeth on 2 Nov 1743 a tract of land comprising 600 acres on Middle
 Creek in what was then Frederick co,VA and is now Berkley co,WV;
 this tract was patented to George Hobson Jr by a grant from Lord Fairfax
 dated 22 Jan 1750/1
-Of the 4250 acres that George Hobson Sr originally had surveyed on
 Middle Creek in 1735, Capt George Hobson after his father's death, had
 1200 acres surveyed by John Baylis on 30 Oct 1751.  This tract was then
 sold to William Cochran, who had the land confirmed to him by patent from
 Lord Fairfax dated 4 Nov 1752
-About 1756 moved to Orange co,NC and settled near Cane Creek MM; the
 area where he settled eventually was associated with Rocky River PM &
 was subsequently in Chatham co when that county was established in 1771
-Chatham co,NC on 2 Oct 1777 deed in which George Hobson, wheelwright, of
 Guilford co, Province of NC, & his wife Hannah convey to their son Charles
 of Chatham co for consideration of £50, a tract of land in Chatham co on
 Middle Branch of Rocky River, being part of a tract of 200 acres conveyed
 to George Hobson from the Earl of Granville on 2 Aug 1760 & part of the
 240 acre parcel entered by George Hobson 8 Feb 1768.  Witnesses were
 George Hobson Jr, John Farmer, & Philip Sitton.
 [By this showing, Hannah Kinnison was still alive in 1777]
-Census of 1790, Chatham co,NC; p.86 (01-02-01-00-00)

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