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Quaker Collection: COX Line [0252]

        issue(1st marr):

        (1) Rebecca COX,, Chester co,PA;     
                        [Rebecca, dau of Thomas Cox and wife of
                         James Fraiser, mentioned in 1746 Will of
                         her grandfather John Fincher]               
              marr.(22 8M 1740 (Oct), Sadsbury MM, Lancaster co,PA)
                                         [the complete list of witnesses to this marriage
                                          is given in A C Myers Immigration of the Irish Quakers]
                James FRAZIER,, Chester co,PA;
                               , York co,PA;
                            son of Alexander FRAZIER (ca.1685-ca.1750) &
                                   Sarah COPPOCK;

        (2) Isaac COX,, Chester co,PA;                    
              marr.1(27 9M 1746 (Nov), Sadsbury MM, Lancaster co,PA)
                Olive UNDERWOOD,, Chester co,PA;
                            dau of Alexander UNDERWOOD (ca.1688-ca.1767) &
                                   Jane HARRY;
              marr.2(4 Jan 1764, Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC)
                Mrs Phebe (SCARLETT) ALLEN, b. 4 11M 1722/3 (Jan), Chester co,PA;
                               , Randolph co,NC;
                            widow of John ALLEN (1720-1754);
                            dau of Shadrach SCARLETT (ca.1693-ca.1739) &
                                   Phebe BOWATER;

        issue(2nd marr):

        (3) Elizabeth COX,, Chester co,PA;
                       d.15 Oct 1795, Newberry co,SC;                       
              marr.(14 May 1754, Warrington MM, York co,PA)
                David JENKINS,, Berks co,PA;
                              , Miami co,OH;
                            son of Thomas JENKINS (ca.1708-ca.1771) & Lettice;

        (4) Mary COX,, York co,PA;

        (5) Peter COX,, York co,PA;
                        [mentioned in 1760 as member at New Garden MM, Rowan co,NC;
                         mentioned as member at Wrightsborough MM,GA]
              marr.(ca.1771, Columbia co GA)
                                         [marriage inferred from 1774 membership 
                                          list in Hinshaw's introduction
                                          to Wrightsborough MM,GA]
                Mrs Deborah (MADDOCK) STUBBS,;
                                         [mentioned in 1754 as member at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                                          in 1768 granted cert to Fredericksburg MM,SC]
                            widow of Thomas STUBBS (ca.1735-1769); 
                            dau of Joseph MADDOCK (ca.1715-1794) & 
                                   Rachel DENNIS;

        (6) Thomas COX,, York co,PA;
                        d.14 May 1821, Warren co,OH;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM, Union co,SC;
                         death recorded at Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH]
              marr.( 9 May 1771, Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC)
                Tamar DAVIS, b.11 4M 1749 (Jun), Loudon co,VA;
                            dau of Charles DAVIS (ca.1710- ? ) & 
                                   Hannah MATSON;
                        d.25 Aug 1829, Warren co,OH;
                        [death recorded at Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH]

        (7) Richard COX,, York co,PA;
                        [mentioned in 1780 as member of Bush River MM,SC; 
                         transferred to New Garden MM,NC when Cane Creek MM,SC
                         was laid down in 1809; sons mentioned in 1812 as members 
                         of Caesars Creek MM,OH; mentioned in 1815 as member of 
                         Lick Creek MM,IN]
                        d. 1 Apr 1821, Vigo co,IN;
              marr.( 4 Jun 1774, Wrightsborough MM, Columbia co,GA)
                Ann HODGIN,, York co,PA;
                            dau of Robert HODGIN (ca.1718- ? ) &
                                   Mrs Theodate (HUSSEY) SEAL;

        (8) Ann COX,, York co,PA;
                        [disowned in 1804 at Cane Creek MM, Union co,SC]
              marr.(11 Aug 1774, Bush River MM, Newberry co,SC)
                Isaac HOLLINGSWORTH,, Craven co,SC;
                            son of Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH (1709- ? ) &
                                   Martha HOUGHTON;


-Genealogical data in part per AF & DE IGI
-Resident of Craven co,SC; settled there sometime after 1760
-New Garden MM, Chester co,PA on 2 9M 1722 Thomas Cocks, of Chester co,PA,
 marries at Marlborough MH, Elizabeth Fincher, dau of John, of Chester co,PA
-New Garden MM on 24 2M 1731 Thomas Cox & wife Mary (formerly Cooke)
 condemn their misconduct for civil marr.(mcd)

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