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Thomas Cox

SPOUSE 1: Sarah Busby   (abt 1695 - abt 1740)

SPOUSE 2: Elizabeth Peele   (abt 1710 - ? )


-Concord MM, Chester co,PA on 13 10M 1714 Thomas received on certificate
 from ---- MM, Chester co,PA
-Concord MM on 16 10M 1716 Thomas requests certificate to Abington MM to
 marry dau of Richard Busby
-New Garden MM, Chester co,PA on 29 4M 1729 Thomas & hw Sarah received on
 certificate from Abington MM
-New Garden MM on 25 5M 1741 Thomas disowned; he is believed to have
 removed to North Carolina shortly thereafter
-The name of Elizabeth Peele is recorded in Thomas Cox's family Bible;
 it is not known with any certitude whether she was 2nd wife of Thomas
 Cox or 1st wife of his son Richard Cox; this Bible was inherited by
 William Cox, son of Thomas' 2nd Marriage, which lends credence to the
 theory that Elizabeth Peele was his mother; son Richard Cox's 1st wife was 
 named Elizabeth, surname unknown; there is a strong tradition that she was 
 Elizabeth Applewhite

Dates of Birth shown here as Canonical Dates are from conventional sources and so far have NOT been reconciled with plain dates from Quaker source material.

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