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Richard Cox

FATHER: Thomas Cox   (abt 1694 - abt 1762)
MOTHER: Sarah Busby   (abt 1695 - abt 1740)

SPOUSE 1: Elizabeth Applewhite   (abt 1725 - ? )

SPOUSE 2: Mary Kennedy   (abt 1747 - ? )


-Genealogical records from Contentnea MM,NC
-DOB per AF
-Falling Creek MM, Johnston co,NC on 8 Oct 1768 Richard Cox of Dobbs co,NC
 marries Mary Kennedy at the house of said Richard Cox
-The name of Elizabeth Peele is recorded in Thomas Cox's family Bible;
 it is not known with any certitude whether she was 2nd wife of Thomas
 Cox or 1st wife of his son Richard Cox; this Bible was inherited by
 William Cox, son of Thomas' 2nd Marriage, which lends credence to the
 theory that Elizabeth Peele was his mother; son Richard Cox's 1st wife was 
 named Elizabeth, surname unknown; there is a strong tradition that she was 
 Elizabeth Applewhite

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