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Isaac Cook

FATHER: Thomas Cook   (29 Aug 1704 - abt 1751)
MOTHER: Mary Underwood   (abt 1710 - abt 1794)

SPOUSE: Charity Wright   (13 11M 1745/6 - 13 Nov 1822)


-Genealogical records from Bush River MM,SC; also from Silver Creek MM,IN
-Marriage data per SC IGI
-Parentage is partially speculative
-Death recorded at Silver Creek MM,IN; aet 78 yrs
-Death (in 1820 but wrong date, same as wife) also recorded at Caesars
 Creek MM,OH, no doubt because of his wife's return there; erroneously
 attributed to the younger Isaac Cook, husband of Charity Lewis
-Bush River MM,SC on 26 Oct 1805 Isaac & wife granted certificate to
 Miami MM,OH
-Miami MM, Warren co,OH on 9 Jan 1806 Isaac & hw Charity received on
 certificate from Bush River MM,SC dated 26 Oct 1805
-Center MM set off from Miami MM,OH in 1807
-Caesars Creek MM set off from Center MM,OH in 1810
-Caesars Creek MM, Clinton co,OH on 30 Jul 1819 Isaac & hw Charity granted
 certificate to Silver Creek MM,IN
-Silver Creek MM, Union co,IN on 11 Sep 1819 Isaac received on certificate
 from Caesars Creek MM,OH [extraction in HEISS shows 1818 which is in error
 & inconsistent with his wife's rocf date]

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