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Quaker Collection: ALLEN Line [1050]


        (1) Mary ALLEN, b. 7 Jan 1776;
                        [disowned in 1801 at Lost Creek MM,TN
                         for marrying her 1st cousin]
              marr.(23 Nov 1800, Blount co,TN)
                Jonathan MATTHEWS, b. 5 Mar 1778, Guilford co,NC;
                            son of James MATTHEWS (1750-1802) & 
                                   Susannah LAUGHLIN; 
                        d.abt 1807, Blount co,TN; 

        (2) Sarah ALLEN, b.23 Oct 1778;
                        [disowned in 1803 at Lost Creek MM,TN
                         for marrying her 1st cousin]
                        d.25 Oct 1850, Blount co,TN;
                        [death recorded at Newberry MM,TN]
              marr.(23 Dec 1801, Blount co,TN)
                Edwin ALLEN,;
                        [a grandson of William Allen (ca.1700- ? ),
                         but parentage unclear]

        (3) Joanna ALLEN, b.22 Jun 1780;
              , Blount co,TN;
              marr.(28 Nov 1800, Blount co,TN)
                Samuel JONES, b.12 Sep 1775, Orange co,NC;   
                            son of Thomas JONES Sr (1734-1823) & 
                                   Jane SMITH;              
                        d.14 Sep 1859, Blount co,TN;

        (4) Hugh ALLEN, b. 3 Oct 1784, Orange co,NC;       
                        [disowned in 1834 at Milford MM,IN]
              , Grant co,IN; bur. Deer Creek cem;
              marr.(ca.1807, Blount co,TN)
                Frances MORTON, b.12 Aug 1792, Orange co,NC;
                        [mentioned as Member in 1848 at 
                         Deer Creek MM (Anti-Slavery), Grant co,IN]

        (5) Susanna ALLEN, b.11 Feb 1786, Orange co,NC;    

        (6) Elizabeth ALLEN, b.15 Jul 1787, Orange co,NC;    
                        d.22 Nov 1789, Orange co,NC; bur. Spring cem;

        (7) James ALLEN Jr, b.14 Apr 1789, Orange co,NC;     
                        [disowned for military involvement in 1813 at Newberry MM,TN]
              marr.(ca.1809, Blount co,TN)

        (8) William ALLEN, b.29 Nov 1791, Orange co,NC;    
                        d.13 Oct 1793, Randolph co,NC; bur. Marlborough cem;

        (9) Rebecca ALLEN, b. 2 Nov 1794, Randolph co,NC;
                        d.aft.1861, prob. Jasper co,IA;
                        [mentioned as an officer at Center MM,IA]
              marr.(3 Nov 1838, Newberry MM, Blount co,TN)
                Uriah HINSHAW, b. 8 Jan 1785, Guilford co,NC;  
                            son of William HINSHAW (ca.1761-1807) & 
                                   Margaret HUNT;           
                        d. 8 Oct 1843, Blount co,TN;
                        [per gene.recs. at Lost Creek MM,TN;
                         also at Lynn Grove MM,IA;
                         also at Center MM,IA]

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