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Quaker Collection: ALLEN Line [0014]


        (1) Hannah ALLEN, b.10 7M 1741, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        d.10 Dec 1834, Randolph co,NC;
                        [death recorded at Holly Spring MM,NC]
              marr.(ca.1763, Orange co,NC)
                Nicholas BARKER, b. 8 3M 1737, New Castle co,DE;
                            son of Daniel BARKER (ca.1687- ? ) & 
                                   Elizabeth NICHOLAS;
                        d.24 Mar 1826, Randolph co,NC;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         death recorded at Holly Spring MM,NC]

        (2) Amy ALLEN, b.18 12M 1743/4, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        [disowned for marr.out in 1765 at Cane Creek MM,NC]
              marr.(ca.1765, Orange co,NC)
                Herman HUSBAND, b. 3 10M 1724, Cecil co,MD;
                                   [mentioned as a member at Cane Creek MM,NC
                                    in 1755; disowned in 1764 in the Rachel Wright 

        (3) Ann ALLEN, b.10 5M 1746, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        d. 8 Nov 1829, Randolph co,NC;
                        [condemned mou in 1778 at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         death recorded at Holly Spring MM,NC]
              marr.(ca.1776, Orange co,NC)
                Amos COMER, b.10 12M 1750/1, York co,PA;
                            son of Robert COMER (ca.1710- ? ) & 
                                   Rebecca HOUGHTON;
                        d.30 May 1823, Randolph co,NC;
                        [per gene.recs. at Holly Spring MM,NC]

        (4) John ALLEN III, b.22 3M 1749, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        [per gene.recs. at Cane Creek MM,NC] 
                        d. 23 Sep 1826, Randolph co,NC [per AF]; 
              marr.(ca.1779, Orange co,NC)
                Rachel STOUT, b.23 Feb 1761, York co,PA;
                                       d.abt 1840;
                            dau of Peter STOUT (1715-1802) & 
                                   Margaret CYPERT;

        (5) Samuel ALLEN, b.21 10M 1751, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        d.14 Jun 1834, Randolph co,NC;
                        [disowned in 1776 at Cane Creek MM,NC;
                         children mentioned as members of       
                         Holly Spring MM,NC]
              marr.(ca.1775, Orange co,NC)   [17 Dec 1775 per AF]
                Hannah COX, b. 8 9M 1751, Loudon co,VA;
                            dau of Harmon COX (ca.1723-ca.1817) & 
                                   Jane JOHN;
                        d.30 Jul 1823, Randolph co,NC; aet 71y,10m,22d;

        (5a) William ALLEN,, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        [some researchers believe this individual
                         is the fictitious result of an error in Hinshaw
                         in extracting the marriage of Samuel, b.1751,
                         and Hannah Cox;  William Allen is NOT shown
                         in parents gene.recs. at New Garden MM,PA]
              marr.(7 Dec 1775, Cane Creek MM, Orange co,NC)
                Hannah COX,;

        (6) Thomas ALLEN, b.25 Aug 1754, London Grove twp, Chester co,PA;
                        d. Sep 1754, Chester co,PA;
                        bur. London Grove cem; 

There are additional children shown in the Ancestral File and other public databases that cannot be substantiated by the birth records at New Garden MM, Chester co,PA, and are thus felt to be an erroneous interpretation of other records. For example, some researchers show a child Phebe Allen to explain the marriage of the widowed mother to widower Isaac Cox, who they suppose to be a much younger man. Others have attributed Benjamin Allen, b.1742, as a son. There is no support for this, and his DOB conflicts, with the provable children. He is believed, therefore, to be the youngest son of John I rather than a son of John II.

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