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Joseph HOLSEY (HALLSA) and his Descendants

Born: 1790/1794 in Georgia
Died: before Nov 1843 in Chariton Co, Missouri
Buried: in Chariton Co, Missouri
Father: Joseph HALSEY Sr.

Joseph's Notes:
1810 CENSUS, Clay Co, KY: "Joseph HALSEY": 1 male 16-26; 1 female 16-26. (Also listed as "HOSLEY". On same page is John HENSON; is he connected to Martha?)
1820 CENSUS, Pulaski Co, KY: "Joseph HALLSA", 2 males under 10 (John and James); 1 male 10-16 (Amos); 1 male 26-45 (Joseph); 1 female under 10 (Minerva); 1 female 16-26 (Martha)
1830 CENSUS, Chariton Co, MO: "Joseph HALSEY", 2 males 5-10 (John and James); 2 males 15-20 (Amos and Paul); 1 male 30-40 (Joseph); 1 female under 5 (Unknown); 1 female 5-10 (Nancy); 1 female 30-40 (Martha). LDS film No. 0014853.
1840 CENSUS, Chariton Co, MO: "Joseph HALSEY", 1 male 5-10 (Cornelius); 2 males 15-20 (John and James); 1 male 40-50 (Joseph); 2 females 5-10 (Rachael and Susan); 2 females 10-15 (Nancy and Elizabeth); 1 female 40-50 (Martha). LDS film No. 0014855.

Clay Co, Kentucky Marriage Index, Book I, 1807-1859: "Joseph HALCEY" to Martha HENSON, 10 April 1810.
Clay Co, Kentucky Marriage Bonds: "We Joseph HALSO and David Lindsey acknowledge ourselves indebted to Charles Scott Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth in the sum of 80 pounds (?) the payment of which will and truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of ours humbly under our hands seals this 10th day of April 1810, The consideration of the above obligation is such that whenever a license is about to open (?) for a marriage undivided between the said Joseph and Martha HENSON now should there be no lawfull cause to obstruct the said marriage then this obligation to be void" Signed Joseph HALCEY and David Lindsey. Have copy.

Marriage Record, Chariton County and State of Missouri: "I do 'sertify' that on the 6 day of June 1843 did join Joseph HALLSA and Mary 'TET' together in the Bonds of Matrimony. Given under my hand this 18 day of July 1843, Peterson Parks, Jr. Justice of the peace of 'Parie' Twp. filed and recorded 22 Juyl 1843".

History of Howard and Chariton Counties, Saint Louis National Historical Society, 1883: OLD SETTLERS, page 423: "Among early settlers of Keytesville Twp, Joseph HALSEY". (Keytesville was laid out in 1832.) Page 459: Salisbury Twp on NorthWest boundaries is Keytesville, old settler was Joseph HOLSEA (after 1817). Page 554: Joseph HALSEY mentioned.

TAX LIST, Linn Co, Mintioned, 1853 (non-residents): HALLSA, Joseph; 40 Acres, SENW; 27-58-18. (from Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, 1982)

TAX LIST, Clay Co, Kentucky: 1811, 1814, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1823, 1824, 1825. (Name spelled HOLSEY, HOLSA, HALSEY, HALSA, HATSY.)

DEEDS, Chariton Co, Missouri: 5 October 1831, Joseph HALLSA sells to John Moore 80 Acres and 1 negro girl named Martha, 7-8 years old, to be slave for life. (This sale was to pay Joseph's debt to William Glasgow and Gabriel Compton). 5 January 1836, William Brummit and wife to Joseph HALLSA, deed. 21 October 1839, Joseph HALLSA and wife, Martha to Hrs (?) John Leonard, deed. 5 March 1840, Joseph HALLSA and wife, Martha sold to Isaac I. Alsworth 80 Acre piece and 40 Acre piece. 18 January 1841, Joseph HALLSA and wife, Martha to Caleb Hart. 9 November 1843, Mary HALLSA (as widow of Joseph HALLSA) to Lisbon Applegate NW 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 15, Township 3, Range 18 with all appurtenances. 11 March 1844, John M. Davis, sheriff of Chariton County, to Lisbon Applegate 80 Acres. (This was done to satisfy judgement made by Circuit Court to William Nickerson on 28 March 1843.)

Index to Volunteer Soldiers In Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815-1858, page 664: Joseph HOLSEY, private, served in Kendrick's Company of Alford's Battallion of Georgia Mounted Volunteers in the Creek War. Is he a connection?

Land Records: Joseph HALLSA, 24 April 1833, 80 Acres, No. 4103, Franklin office; 30 July 1833, 40 Acres, No. 5369, Franklin office; 2 November 1837, 40 Acres, No. 9128, Fayette office; 10 November 1840, 80 Acres, No. 13158, Fayette office.

We were told by the current owner of the property that there was once a small cemetery on the top of the hill. This would be beyond and above the house. I believe that Martha and Joseph were probably buried there.

Joseph married
Martha HENSON 10 Apr 1810 in Clay Co, KY
Born: 1790/1794 in Kentucky
Died: 1841/1843 in Chariton Co, Missouri
Buried: in Chariton Co, Missouri
Father: Paul HENSON Jr.

Martha 's Notes:
1810 CENSUS, Clay Co, KY: Listed as a female 16-26 years living with spouse, Joseph HALSEY. (John HENSON, the same age, is living nearby with a wife and child (under 10 years). Is John Martha's brother?)
1820 CENSUS, Pulaski Co, KY: Listed as a female 16-26 years living with spouse, Joseph HALLSA, and 4 children. (A Joseph HENSON is also shown on Pulaski Co, KY, 1820 CENSUS. Any connection?)
1830 CENSUS, Chariton Co, MO: Listed as a female 30-40 years living with spouse, Joseph, and 6 children.
1840 CENSUS, Chariton Co, MO: Listed as a female 40-50 years living with spouse, Joseph, and 7 children.

Martha was last shown as living on 18 January 1841, when she signed a deed with her husband, Joseph, to Caleb Hart.
Joseph married Mary JETT on 18 July 1843, so presume Martha died between January 1841 and July 1843.

Joseph and Martha had the following children:

  1. Amos HALLSA
  2. Paul HALLSA
    Born: Oct 1813 in Kentucky
    Died: 3 Jul 1903 in Eureka, Humboldt Co, California
    Buried: 5 Jul 1903 in Myrtle Grove Cemetery, Eureka, Humboldt, California
    Paul's Notes:
    1830 CENSUS, Chariton Co, MO: Paul is listed as a male 15-20 years (born 1810-1815) living with Joseph HALSEY.
    1900 CENSUS, Yount, Napa, CA, ED 97: born Oct 1813, 87 years, born KY, father born GA, mother born KY, single, Inmate. cannot read or write. Paul is living at the Yount Twp. Veterans Home.

    US Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865: Paul HALLSA served as a private in the Union Army. He was in Company A, Fourth California Infantry Regiment.

    American Civil War Soldiers: Paul HALLSA, enlisted 6 Mar 1865, at Marysville, California. He enlisted as a private in Company A, Fourth California Infantry Regiment on 31 Mar 1865. Paul was mustered out of that company on 30 Nov 1865, at the Presidio, San Francisco, California.

    Paul filed for an Invalid's Pension on 31 August 1891, in California. He served in Co A, Fourth California Infantry in the Mexican War/Indian War. Application No. 1,052,499; Certificate No. 1,003,566.

    California Voters' Registrations:
    1866; Paul HALLSA, 47 years, born US, cook, resides at Phillips Flat. Sworn October 23, 1866.
    1888; Paul HALLSA, 78 years. born Kentucky, farmer, resides Upper Matole. May 28, 1888.
    1892; Paul HALLSA, 80 years, born Kentucky, laborer, five feet, six inches tall, dark complexion, black eyes, gray hair, Wen on forehead, resides at Petrolia. August 31, 1892.

    Pension Records from National Archives:
    Pauls' original application for an invalid pension was made at Napa County, CA, 17 Aug 1891. His age was listed as 80 years, and he was a resident of Saint Helena, Napa, CA. He stated that he was unable to support himself by manual labor by reason of "Pain from wounds received while in the army--(they are off and on as the weather); also of age--is getting quite feeble." Paul signed with an X. His witnesses were John A. Meyer (who had known Paul 26 years) and J. R. Kettlewell (who had known him six months).
    Paul also answered a questionaire from the Bureau of Pensions while he was at the Veterans' Home, Napa County, California. He stated that he was born in Clay County, Kentucky, at Goose Creek Salt Works, had never been married, and had no children. He gave his age as 87 years, and said that when he enlisted he gave his age as ten years younger than he was. He also stated that he had been in the Florida War and Mexican War; he served under captain Robert Grier and under Colonel Donnelson of Missouri. He didn't remember the number of his regiment. Paul also stated that his father was in the Black Hawk War, from Clay County, Kentucky, and his brother was killed in the Florida War. He added that his mother was a sister of Black Hawk. Paul again signed with an X. The witnesses were Albert Brown and W. F. McAllister; dated 18 May 1899.
    Paul received a pension of $12 per month for his service in the California Infantry. He was paid up to June 4, 1903, and the pension was dropped 31 Jul 1903 because of his death. Paul's name was not found on the rolls of Florida Volunteers in Indian Wars or Missouri Volunteers in the Mexican War. There were also no records on file of a Missouri Division of which there was a Colonel Donnelson nor a Captain Greer in the Mexican War. And, no medical records were found on Paul.

    From Tom Coyle, Parks Department, Eureka, Humboldt, California, 16 Jul 2008: Paul has a nice, small granite stone (typical of Civil War burials). It contains his name, Paul HALLSA, and Company A, California Infantry. There are no dates on the memorial stone.

    From Veterans Home of California, Museum/Archives, P. O. Box 1200, Yountville, California, 94599:
    Name of resident: HALLSA, Paul
    Age when admitted: 77 Sex: Male
    Date of Birth: N/A Place of Birth: Kentucky
    Read & Write: Yes Occupation: Laborer
    Marital Status: Single Years in State: 45
    Name & Address of sister/relatives: Mrs. Rachael La CLAIR, Oregon
    Service Rank: Private War Period: Civil War
    Date entered service: 03/06/1865 Location: Marysville (?)
    Date discharged: 12/12/1865 Location: Presidio, San Francisco, California
    Company/Regiment/Vessel: 4th Cavalry Infantry
    Type of discharge: Close of war
    Date of Admisssion: 12/05/1898 Date left the home: 07/06/1900
    Registry No. 2747 Discharged at his own request
    (Data received 14 Jul 2008)

    4 Sep 2008, Humboldt County, CA, Abstracts of Death Records, 1873-1925 (by Marilyn K. Milota, January 1993): Page 293, Paul HALLSA, "Died 3 Jul 1903, Eureka. Age 88 years. Born, KY. Single. Occupation, laborer. Cause, kidney infection." (Book 2-102, from Death Records at Recorders Office, Humboldt County Court House, Eureka)

    Obituaries, 1900-1910, page 166, Humboldt Genealogical Society, August 1997: "Paul HALLSA, died 3 Jul 1903, at the County Hospital, Eureka. Buried, Myrtle Grove Cemetery. Born in Kentucky; old soldier." (Ferndale Enterprise article 10 Jul 1903).
    Complete obituary, Ferndale Enterprise, 10 Jul 1903: "Paul HALLSA", an old soldier, died at the County Hospital last Friday, July 3, at the age of 88 years. Deceased was a native of Kentucky, and was buried from Pierce's Eureka Undertaking Parlors Sunday. The services were under the auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic, the interment being at Myrtle Grove Cemetery."

  4. James HOLSEY (HALLSA)
  6. Unknown HOLSEY
    Born: 1825/1830 in Missouri
    Died: after 1830
    Unknown's Notes:
    1830 CENSUS, Chariton County, MIssouri: Listed as female under five years of age. Living with parents and siblings.
  7. Elizabeth HOLSEY (HALLSA)
  8. Susan M. HOLSEY (HOLSEA)
  9. Cornelius HOLSEY
    Born: 1831 in Missouri
    Died: after 1860 Probably Oregon
    Cornelius' Notes:
    1850 CENSUS, District 38, Holt Co, MO, 27 Sep 1850, LDS film No. 0443609: 19 years, born MO, farm laborer. Living with the William Sharp family.
    1860 CENSUS, Fairfield, Marion, OR: "C. HALSEY', 29 years, born MO, farm laborer. Living with A. DeHaven and his family. (21 June)

    Tax Roll, 1855, Jackson County, Oregon Territory: Cornelius HOLSEY, Case No.12281B, Assessment Roll. (From Oregon State Archives. Xavier LECLAIR is listed at this same case number.)

    Since Joseph and Martha HOLSEY had a son born 1830-1835, have presumed him to be Cornelius. Cornelius was named as a witness along with Rachael "Haulsey" in her rape suit against Amos "Haulsey", February Term 1845, Holt County, Missouri, Circuit Court.

  10. Rachael HOLSEY (HAULSEY)

Joseph married
Mary JETT 6 Jun 1843 in Chariton Co, MO
Born: 1817 in Virginia
Died: after 1860

Mary 's Notes:
1850 CENSUS, Scotland Co, MO, #356: "Maria", 33 years, born VA. Living with spouse, Harfield, 3 JETT children (Rebecca, 15, VA; George, 13, VA; John, 10, VA), 4 LEWIS children and Patsy Rose, 45, VA, can't read and write, imbecile.
1860 CENSUS, Folker Twp, Clark Co, MO (Acasto P.O.), film #0803614, 14 Aug 1860, #16: "Mariah", 40 years, born VA. Living with spouse, Harfield, 5 children and Patsy Rose (60 years, born VA).

Mary's marriage to H. LEWIS listed in Pike Co, MO, Marriages, 1840-1851; name given as "Mary HOLLSA" on these records.

Chariton Co, MO Deeds: Francis JETT sold to Joseph Brewer, 9 Dec 1842, 40 Acres, Book G, page 329. Is he Mary's first husband and father of her 3 JETT children. (No other record of him.)

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