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List of Tithables in Pendleton County

 Virginia (West Virginia) in 1790

(Males over 16 years of age and widows who were head of family)

The list was taken by James Dyer and John Poage.

Dyer’s district was the South Fork and the lower half of the South Branch.

Poage had the remainder of the county.

A number following a name refers to the number of tithables in the household.

Names in brackets are the name of the tithable, when known, if other than head of house



Alkire, John

Alkire, Michael

Arbaugh, Joseph – 2

Arbogast, Adam

Arbogast, David

Arbogast, John

Arbogast, Michael Sr.

Arbogast, Michael Jr.

Bart, Lewis

Bennett, John

Bennett, Joseph

Bennett, William

Benson, Jacob

Berger, Jacob

Berger, Peter

Bible, George

Bible, Philip

Bland, John

Bland, Thomas

Bland, William

Blizzard, Burton

Blizzard, Catharine

Blizzard, John

Blizzard, Joseph

Blizzard, Thomas

Blizzard, William

Blunt, Cyrus

Blunt, Readon

Bonar, Thomas

Bodkin, Hugh

Bragg, Joseph

Briggs, Charles

Briggs, John

Briggs, Joseph

Bumgardner, Frederick

Bumgardner, George

Bush, Lewis

Bush, Leonard (went to O.)

Bush, Michael

Butcher, Nicholas

Buzzard, Henry

Carpenter, Conrad

Carpenter, John

Carper, Abraham (Amelia)

Carper, Jacob

Carr, Michael

Carr, Thomas

Cassell, Peter

Cassell, Valentine – 2

Clark, Daniel

Clifton, John

Clifton, William

Clunin (?), John – 2

Coberly, Isaac

Colaw, John

Collett, Thomas

Conn, Michael (Mary) sold 1792

Conrad, Jacob

Conrad, Ulrich Sr.

Conrad, Ulrich Jr. (Adam-George)

Coplinger, Adam

Coplinger, George

Coplinger, Henry

Coplinger, Jacob

Cortner, Adam

Cortner, Anthony

Cortner, John

Cox, Thomas

Crow, William

Crummett, Christian

Crummett, Frederick

Cunningham, James Sr.

Cunningham, James Jr.

Cunningham, John

Cushholtz, Andrew

Danser, Christopher

Davis, Robert – 2 (Samuel)

Davis, John

Day, Samuel

Dice, George

Dice, Mathias

Dickenson, Jacob

Dickenson, John

Dickenson, Samuel

Dickenson, Thomas

Dunkle, George – 3 (George-Jacob)

Dyer, James – 7 (William-Zebulon-Roger-others)

Dyer, Roger

Eaton, John

Eberman, Michael

Eberman, William

Eckard, Abraham

Eckard, Philip

Elsey, Abraham

Evick, Francis – 2 (Francis Jr. also 3 slaves)

Evick, George

Eye, Christopher

Fansler, Henry

Farrel, Peter – 2

Fisher, Charles

Fisher, George

Fisher, Jacob

Fisher, John

Fisher, Philip – 2

Fleisher, Conrad

Fleisher, Henry

Flint, George

Friend, Jacob

Full, Lewis

Fultz, Philip
Gamble, Isabel - 2
George, Reuben
Gess, Henry
Gillespie, Jacob (Elizabeth)
Gillespie, Thomas
Gragg, Henry -  (Willian-Philip)
Gragg, Samuel
Gragg, William
Gum, Isaac - 2
Gum, Jacob - 2
Gun, John
Hall, Thomas - 3
Halterman, Charles
Hamilton, Garvin
Hammer, Balsor
Hammer, George
Hanshaw, Lawrence
Harold, John
Harold, Michael Sr.
Harold, Michael Jr.
Harper, Adam
Harper, Adam (2nd)
Harper, Henry
Harper, Jacob
Harper, John
Harper, Nicholas
Harper, Philip
Harper, William
Harpole, Adam - 3 (Michael- --------)
Harpole, Nicholas - 2 (Paul)
Harpole, Sarah
Hailer, James
Hailer, Robert
Hedges, Stephen
Hedrick, Charles - 4 (Jacob-John-Charles)
Hedrick, Frederick
Heimicker, Christian
Helmick, Jacob
Henry, John
Herring, William
Hevener, Frederick - 2 (Jacob)
Hevener, Jacob - 3
Hevener, Peter - 3
Hicks, William
Hill, John
Hiner, John
Hinkle, Abraham
Hinkle, Isaac
Hinkle, Justus
Hinkle, Moses
Hooton, Ephraim
Hoover, George
Hoover, Jacob
Hoover, Lawrence
Hoover, Michael
Hoover, Peter
Hoover, Sebastian
Hopkins, John
Houck, Henry
House, Jacob
Hutson, David
Hutson, John
Hutson, Thomas
Huffman, Henry
Hull, David
Hull, John
Hull, Thomas

Janes, James

Janes, William
Johnson, Andrew - 2
Johnson, Richard
Jordan, Andrew
Kerr, Jacob
Keister, Frederick
Keister, James
Kile, Gabriel - 4
Kile, Gabriel Jr.
Kile, George Se. - 4
Kile, George Jr.
Kile, Jacob Sr. - 2
Kile, Jacob Jr.
Kitts, George
Lambert, James
Lambert, John Sr.
Lambert, John (3rd)
Lantz, Joseph
Lawrence, William
Leach, Thomas
Legate, Francis
Legate, George
Legate, John
Leiger, Martin - 2
Leiger, Lewis
Leopard, Martin
Lewis, John
Lough, Adam
Lough, George
Lowther, Ruth
Lynch, Henry
Mallow, Adam
Mallow, George
Mallow, Henry
Mason, Adam - 3
Maurer, Daniel - 3
McCall, James
McClure, Michael
McElwain, Thomas
McMakin, John
McQuain, Alexander
Mealman, Andrew
Michael, John
Mick, Mathias
Miller, George
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, Leonard
Miller, Mathias
Miller, Michael
Miller, Stephen - 2
Minniss, Robert
Mise, Peter
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Peter
Moats, Jacob
Moon, Benjamin
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, David
Moore, Jonathan
Morral, John
Morral, Mary
Morral, Samuel
Morris, John
Mowrey, George
Mullenax, Archibald
Mullenax, James
Naigley, George
Nelson, John
Nicholas, George
Painter, John
Patterson, James (Ann E.)
Patterson, Joseph
Patton, Matthew
Patton, William
Peck, Garrett - 4
Pedro, Leonard
Pendleton, Richard - 3
Pendleton, William
Pennington, Henry Sr.
Pennington, Henry Jr.
Pennington, Joshua
Peterson, Michael -2
Peterson, William
Phares, John
Phares, Johnson
Phares, Robert
Pickle, Henry - exempt
Pickle, Christian
Piper, James
Poage, Robert - 3
Prine, Anthony
Prine, Henry
Propst, Catharine
Propst, Frederick - 4 (Jacob-John-Henry)
Propst, Henry
Propst, Leonard
Propst, Michael,
Propst, Sophia
Puffenbarger, George
Quickle, Adam
Rudabaugh, Henry
Rease, James
Redmond, Samuel
Retzel, George (Barbars) sold to Jacob Conrad 1792
Rexroad, George
Rexroad, Zachariah Sr.
Rexroad, Zachariah Jr.
Richard, Samuel
Robinett, Edward
Robinett, McKinney
Root, Jacob
Ruleman, Christian - 3 (Christian-Justus)
Ruleman, Henry
Rye or Ray, Joseph
Schrader, Nicholas
Shields, Peter
Shall, John
Shall, Peter
Sibert, George
Sibert, Henry
Simmons, George
Simmons, Henry
Simmons, John
Simmons,Leonard Sr.
Simmons, Leonard Jr.
Simmons, Leonard (3rd)
Simmons, Mark
Simmons, Nicholas
Simpson, Allen
Sims, James
Snively, Patrick
Skidmore, James
Skidmore, John - 2
Skidmore, John (2nd)
Skidmore, Joseph
Skidmore, Samuel
Smalley, Benjamin
Smalley, John
Smith, Christian
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Henry - 2
Smith, Henry (2nd)
Smith, John
Smith, John (2nd)
Smith, John (3rd)
Snider, Jacob
Snider, John
Spinner, John
Straley, Christian - 2
Stratton, Seraiah - 2
Stone, Christian
Stone, Henry - 3
Stone, Peter
Stotler, John
Summerfield, Joseph
Sumwalt, John
Swadley, Benjamin
Swadley, Hrnry
Swadley, Nicholas
Teter, Abraham
Teter, George
Teter, Paul
Teter, Philip
Thompson, Nea---
Toops, John
Trumbo, George - 2
Vandeventer, Barnabus
Vandeventer, Jacob
Vandeventer, Peter
Vaneman, Peter
Wagoner, Adam
Wagoner, Christian Sr.
Wagoner, Christian Jr.
Wagoner, Lewis - 2
Waldron, Charles
Waldron, Philip
Walker, Charles
Walker, George
Wamsley, Joseph
Wanstaff, Henry
Wanstaff, Lewis
Ward, William
Warner, Adam - 2 (John)
Warrick, John
Waugh, James
Waybright, James
Waybright, Michael
Wees, John
Werry, Peter
Wise, Jacob
Wise, Martin
Wise, Sebastian
Wheating, Benjamin
Whetsell, Christopher
White, Ebenezer
Witeman, Henry
Wilfong, Michael - 2
Wilkenson, George
Wilson, Joseph
Wimer, Philip
Wolf, John
Wolf, Philip
Wood, Isaac - 3
Wood, James Sr.
Wood, James Jr.
Wood James
Wortmiller, John
Yeager, George
Yost, Henry  

   jrbakerjr  Genealogy