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Descendants of Caroline S. Harvie

Caroline (Carrie) Susan Harvie, a daughter of Daniel Lockhart Harvie (1811-1851) and Sarah Lewis Harvie née Lavers (1820-1875), was born 20 Sep 1850 1, 2 in Newport, Hants County, Nova Scotia; died 14 Mar 1930 1, 3 in Bakersfield, Kern County, California, USA, buried in the family plot in Union Cemetery in Bakersfield. She married (1) on 24 Dec 1876 4 in the home of her sister Ellen Meyers in Glennville, Kern County, CA, Douglas Alexander Morean, born 2 Nov 1844 1 Illinois, USA; died 2 May 1887 1 Kern County, CA. She married (2) on 2 June 1889 1 in Bakersfield, Kern County, CA, Simeon Smith Hill, born 10 August 1834 1, 5 in Cainville, Ohio; died 1 Nov 1919 1, 3 in Kern County, CA.

Simeon Hill at Democrat Springs - 1904

       Nova Scotia records have her name as Caroline 6. Californian records have it as Carrie. The exception in California was the obituary of her second husband Simeon S. Hill that had it as "Mary" which must have been how she was known to her family and friends. The first Californian record noted for her was a entry in the San Jose City Directory for 1876 listing her as "Miss C. S. Harvie", living at 323 Fourth Street in San Jose, with the occupation of dressmaker 7. The next noted mentions were early January 1877 announcements in the San Francisco Call and the Southern Californian and Kern County Weekly Courier newspapers of her Christmas Eve 1876 marriage in Glennville in Kern County. In both she was said to be formerly of San Jose. In the first her husband was named as Dr. Douglas A. "Moreau" formerly of San Francisco, and in the second as Mr. Douglas A. "Morean" 4. In the 1880 U.S. census she appeared in Lynn's Valley Township (originally spelt as Linns) in Kern County with him listed as David H. Moreau (sic), with their 2 yr old daughter "Lulu" (actually Leila) 8.
       Virtually every early record contained different initials or surname spellings. The surname variants were Morean/eau/ine/ian. For example in addition to the above mentioned marriage announcement, whilst the 1920 census of Oakdale recorded the name of Carrie's son as Douglas A. Morean, same appeared from 1919 until 1939 in the Stanislaus County Directories in every instance spelt as Moreau. The Californian Death Index entries for both Douglas Jr. and his wife Annie have it spelt Morean as did Annie's 1954 obituary. There were several Moreau's in San Francisco at the time of the 1876 marriage. Perhaps at some point it was changed from an original Moreau. However both names are seemingly different in pronunciation. A possible explanation for the spelling variations between Morean and Moreau is that in transcriptions of once original hand written records the end letter of "N" was incorrectly read as a "U".


          The first Nova Scotian born members of the family of Carrie's mother moved to California from the East in 1852 taking the route around Cape Horn. From 1855 they settled in Linns Valley just west of Glennville in the Greenhorn Mountains near Bakersfield in Kern County where her uncle David Lavers about 1864 built a Hotel and Stage Barn on a site marked today (2001) with a plaque as Californian Historical Landmark No.672 (note the plaque says 1859) 9, 10.
         Writings of Lavers family genealogist Florence Myers have it Carrie accompanied her grandparents William and Susan Lavers to California ca. 1858 traveling across the Isthmus of Panama and thence by ship to San Francisco and by stage-coach to the David Lavers ranch at Lavers Crossing in Linns Valley in Kern County - until 1866 a part of Tulare County 9. However it appears such could not have been the case. The first of the three daughters of Daniel Harvie and Sarah Lavers to arrive in California would likely have been Carrie's two and a half years older sister Ellen who married Joseph Meyers in Linns Valley in Dec. 1866. Likely Ellen would have arrived during the first half of the 1860s accompanied by her half brother William Andrew Harvie who was the only child of their mother first marriage to Andrew Harvie who was a brother of Daniel Lockhart. William Andrew Harvey (sic), a miner, was listed in the Joseph and Ellen Meyers household in Linns Valley at the 1870 U.S. census. He and Elllen were not listed in the Valley in the Lavers household at the 1860 U.S. census, which then comprised the brothers David & John Lavers, their parents William and Susan, and a cousin Thomas Lavers. Neither Carrie nor her uncle John Lavers (1835-1911) were listed in the Lavers or Meyers households at the 1870 census. Carrie would hardly have left her mother in Nova Scotia in 1858 at the tender age of nine years to come to a very primitive area in Kern Co. which still had five years to go before its first school was established in 1864 ! Carrie's 1932 newspaper obituary stated she came to California in 1871 in company with her uncle John Lavers and they had traveled around Cape Horn - the 1910 Kern Co. census had her arrival year as 1863 - the 1900 and 1920 census have not been checked 11. John Lavers did not appear in the Lavers household at the 1870 census presumably because by then he had left to visit family members in Nova Scotia returning to Kern Co. the following year accompanied by Carrie. A 1871 Carrie arrival in California is consistent with her not having appeared with her younger sister Danielena and two half siblings Oscar J. and Ida in the 1871 Canadian census having missed it by leaving earlier that year for California with uncle John.

The Hill Family

           According to his obituary Carrie's second husband Simeon Smith Hill was known to his host of friends in Kern County as "Dad". He came to the county in 1880 having worked formerly with the Great Western Quick Silver Mine in Lake County, CA. He was born in Cainville, Ohio and reached California from the East in 1874. From his two marriages there were eight sons and two daughters of whom six sons and the daughters survived him 12.
           Simeon and the five sons from his first marriage to Anna Bonney followed farming in the Rosedale District of Kern County for two years, but the venture was not proving a success, so he bought 80 acres in another section of Rosedale district where he remained until the death of his wife in 1885 when he sold the place and went into the livery business in Bakersfield. In 1888 he sold out and moved to Linn's Valley where he became engaged in farming. Three years later he moved to Golanagi Springs, a summer resort situated 3 miles above Democrat Springs, where he stayed for a short time then purchasing 80 acres in Linn's Valley. He finally purchased the Democrat Hot Springs property which he later sold to son Delbert D. Hill 13.
         Golanagi Springs does not appear on a early 1900's topographical map of the lower Kern River. This property presumably would have been adjacent to, or may have even been Delonegha Hot Springs, located about three and three quarter miles upriver from Democrat Hot Springs. Today (2001) Delonegha is about twelve miles southwest of Lake Isabella along the Kern Canyon Freeway, about one-half mile east of the last bridge that crosses the Kern River. According to Bob Powers, in his book Kern River Country, Simeon and son Delbert about 1898 leased the Delonegha Springs land from H. H. Fish, and built a hotel, boarding house, several dwellings, and a bath. In 1903 Delbert bought the freehold of the land and advertised the resort extensively as a health spa and headquarters for miners. Stage coaches from the San Joaquin Valley took two days to get visitors to the resort. As soon as the winter and spring snows were gone the Delonegha stage made regular trips along the nearly impassible roads over the Greenhorn Mountain from Bakersfield bringing guests. Such involved a perilous ride down the steep mountainside to the Springs. In 1908 there was a newspaper story reporting the Delonegha stage and four horses rolled 200 feet down a cliff, with the passengers jumping clear and escaping "with varying degrees of injury". Where above the river once stood a handsome hotel with wide shaded verandahs in 1998 all that remained were the great trees and a tangle of undergrowth wound around granite boulders 14.
         It seems S.S. Hill may have acquired the Democrat Hot Springs property about 1895. His 1919 obituary said that "For a number of years he was owner and manger of the Democrat Springs health resort, being also a rancher of the mountains". In reference to the couple Carrie's 1930 obituary said that "They owned and operated a summer resort at Delonegha Hot Springs and Democrat Hot Springs. In serving the public at these two resorts, Mr. and Mrs. Hill became widely known for their open hospitality" 11. Democrat was developed in 1904 by Simeon Hill as a resort with a three storied hotel and cottages and named after the reigning political party in Kern County. By 1908 the buildings provided accommodation for 100 people. They were constructed to accommodate guests who came in stage coaches from Bakersfield to dine and relax. Five springs on the property flowed at 115 degrees into large soaking tubs and a swimming pool. The main attractions of the hot springs resorts along the lower Kern River were the healing powers of the mineralised water and the hot mud baths, supported by recreational activities such as tennis, deer hunting, trout fishing etc. In the 1920's the area was very popular and another hotel was constructed at nearby Miracle Hot Springs in 1927. There are separate chapters on the Delonegha and Democrat hot springs resorts and nine photographs of the Democrat Resort in the above mentioned Bob Powers book. In 2005 Democrat Hot Springs remained as private land within the Sequoia National Forest at about 2200 feet elevation accessed by the old Kern River Canyon Road.
Children of Carrie Susan Harvie and Douglas Alexander Morean were:-
      1.      Herbert Porter Morean
+    2.      Lelia Virginia Morean
      3.      Blanche Harvie Morean
      4.      Alexander Beck Morean
+    5.      Douglas Andrew Morean

Children of Carrie Susan Harvie and Simeon Smith Hill were:-
       6.     Chauncey D Hill
       7.     George Milton Hill
 +    8.     David Lois Hill


1.    Herbert Porter Morean, born 28 Oct 1877 1; died 5 Nov 1877 1.

2.    Leila Virginia Morean was born 18 Sep 1878 1, 15 in California and died 18 Oct 1950 3 in Los Angeles, CA. She married on 11 July 1894 16 in Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Glennville, Kern County, CA, John Franklin Minter, born 10 Dec 1866 17 in Linns Valley, Kern County, CA; died 26 Jul 1948 18 in Kern County, CA, son of Monroe Minter (1833-1913).

Headstone Union Cem., Bakersfield 19
        Leila's husband John Franklin appeared in the 1900 census in Bakersfield with the occupation of grocery delivery man. The Bakersfield Californian newspaper report of their 50th wedding anniversary included a photograph of the couple and stated he a merchant in Glennville for a few years before moving to the city where he was associated with a laundry and connected with the Associated Oil Company in nearby Fellows. Upon retirement he resided in Bakersfield 16. His 1948 obituary in the same newspaper stated he was the first white child born in Kern County after its formation in 1866 out of Los Angeles and Tulare Counties and that Bakersfield's Minter Field airport had been named after his nephew - the veteran War I pilot Lieutenant Hugh C. Minter 20. The church in Glennville where Lelia and John married in 1894 was built in 1866 and in 1976 was still standing. In 1913 it had a name change from Cumberland Presbyterian Church to Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church.

 Children of Leila Virginia Morean and John Franklin Minter were:-
 +   9.   i.    Floyd Monroe Minter
 + 10.   ii.   Esther Florence Minter
 + 11.  
iii.  Morean L. Minter
iv.  Franklin Minter
v.   Blanche Lois Minter
 + 14.  
vi.  Carrie Minter

3.     Blanche Harvie Morean  born 18 Oct 1880 1 in Kern County, California; died 22 Oct 19611 in Los Angeles. She married on 3 Mar1903 1, Marion L. Perry, born ca. 1866 in Lafayette, Indiana ; died 3 April 1932 1.
Her husband's newspaper obituary stated he arrived in California 35 years previous and had settled first in Fresco and then in Bakersfield and in 1912 became associated with the Union Oil Company where he was employed until his death. No children names were mentioned in the obituary and it seems there were none. A 1944 newspaper report of her sister Leila's Golden Wedding Anniversary said Blanche had never lived outside of Kern County. She lived at No. 1925 Twentieth Street, Bakersfield next door to her mother Carrie at No. 1927. During her last years she was cared for by her half-brother David Hill and his wife Grace of North Hollywood, Los Angeles.
4.    Alexander Beck Morean, born 28 Oct  1882 1; died 18 April 1883 1.

5.    Douglas Andrew Morean, born ca.1885 in Kern County, California, USA; died 30 Mar 1952 in Kern County, CA. He married after 1910 in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, CA, Annie Walther, born ca.1890 in Stanislaus Co.; died 23 Jan 1954 in Kern County.

His step-father Simeon Hill's Nov. 1919 obituary gave David Andrew's then occupation in Oakdale as turkey rancher. His wife's newspaper obituary stated she was 63, had lived in Bakersfield for 6 months at No. 1921 Twentieth Street, and was a member of Rebekah Lodge and Neightbors of Woodcraft of Oakdale 21.

Children of Douglas Andrew Morean and Annie Walther were:-
+   15.        Herbert A Morean   

6.    Chauncey D Hill, born 10 Dec 1889 1, 18 in Kern County, California; died 27 Jul 1952 1. He married on 24 Jul 1929 1, Helen Sage Barton, born 6 Oct 1894 22, the daughter of Darius Arthur Barton and Frances A. Sage.

In the 1910 census Chauncey was listed as a mechanic working for a Bakersfield lumber yard, and in his father's Nov. 1919 obituary was still living in Bakersfield. In 1930 and 1944 he was living in Hollywood. His widow Helen Hill was living in Los Angeles in 1965. There is no record in her bible, held in 1998 by her niece Winifred Hill, of there having been any issue.
7.   George Milton Hill, born 4 Feb 1891 1; died 5 Jun 1891 1.

8.   David Lois Hill was born 6 Oct 1893 1 in Glennville, Kern County, California; died 4 Dec 1969 18 in Woodland Hills, California. He married on 3 Jan 1926 1 in Los Angeles, California, Grace Mae Cook (nee Brown, widow of Emery N. Cook 1892-1917 ), born 14 Dec 1898 18 in Brookfield, Missouri; died 11 Feb 1981 23 in Encino, Los Angeles County, California.

His wife's Grace's first husband Emery Cook died in a street accident in North Hollywood on 6 July 1917 and their only child Erma was born the following year. After her mother's remarriage, although not formally adopted, Erma went by the surname of Hill. David met his wife whilst she was working as a seamstres in the costume department of Paramount Studios. He joined Paramount in the early days of the motion picture industry in Hollywood prior to the advent of the talkies and remained with the company throughout his working life. At the time of retirement he held the position of Head Electrician. He served in the United States armed forces during WW I and was a member of the American Legion and North Hollywood Masonic Lodge 23 .

Children of David Lois Hill and Grace May Cook were as follows:
     16.  i.    Winnifred H. Hill
     17.  ii.   Richard Hill


9.    Floyd Monroe Minter, born 7 Sep 1895 18 in Kern County, California; died 14 Feb 1957 18 in Kern County. He married, Addie (_____ ) who with the three children survived him. He was known as 'Tobe" and was living in Glennville in July 1948 20. He had the general store and dance hall in Greenhorn which in those days was on the main road to Kernville.

Headstones Union Cemetery, Bakersfield19
Children of Floyd Morean Minter and Addie ( _____ ) were as follows:
     18.  i.    Toby Rean Minter
     19.  ii.   Doris Minter
     20.  iii.  Verna Minter

10.   Esther Florence Minter was born 5 Mar 1897 24 in Glennville, Kern Co., CA ; died 28 Oct 1990 24 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA. She married (1) in Bakersfield, Kern Co., William Lewis Bracchi, born 8 Nov 1888 26, 24 in Palo Alto, San Mateo Co., CA ; died 4 May 1941 3 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., buried Union Cemetery, Bakersfield. She married (2) before July 1948, Carl Johnson 24, 25.

Headstone Union Cemetery, Bakersfield 19

Her first husband William Bracchi founded Bracchi's Garage, an auto repair shop still standing in 2005, that he built behind the 1927 Twentieth Street house where his wife's step grandfather Simeon Smith Hill had his livery business and stables in the 1880's. When William died in 1941 his son Edward "Bud" took over the business 24. In July 1944 Esther was living in her grandmother's old home at No. 1927 Twenieth Street in Bakersville. Her second husband Carl Johnson had at least one child named Oleta from his first marriage. He worked on oilfields in California and he and Esther, who was known to her family as "Mamoo", moved about a lot. When in Bakerfield they resided at No. 1927.
Children of Esther Florence Minter and William Lewis Bracchi  were:-
 +  21.  i.    John William Bracchi
     22.  ii.   George Edward Bracchi
     23.  iii.  Pearl Dorothy Bracchi

11.   Morean L. Minter born Jan 1898 27 in  Glennville, Kern Co., California; died 26 Nov 1962 18in Kern County, California. His wife pre-deceased him.

Children of Morean L. Minter were:
     24.  i.    Maureen Minter
     25.  ii.   Joyce Minter

12.   Franklin Minter (Frank), born Aug 1899 28 in Kern County, California; died 23 Aug 1908 18 in Kern County.

13.   Blanche Lois Minter, born ca.1905 in Kern County, California; died 20 April 1934 18 in Los Angeles. She married O. William Kelly. Until six months before her death they lived in Fellows where she and her husband were both employed by the Associated Oil Company. No surviving children were named in her newspaper obituary.

14.   Carrie Minter (aged 93 years at her death - longest living known descendant of Carrie Harvie) was born 28 Apr 1901 18 in Kern Co., California and died 1 Aug 1994 18 in the city of San Luis Obispo, California, buried in Lady Family-Sutcliffe Mausoleum in San Luis Obispo. She married, Fred H. Symons, died 1960 in San Luis Obispo 29. She was residing in San Luis Obispo at the time of her father John Franklin's death in 1948. Her obituary stated she had ten great grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

Children of Carrie Minter and Fred H. Symons were:-
     26. i.    Edward Symons
     27. ii.   Geraldine Symons
     28. iii.  Gladys Symons
     29. iv.  Margaret Symons

15.   Herbert A Morean, born after 1920 in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, California 30. He married Mary ( Unknown ). In 1998 they were living in Pittsburg, Contra Costa Co., CA.

Children of Herbert A Morean and Mary ( Unknown ) were:-
     30.       Charles Douglas Morean
16.    Winnifred H Hill, was born in 1927 in North Hollywood, California. She married (1) Robert Sinn, Div. 23.   She married (2) on 27 May 1966 1, James Henry Hill (no relation) died before 1998. No issue from either marriage.

17.    Richard Hill, born 12 Jun 1934 23. He died as a small child.


18.  Toby Rean Minter, born 1936 24; died 1976 24, buried Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, CA.

19.  Doris Minter. She married Mr. Melville 31

20.  Verna Minter. She married Mr.Vincent  31

21.  John William Bracchi, born 15 Dec 1915 24 in Palo Alto, CA; died 2 Sep 1982 3 in Bakersfield, Kern Co, CA; buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Bakersfield.  He married on 20 Feb 1941 24 in Bakerfield, CA, Mary Ellen Dewar 32 born 16 Dec 1915 24; died 14 Jun 1999 in Bakerfield, CA, buried Greenlawn Cemetery, daughter of James Harvey Dewar (1885-1966)  and Lena Yancey (1889-1982).

His obituary stated he lived 65 of of his 66 years in Kern County 32. He served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WW II. His wife's father James Harvey Dewar founded Dewar's Candy Shop in Bakerfield in 1909. Famous for its hand dipped chocolates, each of which has a unique "squiggle" on top to identify its flavour, Dewar's is a Bakersfield institution that to this day is still operated by his descendants 24.

Children of John William Bracchi and Mary Ellen Dewar were:-
31.  i      Susan Jane Bracchi
32.  ii     Margaret Ann Bracchi
33.  iii    John William Bracchi
22.  George Edward Bracchi, known as "Bud" 32, born in Bakersfield. He married Louise Mabel Lewis (Div). Upon the death of his father in 1941 he took over as proprietor of Bracchi's Garage in Bakerfield founded by his father.

Children of George Edward Bracchi and Louise Mabel Lewis were:
    34.   i      Brenda Yvonne Bracchi
    35.   ii     Adrianne Louise Bracchi
23.  Pearl Dorothy Bracchi, born 18 Nov 1919 24 in Bakersfield, CA; died 6 Jul 1990 24 in Bakersfield, CA. She married Charles Eugene Burdick, born 1 Sep 1915 24 in CA; died 27 Apr 1997 24in Bakersville.
Children of Pearl Dorothy Bracchi and Charles Eugene Burdick were:-
      36.  i     William Charles Burdick
      37.  ii    Robert Burdick
24Maureen Minter. In Nov 1962 she was living in Fresco, CA 33

25.  Joyce Minter. In Nov 1962 she was living in Fresco, CA 33

26.  Edward Symons.

27.  Geraldine Symons. She married Mr. Taft 29.

28.  Gladys Symons. She married Mr. Garcia 29

29.  Margaret Symons. She married Mr. Sigerson 29

30.  Charles Douglas Morean.


31.  Susan Jane Bracchi, born in Bakersfield. She married in the 1960s (1) Larry David Arnold (annulled) 24. Before 1982 she married (2) Doyle Owen Bailey in St. Louis, MO 24and in 2005 they resided in St. Louis 32.

Children of Susan Jane Bracchi and Doyle Owen Bailey were:-
      38.        Shawn Bailey

32.   Margaret Ann Bracchi,  born in Bakersfield. She married in 1968, Alan Vincent Giuliani, born in El Cajon, CA 24.When her father died in 1982 they were residing in the Netherlands 32.

Children of Margaret Bracchi and Alan Giuliani were:-
      39.  i     Bret John Giuliani
      40.  ii    Steven Alan Giuliani.

33.   John William Bracchi, born in Bakersfield. He married in 1967 in Bakersfield, CA, (1) Janice Lorraine Olson (Div) 24- no issue. He married in 1978 in Davis, CA, (2) Carol Ann Lane (Div) 24. He served in the US Army for three years from 1966 to 1969 attaining the rank of Sargeant. His service included a tour of duty in Viet Nam where he served with 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).

34.    Brenda Yvonne Bracchi

35.    Adrianne Louise Bracchi

36.   William Charles Burdick, born 17 Dec 1940 24 in Bakerfield; died 15 Mar 1982 24 in Santa Barbara, CA.

37.   Robert Burdick, born in Bakersfield, CA.


38.    Shawn Bailey.

39.    Bret John Guiliani, was born in Illinois. He married in Malibu, CA, Christina Victoria Morago.

Children of Bret John Guiliani and Christina Victoria Morago were:
     41.  i      Alex William Giuliani
     42.  ii     Erica Rose Giuliani

40.   Steven Alan Guiliani, was born in Ohio.


41.     Alex William Giuliani

42.     Erica Rose Giuliani

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Researched and compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, Australia
first posted 16 Dec 2001 - last updated 3 Nov 2005

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