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Descendants of Mead Terry Raymond

Mead Terry Raymond (or Mead Terrey), son of Mead Raymond (1785-1843) and Ann Chapman (1785-1830), Chr. 16 Jul 1817 1 at Christ Church, Blackfriars, Southwark, London, England; died aged 49 years on 10 August 1866, New Port, Isle of Wight, County of Southhampton 2, reg. Isle of Wight. He married 5 Dec 1839 in Islington, Middlesex, reg Dec. Qtr. 1839 3 Islington, Sarah Wood, born 1821 at St. Andrew, Holborn; died aged 71 years in 1892 reg. Croydon 5, daughter of Thomas and Mary Wood.

        His second given name has been found in records rendered both as Terry and Terrey. Terrey is the spelling in the St. Catherine's House marriage index and also in the probate indexes indicating that was how it would have appeared in his will. It was also how it appeared in the 1849 marriage registration record of his brother Augustus at which he was a witness. In the death indexes and the 1851 and 1861 census it was Mead T and in the 1841 census only his first name appeared. However the transcription in the IGI of his 1817 church baptism record has it as Terry, as do all four of his lighterman bindings index records, and the burial record of a first cousin had Terry as that cousin's second given name. Seemingly it was originally spelt Terry by both his father and uncle John but for some reason, the most likely being because cousin's spelt it Terrey, he changed to that spelling before he married in 1839.
       He was apprenticed as a lighterman to his father at Christ Church on 14 Apr 1831 and completed the apprenticeship on 13 Aug 1840. Evidencing he initially carried on his father's business after his 1843 death is that apprentices were bound to him at Rotherhithe in 1842, 1844 and 1845 with the latter completing his on 11 Mar 1852 9. Also evidencing that for several years after his father's death he was actively involved with the operation of the River Thames cargo transport business etc. at Raymond's Wharf is the following advertisment that appeared in The Times in May 1846 6:
       ‘BARGES to be LET or SOLD, on Commission. - Parties requiring to hire or let, or to purchase on commission or otherwise, may be supplied on application to Mead T. Raymond, Raymond's Wharf, adjoining the Thames Tunnel, Rotherhithe. Barges and boats of all descriptions built and repaired.’

       The absence of a listing of Mead Raymond & Co. in the Barge & Boat Builders section of the 1852 London Commercial and General Directory indicates by then Mead Terry and his younger brother Augustus were no longer actively involved in that line business.
       At the 1841 census Mead's household comprised, in addition to his wife and daughter Ada then aged 8 months, three female domestic servants aged from 15 to 25 years. In the 1851 census Mead was residing at 8, York Grove, Camberwell with his occupation given as Publisher & Managing Clerk. In addition to his wife and then six children, the household comprised two female domestic servants, and included Mary Wood, a widow and Mead Terry's mother-in-law, aged 56 years, a Freeholder, born in Birmingham. In the 1861 census Mead was listed residing at 37 Trinity Square in Newington with his occupation given as Proprietor of Houses. In addition to wife Sarah, three sons and two daughters, there was one female domestic servant and his mother-in-law Mary Wood, then aged 66, with her occupation given as Proprietor of Houses.
        Perhaps in 1861 Mead was indeed a proprietor of houses but the properties were in his mother-in-law's name to protect them from creditors! Suggesting that may have been the case is that bankruptcy proceedings against Mead and a William Riddell were begun in the Court of Bankruptcy in London by petition dated 4 Feb. 1855, in which he and partner Riddell were described as - of Shelbourne-lane, trading under the name W. Riddell & Co merchants, commission agents, dealers and chapmen. (a chapman was one whose business was to buy and sell goods or other things as distinquished from a ‘petty chapman’ who was more in the nature of an itinerant hawker of cheap goods). Several references to the proceeding againt William Riddell and Mead Terrey Raymond appeared in The Jurist for the year 1855, being a legal weekly publication containing court listings for Bankruptcy Court hearings and declarations of insolvency etc., with the last noted being in a listing of bankruptcies gazetted as granted on 9 Nov. 1855 10. Also suggesting Mead likely did not hold property in his own name is that when he died in 1866 his will probate gave his occupation as accountant and his effects were valued at less than £100 11. A point of interest is that in 1849 Mead bestowed ‘Riddell’ as a second given name on a son born in June Quarter that year. This suggests his involvement with William Riddell was well established at least six years before the bankruptcy proceedings against them were instigated.
        In the 1881 census his widow Sarah was listed as residing at 9 Waborley Rd., Penge, Surrey with unmarried daughters Marion and Florence, respectively aged 36 and 34. Florence's occupation was given as a governess. Also in her household that year, with her status given as visitor, was Margaret Terrey Sumerfield - a sister of Sarah Terrey Sumerfield the deceased wife of her late husband's brother Augustus Raymond. Sarah was also at the addresss with Florence at the 1891 census a year before her death .

Children of Mead Terry Raymond and Sarah Cheffsum (Chessum ?) were 4:
    1.    i.   Ada Raymond
    2.   ii.   Constance Raymond
    3.  iii.   Henry Raymond
    4.  iv.   Marion Raymond
    5.  v.    Florence Raymond
    6.  vi.   Walter Riddell Raymond
    7.  vii.  Frank Raymond

1.   Ada Raymond, b. Dec. Qtr. 1840 4 at Rotherhithe, London, Surrey, England. She married in St. John's Church, Upper Lewisham-road, Kent on 12 Apr 1864 7, George Taylor, son of George Taylor. The church parish marriage record gave her husband's occupation as Merchant's Clerk.

Children of Ada Raymond and George Taylor were:
    8.    i.     George Raymond Taylor
    9.   ii.     Eliza Taylor

2.   Constance Raymond, b. Dec. Qtr. 1841 8 reg. Rotherhithe, London, England. She married on 7 Nov 1876 at St. Mary Magdalene, Peckham, Reg. Camberwell Dec. Qtr. 1876 vol. 1d,  p.238 8 , Alfred Raymond, b. ca. 1849 4 Barnes, Surrey, her second cousin and son of John Raymond and Sarah.

      At the 1861 census Constance was listed in her father's household as a scholar, aged 19 years, born/christened at St. Mary's, Rotherhithe. Her husband Alfred was listed as one of 68 pupils at St. Nicholas College in Lancing, located near Brighton about 80 kilometers south of London, that today is Lancing College. At the 1881 census the couple were at 69, Ferndale Rd., Lambeth, Surrey and Alfred's occupation was given as Seedsmans Clerk. In the 1891 census it was Seedsman Assistant and their address was 56 Eccles Rd., Battersea, County of London.  By the 1901 census his occupation had changed to dairy farmer and they were on a farm in Littlewick Village near Maidenhead in the Country of Berkshire (the county was abolished in 1998). Also in the household was Alfred T Raymond, aged 42 (so born ca. 1858), whose status was given as cousin but whose birth at 2008 was not indexed, or is unreadable in the indexes, so his identity is a mystery.

Children of Alfred Raymond and Constance Raymond were:
    10.         Alfred Raymond          

3.   Henry Raymond, b. Jun. Qtr. 1843 8 reg. Rotherhithe, London, England.  He was listed in his father's household in the 1861 census as aged 17 years, born/christened at St. Mary's, Rotherhithe, with the occupation of Clerk to a Confectioner. Perhaps the Henry Raymond who married Mar. Qtr. 1867 reg. Camberwell (Vol. 1d, P. 716).

4.   Marion Raymond, b. Jun. Qtr. 1845 8 reg. Rotherhithe, London, England. She was listed in the 1881 census as single, aged 36, residing with her mother and sister Florence at 9 Waborley Rd. , Penge, Surrey, but was not listed in the household at the 1891 census.

5.   Florence Raymond, b. Mar. Qtr. 1847 8 at Deptford, London, England reg. Greenwich. She was listed in her father's household in the 1861 census as a scholar aged 14 years born/christened at St Pauls, Deptford. In the 1881 census she was residing with her mother and sister Marion at 9 Waborley Rd., Penge, Surrey with her occupation given as governess. In the 1891 census she was listed as single, aged 44, residing with mother Sarah.

6.   Walter Riddell Raymond, b. Jun. Qtr. 1849 8 (vol. 4, p. 79) at Camberwell, London, England, reg. Camberwell. He was listed in his father's household in the 1861 census as a scholar, aged 12 years, born/christened at St Giles, Camberwell. He would be the Walter R. Raymond who died Dec. Qtr. 1866 (same year as his father Mead Terry) reg. Camberwell, aged 17 years (Vol. 1d, p. 390)

7.   Frank Raymond, b. ca. 1853 London, England; d. 19 Apr 1928, Kensington, Middlesex, England. He married 15 Nov 1877 at St. Mary Magdalene, Peckham, reg. Camberwell (vol. 1d, p. 1179), Harriet Agnes Tucker, b. ca. 1853; d. June Qtr. 1941 aged 88 reg. Surrey, South Western (v.2a, p.1039), daughter of Francis Edward Tucker.

      He was listed in his father's household in the 1861 census as a scholar aged 8 years born/christened at St Giles, Camberwell. In the 1881 census he was listed as a Corn Brokers Clerk residing at 3 Corden Rd., Camberwell, Surrey, aged 28 and born Peckham, Surrey, with wife and only son Henry Frank aged two years born Peckham, Surrey. In 1891 he was a commission agent and at the 1901 census, when living in Surbiton, Surrey, his occupation was given as Secretary and that of son Henry Frank then aged 22 as life insurance office clerk. At the 1911 census Frank's occupation was keeper of a boarding house that employed a resident cook, waiter, and 2 housemaids and had 14 boarders.
      He was an executor of the will of second cousin Herbert Linton Raymond who when he died in 1906 managed "The Grand" hotel in Bristol in Somersetshire. Herbert's will probate gave Frank's then occupation as club-proprietor. When Frank died in 1928 he was living a #4 Pembridge-villas in Kensington in Middlesex. The executor of his will to whom probate was granted was wife Harriet and the effects valuation £925.

Children of Frank Raymond and Harriet Agnes Tucker were:
    11.         Henry Frank Raymond


8.    George Raymond Taylor, b. ca. 1865. He married in Mar. Qtr. 1895 (1d, p.579) reg. Wandsworth, Ethel Asdaile Slee.
      At the 1891 census he was listed in his grandmother Sarah's household aged 26 years with his occupation given as stockbroker's clerk and birth place as Brockley, Kent. In the 1901 census, when residing in Long Ditton, his occupation was given as a self-employed stock jobber and birth place as Lewisham, Kent. Also in the household were his 31 year-old brother-in-law Thomas Raymond, E.S.W. Slee, and Sybil M.M.K. Gunn aged 13 whose status was given as visitor but who would have been his niece.

Children of George Raymond Taylor and Ethel Asdaile Slee were:
    12.         Ethel A Taylor b. ca. 1896
9.    Eliza Taylor. She married in  Dec. Qtr. 1887 (6c, p.89) reg. Dudley, George Henry Gunn.

They were not noted in the 1901 census and as daughter Sybil was residing with her uncle George may have not been resident in England at that time.

Children of Eliza Taylor and George Henry Dunn were:
    13.         Sybil Marjorie M.K. Gunn

10.  Alfred Raymond, b. ca. 1877 Peckham, Surrey, England.

11.   Henry Frank Raymond, b. 1878 Peckham, Surrey, England, reg. Camberwell Dec. Qtr. 1878 (V. 1d, p. 819); possibly the Henry Frank Raymond whose death at age 84 was registered at St. Austel, Cornwall in Sep. Qtr. 1963 (v.7a, p.141);  m. 11 Mar 1905  St. Matthew Parish, Bayswater,  County of London, , reg. Paddington, London (v.1a, p.85), Ada Matilda Villiers, b. ca. 1878 Jersey, daughter of Henri Villiers.  She was likely the Ada Raymond whose death at age 91 was registered Dec. Qtr. 1969 at Haringey, Co. Greater London (v.5b, p.2357) or alternatively the Ada M Raymond whose death  at age 69 was registered  in Mar. Qtr. 1949 at Kensington, Co. London, England  (v.5c, p.1348).

At the 1911 census Henry, with same occupation of insurance clerk as the 1901 census, and Ada Matilda both aged 32, were listed as residing at 49, St. Lukes Road, Westbourne Park W, in the Paddington registration district, Co. London and the children statistics indicated to then there had been no issue. Their ages at the six years earlier marriage were given respectively as 26 and 27.


12.  Ethel A Taylor b. ca. 1896

13.   Sybil Marjorie M.K. Gunn, born Dec. Qtr. 1887 (1d, p.528) reg. Lambeth, London.

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Researched and compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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