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Descendants of John Raymond

John Raymond, son of John Raymond (1783-1850) and Elizabeth Chapman (1790-1829), christened 16 Jul 1817 1 at Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey, England; died aged 55 years on 14 Nov 1872 10 registered Wandsworth, Surrey.  He married ca. 1843 Sarah (surname unknown), born 1823 2 Marylebone, Middlesex.
      John Raymond would initially have left school before his fourteenth birthday. On 10 Feb 1831 he was bound to his uncle Mead Raymond as an apprentice lighterman at Christchurch, Southwark. However he did not complete the seven year apprenticeship but instead followed a course that led to a surprising change of vocation 3.
     After abandoning the apprenticeship he must have returned to grammar school or read with private tutors to improve his education, as when aged 21 years on 26 Apr 1838 he was admitted to the Middle Temple where he undertook legal studies to become a barrister-at-law 11. The Middle Temple was one of the five Inns of Court where their members studied and practiced to become barristers. As he named his 1850 born son "Oke Edye" he likely studied for the Bar as a pupil to Walter Oke Edye of the Middle Temple 14.
      In the 1841 census he was listed as a special pleader, aged 24, residing in chambers at 9 King's Bench Walk in the precinct of the Inner Temple. He was "called to the bar" on 9 May 185111. The 1846 Post Office London Directory listed his chambers as still at the 9 King's Walk address. Some years later 9 King's Bench Walk was also the chambers of a then special pleader Montague John Druitt, who based on the 1914 published memoirs of a retired CID Assistant Commissioner, for much of the 20th century was considered the main suspect for having been "Jack the Ripper"!
      He was the author of a 1846 London and 1848 Philadelphia, USA published legal treatise titled The Bill of Exception that in 2007 was available online as a .pdf file download from Google Books 4. His first born son John Jr. was also a member of the Middle Temple and a practicing barrister and similarly published a legal text before his 30th birthday - his being a reference handbook on the law pertaining to architecture and building.
      At the 1861 and 1871 census John's occupation was listed as a "barrister in actual practice" and he resided at No. 18, The Grove, Clapham. In addition to wife Sarah and some of the children his household in 1861 comprised three female servants and in 1871 two. At the 1881 census his widow Sarah was residing at Pownall Gardens #6 in Isleworth, Middlesex with daughters Ethel, Charlotte and son Henry, and was at the same address at the 1891 census with still unmarried daughters Charlotte and Ethel.
     Whilst they followed very different paths in adult life some parallels between John and his first cousin Mead Terrey Raymond, son of his uncle Mead Raymond, were: - their father's were brothers and their mother's sisters, they were christened on the same day in 1817 in the same church each with their father's given name bestowed as first given name, in early 1831 both were apprenticed as lightermen to Mead Terrey's father Mead, Sarah was the first given name of both their wives, and both men died when relatively young - respectively aged 55 and 49, and after their deaths a son of John's married one of Mead Terrey's daughters.

Children of John Raymond and Sarah Unknown were:
      1.   i.     John Raymond
      2    ii.    a daughter
      3.   iii.   Arthur Raymond
      4.   iv.   Alfred Raymond
      5.    v.   Oke Edye Raymond
      6.   vi.   Josephine Flora Raymond
      7vii.   Charlotte Frances Raymond
      8.  viii.  William G Raymond
      9.   ix.   Henry Sherer Raymond
    10.    x.   Montague Raymond
    11.   xi.   Malcolm Raymond
    12.   xii.  Ethel F. A. Raymond

1.   John Raymond, b. ca. 1843, St. Clements, Middlesex, England 5, likely died Mar. Qtr. 1916 aged 72 reg. Swansea. He married in 3 Sep 1881 at St. Mary, Battersea, Sarah Mary Taylor, a widow, b. ca. 1830 Ambleside, Westmoreland, England who likely died aged 83 in Sep. Qtr. 1912 reg, Croydon.
     John, likewise to his father, was a barrister-at-law. He was admitted to membership of the Middle Temple on 15 Apr 1867 12. His name appeared on a list dated 26 Jan 1870 of "Calls to the Bar" from the Middle Temple, published in The Times of 27 Jan. 1870, the same date given in the Middle Temple's published admissions register. Before his 30th birthday, likewise to his barrister-at-law father, he had authored a legal reference book. His was titled - On building contracts: a legal handbook for architects, builders, and building-owners. It was co-authored with Edward Jenkins (1838-1910) and first published in London in 1873. The 1889 4th edition of 285 pages was titled The Architect’s Legal Handbook 6.
     John was an executor of the will of his uncle Alfred Mead Raymond who died in 1891 and the probate record gave the then address of his chambers as 3 King's Bench Walk. Two years earlier in 1889 he was appointed Revising Barrister for the Guildford district and in that capacity had the power to impose fines on persons for making an incorrect or fraudulent voting enrollment claim 7. He held the position for over 20 years, being last noted reported in The Times of 15 Sep. 1909 as holding a hearing re voting list eligibility.
     He was not listed in his father's household at the 30 Mar 1851 census, presumably because he was then away at boarding school. At the 1861 census he was listed in the household aged 18 years but was not present at the 1871 census when his father's household included a married visitor Sarah M. TAYLOR, aged 42, born Westmoreland. At the 1881 census he was listed as aged 38, unmarried and a practicing barrister in the Sarah Taylor household at 20 Sugden Rd., Battersea, Surrey, with her age given as 51, status as widow, and birth place as Ambleside, Westmoreland. That census was taken on 3 April 1881. In Sept. Qtr. that year they tied the knot. The marriage was registered at Wandsworth (vol. 1d, p. 853). In he church parish register the name of Sarah's father appears to read John Beetholne (or Beethohne) and his occupation solicitor. Marriage witnesses included an Ann Elizabeth Mary Taylor and Bertha Therese Taylor.
     John was likely the John Raymond whose death at age 72 was registered at Swansea in March Qtr. 1916 (vol. 11a, p. 1175), and his wife the Sarah M. Raymond who died aged 83 in Sep Qtr. 1912 reg. Croydon (vol. 2a, p. 338). As Sarah was aged 51 when they married it is not likely there were any children. At the 1901 census his Croydon parish household comprised wife Sarah and step-daughter Bertha Taylor, by occupation a school governess, and one domestic servant.
2.    Unknown daughter, b. likely 1844 to 1846. Existance presumed because the 1854 newspaper death notice for daughter Josephine, who was born Aug 1851, stated she was the "second daughter" implying there had been a first. She was not listed in her parents household at either the 1851, 1861, or 1871 census.

3.   Arthur Raymond, b. ca. 1848 8 Barnes, Surrey.
      He was listed in his parents household at the 1851 census as aged 3 years and born in Barnes in Surrey but was not listed in the household at the 1861 census when he would have been aged 13. However an Arthur Raymond aged 13 was listed at that census as one of 10 pupils at a school at 16 Manor Street, Bridlington in Yorkshire located near the coast about 290 kilometers north of London. In 1861 his one year younger brother Alfred was at St. Nicholas' College about 80 kilometers south of London, a school also later attended by his younger brother Henry, so it would seem quite odd that Arthur was at a different and far distant school unless perhaps he was handicapped and it was a special school? However it cannot be entirely discounted he was John and Sarah's son Arthur because of the co-incidence that the Bridlington school Arthur was born in Barnes the 1851 census had it that their son Arthur was born! No birth, death or marriage record has been been positively identified in the BDM indexes so his history is unknown. If born between March 1847 and Mar 1848 he may have been the Arthur Raymond aged 20 whose death was registered at Church Stretton in the County of Shropshire in Dec. Qtr. 1867 (V.6a, p. 373). The will of his father John whodied in 1872 has not been sighted but if he was not mentioned in it that might suggest Arthur had died before it was executed. When better indexes become available in 2011 the matter will likely be clarified.
4.   Alfred Raymond, b. ca. 1849 8 Barnes, Surrey. He married in Dec Qtr. 1876 reg. Camberwell, Constance Raymond, b. Rotherhithe Dec. Qtr. 1841, his second cousin and a daughter of Mead Terry Raymond and Sarah Chessum.
      He was listed in his parents household at the 1851 census as aged 2 years and born Barnes but was not listed in that household at the 1861 census when he would have been aged 12. He would have been the 12 year-old Alfred Raymond, who was listed in that census as born in Barnes, and as a pupil at St. Nicholas College in Lancing near Brighton that is today Lancing College. The census listed 68 pupils at the school. Its 29 year-old Assistant Headmaster, who was not likely any relation to Alfred, was the Rev. William Sterne Raymond, 2nd son of Rev. Oliver Raymond, who died only two years later. In the 1881 census Alfred was at 69, Ferndale Rd., Lambeth, Surrey with his occupation given as Seedsmans Clerk. His wife's birth place was given as Rotherhithe, Surrey and her age as 39 years. That differed from the Lewisham, Kent given for her in the 1891 census. However she was undoubtedly his second cousin Constance Raymond, a daughter of Mead Terry Raymond, born at Rotherhithe in Dec. Qtr. 1841.
     Alfred was listed in the 1891 census, aged 43, born Barnes, Surrey, with wife Constance aged 50, born Lewisham, Kent, and son Alfred Jr. aged 14 born Peckham, Surrey. The occupation of Alfred Sr. was given as Seedsman Assistant and address as 56 Eccles Rd., Battersea, County of London. In the 1901 census his occupation had changed to dairy farmer on a farm in the town of Littlewich near Maidenhead in the County of Berkshire to the west of London. While Constance's age at 59 and birthplace was correct Alfred's was incorrectly given in that census as 62 instead of 52. The household included an Alfred T. Raymond aged 42 (so born ca. 1858) whose status was given as cousin. His ancestry has not been determined. It is possible he was Alfred V. Raymond (son of Alfred Mead Raymond) who was born 1853?

Children of Alfred Raymond and Constance Raymond were:
    13.  i.     Alfred Raymond

5.   Oke Edye Raymond, b. June Qtr. 1850 10, Dulwich, Surrey, reg. Camberwell (June. Qtr. 1850, Vol. 4, p. 61, reg. Camberwell); d. aged 24 years, Dec. Qtr. 1874 (vol. 3a, p. 32) reg. Brentford, Middlesex. He was listed in his father's household at the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. The unusual given names were how both his birth and death were registered. They appeared variously rendered in his 1851 to 1871 census records.

6.   Josephine Flora Raymond, b. Aug 1851 9 reg. Camberwell, Surrey, England; d.  16 Oct 1854 9 Clapham, Surrey, aged 3 yrs and two months.

7.   Charlotte Frances Raymond, b. Mar. Qtr. 1853 10 Clapham, Surrey (Mar. Qtr. 1853, Vol. 1d, p. 376 reg. Wandsworth). Listed in the 1881 census residing with her mother at Pownall Gardens 6 in Isleworth, Middlesex. Listed in 1891 census indexes aged 38 residing with her mother Sarah and sister Ethel in the Brentford district of of Middlesex. No marriage noted in the BDM indexes.

8.   William G. Raymond, b. Jun. Qtr. 1855 10 (Jun. Qtr. 1855, Vol. 1d, p. 366 reg. Wandsworth). Listed in his father's household in 1861 but not at the 1871 census - perhaps at the latter was away at boarding school.

9.  Henry Sherer Raymond, b. Mar. Qtr. 1857 10, Surrey, England (Mar. Qtr. 1857, Vol. 1d  p. 411, reg. Wandsworth, Surrey); d. 3 Oct. 1909, aged 52, Boscombe, London  (Dec. Qtr. 1909, Vol. 2b, p. 409 reg Christchurch, Hampshire).
     No marriage has been noted in the BDM indexes. When aged 14 years he listed in the 1871 census as one of 99 pupils at St. Nicholas College (today Lancing College) in Lancing near Brighton where his older brother Alfred was listed as a pupil at the 1861 census. His death notice in The Times gave his employer as the Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, and named his father as the late John Raymond, Barrister-at-Law.
10.   Montague Raymond, b. Jun. Qtr. 1860 10, Clapham, Surrey, England (Jun. Qtr. 1860, Vol. 1d, p. 378).  A Montague Raymond died March Qtr. 1917 aged 58, reg. West Ham (vol. 4a, p. 85). Possibly the Montague J. Raymond who married in 1912 (Jun. Qtr. 1912, reg. Hadgood, Wimborne, Vol. 5a, p. 606).

11.   Malcolm Raymond, b. Dec. Qtr. 1861 10, Clapham, Surrey, England (Dec. Qtr. 1861, Vol. 1d, p. _16, reg. Wandsworth). He was listed n his father's household in the 1871 census aged 9 . He died, aged 16, in 1878 in London, England (Dec. Qtr. 1878, Vol. 3a, p. 33 reg. Brentford).

12.   Ethel F. A. Raymond, b. Sep. Qtr. 1863 10, Clapham, Surrey (Sep. Qtr. 1863, Vol. 1d, p. 409, reg. Wandsworth). Listed in her father's household aged 7 in the 1871 census. At the 1881 census she was residing with her mother at Pownall Gardens 6 in Isleworth, Middlesex, and in the 1891 census indexes when aged 27 was residing with her mother Sarah and sister Charlotte Frances in the Brentford district. Possibly the Ethel F. Raymond who married 1911 (Sep. Qtr. 1911, vol. 3a, p. 770 , reg. Hendon).

13.  Alfred Raymond, born ca. 1877.

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The book was also published 1848 at Philadelphia, USA by T. & J.W. Johnson. The Harvard Law Library copy of the 1846 London edition of 57 pages and can be downloaded as a 1.4 MB Adobe .pdf file from Google Books Search using as search string the book title - The Bill of Exceptions.
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12 Ibid - Volume 2, page 556 -  John Raymond, of Clapham, (24), eldest son of John R., of Clapham, Surrey, and of the Middle Temple, esq., barrister at law. Admitted 15 April 15 1967. Called to the Bar  26 Jan. 1870.
13  .
14  That in the requisite timeframe Walter Oke Edye (-1864) of the Middle Temple taught pupils studying for the Bar,is established by the following quote from the obituary in the March 1866 issue of Gentleman's Magazine for the 1865 death at St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia of a former NSW Supreme Court Judge Hon. E. Wise - "he studied for the Bar, as a pupil to W. Oke Edye, esq. of the Temple. He was called to Bar at the Middle Temple in 1844".

Compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD., Australia

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