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Descendants of William O’Hara

William O’Hara, bapt. 29 May 1831 1 Killinkere, Co. Cavan, Ireland, died 25 Dec 1911 2, 14 at Marrickville, NSW, Australia. He married 2 Dec. 1857 1 in the Seefin Presbyterian Meeting House, Gola townland, Killinkere, Co. Cavan, Ireland,  Isabella Watson bapt. 22 May 1836 1 in the Presbyterian Church, Ballyjamesduff, Castlerahan parish, Co. Cavan, Ireland; died 19 Jun 1913 3 at Newtown, NSW, Australia, buried 20 Jun 1913 in C of E Cemetery, Rookwood, NSW, daughter of Samuel Watson and Nancy Lockhead 4 who at the time of Isabella's baptism were recorded as being of Fintawan townland in Lurgan Parish, and likely from about the late 1830s were of Tonyfoyle townland in Knockbride parish.
       His father Samuel died before 1864 and William followed him as the tenant of farms numbered 7 & 8 owned by Lord Farnham situated in Greaghadossan townland in Killinkere parish in County Cavan. In original handwritten copies of the 1856/57 Griffith Valuation of Ireland, presumed to have been drafts subject to correction by the landlord's agent, William was listed as the tenant of the farms however in the printed published valuations it was changed to his father who was then still alive.
        William was the last of the eight known Samuel O’Hara and Elizabeth Jordan children to emigrate to New South Wales. His emigration was sponsored by his brother John O’Hara who with his family had emigrated seventeen years earlier. William arrived in Sydney on 26th August 1880 with his wife and five children on the Peterborough. He and wife Isabella were listed in the 1909 Commonwealth Electoral roll in the Marrickville subdivision of the Lang electorate living at 74, Silver St. with his occupation given as "independant means". His death registration gave his last occupation as a "dairyman", which is presumed to have meant he was a dairy farmer, and it was stated he was late of 116, Silver St., Marrickville. It is said he farmed at Glen Innes 5 however he was not listed in the Glen Innes subdivision of the New England electorate from the first Commonwealth electoral roll for 1903 through to 1908.

Children of William O’Hara and Isabella Watson were:

      1.   i.      Eliza O’Hara
      2.   ii.     Unknown daughter
      3.   iii.    Unknown daughter
      4.   iv.    Mary O’Hara
      5.   v.     Samuel O’Hara
      6.   vi.    John William O’Hara
      7.   vii.   Isabella Jane O’Hara

1.  Eliza O’Hara, b. ca.1858 ; 6, d. 1903 22 reg. Sydney. She married in 1888 23 reg. Sydney, NSW, Thomas Henry Waller, widower husband of her first cousin Elizabeth O'Hara who died 7 Apr 1887, and daughter of her uncle John O'Hara 57. No issue of the marriage are NSW BDM indexed. After her death Thomas Henry Waller married Mabel Jackman 57.

2.  Unknown daughter 7, 8

3.  Unknown daughter7, 8

4.  Mary O’Hara, b. ca.1863 5, d. 1899 24 reg. Glen Innes, NSW.

5.  Samuel O’Hara, b. 23 Oct 1864 8 at Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland; died 17 Jan 1922 9, 51 Sydney, NSW, Australia. He married 9 Feb 1887 13 in the Congregational Church, Devonshire Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Emma Marchant, b. 1868 49 Penrith, NSW; died 1937 50 reg. Manly, daughter of Thomas R Marchant and Mary Ann Maulsbury 13.

Children of Samuel O'Hara and Emma Marchant were:
+    8.   i.    Elsie M O'Hara
+    9.  ii.    Amy Isolbel O'Hara
+  10.  iii.   Elizabeth O'Hara
     11.  iv.  Eva E O'Hara
     12.  v.   William Samuel John O'Hara
6.  John William O’Hara, b. 12 Jan 1869 8; d. 1919 25reg. Redfern, NSW.

7.  Isabella Jane O’Hara,  b. 24 Nov 1873 5 Greaghadossan, Co. Cavan, Ireland; died 1960 53 reg. Marrickville, NSW. She married on 29 Oct. 1897 5, 26 reg. Marrickville, James Percival Young, b. 1875 5 Riverina District, NSW, Australia; possibly the James Percival Young who died 1963 54 reg. Armidale, NSW or the James Edward P Young who died 1938 55 reg. Petersham, NSW.

Children of Isabella Jane O’Hara and James Percival Young were 5, 12
    13.   i.     Ernest Arthur Young
    14.   ii.    James W. A. Young
+  15.  iii.    Lily Ellen Young
+  16.  iv.    Dorothy Isabel Murial Young
+  17.   v.    Madeline Edna Young
    18.  vi.    Reginald P. Young

8.   Elsie M. O'Hara, b. 1887 27 reg. Petersham, NSW. Likely the Elsie May Dunn who died 1965 52 reg. Parramatta. She married H. Dunn 9.  No O'Hara-Dunn marriages are indexed in NSW or QLD 1880-1922. If not for the evidence her father's 1922 obituary it would have seemed likely she had been the Elsie O'Hara who married Edward Byers in 1906 30 reg. Sydney and had four children  viz. - Edward S. R. Byers (m. Thelma May Curran) 34, 47,  Walter H. Byers 35, Gladys M. Byers 36, Bertha E. Byers 37.

9.  Amy Isobel O'Hara, b. 1889 28 reg. Canterbury, NSW ; d. 1977 59. She married 1913 31 reg. Newtown, NSW, William Gordon Searle, b. 1883 Paddington, NSW, Australia; d. 31 Dec 1959 59, son of William Searle (1844-1930) and Sarah Jane Gordon (c. 1847-1930).

Children of Amy I. O'Hara and William G. Searle  were:
    19.   i.     William G. Searle
    20.   ii.    Robert Bruce Searle
    21.   iii.   Norma Eileen Searle
10Elizabeth O'Hara, b. 1891 29 reg. Woollahra, NSW; d. 1941 33 reg. Newtown. She married 1912 32 reg. Newtown, NSW, Thomas E Westlake.
Children of Elizabeth O'Hara and Thomas E Westlake were:
    22.      Roy T Westlake
11Eva E O'Hara, b. 1900 44 reg. Redfern, NSW. She married 1919 56 reg. Newtown, Harold W. L. Woodcock.

12William Samuel John O'Hara, b. 1907 45 reg. Redfern, NSW; d. 1962 48 reg. North Sydney. He married 1929 46 reg. Manly, Ivy C Henley.

13.  Ernest Arthur Young, b. 1898 5, 16 Marrickville, NSW, Australia; d. before 1994 10. By occupation he was a storeman and did not marry 5.

14.  James W. A. Young, b. 1900 5, 41 Marrickville, NSW; d. 1973 5, 17 at Newtown, NSW.  He did not marry 5.

15.  Lily Ellen Young, b. 9 Feb 1903 5, 42 Marrickville,  NSW; d. 21 Nov 199310.  She married 1923 5, 18 Arthur "Jim" Fisher.

Children of Lily Ellen Young and Arthur Fisher were:
    23.      Norman Fisher
16.  Dorothy Isabel Murial Young, b. 8 Oct 1905 5, 19 Sydenham, NSW, Australia; d. 1974 5 Faulconbridge, NSW. She married 5 Jun 1925 5, 20 in Marrickville, NSW, Arthur Clifford Tyler, b. 2 Jul 1902 5, 15 Marrickville, NSW; d. 16 Sep 1986 5 Springwood, NSW.
Children of Dorothy Isabel Murial Young and Arthur Clifford Tyler were:
    24.   i.     Ronald William Tyler
    25.   ii.    Stanley Robert Tyler
17.  Madeline Edna Young, b. 1908 43 reg. Marrickville, NSW. She married 1934 40 reg. Marrickville, NSW, William James David Moscrop.
Children of Madelaine Edna Young and William James David Moscrop were:
    26.   i.     Joan Moscrop
    27.   ii.    Barbara Moscrop
    28.   iii.   Kenneth Moscrap
18.  Reginald P. Young, b. 1911 5, 21 Marrickville, NSW; d. before 1994 10. He did not marry 5


19.  William Gordon Searle, b. 1918 38 reg. Newtown, NSW ; d. 4 Feb 1987 59. He married (1) 1944 reg. St Peters, Mavis Ada Morrison, d. 1960. He married (2) 1962 reg. Burwood, Veronica Frances Hilton.

20.  Robert Bruce Searle, b. 24 May 1920, d. c 1987 59. He married 1944 reg. Chatswood, Joy Valentine Stawt.

21.  Norma Eileen Searle, b. c 1925, d. c. 1995 59. She married 1946 reg. Sydney, Stephen William England.

22.  Roy T Westlake, b. 1913 39 reg. Newtown, NSW.

23.  Norman Fisher.  He married and had a son 5.

24.  Ronald William Tyler, b. Punchbowl, NSW, Australia. He married (1) on 31 Oct 1961 5 at Pendhurst, NSW , Reginia "Jean" Mary Oliver, b. Braidwood, NSW; d. 5 Oct 1977 11. He marrried (2)  on 6 Jan 1979 5at Oatley, NSW, Alma Pearl Surlus.

Child of Ronald William Tyler and Alma Pearl Surlus was: 5
    29.   Alan Tyler
25.  Stanley Robert Tyler, b. Lakemba, NSW, Australia. He married on 9 Oct 1954 5 at Stanmore, NSW, Patricia Ann Donovan.
Children of Stanley Robert Tyler and Patricia Ann Donovan were:
+  30.   i.    Jeniffer Ann Tyler
+  31.   ii.   Gregory John Tyler
+  32.   iii.  Scott Matthew Tyler
+  33.   iv.  Brooke Melissa Tyler
+  34.   v.   Sean Robert Tyler
26.  Joan Moscrop

27.  Barbara Moscrop

28.  Kenneth Moscrap


29.  Alan Tyler, b. Sydney, NSW. He and his spouse and children moved to Queensland 1980s 5.

30.  Jeniffer Ann Tyler, b. Waverely, NSW, Australia. She married on 5 Apr 1975 5 at Liverool, NSW, Philip Wilkinson.

Children of Jeniffer Ann Tyler and Philip Wilkinson were:
     35.   i.     Ben Wilkinson
     36.   ii.    Nathan Wilkinson
     37.   iii.   Ryan Wilkinson
31.  Gregory John Tyler, b. Waverley, NSW, Australia. He married on 17 Dec 1983 5 at Fairfield, NSW, Sharon Marie Spence.
Children of Gregory John Tyler and Sharon Marie Spence were:
     38.   i.     Luke Tyler
     39.   ii.    Lucie Marie Tyler
     40.   iii.   Sarah Elisabeth Tyler
     41.   iv.   James Gregory Tyler
     42.   v.    Emily Grace Tyler
32.  Scott Matthew Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW, Australia. He married on 29 Apr 1984 5 at Liverpool, NSW, Lee Price.
Children of Scott Matthew Tyler and Lee Price were:
    43.   i.     Joel Stanley Tyler
    44.   ii.    Mitchell Scott Tyler
    45.   iii.   Matthew Noel Tyler
33.  Brooke Melissa Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW, Australia. She married on 15 Apr 1995 5 at Campbelltown, NSW, Glen Francis O'Neill.
Children of Brooke Melissa Tyler and Glen Francis O'Neill were:
    46.   i.     Laura Patricia O'Neill
    47.   ii.    Lachlan Henry O'Neill
34.  Sean Robert Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW, Australia.   He married on 4 Oct 2003 5 at Richmond, NSW,  Charmaine Netta Burns.
Children of Sean Robert Tyler and Charmaine Netta Burns were:
    48.   i.     Harrison Sean Tyler
    49.   ii.    Elise Annette Tyler

35.  Ben Wilkinson, b. NSW, Australia

Children of Ben Wilkinson:
    50.      Elka Wilkinson.
36.  Nathan Wilkinson, b. Penrith, NSW, Australia.

37.  Ryan Wilkinson, b. Penrith, NSW, Australia.

Children of Ryan Wilkinson and a de facto were : 5
    51.      daughter Wilkinson
38.   Luke Tyler, b. 25 Apr 1985 5 at Liverpool, NSW, Australia; d. 25 Apr 1985 5 Liverpool, NSW.
39.   Lucie Marie Tyler, b. Campbelltown, NSW.
40.   Sarah Elisabeth Tyler, b. Campbelltown, NSW.
41.   James Gregory Tyler, b. Campbelltown, NSW.
42.   Emily Grace Tyler, b. Campbelltown, NSW.
43.   Joel Stanley Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW.
44.   Mitchell Scott Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW.
45.   Matthew Noel Tyler, b. Liverpool, NSW.
46.   Laura Patricia O'Neill, b. Westmeadl, NSW.
47.   Lachlan Henry O'Neill, b. Westmead, NSW.
48.   Harrison Sean Tyler, b. Penrith, NSW.
49.   Elise Annette Tyler, b. Penrith, NSW.


50.   Elka Wilkinson.
51.   daughter Wilkinson, b. Penrith, NSW 58.

1  Date advised in letter dated 20 Apr. 1999 from Gwenda Anderson of Queensland to the compiler - the data was extracted from copies of the actual baptism and marriage records in her possession that were obtained by William O’Hara from Ireland before his 1911 death and thus before the actual records were destroyed in the 1922 Records Office explosion and fire in Dublin.
2  NSW Death Cert. #1912-002302 - copy provided courtesy of Archie Elliott of Boston, USA.  Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) Rookwood Cemetery headstone transcriptions have no headstone listed for William or Isabella O'Hara.
3  NSW Death Certificate #1913-005724 - copy provided courtesy of Archie Elliott. Has Isabella's age as given correctly by informant son Samuel as 77 yrs - i.e. born 1836 - however age of 16 yrs when she married was at least 5 years understated.
4  Isabella's 1836 Ballyjamesduff baptism stated her mother's name was Nancy Lockhead - her 1913 death record stated it as Nancy Lockheed.
5  Young family genealogy dated 14 Aug 2007 - compiled and provided by Stan Tyler of Mt. Prichard, NSW.
6   Peterborough immigration records listing of ages of the five children - Eliza 22, Mary 17, Samuel 15, John 11, Isabella 6.
7  William O’Hara's 1911 death certificate stated 4 female children pre-deceased him. As two of the three daughters who arrived in 1880 were deceased, it is implied two others were born in Ireland and did not accompany their parents and the others to Australia in 1880 on the Peterborough, either because they had already married there, died before departure, or for some other reason.
8  The two children birth dates are from LDS Church's British Vitals CD-ROM - presumably extracted for the CD from the civil registration records that only commenced in 1864. The CD also listed that a William O’Hara & "Elizabeth" Watson had a daughter Margaret Anne born 19 Sep 1871. All three are listed as Bailieborough, which was the nearest town to Greaghadossan townland, so would have been the place of the birth registrations. It is possible Margaret Anne's mother's name was recorded in error as Elizabeth instead of Isabella. If so Margaret Anne O’Hara would be one of the two unaccounted for daughters not in the family group when it arrived in Australia in 1880.
9   Deaths  - Sydney Morning Herald, Wed. 18 Jan 1922, O'HARA - January, 17, 1922 at Sydney Hospital, Samuel O'Hara (late of Tooth's Brewery) and beloved husband of Emma O'Hara, of 46, Burren St, Erskinville, aged 56 years. Newcastle paper please copy. Funerals - O'HARA - The relatives and Friends of Mrs. Emma O'Hara and Mr. and Mrs. W. Searle, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Westlake, Mr. and Mrs. H. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. H. Woodcock, and master Willie O'Hara are invited to attend the Funeral of her late dearly-beloved husband and their father Samuel O'Hara (late of Tooth's Brewery); to leave his residence 46, Burren St., Erskinville, THIS (Wednesday) afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, via Newtown Station - F.W. Hartley, Newtown and Marrickville.
10  Deaths - Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Nov 1993, - FISHER, Lily Ellen-  November 21, 1993, formerly of Mortdale and late of Liverpool, widow of Arthur "Jim", loved mother of Norman and greatly loved aunt of Ron and Alma, Joan, Barabara and Ken, Stan and Pat and their families, loved sister of Dorothy, Ernest, James and Reginald (all deceased) and Madelaine. Will never be forgotten by her nephews and neices. A great lady. Aged 90. Funerals - for burial 25 November 1993 in Forest Lawn, Cem., Camden Valley Way, Leppington - arrangements by a Liverpool funeral director.
11  Deaths - Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Oct 1977, - Regina Mary Tyler - October 5, 1977 (suddenly) at Gundillion via Braidwood, late of 24 Elm St., Lugano, dearly loved wife of Ron, loving daughter of Julia Ann Oliver (deceased), Loved neice of Tom Oliver, of Gundillion, aged 47 years. Funeral - Monday 10th Oct. for internment in Emu Flats Cemetery.
12  A Young family genealogy compilation dated 14 Aug 2007 listed "Reginald l. E. Young born 1895 who did not marry" as first born of seven Isabella Jane O'Hara and James Percival Young children. However he has been excluded as their child of from this compilation for the reason that there is no evidence in the NSW BDM Indexes of a birth registration under either the O'Hara or Young surname betwen 1894-1896 of a child with the given name of Reginald and no death of a Reginald I. E. Young having either parent with those names is indexed from 1895 to the current death index termination year of 1976. Also sister Lily Fisher's 1993 obituary did not name him with the other five as a sibling living or deceased - see source citation 10above. Even though purported born 2 years before the mother married, it would be expected if he had been Isabella's child, that as was usual practice in such a circumstance there would have been a birth registration under her O'Hara surname. It also seems most unlikely she would have had two children named Reginald unless the first born died before the second was born - in this case before known child Reginald P. was born in 1911. If the purported child Reginald I. E. was alive when Isabella Jane died in 1960 he should have been listed as such in her death registration. Also if Isabella was the informant for the birth registration of her 1898 born child Ernest Arthur's that registration should have her previous issue given as - "1 male". None of these records have been consulted by this compiler. Pending some acceptable evidence becoming available, such as for example a unambiguous birth notation in a family bible, Reginald I.E. has been excluded. He may well have been an adopted child, a brother or a nephew of James Percival etc., who lived with the family but with his actual history unknown of today and just assumed.
13  NSW Marriage Certificate #1887-000295 - copy provided courtesy of Archie Elliott of the USA.
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57  Advised by Gwenda Andersen of Caloundra, Qld. by letter dated 20 Apr 1999.
58  Both given names suppressed at request of A. Coogee.
59  Vitals as listed in 2017 at:
   Advice of the three William Gordon Searle and Amy Isobel children courtesy of Barry Searle.

Compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD. Australia
posted 30 Aug 2007 - last updated 26 Feb 2017