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Descendants of Samuel O'Hara

      Samuel O'Hara, born ca. 1827 1 in Killinkere Parish, County Cavan, Ireland; died 29 Nov 1907 2, 10 Glen Innes, NSW, Australia; buried Anglican Section "A", Glen Innes General Cemetery. He married (1) on 2 Mar 1854 3 in the Bailieborough Presbyterian Church, Bailieborough, County Cavan, Ireland, Martha McAuley born ca. 1830; died 14 Dec 1892 2, 11 at Glen Innes, buried Glen Innes Cemetery, daughter of Andrew McAuley and Elizabeth 3. He married (2) in Glen Innes in 1900 12, Emma Davidson. It has been said he had a third marriage between 1893 and 1900 but such has not been confirmed 17.

Samuel & Martha's headstone in Glen Innes Cemetery 21


       Twelve months after their marriage in Ireland Samuel and Martha O'Hara emigrated to Australia, departing from Liverpool in England on the Truro and arriving on the 26 May 1855 at Moreton Bay (Brisbane) accompanied by a born during the voyage daughter Eliza. 6, 7. Their emigration to Australia was sponsored by Samuel's brother-in-law Hugh Wauhop, formerly of County Caven and of the Strawberry Hills locality in the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, who was married to Samuel's sister Mary 5.
        No doubt the original intent was that Samuel and Martha would accompany to Australia four female first cousins, two other female relatives by marriage, and Samuel's sister Eliza, also sponsored by Hugh Wauhop, with Samuel acting as their male protector. As it eventuated the others departed Plymouth in England on the Mangerton two months after Samuel and Martha. The thinking is that late in 1854 or early 1855 for some reason Samuel had an expectation they may not be leaving for a few months and, it was apparent to him a departure if left until then would likely mean the baby Martha was expecting would be born early in what could be as long as a five month voyage, thus having a reduced chance of survival compared to a birth on terra firma. Apart from cautions by the immigration authority to intending emigrants, that because of the risk emigrants should regulate marital relations to ensure children were not born during the long voyages to Australia, Samuel would have had direct knowledge from letters home to Co. Cavan from his sister Sarah of her experience two years earlier of having a baby born during such a voyage when with husband and first cousin Thomas O’Hara she travelled from Plymouth in England to Moreton Bay on the Florentia arriving there after a passage exceeding five months during which there were 17 deaths on board of whom 12 were children.
        The suggested scenario is that upon become aware Martha’s baby would likely be born early during a later departing voyage, Samuel would have contacted the Colonial Land and Emigration Committee (CLEC), the authority responsible for arranging assisted immigration to NSW and chartering the immigrant ships, either through an agent in Ireland or by a letter direct to London, and requested that his and Martha’s departure be brought forward by several months to permit the expected baby to be born after arrival in Australia instead of on the high seas. Perhaps he just asked for a departure as soon as possible. It is suggested the request was considered favorably with the result they were offered and accepted passage on the earlier departing Truro even though as it turned out baby Eliza (named as Martha in their arrival immigration record) was still born on the high seas.
        An interesting upshot of their earlier than originally intended departure was that the emigration authority in London must have overlooked removing them from the passenger list for the 2 months later departing Mangerton resulting in the issue of tickets/passes in their name that were then used by two others to assume their names and travel to Australia on that ship. So in the official immigration records Samuel and Martha are listed as arriving in Australia on two different ships two months apart! 20

Settlement in Australia

        The state of Queensland did not come existance until 1859 thus at the time of Samuel and Martha's arrival at Moreton Bay it was still in the colony of New South Wales. It is not known when they made the move south except that it was before 1857. Perhaps it was around the same time Samuel's sister Sarah and her husband Thomas O'Hara who arrived in Australia at Moreton Bay in 1853 moved south. Thomas and Sarah's third child was born at Burnett River in July 1856 but by the time the next child was born in September 1858 Thomas was working as a shepherd on Glen Innes Station in the area where Samuel and Martha were destined to also later live out their lives.
        It is even possible after arrival they moved directly to Sydney by ship and spent some time in the Surrry Hills locality of Strawberry Hills, where Samuel's brother-in-law and emigration sponsor Hugh Wauhop who arrived in Sydney from Co. Cavan in 1841 is recorded living and owning houses from at least 1848, and where in 1856 he built a licenced hotel signed "The True Irishman" in no longer existing Sarah Ann street  9. Perhaps implying such is the naming by Samuel of his Glen Innes district rural farming and grazing property "Strawberry Hills" after that locality that at the time of the original subdivision was named in the singular Strawberry Hill but later became pluralised to Hills. Samuel may have even worked there during 1855/56 on the construction of the Hugh Wauhop hotel for which a licence was applied for in March 1856 but not granted until 12 Sep. 1856 before he moved further south to employment in the Wollongong district. The place of abode of his sister Eliza O'Hara, who arrived in Sydney on the Mangerton 2 months after he and Martha arrived at Moreton Bay, was stated as Strawberry Hills when she married Thomas Wilkinson in Sydney on 22 Mar 1859. Samuel was recorded as a witness at the marriage. However as the birth of Samuel's first Australian born child Mary was registered at Wollongong on 6 Jan 1857, when Samuel gave his occupation as "labourer", it seems likely he would have been only visting Sydney for the happy event as the births of his next two children Samuel Jr. in 1858 and Andrew in 1861 were also registered at Wollongong. By the time of the registration of the birth of the next child Robert in 1863 he and Martha had joined his cousin Thomas O'Hara and Samuel's sister Sarah in the Glen Innes district of New South Wales where they prospered and remained living for the rest of their lives.

Children of Samuel O'Hara and Martha McAuley were:
     1.    i.     Eliza O'Hara
     2.    ii.    Mary O'Hara
     3.    iii.   Samuel O'Hara
     4.    iv.   Andrew O'Hara
     5.    v.    Robert O'Hara
     6.   vi.    Sarah O'Hara


1.  Eliza O'Hara b. Feb-May 1855 on the Truro during the voyage to Australia; d. 29 Sep 1895, buried Anglican A section Glen Innes General Cemetery. She married in 1877, Thomas Johnson.

headstone in Glen Innes Cemetery 21
Children of Eliza O'Hara and Samuel Johnston were:
     7.    i.     Samuel Johnson
     8.   ii.     Sarah Johnson
     9.   iii.    Robert Johnson
    10.  iv.    William T Johnson
    11.  v.     Elizabeth O'Hara
    12.  vi.    Mathew A Johnson
    13.  vii.   Clara J Johnson
    14.  viii.  Andrew Johnson
    15.   ix.   Martha A Johnson
2.   Mary O'Hara b. 17 Dec 1857 13 at "Towradgi" (presumably a rural property - perhaps misspelt), reg. Woolongong, NSW, Australia. It has been asserted as Mary Jane O'Hara she married in 1880 14 reg. Patricks Plain, William Eveleigh, and they had three children viz. - Sydney Derios (#1880-19431), William Christopher (#1882-19268), Lillian May (#1884-30478).

3.    Samuel O'Hara b. 1858; d. 24 Apr 1944, buried Methodist section Glen Innes General Cemetery. He married 1881 15 reg. Glen Innes, Ann Tickle b. ca. 1864 ; d. 28 July 1936.

headstone in Glen Innes Cemetery 21

4.   Andrew O'Hara b. 1861 Woolongong, NSW; d. 26 Augt 1933 19, buried Glen Innes.  He married 30 March 1881 16,  19 reg. Wellingrove, NSW, Emma Jane Tickle, divorced 21 Sep 1906 19. His mother's death registration, for which he was the informant, gave his address as "Carevaulx" - presumably a rural property.

Children of  Andrew O'Hara and Emma J Tickle were:-
    16.   i.      Samuel Thomas Herbert O'Hara
    17.   ii.     Frederick William O'Hara
    18.   iii.    Clara Jane O'Hara
    19.   iv.    Laura J. O'Hara ??
    20.   v.     Olive M. O'Hara
    21.  vi.     Andrew Albert O'Hara
    22.  vii.    Etta A. O'Hara
    23.   viii.  Beatrice A. O'Hara
    24.   ix.    Esmond I. M. O'Hara
5.   Robert O'Hara b. 1863; d. 10 May 1942; m. Martha Agnes Davidson b. 29 Jan 1867 d. 15 Aug 1946. He had the "Palace" cinema in Glen Innes.

Robert & Martha O'Hara and their eight daughters  - Jessie at far left

headstone in Glen Innes Cemetery 21
Children of Robert O'Hara and Martha Agnes Davidson were: 8
    25.   i.     Annie Blanch O'Hara
    26.   ii.    Eliza Agnes "Sis" O'Hara
    27.  iii.    Ethel Alice O'Hara
    28.  iv.    Samuel Archibald O'Hara
    29.  v.     Emily M. "Dolly" O'Hara
    30.  vi.    Freda Florence O'Hara
    31.  vii.   Jessie Graham O'Hara
    32.  viii.  Edna Isabel O'Hara
    33.  ix.    Linda Marjorie O'Hara
6.  Sarah O'Hara b. 1866; d. 25 May 1957, buried Presbyterian section Glen Innes General Cemetery. m. 30 Jun 1886 John Alexander Davidson b. 15 Oct 1862; d. 25 Oct 1939.

headstone in Glen Innes Cemetery 21
Children of Sarah O'Hara and John Alexander Davidson were: 8
    34.   i.     Emily Jane Davidson
    35.  ii.     Archibald Samuel Davidson
    36.  iii.    John William Davidson
    37.  iv.    Clara Agnes Davidson
    38.  v.     Jessie Elizabeth Davidson
    39.  vi.    Duncan Alexander Davidson
    40.  vii.   Alice McAuley Davidson
    41.  viii.  Walter Robert Davidson
    42.  ix.    Andrew James Davidson
    43.  x.     Donald Albert Davidson
    44.  xi.    Elsie Florence Davidson

7.    Samuel Johnson b. 1878 d. 27 Mar 1900
8.    Sarah Johnson b. 1880 m. 1899 Jesse Dorrington
9.    Robert Johnson b. 1881 m. 1906 Annie Robertson
10.  William T Johnson b. 1882
11.  Elizabeth O'Hara b. 1884 d. 27 Jul 1964 m. Albert Archibald Johnson
12.  Mathew A Johnson b. 1885 m. 1918 Martha A Cave
13.  Clara J Johnson b. 1887
14.  Andrew Johnson b. 1891 m. 1915 Violet M Butler
15.  Martha A Johnson b. 1895 m. 1917 D H C Butler
16.  Samuel Thomas HerbertO'Hara b. 1881 #16031
17.  Frederick William O'Hara b. 1883 #17507 d. 1942 #26282
18.  Clara Jane O'Hara b. 1884 #23341
19.  Laura J. O'Hara b. 1884 ?  - questionable whether she was an Andrew O'Hara child as there is only a church parish baptism record viz. #V1884 1155 161 
20.  Olive M. O'Hara b. 1887 #21162

21.  Andrew Albert O'Hara "Albert" b. 1 Jan 1889 19 Reddestone, NSW; d.  27 Apr 1969 19 Glen Innes, NSW, buried Presbyterian sction Glen Innes General Cemetery; m. 15 Apr 1916 19, Margaret Jane Creer, b. 15 Nov 1895 19; d. 6 Mar 1957 19 buried Glen Innes Cemetery.

headstones in Glen Innes Cemetery 21

Only child of Andrew Albert O'Hara and Margaret Jane Creer was: 19
    45.      Bruce Albert O'Hara

22.  Etta A. O'Hara b. 1891 #13921
23.  Beatrice A. O'Hara b.1894 #13530
24.  Esmond I. M. O'Hara b.1897 #3170
25.  Annie Blanch O'Hara b. 6 Jun 1888 d. 26 Jun 1875
26.  Eliza Agnes "Sis" O'Hara b. 9 Feb 1890 d. 15 May 1931
27.  Ethel Alice O'Hara b. 1893
28.  Samuel Archibald O'Hara b. July 1897 d. 9 Oct 1898
29.  Emily M. "Dolly" O'Hara b. 2 Jul 1895
30.  Freda Florence O'Hara b. 8 Jun 1899 d. 23 Sep 1977

31.  Jessie Graham O'Hara b. 21 Jun 1902. She married 1931 in Inverell, NSW, Australia,  Kenneth "Ken" Norman Harvie b. 15 Dec 1904 18 in Bellingen, NSW, Australia;  d. 31 Mar 1977 18 in NSW, Australia, son of Weston Harvie (1877-1926) and Florence May Smith (1884-1975).

Ken left, with brothers
Robert & Len 18

     The Davidsons of New England family history has it Jessie's husband Kenneth "Ken" Harvie was a baker at Glen Innes and a grazier at "Fairy Meadow" 8. Jessie's great grandfather Samuel O'Hara (1780s - ca.1860) and her husband's great-great grandfather Joseph O'Hara were brothers thus Jessie and her husband were cousins. Her husband was a grandson of Walter Harvie (1843-1932) - in 1865 the first white settler at Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast.

Children of Kenneth Norman Harvie and Jessie Graham O'Hara were:
+  46.    i.     Kevin Weston Harvie
+  47.    ii.    Valda Harvie

32.  Edna Isabel O'Hara b. 19 Sep 1904
33.  Linda Marjorie O'Hara b. 26 Apr 1907
34.  Emily Jane Davidson b. 23 Apr 1888 d. 29 Sep 1978
35.  Archibald Samuel Davidson b. 3 Nov 1889 d. 1 Aug 1940
36.  John William Davidson b. 4 Feb 1891 d. 14 Oct 1967
37.  Clara Agnes Davidson b. 5 June 1892
38.  Jessie Elizabeth Davidson b. 13 Nov 1894
39.  Duncan Alexander Davidson b. 18 Sep 1896
40.  Alice McAuley Davidson b. 10 Oct 1898
41.  Walter Robert Davidson b. 17 Oct 1900
42.  Andrew James Davidson b. 30 Dec 1902
43.  Donald Albert Davidson b. 2 Jul 1905
44.  Elsie Florence Davidson b. 29 Oct 1907 d. 2 Dec 1941


45.  Bruce Albert O'Hara b. 6 Mar 1923 19 Glen Innes, NSW; d. 16 June 1981 19 Fairfield, NSW, buried Pinegrove, Minchinbury, NSW; m. 5 Aug 1945 19 in Wagga Wagga, Edna May Lacey, b. 15 Oct 1919 19; d. 19 Jul 2012 19, buried Pinegrove, Minchinbury, NSW.

Children of Bruce Albert O'Hara and Edna May Lacey were 19
     48   i.     Denise Edna O'Hara
     49.  ii.    Rodney Bruce O'Hara
     50.  iii.   Lynette Cheryl O'Hara 

46.    Kevin Weston Harvie b. at "Fairy Meadow", Glen Innes, NSW, Australia. He married in NSW,  Australia,  Elsie Margaret Grob, b. NSW, Australia.

Children of Kevin Weston Harvie and Elsie Margaret Grobb were:
     51   i.     Cheryl Harvie
     52.  ii.    Gail Harvie
     53.  iii.   Tracy Harvie
     54.  iv.   Peter Donald Harvie
47.    Valda Harvie b. NSW, Australia . She married Robert J Evans.
Children of Valda Harvie and Robert J Evans were:
     55.  i.     Kerry Lee Evans Evans
     56.  ii.    Leanne Kim Evans Evans

48    Denise Edna O'Hara m. Edward Owen Armstrong.

Children of Denise Edna O'Hara and  Edward Owen Armstrong were: 19
     57   i.     Karen Denise Armstrong
     5  ii.    Melinda Ann Armstrong
     59.  iii.   Matthew Edward Armstrong

1    Ireland Marriage Records - Vol. 1  for 1854, LDS Microfilm  #0101353, p. 533 - Samuel O'Hara aged 26 yrs. (i.e. b. between 3 Mar 1827 and 2 Mar 1828) of Greaghadossan - a farmer, son of Samuel, married in the Bailieborough Presbyterian Church, Martha McAuley aged 24 yrs. of Drumoosclin (Bailieborough Parish), dau. of Andrew McAuley. Both bride and groom signed the marriage register. Noted - the 1856/57 Griffith Valuation of Ireland had a John McAuley in Drumoosclin, who may have been Martha's brother or an uncle, however her liklely father Andrew McAuley appeared in Gola townland adjoining the Greaghadossan townland where her husband's father Samuel Sr farmed.
2     Dates and marriages advised by Gwenda Andersen of Caloundra, QLD by letter dated 20 Apr 1999 and that Martha's death record gave her father's name as William (no doubt incorrect as contradicted by marriage and immigration records). Note there is no NSW BDM marriage indexed of a Samuel O'Hara to Martha Doroney ?
3     NSW Immigration, Persons on Bounty Ships to Syd. & Newcastle, NSW Archives, Microfilm Reel 2472.
On arrival at Moreton Bay (Brisbane, QLD), on 26 May 1855 on board the Truro the immigration record had Samuel’s occupation as labourer and his parent's names as Samuel and Eliza still alive in Cavan. His native place (birth place) was given as Cavan but his parents place of residence was incorrectly recorded as County Clare - no doubt a clerical error. His age was given as 23, contradicting a then more likely age of 27 derived from the 26 years recorded in the church register when he married the previous year in Baileborough in Cavan. Religion was stated for both he and wife Martha as C of E and that they both could read and write. Martha's age was given as 24 yrs., her parents as Andrew and Elizabeth McAuley still alive in Cavan. It was stated she had no relations in the colony and Samuel had a sister in Moreton Bay and two in Sydney. (they were respectively Sarah wife of her cousin Thomas O'Hara who married in Cavan and emigrated to Qld. in 1853, Mary who married Hugh Wauhop in Sydney in 1852 & Matilda who married Andrew Love in Sydney in 1854).
    Immigration Deposit Journals (NSW) - on 28 Sep 1854 Hugh Wauhop paid a £5 each deposit in respect of the emigration of Samuel and Martha and 5 others.
6     The immigration record had the born on the voyage daughter as named Martha however in subsequent Australian records she was named Eliza. The official birth registration of Martha McAuley's first Australian born child Mary had an elder sister  named  "Eliza aged 2 years". The two years age confirms Eliza was the same child named Martha who was born during the voyage.
7     The Moreton Bay Courier and Northern Districts' General Advertiser,  2 June 1855  -  "Shipping Intelligence" section.  Arrivals: May 26, Truro  694 tons from Liverpool 14 Feb. with 318 Govt. Immigrants - The Truro encountered very severe weather in the Bay of Biscay, where she lost her fore-top sail yard. Off Tristan D'Achuna was becalmed 14 days, being six days in the sight of Islands. In a gale off Van Diemen's Land she lost her quarter boat.  She has made a good run, being 93 days to Sydney and 102 days to Moreton Bay. The immigrants are all in good heath, and are reported as an orderly and well conducted body of people. They speak highly of Capt. Duncan, the master of the vessel. On the passage there were 10 births & 1 death an infant. There were 318 in all, 48 being single men. The steamer Hawk was engaged to bring them to Brisbane, and completed the job yesterday.
8     The Davidsons of New England, (The Wentworth Press, Sydney, 1983).
9     Hugh Wauhop land ownership and 1856 hotel license researched by Sherie McEvoy of Hunter River, NSW at the Sydney Council Archives with copies of records obtained provided courtesy of same. 1856 Licence Application List - Sydney Morning Herald 8 Apr 1856. Approval dated 12 Sep 1856 by a Special Court of Petty Sessions for the Transfer of Licences.
10    NSW BDM Indexes #1907-13599
11    Ibid  #1892-05537
12    Ibid  #1900-3788
13   Ibid  #1857-12151
14   Ibid  #1880-4626
15   Ibid  #1881-3853
16   Ibid  #1881-3839
17   Note - it has been asserted Samuel had a third marriage between the two herein listed - to either a Martha Doroney in Sydney (no such marriage is NSW BDM indexed) or to a Jane Martha Downing in Leichhardt in 1894 (this marriage is BDM indexed as #1894-4513) and that there were no issue from the marriage. As there is no NSW BDM death indexed of a Jane or a Martha O'Hara between 1893 and when Samuel married Emma Davidson in 1900, seemingly if the 1894 marriage was in fact that of Samuel O'Hara of Strawberry Hills, Glen Innes a divorce prior to 1900 is indicated. Neither the 1894 marriage record or a divorce record has been sighted by the compiler to establish the claimed third marriage was factual.
18   Harvie family records held by Russell D Gordon of Kandos, NSW - 3 brothers photo courtesy of same.
19    Genealogy and vital dates provided in an email dated 7 Dec 2012 from Denise Armstrong.
20    Click link for a detailed account by the compiler of the 1855 immigration deception.
21    Image edited from that contibuted by Joe Sharman to the Glen Innes Cemetery heastone transcriptions section of the Australian Cemetery Index.

compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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