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Descendants of Margaret O'Hara

Margaret O' Hara, daughter of Joseph O' Hara and Margaret Kellett, was born in 1837 1 in Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland 2. She died on 5 Jun 1890 3 in Manly, New South Wales, Australia and was buried 6 June 1890 in Manly Cemetery. She married (1) before August 1859 in Melbourne, Victoria, or had a defacto relationship with, William Smith. She married  (2) on 19 May 1870 8 in the Free Church of England in Burton St., Sydney, NSW, Robert Mildwater, born 19 June 1847 88 ; died 5 May 1903 9 ; buried 7 May 1903 in Manly Cemetery, son of William Mildwater (ca.1818-1887) and Jane Selby (ca.1821-1891).

Margaret & husband Robert Mildwater
ca. 1890 98

Headstone in Manly Cemetery 96

Birth & Emigration

          Margaret O'Hara's 1837 birth was too early for surviving Church of Ireland baptism records for the area where she was born in eastern County Cavan. When registering the birth of her fourth child in 1877 she gave her birthplace as Virginia 87. Virginia is a small town in Lurgan parish situated on the shore of Lough Ramor about three miles south-east of Lissanymore townland in Killinkere parish where her parents were recorded as residing in 1840 at the time of the baptism of Margaret's younger sister Martha at the Billis Church of Ireland in that parish. This suggests Margaret was likely born in Lissanymore but in 1877 gave her birth place as Virginia because it was the nearest town and unlike a townland identifiable on ordinary maps.
        Margaret arrived on 28 July 1855 in Sydney in the colony of New South Wales at age eighteen as an assisted immigrant on the Mangerton in a party comprising her older sister Jane, Jane's first husband William Sheils (who travelled under the assumed name of Samuel O'Hara), and three female cousins. She had six children and twenty-four grandchildren.

First Marriage

        No record has been identified in the NSW or Victorian BDM indexes of a first marriage to William Smith who Margaret gave as her husband and father of her first child Martha when she registered the March 1860 birth in Sydney in May 1860. The record had the marriage year as 1859 and the place as Melbourne. Official registration of marriages began six years earlier in Victoria in July 1853 and the first indexed Margaret O'Hara marriage is not until 1860 - being that of a Margaret Jane O'Hara to John Denis Morrison.
        The available records are contradictory as to whether the purported William Smith marriage was factual or a defacto relationship. On the one hand the August 1859 Sydney death registration for William Sheils, the first husband of Margaret's older sister Jane for which in the capacity of his sister-in-law Margaret was the registration informant, had her name as Mrs. M. Smith. That she was using the name of Mrs. Smith in August 1859 seven months before Martha's birth suggests that prior to then there had been a William Smith marriage. However there must be some doubt as the ten years later 1870 registration record for her marriage to Robert Mildwater gave her then name as Margaret O'Hara and status as spinster!
        As in the 19th century a social stigma attached to being an unmarried mother, it would be unlikely if Margaret did marry William Smith in 1859 in Melbourne and, knew he was deceased, her status would have been recorded as spinster instead of a widow when she married Robert Mildwater in Sydney 1870. If she and Smith did marry, because there was only one child, a possible scenario is William Smith deserted her soon after the marriage and, not knowing if he were alive or dead, a decade later when again marrying Margaret opted to give her status as spinster rather than widow because if ever called upon to do so she would not have been able to produce evidence of Smith's death with potentially serious legal consequences if he was found to be still alive!
        Daughter Martha's 1860 birth registration gave the place of the birth as Bank Street, Pyrmont and father's name as William Smith, by occupation a mariner, aged 28 (thus born ca. 1832), and likewise to Margaret born in County Cavan, Ireland. An extensive search of the assisted immigration records indexes etc. for all named William Smith with a birth year 5 years either side of 1832 and a County Cavan birthplace failed to identify him. There was an Irish immigrant named William Smith (son of Alexander Smith and Rebecca Macleay) aboard the Mangerton with Margaret on the 1855 voyage to Australia, and co-incidently basis the age of 23 given for him upon arrival, he would have been aged 28 when the birth of Martha was registered in 1860. However his occupation was given in the immigration record as a farm labourer and the record indicates a birthplace of County Londonderry or adjoining County Tyrone that are seperated from Co. Cavan by other counties. Also making him a most unlikely candidate for Margaret's William Smith is that he seemingly married Jessie Scanes in Yass in 1860 with their first child born there that same year, and likely was in the Yass area with his mother Rebecca and step-father Walter Grieves and several siblings from shortly after the Mangerton's arrived in 1855. According to a published arrival account the 1855 Smith/Grieves party were preceeded to the Yass district by Walter Grieves's only son from his first marriage and William Smith's one year younger sister Rebecca who are recorded as living there from at least 1855 and possibly were there from as early as 1853 when they first arrived in Australia. The BDM indexes seemingly list this William Smith and his wife Jessie as having had 12 children registered at Yass from 1860 to 1880 and dying there respectively in 1912 and 1919.
        In summary prima facie the cited 1859 death and 1860 birth official records indicate there was a marriage that for some reason was not subsequently picked up by the Victorian BDM registry or was overlooked in the compilation of the index. Only very rarely would returns by the clergy and the registered celebrants of marriages performed in a city such as Melbourne not have been lodged with the registry. In some cases they may have been lost in fires or floods etc. prior to lodgement. It would seem in August 1859, when she was first recorded as Mrs. M. Smith, with many relatives in Sydney such as the families of Wauhop, Love, and Wilkinson who when Martha was born at Pyrmont were mostly residing in nearby localities, that Margaret must surely have been known to them as Mrs. Smith prior to August 1859 when she was informant for the William Sheils death registration.
        However where there should be a civil marriage record but isn't there must be doubt whether there was a formal marriage. That Melbourne as the place of the purported Smith marriage was out of the legal jurisdiction where Margaret is known to have been living in August 1859 only heightens that doubt. It is possible that William Smith was already married. There were no divorce laws anywhere in Australia then and it was not uncommon for couples unable to marry because of a previous marriage to live together as husband and wife and be listed as married persons in their children's birth registrations. There was no civil divorce legislation in Victoria until 1861 and after then, whilst divorces could initially be obtained on the ground of adultery, the cost of proving such and obtaining a divorce made it prohibitive for most and the same applied in respect of the twelve years later 1873 introduced first NSW divorce legislation that mirrored England's 1857 pioneer divorce legislation. The Sydney Morning Herald of 26 Jul 1873 estimated the cost of obtaining a divorce under that first NSW legislation at £300 to £400 93. In any event there is no Margaret Smith divorce between 1861 and 1870 listed in the online Victorian Divorce Index 1861-1900 ruling out a divorce there prior to the 1870 Robert Mildwater marriage. Whether a married man or not it follows William Smith must have died, gone missing, or abandoned Margaret. As many with the name William Smith died in NSW in the decade of the 1860s if such was his fate without knowing his parents names derived from the absent marriage record he cannot be identified in the death indexes.

Second Marriage

        The record of Margaret's 1870 marriage to Robert Mildwater gave Robert's occupation as a carrier and Margaret's as a domestic and their usual addresses as Manly Beach. Robert was listed in the Sydney Sands Directory for 1873, living at Steyne, Manly Beach, and again at the same address in 1875 - in the latter instance with his occupation given as carter. The children's birth registrations from 1873 to 1880 had his address as Raglan Street, Manly and in 1902 and 1903 he was listed in the Sands directories at Belgrave Street, Manly.
        It seems actual or anticipated Mildwater parental opposition to the marriage of their 22 years old son to one 10 years his senior with a 10 year old daughter would have been the reason for them apparently having eloped. That such was the case is suggested by the venue for the marriage having been a "marriage shop" located a steamer trip across the harbour in the town of Sydney instead of a church at Manly where the registration record stated both parties usually resided and, where the Mildwater family were long established as district pioneers and their elder son William Jr. had married four years earlier in 1866, and where at least the Anglican and Wesley churches held regular services. For more on the context of the 1870 marriage to Robert Mildwater see the below source footnote at: 91


        Margaret died in 1890 from typhoid fever after an illness lasting 18 days. Her death registration gave her religion as Wesleyan and she is buried with her husband and only son Robert J. on the Harland Street side of Manly Cemetery (aka West Manly Cemetery) in grave #145 with the above pictured headstone. Her 1890 death registration did not name either of her parents and, whilst naming her five Mildwater children, omitted first child Martha's name. It also incorrectly gave Cork, Ireland as her birthplace whereas the birth registrations of all six of her children gave her birthplace as County Cavan. The information was also in error in respect to her period in NSW in stating it had been 30 years instead of 35. It would seem likely the 30 years was a calculation based on her family's knowledge she had been eighteen when she arrived in Australia and an understanding she was aged 49 when she died. The errors suggest a reticence by Margaret in regard to the particulars of her five years in Australia prior to Martha's March 1860 Sydney birth.
        Husband Robert's 1903 death registration gave his occupation as a quarryman and the cause of death as pneumonia and  cardiac failure. His 1901 made will left his estate to his four surviving daughters and step-daughter. The newspaper death notice stated he was formerly of Manly and at the time of death was residing with his step-daughter and her husband W. J. Askins at their residence in Blandville. (Blandville was a early locality name in the suburb Henly located on the north side of the Parramatta River about a kilometre west of the Gladesville Bridge). The death record gave the address as Dick Street, Henley. Coincidently 1903 was also the year American born John Thomas Williams, the widower second husband of Margaret's elder sister Jane, also died in Sydney.

Mildwater name origin & history

        It is understood the Mildwater surname traces back to a Thomas Mylewater, who was the receiver (or treasurer) to Richard, 3rd Duke of York (father of Edward IV and Richard III) and, the Mylewater estate at Stoke Edith Park in Hereford (which came into the family in the late 1300s) is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 87. A transcript of Robert and Margaret's 1870 marriage record has his surname as Mildwaters - a spelling also noted in the early Sydney Sands directories and the Birth, Death & Marriages indexes. His 1847 church parish baptism was phonetically entered in the register as Mildworters and is BDM indexed as such. His parents names appear on a transcript of his 1903 death registration as William and Jane Sylvia. However as the registration requirement was for the spouse's full maiden name it seems very likely "Sylvia" was not his mother's second given name but a corruption of her Selby surname. This record gave the occupation of Robert's father William as carpenter. His father would have been the William Mildwater listed in the Sydney Sands Directory for 1870 with the occupation of carpenter residing in Whistler Street, Manly Beach and in the 1871 directory at that address with occupation of grocer, and in the directory for 1873 directory listed at Manly under the surname of Mildwaters. In 1875 he was still at the Whistler Street address but his occupation had reverted to carpenter.
        William's parents Thomas and Jane (nee Cornick/Gundick/Gundry) married in 1796 at the St John the Baptist church at Yeovil in Somerset, England. Four of their six known sons and a daughter emigrated to Sydney. They were born a few kilometeres east of Yeovil and south of Sherborne in Dorset and christened at the Church of St. James in the small village of Longburton. Likewise to their father Thomas the sons who emigrated were carpenters. William was likely the first to arrive in Sydney about 1839. Sometime before 1856 he was joined by his sister Sophia Carpenter, who subsequently acted as midwife at the birth of some of Jeremiah's children. Then in 1856 followed Robert (1803-1879) and his wife Mary and 2 sons, in 1858 Jeremiah (1822-1880) and wife Rosanna Short, and lastly in 1877 Joseph (1820-1895) and his second wife Emma Bright. Descendants of William's uncle George Mildwaters emigrated to South Australia 89.
        At the end of twentieth century all of the Mildwater(s) name in Australia were believed to be descendants of this one family. William married Jane Selby on 16 July 1840 at The Scots Church (Presbyterian), Sydney. His surname was entered in the parish register as Mildwater although he signed as Mildwaters 86. It is said the couple lived at  Globe Street and Windmill Street in the Rocks area, below the now Sydney Harbour Bridge and, that he opened a grocer's shop in Windmill Street before moving from there to the North Harbour (Manly) area about 1847 where he built clinker style boats and became a prominent builder 90. Advice from a family source is at the time William and Jane moved to Manly they are understood to have been one of only seven white families in the area 87. William and a business partner Thomas Wilson are recorded as applying for a Deed of Grant for land purchased at a Sydney sale held on 15 Dec 1853, located between Curl Curl Creek (now Manly Creek) and Wyadra Avenue, between two parts of what was the John Wheeler Estate 90. He built a two-storey home at Lot 28 Whistler Street, adjoining an aboriginal ceremonial ground where the Catholic Church was later built and, where his wife Jane commenced and ran a general provisions store from about 1863 until her death in 1891, in the early days having the bread for the shop brought daily from Sydney. In the 1870s the adjoining aboriginal camp was nearly always occupied by a tribe of aboriginals, then an everyday feature of Manly life 92. It is thought their home named Westco, which was located on the corner of Belgrave Street and Pittwater Road, was built about 1876 90.
      Eleven children births from 1841 to 1854, extracted from church parish baptism records, are listed for the couple in the NSW BDM indexes under the surnames of Mildwater, Mildwaters and Mildworters of whom it is understood seven survived to adulthood 87. Their 1851 born daughter was named Theresa. No doubt her name and her mother's Jane were reflected in the naming by Robert and Margaret of their first born child - "Theresa Jane". William Mildwater died on 8 Jan 1887 and Jane on 29 July 1891. William's death registration was apparently in error in one respect. It gave his parent's names as Joseph and Jane instead of Thomas and Jane. In the 19th century Manly was one of only two major 19th century burial grounds on Sydney's north side. The pioneer couple are buried in Manly Cemetery near the Manly West Public school. 85. The headstone, of which only the top half is inscribed, was overturned by vandals in 2003 and irreparably broken into two pieces. The below photograph was taken in 1985 before the desecration.

Headstone in Manly Cemetery  96


Children of Margaret O'Hara and William Smith were:
+   2.     i.    Martha Amelia Smith

Children of Margaret O'Hara and Robert Mildwater were:
+   3.    i.    Theresa Jane Mildwater
     4.    ii.   Robert Joseph Mildwater 
+   5.    iii.  Margaret Florence Mildwater
+   6.    iv.  Josephine Elizabeth Mildwater
+   7.    v.   Ethel May Mildwater


2.   Martha Amelia Smith was born 25 March 1860 4  at Pyrmont in Sydney, NSW, Australia. She died 27 Aug 1935 5 at Marrickville, NSW. She married William Joseph Askins on 25 March 1879 6  reg. Manly, NSW, b. ca. 1859 80; d. 25 Aug 1923 80 at Randwick, NSW.

        At birth her given name was registered just as Martha. When she married in 1879 on her birthday the registration record had it as Martha Amelia. Presumably her second given name of Amelia whilst not appearing on her birth registration was bestowed at that time and derived from the name of one of the birth witnesses - Amelia Dent. The marriage registration did not give the names of the parents of either party or any details except that William Askin's then occupation was a confectioner. Martha's 1935 death registration also omitted her parents names.
       Husband William may have worked for Mr. Hippolyte Aurousseau, a Frenchman, who in 1868 purchased the first and then only bakery at Manly and, besides baking bread, made cakes and pastry, candied lemon, orange and citron peel and sweets etc. Later Mr. Aurousseau apparently specialised as he was listed in the Sydney Sands Directory for 1877 as a confectioner at The Corso, Manly. By the end of 1879 he had moved across the harbour and was listed in the Sands Directory for 1880 as a confectioner at King Street, Newtown.
        The first instance of the Askins surname found in NSW BDM Indexes is for the death of a James Askins at Parramatta in 1791 who likely came free as he was not stated to have been a convict. None of the Askins surname are listed in the 1828 census of the colony. The birth of William Joseph is not indexed under the surname. After 1857 the only instances of the Askins surname found in the NSW indexes through to the current (at the time of this compilation) termination year of 1945 are in respect of William Joseph and Martha Amelia and their descendants. The newspaper obituary and BDM indexed registration for William's 1923 death has him as aged 64 indicating a circa 1859 birth year.
        In 1903, when Martha's step-father Robert died at their residence they were living in Dick Street in the locality of Blandville in the suburb Henley on the Parramatta River. That year the Commonwealth electoral roll for the division of North Sydney (Gladesville polling place) listed them both at this Henley address and William's occupation was given as a cabinet maker. In the 1913 electoral roll they were no longer listed at the address - by then in the Parramatta electorate (Hunters Hill polling place). The Sydney Sands Directory suggests that by 1904 they had moved. In the issues for 1904 and 1905 it listed William J Askins at Dick Street, without giving the suburb, which was no doubt Henley. However confusingly it also listed a seemingly duplicate W. J. Askins at Devonshire Street in 1904, and in 1905 at 65 Macquarie Street, South - both without giving the suburb which as several suburbs had those street names suggests that perhaps the streets were respectively the ones of that name in Surry Hills and the inner city?

Children of Martha Amelia Smith and William Joseph Askins were:
     8.    i.     Robert William Askins  b. 1880 22 reg. Sydney, NSW; d. 1882 23 reg. Sydney
+   9.   ii.     Sydney George T Askins
+  10.  iii.    Margaret E Askins
    11.  iv.    Herbert J Askins  b. 1886 28 reg. Ashfield, NSW.
    12.  v.     Claribell F Askins  b. 1888 29 reg. St. Peters, NSW.
+  13.  vi.    Olive T Askins
+  14.  vii.   Myrtle B Askins
+  15.  viii.  Rita M Askins
+  16.  ix.    Wilfred R Askins
+  17.  x.     Vera L Askins
    18.  xi.    Norman H Askins  b. 1900 40 reg. Ryde, NSW.
+  19.  xii.   Berl U Askins (Twin)
+  20.  xiii.  Hilda V Askins (Twin)
+  21.  xiv.  Ernest Stanley Askins

3. Theresa Jane Mildwater was born 16 Nov 1870 10, 11  in Manly, NSW. She married Walter George Hanson in 1890 12  reg. Manly, NSW, d. 1945 81 reg. Manly, son of Alexander Charles Hanson and Elizabeth Ester.
Children of Theresa Jane Mildwater and Walter George Hanson were:
+   22   i.     Alexander C Hanson
4.5.   Robert Joseph Mildwater  b. 16 Feb 1873 13 reg. St Leonards, NSW ; d. 19 Feb 1876 14 reg. Sydney, NSW.

5.   Margaret Florence Mildwater was born 1 Aug 1877 15 in Manly, NSW; died Mar. 1956 reg. Auburn, NSW. She married in 1902 16 reg. Manly, NSW, Norman Lancelot Nichols, b. 1876 reg. Sydney, NSW; d. Oct. 1960 reg. Chatswood, NSW, son of Francis Stephen Sydney Nichols (1840-1893) and Mary Esther Mitchell.

        Margaret Florence's husband Norman was a great-great grandson of First Fleeter Esther Abrahams who married Colonel George Johnston of "Annandale", who when in command of the New South Wales Corps in 1808 deposed Governor Bligh on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the colony, and assumed the position as the head of the colonial government until a senior officer arrived from England six months later.
        Norman was a great grandson of the first colonial postmaster Isaac Nichols who married Esther Abraham's daughter Rosanna who was born in Newgate Goal in March 1787, and a grandson of Issac and Rosanna's thrice married son George Robert Nichols (ca.1809-1857) who founded the Australian law firm of Clayton Utz and was a member of the first colonial government. 87

Children of Margaret Florence Mildwater and Norman Lancelot Nichols were:
+   23   i      Francis M Nichols
+   24   ii     Doris Murial Nichols
+   25   iii    Marjorie Florence Nichols
+   26   iv    Iris Josephine Nichols
+   27   v     Cedric Norman Belton Nichols

6.   Josephine Elizabeth Mildwater was born in 10 Feb 1880 17 in Manly, NSW. She married Samuel B Lee in 1903 18 reg. Sydney, NSW.
        Her husband Samuel was informant for the 1903 death registration of her father Robert. Samuel's address was incorrectly spelt in that record as Harriette (correctly spelt Harietta) Street, Neutral Bay.

Children of Josephine Elizabeth Mildwater and Samuel B Lee were:
     28.  i       Donald R Lee b. 1903 58 reg. Mosman, NSW.
+   29.  ii      Katherine M Lee
     30.  iii     Eric B Lee b.  1907 61 reg. St. Leonards, NSW.
7.   Ethel May Mildwater was born 7 Apr 1882 19 reg. Manly, NSW, and died in 1922 20 reg. Randwick, NSW. She married Walter Gahagan in 1902 21 reg. Manly, NSW.
Children of Ethel May Mildwater and Walter Gagagan were:
     31.  i.     Doreen E.M. Gahagan b. 1902 62 reg. Manly, NSW;  d. 1929 63 reg. Manly, NSW.

9.    Sydney George T Askins was born in 1882 24  reg. Sydney, NSW. He married Ada E "Unknown" in 1922 25  reg. Kogarah, NSW.

10.   Margaret E Askins was born in 1884 26  reg. Ashfield, NSW. She married Frederick Thomas in 1901 27  reg. at Drummoyne, NSW.

Children of Margaret E Askins and Frederick Thomas were:
     32.  i.     Phyllis I Thomas  b. 1902 64   reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
     33.  ii.    Gladys E Thomas b. 1904 65  reg. Ryde, NSW.
     34.  iii.   Leslie H Thomas  b.1906 66  reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
     35.  iv.   Edgar R Thomas  b. 1908 67  reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
+   36.   v.   Clifton R Thomas
     37.  vi.   Geoffrey Thomas b. 1911 69  reg. Ryde, NSW.
     38.  vii.  Gwenith L Thomas b. 1912 70  reg. Hunters Hill, NSW.
+   39.  viii. Alona F Thomas
13.   Olive T Askins was born in 1889 30  reg. Ashfield, NSW. She married James R Campbell in 1916 31  reg. Redfern, NSW.
Children of Olive T Askins and James R Campbell were:
     40.  i.     Donald A Campbell  b. 1917 71  reg. Sydney, NSW.
14.   Myrtle B Askins was born in 1893 32  reg. Hurstville, NSW. She married William Cook in 1916 33  reg. Woolahra, NSW.
Children of Myrtle B Askins and William Cook were:
     41.   i.    Myrtle E Cook  b. 1916 73  reg. Kiama, NSW.
+   42.  ii.    Florence Jessie Cook
15.   Rita M Askins was born in 1895 34  reg. Castle Hill, NSW. She married Joseph W Bradcock in 1916 35  reg. Rockdale, NSW.
Children of Rita B Askins and Joseph W Bradcock were:
 +  43.  i.     Beryl J Bradcock
16. Wilfred R Askins was born in 1897 36  reg. Granville, NSW. He married Rene H Creighton in 1917 37 reg. Woollahra, NSW.
Children of Wilfred R Atkins and Rene H Ceighton were:
+   44.  i.     Wilfred Gordon Askins
17. Vera L Askins was born in 1899 38  reg. Parramatta, NSW. From an unknown defacto relationship she had issue in 1917. She married James R Neich in 1919 82  reg. Bowral, NSW.
Children of Vera L Askins and unknown defacto were:
     45.  i.     Donald A Askins  b. 1917 39  reg. Rockdale, NSW.
19. Berl U Askins (Twin) was born in 1903 41  reg. Ryde, NSW. She married Frank Barnes in 1927 42  reg. Manly, NSW.

20. Hilda V Askins (Twin) was born in 1903 43 reg. Ryde, NSW. She married Cecil E Whitfield in 1927 44 reg. Marrickville, NSW.

21. Ernest Stanley Askins was born in 1904 45  reg. Ryde, NSW. He married Lilian Dickinson in 1941 46  reg. Rockdale, NSW.

22 Alexander C Hanson was born in 1892 47 Manly, NSW. He married Lillian M Carpenter in 1920 48  reg. Rockdale, NSW.

Children of Alexander C Hanson and Lillian M Carpenter were: 95
     46.  i.     Elaine Hanson
23. Francis M Nichols was born in 1902 49  reg. Redfern, NSW. He married Mary A G Jones in 1927 50  reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
Children of Francis M Nichols and Marry A. G. Jones were: 95
     47.  i      Barry Francis Nichols b. 1933 95, d. 1935 95
 +  48. ii      Beverely Frances Nichols
24. Doris Murial Nichols was born in 1905 83  reg. Drummoyne. NSW. She married Bruce H Dent in 1932 51  reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
Children of Doris Murial Nichols and Bruce H Dent were: 95
+   49.  i.     Marjorie Dent
     50.  ii.    Nancy Dent
25. Marjorie Florence Nichols was born in 1907 52  reg. Drummoyne, NSW. She married in 1938 53  reg. Drummoyne, NSW, Donald Luckett b.1903 95; d.1975 95
Children of Marjorie Florence Nichols and Donald Luckett were: 95
+   51.  i.     Lynette Marjorie Luckett
+   52.  ii     Roderick Donald Luckett
     53.  iii    Estelle Bernice Luckett
26  Iris Josephine Nichols was born in 1909 54 reg. Drummoyne, NSW. She married Frank B Hands in 1934 55  reg. Drummoyne, NSW.
Children of Iris Josephine Nichols and Frank B Hands: 95
+   54.  i.     Glenda Alison Hands
+   55.  ii     William Norman Hands
27. Cedric Norman Belton Nichols was born in 1914 56  reg. Drummoyne, NSW; d. 1997 95. He married Sophia Florence Finlay in 1939 57  reg. Randwick, NSW.
Children of Cedric Norman Belton Nichols and Sophia Florence Finlay were: 95
+   56.  i.     Gregory Nichols
+   57.  ii     Joan Anne Nichols
29. Katherine M Lee was born in 1905 59  reg. St. Leonards, NSW. She married Thomas W Mannell in 1925 60  reg. Manly, NSW.
Children of Katherine M Lee and Thomas W Mannell were: 95
     58.  i      Maxwell Mannell
     59.  ii     Donald Mannell

36.  Clifton R Thomas was born in 1909 68  reg. Burwood, NSW. He married Kathleen J Kelly in 1930 84  reg. Sydney, NSW.

39.  Alona F Thomas was born in 1917 71  reg. Marrickville, NSW. She married William George Daniel in 1937 72  reg. Marrickville, NSW.

42.  Florence Jessie Cook was born in 1918 74  reg. Kiama, NSW. She married Norman Geoffery Rixon in 1941 75  reg. Hornsby, NSW.

43.  Beryl J Bradcock was born in 1916 76  reg. Paddington, NSW. She married James John William O'Connor in 1939 77  reg. Rockdale, NSW.

44.  Wilfred Gordon Askins (an only child) was born in 1918 78  reg. Waverley, NSW. He married Gladys Joan Gray in 1941 79  reg. North Sydney, NSW.

Children of Wilfred Gordon Askins and Gladys Joan Gray were:
+   60.  i.     Paul Winston Askins
     61.  ii     Pam Askins
48.   Beverely Frances Nichols married Bruce Wilson.
Children of Beverely Francis Nichols and Bruce Watson were: 95
+   62.  i.     Mark Wilson
+   63.  ii.    Leigh Wilson
+   64.  iii.   Graeme Wilson
49.   Marjorie Dent b. 10 Apr 1935; d. 20 Jul 2002. She married Steven J Delaney
Children of Marjorie Dent and Steven J Delaney were: 95
+   65.  i.     Scott H Delaney
     66.  ii.    Craig S Delaney
51.   Lynette Marjorie Luckett married Robert Vigar.
Children of Lynette Marjorie Luckett and robert Vigar were: 95
     67.  i.     Mathan James Vigar
52.   Roderick Donald Luckett married Rona Wong.
Children of Roderick Donald Luckett and Rona Wong were: 95
     68.  i.     Juanita Veronica Luckett
     69.  ii.    Angelina Marjorie Luckett
54.  Glenda Alison Hands married Bruce McMillan.
Children of Glenda Alison Hands and Bruce McMillan were: 95
     70.  i.     Alistair McMillan
     71.  ii.    Ross McMillan
55.  William Norman Hands married Cheryl Stevens.
Children of William Norman Hands and Cheryl Stevens were: 95
+   72.  i.      Michelle Hands
     73.  ii.     Brett Hands
+   74.  iii.    Belinda Hands
     75.  iv      Stephen Hands
56.  Gregory Nichols married Bernie Henning.
Children of Gregory Nichols and Bernie Henning were: 95
     76.  i.     Sarah Nichols
     77.  ii.    Rachel Nichols
     78.  iii.   Ben  Nichols
57.   Joan Anne Nichols married Lindsay Wilkin.
Children of Joan Ann Nichols and Lindsay Wilkin were: 95
     79.  i.     Kelly Wilkin
     80.  ii.    Elizabeth Wilkin

60.   Paul Winston Askins. He married Joan Unknown.
Children of Paul Winston and Joan Unknown were:
     81.  i.    Simone Kate Askins
     82.  ii    Mark Paul Shaw Askins
61.    Pam Askins.

62.  Mark Wilson married Mary McLachlan.

Children of Mark Wilson and Mary McLachlan were: 95
     83.  i.     Gregory Wilson
63.  Leigh Wilson married Albert Willering.
Children of Leigh Wilson and Albert Willering were: 95
     84.  i.     Riley Willering
     85.  ii.    "Unknown" Willering
64.  Graeme Wilson  married Ruth Currie.
Children of Graeme Wilson and Ruth Currie were: 95
     86.  i.     Alyse Wilson
65.  Scott H Delaney married Paula "Unknown". 95

72.  Michelle Hands married Gordon McLeod. 95

74.  Belina Hands married Mark Thompson.

Children of Belinda Hands and Mark Thompson were: 95
     87.  i.     Luke Thompson
     88.  ii.    Corey Thompson
     89.  iii.   Ryan Thompson
     90.  iv    Anna Thompson
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1   The 28 Jul 1855 Mangerton immigration records have her age as 18 years indicating a birth before 28 Jul 1837 (see see NSW State Archives, NSW Immigration, Persons on Bountry Ships, reels #2137 & #2471). Ages as much as six years later than her indicated 1837 birth year are given in records such as her family bible, the birth registrations for each of her children, and her death registration. In such cases preference is always given to early records over later and particularly to early first person records. Assuming the 15 November day and month given as her birth date in the surviving family bible was correct Margaret was born on 15 Nov 1837 with the year having actually been 1837 based on the 22 years of age she gave when she registered the 25 March 1860 birth of daughter Martha that confirmed her five years earlier 23 July 1855 Mangerton Australian immigration arrival record that stated her age was then 18 years. In the immigration records ages were expressed as whole numbers so it is indicated the 18 years was a rounding up and she would actually have been 17½. One presumes the reason her age was given as younger in records created after her second marriage was related to her having married a man 10 years younger without his parent's approval. In the 19th century in such a circumstance it would not have been unusual for a woman to adjust her age downwards!
     Due to the varying ages given for Margaret etc. in later records there was for a long time no definitive proof she was the Margaret who arrived in Sydney with sister Jane in 1855. Whilst post her 1855 Mangerton arrival no record has been identified giving her parents names there is today no reason to doubt she was the Margaret O'Hara from Killinkere Parish, with parents Joseph and Margaret, who arrived aboard that vessel. Too many points of coincidence exist in other records for it to have been otherwise, such as her age in a 1860 record being in agreement with the age she gave upon arrival in 1855, her birth place of Virginia given in an 1877 registration of a child's birth being in accord with the area where her parents likely lived at the time of her birth, her association as "Mrs. M. Smith" with the death registration of her sister Jane's first husband, the naming of her first child Martha presumably after her younger sister Martha who did not marry until 1866 and would likely have been the family member back in Co. Cavan with whom Margaret would have corresponded during the five years in Australia preceeding the birth, and the following of a similar family member naming patten when naming the first of her Mildwater children after her husband's younger sister Theresa and her own sister Jane and another two as Joseph and Josephine (the female equivalent of Joseph) seemingly after her own father Joseph O'Hara.
     However irrefutable proof she was the sister of Jane O'Hara named Margaret who arrived in 1855 did not finally emerge until April 2005 when a descendant and long time researcher of the family Essie Luckett came into possession of a letter written by one of Margaret's grandchildren to another grandchild in which it was said the writer's mother (one of Margaret's daughters) had been visited at Manly by a cousin named Beatie Gaffney 97. As Beatie Gaffney neè Williams, who lived in Sydney and died in 1953, was one of the children of Jane O'Hara this mention provided absolute proof of the sister relationship!
2   Place of mother's birth as given on the 1877 birth certificate for 4th child Margaret F. - advised by Essie Luckett.
3   NSW BDM Indexes, #1890-7816. -  copy of full transcript of registration record courtesy of Gustav Schaefer (1913-2004).
4   NSW BDM Indexes, #1860-0766 - birth was registered 1 May 1860 - copy of full transcription of registration record courtesy of Gustav Schaefer.
    There is a 1861 (#2857) birth indexed for a Sarah Smith registered at Glebe, Sydney, to parents named William and Margaret who seemingly could have been another child additional to 1860 born Martha who died as an infant. However this record was checked by O'Hara family researcher Gustav Schaefer who advised in Sept. 2003 that it had the mother's name as a Margaret Denison born County Cork, Ireland. Thus it is indicated Margaret and William Smith had only the one child and such is supported by the statistics given of previous children when the births of Margaret's later children were registered. Whilst the 1871 birth registration for the first of the Robert and Margaret children ommitted statistics of her previous children that for Margaret Florence in 1877 (see #15 below), for which Margaret was the informant, gave the number as one deceased and two living which accords with Martha Amelia having been the only child from her first marriage or defacto relationship with William Smith.
5   Ibid #1935-16908(Date also in NSW Supreme Court Probate Indexes 1935 #211079)
DEATH NOTICES Sydney Morning Herald  Wednesday 28 Aug 1935 -   Askins - August 27, 1935, at 174 Victoria-road, Marrickville, Martha Amelia, beloved wife of the late William Joseph Askins, aged 74 years.
FUNERAL NOTICES Askins - The relatives of the late Martha Amelia Askins are invited to attend her Funeral, to leave 174 Victoria-road, Marrickville, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2 'Oclock for the Church of England Cemetery, Randwick.
6   Ibid, #1879-2155. -  date etc provided from transcript of registration record courtesy of Essie Luckett.
8  Ibid, #1870-0436  - copy of full transcript of registration record courtesy of Gustav Schaefer.
9   Ibid, #1903-7695  - copy of full transcript of registration record courtesy of Gustav Schaefer. The date also given in the Supreme Court of NSW Probate Index 1904 #28423 and in the Manly Cemetrey headstone inscriptions in  Manly Cemetery Transcriptons 1845-1993 (1993) p.84 by N. J. Vine Hall.
DEATH NOTICES Sydney Morning Herald 6 May 1903 - Mildwater - May 5, at the residence of W.J. Atkin, Blandville, Parramatta River, Robert Mildwater, in his 55th year. Late of Manly.
FUNERAL NOTICES Sydney Morning Herald 7 May 1903 - The friends of Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Nichols, W.G. Hanson, S.B. Lee, W. J. Askins and W. Gahagan are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their dearly beloved father, Robert Mildwater ; to leave W.G. Hanson's residence, Terrawenna, Ocean-road, Manly, THIS AFTERNOON Thursday, at 2.30 for the Manly Cemetery. T. Waugh and Co., Undertakers, Embalmers, Corso, Manly, Telephone 42.
10  NSW BDM Indexes, #1871-0337 - Full transcript of registration courtesy of Gustav Schaefer. Essie Luckett advised birth date is same as that in the family bible held by a cousin.
11  Ibid, #1871-5438 - Full transcript courtesy of Gustav Schaefer (it is a duplicate of #1871-0337 that was cancelled on the 13 Feb 1871 registration date and re-entered same date with the only variation being the place of registration changed from Sydney to Berry St., St Leonards - the district office covering Manly Beach).
12  Ibid, #1890-4776.
13  Ibid, #1873-5690.  Copy of partial transcript of registration courtesy of Essie Luckett has date as 16 Feb 1873. Date in the family bible held by a cousin is 17 Feb 1873.
14  Ibid, #1876-0467.  Date from headstone in Manly Cemetery - as per N. J. Vine Hall, Manly Cemetery Transcripts 1845-1993, (the author 1993).
15  Ibid, #1877-6647. Date & stats from the certificate - details provided by Essie Luckett (the same date is in family bible).
16  Ibid, #1902-4340.
17  Ibid, #1880-8340. Copy of partial transcript of registration courtesy of Essie Luckett. Same date is given in the family bible held by a cousin.
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80  Ibid #1923-12497 (Date also given in NSW Supreme Court Probate Indexes 1923 #121096).
     DEATH NOTICES Sydney Morning Herald  Monday 28 Aug 1923 - Askins - August 25, at Randwick, suddenly, William Joseph Askins, of 6 Dolphin-street, Coogee, dearly loved husband of Martha Askins, aged 64 years.
     FUNERAL NOTICES Askins - The relatives and Friends of Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Askins and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved husband and father; to leave the residence of his son (Roy), 128, Cowper-street, Waverley, THIS MONDAY, at 3.15, for Randwick General Cemetery.
81  Ibid #1945-25855
82  Ibid #1919-4614.
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85  Ibid #1887-5506 (8 Jan 1887 date also given in NSW Supreme Court Probate Indexes 1917 #78645, and on headstone in Manly Cemetery - see: N. J. Vine Hall, Manly Cemetery Transcripts 1845-1993 (1993).
    FUNERAL NOTICES Sydney Morning Herald  Monday 10 Jan 1887. The Friends of Mr. Robert Mildwater; are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his beloved father, William; to move from his late residence, Wescoe, Belgrave-street, Manly, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, for Manly Cemetery. Wood and Company, Undertakers .......
The Friends of Mr William J. Mildwater Jun. ; are ... (same wording followed).
86  Ibid V1840 587 73A - Registers of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages - NSW State Records reel #5027 (witnesses Caroline Selby of 52 Kent st, Sydney and Flora McDonald of Sydney, both the bride and groom signed the register).
87  Name origins, certificate details, and the family history etc. - as per a 6 Jul 2003 email from descendant researcher Essie Luckett.
88  NSW BDM Indexes V1847-110-40  (Mildworters) -  date from the cited 6 July 2003 Essie Luckett email.
89  Email dated 12 July 2003 from Kerry Lovering, Victoria, Australia.
90 Two acrobat .pdf files on William Mildwater and Jane Selby history authored by Joan Smith and published 2001.
91  A historical aside to the 1870 marriage is that the celebrant William Bailey (1806-1879) was convicted in England in 1841 for forging a promissory note for £2875 and sentenced to transportation for life. He had a "marriage shop" in the colony from mid-1865, styling himself from late 1868 Bishop of the church he began that he called the Free Church of England, the essential attraction being when he was establishing himself and his church he advertised he would perform marriages ‘without the usual fee’ - a reference to the charges then made by the clergy of the established Church of England. A number in defacto relationships wishing to legitimise them came to his Free Church of England to be married by him. His licence to marry was revolked in 1871 and never reinstated when he was jailed for 6 months for having knowingly carried out an under age marriage in 1870 and he readily admitted to having performed several marriages subsequently shown to have been bigamous. Bailey's followers never amounted to much more than one hundred persons yet at the peak of its marriage activity in 1870 his church performed 451 marriages in the colony amounting to 11.7% of the total for that year. (for source see the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, Vol 58, pt 4, pp.253-58, E. D. Daw ‘William Bailey and the Free Church of England’). Hardly surprisingly the 1989 edition of Nick Vine Hall's book titled Parish Registers in Australia, listing all known originals, transcripts etc. of Australian church parish registers, lists no surviving marriage registers for the Bailey church or for the unconnected and even shorter lived one of the same name commenced in Sydney in Sept. 1864 by a former Anglican minister Phillip Agnew.
      Another aside, and perhaps a sequel to the apparent Robert Mildwater and Margaret elopement, is a reminiscence of Mable Gertrude Newman (1905-1995) as told to her by her grandmother Theresa Mildwater (1851-1937) who was Robert Mildwater's younger sister - that Theresa in 1877 when engaged to marry a cousin three weeks before the wedding date had eloped with another in consequence of which she was ‘cut off’ by her parents - a situation that Mabel Newman had gained the impression endured with Theresa never again seeing her parents during their lifetime (as advised in an email dated 7 Jul 2003 from Theresa Mildwater descendant Ian Butterworth).
92  Charles Swancott, Manly 1788-1968 (D.S. Ford, Sydney, 1968) p.56. Also noted at p.77 in same source re William's brother Robert (1803-1879) - ‘The first Methodist Church (then styled the Wesleyan Chapel) began as a wooden building erected on a site in Belgrave Street ....... a stone parsonage was built adjoining the church on land purchased from Mr. R. Mildwater’, and at p.19 - ‘By the early 1850s twelve families had settled permanently at what is today (1968) North Harbour. Among them were ... Robert Mildwater .... At that date all shipping came there.’
93  Hilary Golder, Divorce in 19th Century New South Wales (NSW University Press, 1985), p.108.
94  Image of Margaret Florence & wedding anniversary photograph courtesy of Essie Luckett.
95  Mildwater Family Genealogy as compiled by Essie Luckett, dated July 2003.
96  Manly Cemetery headstone photographs taken by Larry Mildwater of NSW (a descendant of Robert Mildwater's uncle Joseph 1820-1895) and provided courtesy of same. He advised the Margaret and Robert marble plaque breakage arose from vandalism prior to 1971 when he reattached the broken marble pieces and lead letters and reinstated the stone to its original position at the head of the grave. Click here for a photo of the William and Jane headstone taken after the 2003 desecration.
97  Email message dated 18 April 2005 from Essie Luckett, advising she had obtained a copy of a letter mentioning that Beatie Gaffney had been a cousin of the letter writer's mother - thus Margaret's niece and establishing beyond any doubt whatsoever Margaret and Jane had been sisters.
98  Photocopy of part of a larger family photograph that in addition to Robert & Margaret also featured Robert's older brother William and uncle Joseph and their wives - provided October 2008 courtesy of Larry Mildwater of Sydney who advised the original was obtained from Mrs. Val Freshwater.

compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
first posted 2 July 2003 - last updated 7 Jan 2013

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