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Descendants of John O'Hara

John O'Hara  b. ca.1827 1, in County Cavan, Ireland. He married in 1847 2 in County Cavan, Ireland, Elizabeth Lockhead, b. ca.1827 1.
      John O'Hara was listed in the 1856/57 Griffith Valuation of Ireland in Lismagiril townland in Killinkere Parish as tenant of farm #24 of 10 acres owned by Lord Farnham adjoining Greaghadossan townland where his father's farm was located. He arrived in Sydney on 23 Nov. 1863 with his wife and five children on the John Vanner sponsored by brother-in-law Hugh Wauhop - the husband of his sister Mary. Accompanying the family on the John Vanner were Adam O'Hara, James Clisdell, and brother and sister James and Margaret Watson (all sponsored by John Clisdell of Strawberry Hill). With the exception of the first named the others were seemingly only related to the O'Haras' through marriage. In 1867 when three James and Margaret Watson siblings arrived in Australia on the Burlington their emigration records stated their brother and sister James and Margaret were residing in Redfern with their uncle John O'Hara 3. John O'Hara sponsored the 1880 emigration to Australia of his brother William and family and in 1879 also lodged sponsorship deposits for six young Co. Cavan men aged from 19 to 24 years 6.
Children of John O'Hara and Elizabeth Lockhead were:
     1.    i.     Jane O'Hara
 +  2.   ii.     Adam O'Hara
     3.   iii.    Elizabeth O'Hara
     4.   iv.    Sarah O'Hara
     5.   v.     John O'Hara

1.   Jane O'Hara,b. ca.1851 1

2.   Adam O'Hara, b. ca.1852 1, d.1912, m.1878 Esther Abbott b.1855, d.1921. 4

Children of Adam O'Hara and Esther Abbott were:
+   6.    i.    Edith M O'Hara
     7.    ii.   Elizabeth M O'Hara
     8.   iii.   Mabel M O'Hara
+   9.   iv.   Adam G O'Hara
10.  v.    Claude B O'Hara
3.   Elizabeth O'Hara,b. ca.1855 1; d. 7 Apr 1887 5. She married ca. 1875, (1) John William Waller. She married ca. 1880, (2) Thomas Henry Waller. After her death Thomas Waller in 1888 married her first cousin Eliza O'Hara, dau. of her father's brother William O'Hara who arrived in Australia on the Peterborough in 1880.

4.   Sarah O'Hara, b. ca.1858 1.

5.   John O'Hara, b. ca.1862 1.


6.   Edith M O'Hara b.1879, d.1927, m.1896 Thomas Urquhart.

Children of Edith M O'Hara and Thomas Urquhart were:
     11.  i.     Edith A Urquhart
     12.  ii.    Thomas O Urquhart
7.   Elizabeth M O'Hara b.1881, d.1881.

8.   Mabel M O'Hara b.1883.

9.   Adam G O'Hara b.1885, m. 1905, Lily M A Sprint.

Children of Adam G O'Hara and Lily M A Sprint were:
     13.  i.     Arenia E O'Hara
     14.  ii.    Mavis L O'Hara
10.  Claude B O'Hara b.1890, m.1910, Margaret I Lawson.
Children of Claude B O'Hara and Margaret Lawson were:
     15.  i.     Allan B O'Hara
     16.  ii.    Keith G O'Hara

11.  Edith A Urquhart, b.1898
12.  Thomas O Urquhart, b.1904
13.  Arenia E O'Hara, b.1906
14.  Mavis L O'Hara, b.1907
15.  Allan B O'Hara, b.1912
16.  Keith G O'Hara, b.1913.

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1   NSW State Archives Immigrants on Bounty Ships  films #2481 & # 2139 -  John Vanner.
2   LDS Church Microfilms - Ireland Marriage Indexes 1847 vol. 1, page 461.
3   NSW Archives Immigrants on Bounty Ships  films #2485 &  #2140 -  Burlington - arrived 16 Feb 1867
Additional to the five named children is a NSW BDM indexed Elizabeth O'Hara who died at Balmain North in 1901 (#8449). Her her father was listed as Adam O'Hara but no mother's name was given that might have confirmed an identification as Esther's child. No birth later than 1881 of an Elizabeth to parents Adam & Esther O'Hara is NSW BDM indexed. However, it would appear she was almost certainly their daughter as they also had a child of that given name who was born in 1881 and died the same year. It was not uncommon in such a circumstance for a subsequent child to be given then same name particularly if of family significance. The name Elizabeth was such as had been the given name of the paternal grandmother & great grandmother.
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