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William James Moir

William James Moir born 8 Sept. 1848 1 Auckland, New Zealand; died 13 Jul 1914 2, 3 Okaihau, N.Z, buried St. Catherine's Churchyard, Okaihau 4. He married in 1893 5  at Rehia, N.Z. Emma Fitness b. ca.1869-716  at Arapohue, N.Z; d. 23 Feb 1925 3.
  He was a farmer who it is said lived at Ohaeawai, located about about 110 km north of Mangawhai and 10 km south of Okaihau, approximately 20 km inland from the Bay of Islands 7. Coincidently Ohaeawai was where his father had been wounded on 1st July 1845 at the storming of the Pah occupied by Hone Heke's allay Kawiti. William's probate file disclosed he was formerly of Toka Toka, where he was first noted residing in the 1893 electoral roll for the Marsden electorate with the occupation of "bushman". In addition to two children alive when wife Emma died in 1925, the couple had a daughter Winifred Anna who died at four months of age and is buried in Arapohue Cemetery 8. There is an indication William may have corresponded with his first cousin Henry Fulford of Newcastle in NSW, as a 1892 letter of condolence from Henry to his first cousin Edward "Ned" Garmonsway, re the death of his mother Letitia Garmonsway, asked Edward to let "W. J. Moir" know Henry had sent him a letter addessed to Mangawai North, Township Point 10.

Children of William James Moir and Emma Fitness were:
      1.     Winifred Anna Moir
      2.     Elsie Moir
      3.     Charles William Moir

1.     Winifred Anna Moir, b. 1894 8; d. 5 May 1894 aged 4 months 8, buried Arapohue Cemetery, N.Z.

2.     Elsie Moir, b. ca.1897 9

3.     Charles William Moir, b. ca.1906 9

1    Scan of a copy of original form titled: "Statement of the Services of Quarter Master William Moir". Undated but likely completed ca.1853 - from a copy retained by W. Moir & provided courtesy Orrin and Judith Brown of N.Z.
2    NZ BDM Indexes  #1914-1779.
3    N.Z. National Archives - probate for William James Moir of Okaihau. He died intestate. Included in file is wife Emma's DC because she had died (of heart failure) before filing a return with the court. DC named 2 surviving isssue - researched and advised by Lynette Westcott, NZ.
4    Transcript of headstones in Okaihau Cemetery - d. 13 Jul 1914 aged 64 years (note he was actually 65).
5    NZ BDM Index  #1893-3161.
6    Calculated year ranges based on DC given event ages - 24 years at marriage in 1893 & age 54 at death in 1925.
7    Emails dated 12 & 25 Dec 2000 from Lynette Westcott of N.Z.
8    Transcript of headstones in Arapohue Cemetery.
9   Calculated birth years - from Emma Moir DC - at 25 Feb 1925 Elsie was 27 and Charles William 18.
10  Transcript of letter dated 25 Feb 1892 from Henry "Harry" Fulford of Newcatle to E. G. Garmonsway - identity of letter transcriber unknown.

Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia
last updated 15 April 2001