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Descendants of Leslie James Moir

Leslie James Moir, b. 1860 1 reg. Mangawhai, N.Z. as "Leslie John" ; d. 23 Sept. 1922 2, 15 Auckland, N.Z, buried Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga, Auckland. He married 1890 3 Ann Catherine Smith, b. circa 1874 16, d. 10 Apr 1918  4, 16 Auckland, buried Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga, Auckland.
     Known as "Les" he was first noted as "Leslie James" in Mangawhai in the 1896 electoral roll for the Waitemata electorate with his occupation given as "Master Mariner". In 1891 he was operating a cutter between Mangawhai and Auckland with his brother John Roger Harrison who was known as "Jack" or "Johnny" 5. In the 1899 electoral roll he was listed in Mangawhai with wife Ann Catherine but in the 1900 and 1902 rolls neither appeared in this electorate. "Leslie J." reappeared there alone in the rolls for 1903 and 1905/06 with his occupation given as Captain of the steamer S.S. Kawau. This steamer of 99 tons was built in Auckland in 1899 and was operated by the Northern Steam Ship Company. After it was dismantled it ended its days as a Yacht Clubhouse on the Tamaki River where it finally rotted away. It may have derived its name from Kawau Island located in the Hauraki Gulf about 40 kilometers south of Mangawhai Harbour. The island was uninhabited in 1862 when purchased by New Zealand Governor Sir George Grey during his second term of office. Grey sold the mansion he built on the Island in 1888 and became initially a boarding house and later a hotel. The steamer's name could imply an early 1900s association with the Island. Captain Leslie Moir was not listed in the Marsden electorate in 1908. A Sept 1919 aid application made when a resident of Hamilton Hospital indicates he had at that time been an invalid for twelve years since about 1907 14.  He would have been the Leslie Moir recorded as having held a River Trade Masters Ticket in 1888 and a Home Trade Ticket in 1895 6.

Children of Leslie James Moir and Catherine Ann Smith were:
      1.   Ann Moir
+    2   George Garthshore Moir
      3.   Marion Moir

A note on back of a photograph of his mother Sarah Ann & two sons listed three additional children 7
      4.   Leslie J. Moir
      5.   Gordon Moir
      6.   Hilda J. Moir


1.  Ann Moir (Twin) born 1890 8 Mangawhai; died the same year.

2.  George Garthshore Moir (Twin) born 27 Jun 1890 17 reg. Mangawhai; 1890 9. A Sept. 1919 application by his invalid father listed him as single and his address as C/- Kaipore Shipping 14. He later married.

Children of George Garthshore Moir were:
      7.  George Moir
      8.  Vern Moir
3.  Marion Moir  born 16 Feb 1892 7 Mangawhai. She was not listed as one of his then living children on a Sept. 1919 application by Leslie James Moir Sr 14.

4.  Leslie J. Moir - listed as one of his living children on a Sept 1919 application by Leslie James Moir Sr. His occupation was given as a seaman on the SS Taniwha 14.

5.  Gordon Moir -likely born Mar. Qtr. 1897 12 ; died 1914-18 WW I 13

6.  Hilda Moir b. ca.1901. She was listed aged 18yrs. as a living child residing at Hamilton East, on a Sept. 1919 application by Leslie James Moir Sr 14.


7.  George Moir 7
8.  Vern Moir 7

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15  Email 16 Jun 2001 from Lynette Westcott advising - death indexes held by the Auckland Library compiled from newspaper notices list - Leslie James Moir died on the 23rd Sept 1922 at the Costley Home, Auckland, in his 65th year. He was buried at Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga, Auckland. Formerly of Mangawai and husband of the late Ann Catherine Moir. (Ed. note - the 65th year given in death notice should have been 63rd as was born 1860).
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Researched & compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane
last updated 4 Feb 2008