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Descendants of David Moir

David & Mary Ann Moir 15

David Moir, born ca.1854 in New Zealand 1 ; died 27 Apr. 1931 2,  3 reg. Mangawhai, NZ ; buried 28 Apr. 1931 11 row C plot 15, Te Arai Cemetery, NZ. He married in 1884 4,  Mary Ann Dunk, died 1 June 1932 5,   14 reg. Auckland, NZ; buried 3 Jun 1932 11 row C plot 14, Te Arai Cemetery.
       David Moir first appeared in 1893 as "a settler" at Mangawhai in the Waitemata electorate rolland his wife Mary Ann was first listed in 1896. They were both listed in 1911 in the Mardsen electorate. He was a farmer and a gumdigger and was one of seven candidates listed on the ballot paper for the 17 May 1898 election of five persons to the Mangawai Roads Board 2, 12.
      Mary Ann died after her husband and, as her will had left everything to her husband, there was an intestacy in her estate 14. In 2001 their original home in Preston Street was still standing on land that prior to subdivision formed part of their farm and the owners had their collection housed in a part open to the public they named Yedit's Barn.

Children of David Moir and Mary Ann Dunk were:
+  1.     William Edward Gordon  Moir
    2.     David Robert Moir
    3.     Frederick James Moir
+  4.     Elizabeth Ann Gordon Moir
    5.     Bertie Leslie John Moir
+  6.     Ambrose Charles Moir
+  7.     Daisy Lavinia Moir
    8.     Edgar Gillian Moir


1.  William Edward Gordon Moir born 1885 6 or 7 Jan 1884 2. He married Violet (?) 2.

      It seems likely he would have been the "boy" referred to in a 10 March 1885 letter written by his grandmother Sarah Ann Moir to her sister Letitia Garmonsway that read:- "We have a baby boy now near three months old. The mothers a young giddy girl, had no milk so she had to feed it out of a bottle. I am obliged to look after the dear little fellow. In the 1911 electoral roll he was listed as a "bushman" at Mangawhai. Following his mother's 1932 death an affidavit executed by the surviving children in connection with her estate listed him as a farmer of Mangawai 14

Children of William Edward Gordon Moir and Violet (?) were:
     9.   i.     Gordon Moir
    10.  ii.    William Moir
    11.  iii.   Norma Moir
    12.  iv.   Raymond Moir
    13.  v.    Leslie Robert Moir

2.   David Robert Moir, born 18 Jan 1886 2; died 6 June 1917 - killed in action in France 5, 7. A memorial is recorded on the headstone of his brother Frederick James Moir in row J plot 17, Te Arai Cemetery.

3.   Frederick James Moir, born 12 Aug. 1887 2, 8 - birth indexed as Francis James Moir reg. Magawhai; died 7 May 1920 5; buried 10 May 1920 row J plot 17 in Te Arai Cem. He was noted in Mangawhai in the 1911 electoral roll for the Marsden electorate with his occupation given as "ploughman".

4.   Elizabeth Ann Gordon Moir, "Lizzie" born 28 Aug. 1889 2 reg. Mangawhai; died 1970s 2. She married William Wilson  and lived in Auckland. Elizabeth was appointed a joint executor of her mother's estate. An affidavit executed by the surviving children in connection therewith listed her as a married woman residing in Auckland 14.
Children of Elizabeth Ann Gordon Moir and William Wilson were:
    14.  i.     Doris Wilson
    15.  ii.    Mavis Wilson
5.   Bertie Leslie John Moir b. 12 Aug. 1891 2 reg. Mangawhai; d. Dec. Qtr. 1948 11 reg. Auckland. He married Ellen (?) and had at least one son 2. After his mother's 1932 death an affidavit excuted by her surviving children in connection with the probate of her estate listed him as a farmer of Mangawai 14.
Children of Herbert Moir and Ellen (?) were:
    16.       Herbert Frederick Moir
6.   Ambrose Charles Moir, born 12 Aug. 1893 2, 9. He married Bessie Carson. They lived at Papakura, Auckland and had at least one son 2. Following his mother's 1932 death he was appointed a joint executor of her estate, and an affidavit executed by the surviving children in connection with the estate listed him as a seaman residing at Epsom 14.
Children of Ambrose Charles Moir and Bessie Carson were:
    17.         Keith Moir
7.   Daisy Lavinia Moir, born 28 Jul 1896 2, 10 Mangawhai, New Zealand; died July 1962 16 Auckland, New Zealand; buried 23 July 1962.  She married William John Harold Schutt (changed from Schutz around the time of WW I), b. 14 Jun 1894 17 in Wharehine, New Zealand. Following her mother's 1932 death an affidavit in connection with the estate excuted by the surviving children listed her as a married woman of Onerahi, Waiheke Island 14.
Children of Daisy Lavinia Moir and William Schutt were: 16
+  18.  i.     William David Schutt
+  19.  ii.    George Roderick Schutt
    20.  iii.   Phyllis Lavinia Schutt
22.  iv.   Mary Christina Schutt
    23.  v.    Frederick Anton Schutt
24.  vi.   Frances Joan Schutt
    25.  vii.  Arthur Richard Schutt
26.  viii. Robert Allen Schutt
    27.  ix.   Henry Thomas Schutt
    28.  x.    Desmond John Schutt
29.  xi.   Bertie Phillip Schutt
    30.  xii.  Agnes June Schutt
    31.  xiii. Roland Adolphus Schutt
    32.  xiv. Dorothy Bernice Schutt
33.  xv.  Barry Richard Schutt
8.   Edgar Gilliam Moir, born 15 Nov 1898 2 ; died 18 Mar 1978 2, 13. He married Florence Elizabeth Parker d. Whangarei, 8th December 1977 2,13. There were no issue.
   Edgar and his wife lived in his parents old home in Pearson Street in Mangawhai. He worked at the Mangawhai Hotel and was a foundation member of the Mangawhai Historical Museum 2. Following his mother's death in 1932, an affidavit executed by her surviving children in connection with her estate, listed him as a farmer of Mangawai. In the Post Office Directory for 1956 he was also listed as a farmer 14.


9.   Gordon Moir born 1920 2
10.  William Moir, born 1922 2
11.  Norma Moir, born 1924 2
12.  Raymond Moir, born 1925 2
13. Leslie Robert Moir, born 1928 2
14.  Doris Wilson, born 1923 2
15.  Mavis Wilson 2
16.  Herbert Frederick Moir , born 1927 2; d. 28 May 1995 2
17.  Keith Moir 2
18.  William David Schutt, b. 23 Oct 1917 16; d. ca. 1978 16. He married Gwen Ivy, d. 5 Jul 1987 16, Auckland, New Zealand.
Children of William David Schutt and Gwen Ivy were:
    34.  i.     Gail Schutt
    35.  ii.    Billy Schutt
19.  George Roderick Schutt, b. 8 Oct 1918 16 ; d. 1985 16. He married ca. 1941 16, Florence Beatrice Waite.
Children of George Roderick Schutt and Florence Beatrice Waite were:
    36.  i.     Gwyneth Schutt
    37.  ii.    Leslie Schutt
    38.  iii.   Ricky Schutt
    39.  iv.   Clarence Schutt
    40.  v.    Beverely Schutt
20.   Phyllis Lavinia Schutt, b. 15 Oct 1919 16 ; d. 12 Jun 1994 16, Mercer, Auckland, New Zealand. She married Syd Fatt.

22.   Mary Christina Schutt, b. 1921 16, Tararu, New Zealand. She married (2) on 14 Feb 1944 16 in Auckland, New Zealand, Francis Carvin Black, b. Donte, Pennsylvania, USA. She married (3) in 1956 16, Eric Ernest Todd.
Children of Mary Christina Schutt were:
    41.  i.     Raymond Allen Ellis
    42.  ii.    Rosyln (Judy) May Schutt
    43.  iii.   Dorothy Margaret Broomhall
    44.  iv.   Paul Neville Murphy
    45.  v.    Arthur Henry Martin

Children of Mary Christina Schutt and Eric Ernest Todd were:
    46.  i.     Robert Todd
    47.  ii.    Sandra Todd
    48.  iii.  Tania Todd
    49.  v.    Frances Todd
23.   Frederick Anton Schutt, b. 19 Feb 1922 16 ; d 29 Feb 1984 16, Greenlane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand. He married ca. 1953, Annie Sorich.

24.   Frances Joan Schutt, b. in Wairere, Whangarei, New Zealand. She married on 3 Jul 1943 17 in St. Lukes, Remuwera, Auckland New Zealand, James Barker, b. in Hawera, New Zealand, son of Charles Barker and Olive Chaldecott.
Children of Frances Joan Schutt and James Barker were:
    50.  i.     Allison Faye Barker
    51.  ii.    Kathleen Joy Barker
    52.  iii.   Lorraine Olive Barker
    53.  iv.   James Herbert Barker
    54.  v.    Gayelene Frances Barker
25.   Arthur Richard Schutt, b. 24 Jun 1924 16; d. 28 Nov 1937 16, Whangarei, New Zealand (drowned).

26.   Robert Allen Schutt, b. 14 Oct 1925 16, Waiotira, Whangarei, New Zealand ; d. 28 Feb 2001 16, Paengaroa, New Zealand. He married 6 Oct 1951 16 in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Winifred Jean Burr, b. in Tarukenga, Rotorua, New Zealand.
Children of Robert Allen Schutt and Winnifred Jean Burr were:
    55.  i.     Patricia Ruth Schutt
    56.  ii.    Richard Arthur Schutt
    57.  iii.   Christine Mary Schutt
27.   Henry Thomas Schutt, b. 12 Jan 1928 ; d. 12 Jan 1928 , Whangarei, New Zealand.

28.   Desmond John Schutt, b. 27 Dec 1928 16; d. 16 Aug 1929 16, buried Whangarei, New Zeraland.

29.   Bertie Phillip Schutt, b. 1930 16. He married Cheina Coral Florence Ellis, b. ca. 1934 16; d. 17 Dec 2005 16, Helensville, New Zealand.
Children of Betrie Phillip Schutt and Cheina Coral Florence Ellis were:
    58.  i.     Dorothy Schutt
    59.  ii.    Phillip John Schutt
    60.  iii.   Susan Schutt
    61.  iv.   Paul Richard Schutt
    62.  v.    Raymond Schutt
30.   Agnes June Schutt, b. Onerahi, New Zealand.
Child of Agnes June Schutt:
    63.        Rosie Schutt
31.   Roland Adolphus Schutt, b. Whangarei, New Zealand. He married 1956 16 in Pt. Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand, Janet Ann Hyland, b. Wellington, New Zealand.
Children of Dorothy Bernice Schutt and Wallace George Dalgety were:
    64.  i.     Susan Ruth Schutt
    65.  ii.    Lance Roland Schutt
    66.  iii.  Anthony Craig Schutt
    67.  v.   Glen Schutt
32.   Dorothy Bernice Schutt, b. Whangarei, New Zealand. She married 11 Jun 1955 16 in Ngatea, New Zealand, Wallace George Dalgety, b. Thames, New Zealand.
Children of Dorothy Bernice Schutt and Wallace George Dalgety were:
    68.  i.     Hilton George Dalgety
    69.  ii.    Linda May Dalgety
    70.  iii.   Beverely Fay Dalgety
33.   Barry Richard Schutt, b. 8 Jul 1940 16, Whangarei, New Zealand; d. 19 Nov 1985 16, Hamilton, New Zealand. He married Maxine Ross.
Children of Barry Richard Schutt and Mazine Ross were:
    71.         Fiona Schutt


34.   Gail Schutt
   Billy Schutt
36.   Gwyneth Schutt
37.   Leslie Schutt
38.   Ricky Schutt
39.   Clarence Schutt
40.   Beverely Schutt
41.   Raymond Allen Ellis
42.   Rosyln (Judy) May Schutt
43.   Dorothy Margaret Broomhall
44.   Paul Neville Murphy
45.   Arthur Henry Martin
46.   Robert Todd
47.   Sandra Todd
48.   Tania Todd
49.   Frances Todd

50.   Allison Faye Barker
, b. 30 Aug 1941 17 in Auckland, New Zealand; d. 1988 17 in Wellington, N.Z. She married ca. 1963 17, Joseph Orbon, b. Holland.
Children of Allison Faye Barker and Joseph Orbon were: 17
+  39.  i.     Jodie Harry Orbon
40.  ii.    Paula Caterina Orbon
51.   Kathleen Joy Barker, b. in Auckland, New Zealand. She married in 1971 17 in Toronto, Canada,Tony Ledingham, b. Ireland.
Children of Kathleeen Joy Barker and Tony Ledingham were: 17
    41.  i.    Jennifer Ledingham (twin)
    42.  ii.   Kirsten Ledingham (twin)
52.   Lorraine Olive Barker, b. in Wakatane, New Zealand. She married in 1966 17 in Palmerstone North, N.Z., Kevin Featherstone, b. 31 Jul 1942 17 in Wellington, N.Z.; d. 1998 17 in Palmerstone North, N.Z.
Children of Lorraine Olive Barker and Kevin Featherstone were: 17
    43.  i.     Dean Featherstone
    44.  ii.    Kim Ann Featherstone
53.   James Herbert Barker, b. in Morrinsville, New Zealand. He married (1) Dorothy Parker. He married (2) Jane Johnstone.
Children of James Herbert Barker and Dorothy Parker were: 17
    45.  i.     Scott Barker
    46.  ii.    James Barker
    47.  iii.   Daniel Barker
54.   Gayelene Frances Barker. She married Phil McGregor, b. in Wellington, NZ.

55.   Patricia Ruth Schutt
56.   Richard Arthur Schutt
57.   Christine Mary Schutt
58.   Dorothy Schutt
59.   Phillip John Schutt
60.   Susan Schutt
61.   Paul Richard Schutt
62.   Raymond Schutt
63.   Rosie Schutt
64.   Susan Ruth Schutt
65.   Lance Roland Schutt
66.   Anthony Craig Schutt
67.   Glen Schutt
68.   Hilton George Dalgety
69.   Linda May Dalgety
70.   Beverely Fay Dalgety
71.   Fiona Schutt

39.   Jodie Harry Orbon. He married Rose Naylor.
Children of Jodie Harry Orbon and Rose Naylor were: 17
    72.          Alex James Phillip Naylor
40.   Paula Caterina Orbon, b. in Wellington, N.Z. She married Tara Papa b. in Raratonga, N.Z.
Children of Paula Caterina Orbon and Tara Papa were: 17
    73.   i.    Tayhou Papa
    74.   ii.    Braydon Papa
41.   Jennifer Ledingham (twin) in Wellington, N.Z.
42.   Kirsten Ledingham (twin) b. in Wellington, NZ.
43.   Dean Featherstone  b. in Lowerhutt,  NZ.
44.   Kim Ann Featherstone  b. in Upperhutt, NZ.
45.   Scott Barker b. in Wellington, NZ.
46.   James Barker b.  in Wellington, NZ.
47.   Daniel Barker b. in Wellington, NZ.


72.  Alex James Phillip Naylor, b. in Wellington, N.Z. 
73.  Tayhou Papa, b. Lowerhutt, N.Z.
74.  Braydon Papa, b. in Lowerhutt, N.Z.

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Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane - last updated 5 Feb 2008