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"The Ship of the Desert" (Joaquin Miller)

I shall not forget, I hold a trust
They are a part of my existance ...
I turn to other days, to men
Who made a pathway with their dust.

13 September 1863 attack on the Pukekohe East Church Stockade
(drawing by A. H. Messenger)

"A detachment of the 1 Waikato Militia, under Captain Moir, with three carts containing ammunition, reached the stockade from Drury in the afternoon, and there was a sharp encounter with the Maoris in the clearing. One of the Militia was shot in the knee and wounded by a tomahawk-cut on the head. About 4 o'clock in the afternoon the sound of British bugles was heard in the bush and 150 soldiers of the 18th Royal Irish and the 65th charged across the clearing and engaged the Maoris, who were within 40 yards of the stockade. The troops were led by Captain Inman and Captain Saltmarshe; the latter received a severe wound in the mouth. The fighting that followed, lasting for about an hour, was chiefly on the right front and flank of the church".

Above quote from: The New Zealand Wars : A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period by James Cowan - Vol. 1 (Govt. Printer, Wellington, NZ, 1922) at p. 281.

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