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Descendants of Wilfred E. A. Gordon

Ancy & Ada Gordon 1                              Ada on her 95th birthday 2

Between the above 6

Wilfred Ernest Augustus Gordon "Ancy" was born on 2 Sep 1875 3 at Bellinger River, New South Wales; died on 23 Jan 1955 3 in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. He married on 25 Jul 1901 3, Ada Harvie, born on 28 Feb 1882 3 at Bellinger River, New South Wales, Australia; died on 20 Aug 1977 3 in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales; buried with her husband in Coffs Harbour Cemetery, daughter of Walter Harvie (1843-1932) and Anna Sheils (1857-1952).
       Wilfred E. A. Gordon was generally known as "Ancy". He was born at Gordonville on the Upper Bellinger River that was named after his father Henry and an uncle Lovell Gordon who circa 1867 were the first setters at the locality. About 1905 Ancy settled on a farm at Pine Creek where he engaged principally in maize growing and dairy farming. For a period of eight years he also ran hire cars in Coffs Harbour and was one of the first to provide that service to the district. He was a director of the Coffs Harbour Co-op. Butter Society until it was taken over by the Cow & Gate company. For some years he attended the Melbourne Cup at Flemington making the journey down to Melbourne by train.
       Ancy had the distinction of being the first person to arrive at or depart from Coffs Harbour as a passenger in an aircraft. As the local newspaper reported this came about on 14 June 1920 in the pioneer days of flying when an Avro was the first aeroplane to land at Coffs Harbour and Ancy the only local to accept the offer of a joy ride aloft at the then princily fare of £5 7.
       Ancy and Ada remained on the farm at Pine Creek until about 1950 when they relocated to a house situated at 254, High Street in Coffs Harbour they named "Adaville". It was demolished in the 1980s and replaced with a block of twelve strata title apartments and in 2005 High Street was renamed Harbour Drive. During the last years of her long life until shortly before her death Ada lived with her eldest daughter Eileen Burt at Sawtell who likewise to her lived to 95 years of age.

Children of Wilfred Ernest Augustus Gordon and Ada Harvie were:
 + 1    Walter Henry Gordon
 + 2    Eileen Ada Gordon
 + 3    Lily Daphne Gordon
 + 4    Wilfred Cyril Gordon
 + 5    Eric Douglas Gordon

1.  Walter Henry Gordon, born 3 Dec 1901 3 at Bingara, NSW, Australia; died 9 Aug 1982 3 at Coffs Harbour, NSW; buried Coffs Harbour Cemetery, NSW. He married in 1921 4 in Auburn, NSW, Ethel Isabel Prindable "Ellie", born 16 Mar 1899 3 at Yamba, NSW; died 23 Jun 1995 3 at Southport, Queensland, Australia.
      He farmed in Butler's Road at Pine Creek and after retirement resided in Coffs Harbour in Harbour Drive and lastly in West High Street. At the date of compilation his wife Ellie, who lived to 96 years of age, had been the longest living spouse of any Walter and Anna Harvie descendant. The Coffs Harbour Library and the Coffs Harbour Museum hold on a CD-ROM, in a series titled Voice of Time, a 60 minute duration interview with her during which she recalls memories of her early life and the Coffs Harbour district etc.

Children of Walter Henry Gordon and Ethel Isabel Prindable were:
+  6.    i      Norma Gordon
    7.    ii     Unamed Child
+  8.    iii    Wendy Gordon
2.   Eileen Ada Gordon, born 5 April 1905 3 at Bonville Creek, NSW, Australia; died 2001 at Coffs Harbour, NSW, buried Coffs Harbour Crematorium Rose Garden. She married in 1927 5 at Uralla, NSW, Sidney Burt "Sid", born 16 Feb 1906 3; died 1 Jul 1980 3.

Eileen left with sister Daphne - early 1960s
     She corresponded circa 1920 with the family of one of her grandfather Walter Harvie's half-sisters in Los Angeles in California, U.S.A., who were engaged in the making of silent movies and as orchardists in growing stone fruits who offered her a job in their movie making business if she came to California. Most of her married life was spent at Quirindi in NSW where her husband was a skin buyer and bookmaker fielding on races conducted on racecources in the New England and North West areas of the state. He also served for several years as an alderman on the Quirindi Municipal Council. Following his retirement they moved to Sawtell near Coffs Harbour where he was actively involved as an office bearer of the Sawtell Bowling Club.

Children of Eileen Ada Gordon and Sidney Burt were:
+  9.    i      Leslie Gordon Burt
    10.  ii     Daphne Rose Burt
3.   Lily Daphne Gordon, Daphne, or Daph as she was known to her siblings, was born on 18 Jan 1911 6 at Bellingen, NSW, Australia, and died 20 Sep 1999 6 at Bellingen, NSW; buried Anglican Section, East Kempsey Cemetery, NSW. She married on 18 Feb 1939 6 in St. Margaret's C of E in Bellingen, NSW, Harry Mead Raymond, born 23 Mar 1908 6 at Bellingen, NSW, Australia; died on 12 May 1966 at Kempsey, NSW; buried Anglican Section, East Kempsey Cemetery, NSW, a son of Augustus Mead Raymond (1857-1942) and Margaret Ann Grace (1870-1954). H. M. Raymond newspaper obituary
     She trained as a nursing sister and prior to her marriage was employed at the Bathurst and Bellingen district hospitals in NSW. Until the late 1940s her husband was a butcher in partnership with his brother Walter in Bellingen. They left Bellingen in 1950 to reside in West Kempsey where he concentrated on his dairy farming and cattle grazing interests on properties at Thora in the Bellingen district and the Lower Macleay River near Frederickton in the Kempsey district. He served with the rank of Leading Aircraftman with the R.A.A.F. in WW II. He was an office bearer of Kempsey Rotary Club, including a year as its President, and was an active bowler and member of the Kempsey Bowling Club. Three years after her husband's death Daphne relinquished the Kempsey home and purchased an apartment in Edinburgh Street at Jetty Beach in Coffs Harbour where she remained until about 18 months prior to her death. In Kempsey, and in her early years at Coffs Harbour, she was an active bowler.

Children of Lily Daphne Gordon and Harry Mead Raymond were:
    11.  i     John Gordon Raymond
    12.  ii    Judith Margaret Raymond
4.   Wilfred Cyril Gordon "Sonny", was born 13 Oct 1916 3 at Bonville Creek, NSW, Australia; died 23 Jan 1988 3 Sawtell, NSW. He married Iris Napier, born 14 May 1918 3, NSW, Australia.

W. C. Gordon D.F.C. 6
      To family and friends he was generally known as "Sonny". He enlisted on 10 Oct 1941 with the R.A.A.F. and served in England as a Flying Officer with 460 Squadron. 460 is believed to have dropped the greatest tonnage of bombs of any Bomber Command squadron in WW II and is credited with having carried out the most bombing raids and flown the most sorties of the Australian squadrons. It suffered the highest percentage loss in all Bomber Command Wellington squadrons and the most Lancaster losses in Group 1 8.
      Upon presentation to Australia by the British Government of the Avro Lancaster bomber G for George, preserved for posterity in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, he was the Navigator in the all Australian crew of eight that in late 1944 had the honour of flying the veteran of 90 bombing operations to Australia. For his wartime service he was awarded the Distinquished Flying Cross (D.F.C).
     After the war he served with the occupation forces in Japan and was discharged on 2 Apr 1948 with the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He was proprietor of a general store at Brushgrove near Grafton in NSW until the 1950s when he sold the store and moved to the Sydney suburb of Castlecrag. From then until retirement he had a newsagency in Norton Street in the Sydney suburb of Leichhardt.

Children of Wilfred Cyril Gordon and Iris Napier were:
+  13.  i      Richard Lindsay Gordon
+  14.  ii     Alan John Gordon
+  15.  ii     Graeme Gordon
5.   Eric Douglas Gordon, born 16 Feb 1922 3 at Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia; died 29 Mar 2008 at Forbes, NSW. He married on 2 Apr 1948 3 (1) Namie Jean Gentle "Midge", born 24 Mar 1926 3 at Coffs Harbour, NSW; died 17 Apr 1973 3 at Coffs Harbour, NSW. He married on 31 Dec 1994 3 (2) Janet Ann Rath, born 21 Apr 1938 3. No issue from the second marriage.
     During the second world war he served overseas for four and half years with the Australian Army. After the war for many years his occupation was that of a train driver with the NSW Government Railways. Following his retirement frpm the railways he was employed for several more years with the Sawtell R.S.L. Club. He left Sawtell in the 1990s to live in Forbes.

Children of Eric Douglas Gordon and Namie Jean Gentle were:
+  16   i      Russell Doughlas Gordon
+  17.  ii     Trevor William Gordon
+  18.  iii    Maureen Joy Gordon

6.   Norma Gordon was born in 1925; died 30 Jan 2006 in Manly, NSW. She married in 1943 in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Dan Searle, born 1920 3; died 8 Nov 1996 3 in Southport, Queensland, Australia.

Children of Norma Gordon and Dan Searle were:
+  19.  i      Denise Searle
+  20.  ii     Christopher Searle
+  21.  iii    Leonard Gary Searle

8.   Wendy Gordon. She married (1) Carl Tasker (died in car accident in 1977). She married (2) Andy Craig. No issue from second marriage.

Children of Wendy Gordon and Carl Tasker were:
    22.  i.      Gary Tasker
    23.  ii.     Paula Tasker
    24.  iii     Michelle Tasker
    25.  iv     Malcolm Tasker

9.   Leslie Gordon Burt, born 18 Jul 1928 3 in Quirindi, NSW, Australia; died 25 Sep 2005 in Coffs Harbour, NSW. He married on 27 May 1957 3 in London, England, (1) Audrey Oliver, born in 1926 3 in Durham, England; died 18 Dec 1994 3 in London, England, daughter of Sam Oliver and Connie (---). He married on 23 Oct 1995 3 in London, England,  (2) Sudi Hardiman, born 1946 in Iran.

Children of Leslie Gordon Burt and Audrey Oliver were:
    26.  i       Gordon Steven Oliver Burt
    27.  ii      Amanda Sara Burt

10.   Daphne Rose Burt. She married in Adelaide, South Australia, Frederick Lascaris, born Amsterdam, Netherlands.

11.   John Gordon Raymond, born 1941 in Bellingen, NSW, Australia.

12.   Judith Margaret Raymond, born in Bellingen, NSW, Australia.

13.   Richard Lindsay Gordon, born Sydney, NSW, Australia. He married on 30 Mar 1963 3 in Sydney, NSW, Valerie May Lloyd.

Children of Richard Lindsay Gordon and Valerie May Lloyd were:
+  28.  i      Karen Elizabeth Gordon
    29. ii      Michelle Elizabeth Gordon
    30. iii     Suzanne Elizabeth Gordon

14.   Alan John Gordon, born in Paddington, Sydney, NSW, Australia. He married on 13 May 1967 3, (1) Ann Elizabeth Maiden (DIV). He married (2) Unknown.

Children of Alan John Gordon and Ann Elizabeth Maiden were:
    31.  i      Peter Alan Gordon
    32.  ii     Natalie Anne Gordon

15.   Graeme Gordon. Born in NSW, Australia. He married on 6 Feb 1969 3, Deberah Joyce Langley.

Children of Graeme Gordon and Deberah Joyce Langley were:
    33.  i      Amanda Jane Gordon
    34.  ii     Robert Douglas Gordon TWIN
    35.  iii    Jason Graham Gordon  TWIN (died day of birth)

16.   Russell Doughlas Gordon. Born in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. He married on 16 Aug 1980 3, Gelaldene Cox "Gere" (DIV), born  Ryde, NSW, Australia., .

Children of Russell Douglas Gordon and Geraldene Cox were:
    36.  i      David William Gordon
    37.  ii    Jeffrey Douglas Gordon
    38.  iii   Timothy Gerald Gordon

17.   Trevor William Gordon, born in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. He married Dianne Hilderbrand.

Children of Trevor William Gordon and Dianne Hilderbrand were:
    39.  i      Richelle Gordon
    40.  ii     Leanne Gordon

18.   Maureen Joy Gordon. She married in 1977 3, (1) Stephen Duffy (DIV). She married on 18 Dec 1994 3, (2) Peter Moore.

Children of Maureen Joy Gordon and Peter Moore were:
    41.  i      Luke Moore

19.   Denise Searle. Born in NSW, Australia. She married Eddy Matthews.

Children of Denise Searle and Eddy Matthews were:
    42.  i      Simone Matthews
    43.  ii     Mark Matthews
    44.  iii    Tamara Matthews 

20.   Christopher Searle. Born in NSW, Australia. He married Isobel McLeod.

Children of Christopher Searle and Isobel McLeod were:
    45.  i      Victoria Searle
    46.  ii     Timothy Searle

21.   Leonard Gary Searle. Born in NSW, Australia. He married Irene (---) (DIV).

Children of Leonard Gary Searle and Irene (---) were:
    47.   i     Mara Searle

28.   Karen Elizabeth Gordon, born Sydney, NSW, Australia. She married on 9 Sep 1996 3, Daryl Meppem.

Children of Karen Elizabeth Gordon and Daryl Meppem were:
     48. i     Andrew Mepphem
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3   Gordon Family Genealogy dated 10 Feb 1997 - compiled by and provided courtesy of Russell D. Gordon of Sydney.
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Compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD., Australia
first posted 7 Dec. 2006