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Descendants of Sidney Alfred Fullford

Sidney Alfred Fullford was born 8 Jun 1850 1 in Maitland, NSW, Australia and baptised 29 June 1850 Church of England,  Maitland. He died in 1934 2  in Burwood, NSW, Australia at age 84.  He married Elizabeth Button in 1873 3   in Maitland, NSW, Australia.
     Sidney Alfred's NSW BDM Index entry for his death (as on issue at 2003) is in error. It has the name of James Fullford's first wife Grace, who died on 22 Oct 1848, as his mother's name instead of that of James's second wife Maria Matilda who James married on 17 Mar 1849 22.
        It is indicated Sidney moved from Maitland to Sydney circa 1881 as his last Maitland child registration was in 1880 and the first Sydney one in 1882. He was listed in the Sands Directory of Sydney for 1887 and 1889 as - ‘Sydney A. Fullford - solicitor, 11, "Wentworth Court", 116 Elizabeth Street, Sydney’. In the 1887 Directory his residence was listed as Forest Road, Hurstville. This would have been the 7 acre property referred to in a 1887 letter of Ada Gordon's as follows:- ‘Sid Fulford has built a splendid house at Hurstville. The view from the verandah is unsurpassed for beauty. He inherited his father's love of neatness and order. No gentleman's residence could be better arranged on 7 acres’23 Long before Sidney's death in 1934 this part of Hurstville had become a fully developed residential area connected to the city center by the suburban railway system.
        According to a 1885 Ada Gordon letter, and another in 1887, Sidney Fullford adopted one of the five daughter's of his half-brother William Ralph Fullford who died in 1882 followed by wife Mary Ann in late 1884 or early 1885 24. Three of the five daughters subsequently died unmarried in 1897, 1898 & 1903 respectively and by an extraordinary co-incidence it would appear all three died when aged 23 years! The identity of the one adopted by Sidney Albert is unknown.

Children of Sidney Alfred Fullford and Elizabeth Button were:
     2.    i.      Maude Fullford
     3.    ii.     Richard Alfred B Fullford
     4.    iii.    Sidney B Fullford
     5.    iv.    Gordon Button Fullford
     6.    v.     Pearl Fullford


2.   Maude Fullford was born in 1874 4.  She married D'Arcy H Bucknell in 1899 5  in reg. Ryde, NSW, Australia.

3.   Richard Alfred B Fullford was born in 1876 6 in Maitland, NSW, Australia and died in 1930 7  in reg. Mosman, NSW, Australia, at age 54.  Richard married (1)  Susie B Tillotson in 1901 8  in reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia. Richard married (2)  Stella C Wood in 1917 9 in reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Children of Richard Alfred B Fullford and Stella C Wood were:
     7.           Richard K Fullford
4.   Sidney B Fullford was born in 1878 10  in Maitland, NSW, Australia  and died in 1918 11 in reg. Petersham, NSW, Australia, at age 40.

5.   Gordon Button Fullford was born in 1880 12 in reg. Maitland, NSW, Australia.Gordon married Ethel Best in 1899 13 in reg. Goulburn, NSW, Australia.

Children of Gordon Button Fullford and Ethel Best were:
     8.    i.     Roy G B Fullford
     9.    ii.    Eric Best Fullford
    10.   iii.  Avis I Fullford
    11.   iv.   Samuel A B Fullford
6.   Pearl Fullford was born in 1882 14  in reg. Waverley, NSW, Australia. Pearl married Walter C Speechly in 1922 15 registered at Ashfield, NSW, Australia.

THIRD  GENERATION  ( Grandchildren )

7.   Richard K Fullford  was born in 1918 16, reg. St. Leonards, NSW, Australia.

8.   Roy G B Fullford was born in 1899 17, reg. Goulburn, NSW, Australia.

9.   Eric Best Fullford was born in 1901 18, reg. Ryde, NSW, Australia. He married (1)  Lorna M Martin in 1933 reg. Catswood, NSW. He married (2)  Virlie May Berg in 1941 reg. Glebe, NSW.

10.  Avis I Fullford  was born in 1903 19,  reg. Camperdown, NSW, Australia. She married Eric G Frew in 1921 21  registered Sydney, NSW.

11.  Samuel A B Fullford was born in 1909 20, reg. Ryde, NSW, Australia. He married Bertha H Chatyen in 1932 rg. Grandville, NSW.

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24   Ada Gordon (in Gosford, NSW) to Letitia Garmonsway (in N.Z.) dated 25 Jan 1885:-  ‘Ralph, who died and left four little girls. One Sid has taken, ...’, and dated 21st Dec 1887:-  ‘Sid Fulford is begining to look older. He has adopted his dead half-brother's child.  James Fulford has taken two and the mothers sister has two. The mother died about two years ago.’  (identity of transcriber from originals unknown).

Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia - first posted 27 Sep 2003