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Descendants of Henry Charles Fullford

Henry Charles Fullford was born was born on 19 Mar 1855 2, and baptised on 13 May 1855 in the C of  E Parish of West Maitland, NSW; died 16 Jul 1933 3 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, buried Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle, NSW. He married Elizabeth Ellen Brown in 1875 4  in Maitland, NSW, Australia.  Ellen, as she was known, died 9 Jun 1911 5 and was buried in Sandgate Cemetery.
     A 1889 letter Henry wrote from #8 Union Street in Newcastle to his aunt Letitia Garmonsway in New Zealand apologised for his loss of the early family genealogy she had sent him - ‘I am sorry I have lost the letter you sent me with all the pedigree of the old people’. This letter also referred to -‘grandfathers brothers letters and other papers I have got here’. A 1870 letter mentioned the letters of Henry's grandmother Ann Gordon were destroyed after her 1868 death. So if these letters from Robert Gordon's brother John Gordon in Limerick, Ireland, and the documents referred to, have survived in Australia in the hands of a Henry Charles descendant they could contain early family history that will otherwise remain unknown. Letters written by Henry to an aunt in New Zealand, indicate from the sender's address that at least from 1884, Henry was employed at Newcastle by the Works Section of the NSW Government Railways 24.  His 1933 newspaper obituary suggests he likely remained in that employment until retirement.

Children of Henry Charles Fullford and Elizabeth Ellen Brown were:

     2.    i.      Ella Maria Fullford
     3.   ii.     Arthur Henry Fullford
     4.   iii.    Cora May Fullford
     5.   iv.    Vera Irene E Fullford
     6.   v.     Harry Fullford
     7.   vi.    Mervyn J L Fullford
     8.   vii.   Cyril G Fullford
     9.   viii.  Ralph L Fullford

2.    Ella Maria Fullford was born in 1875 6  in Maitland, NSW, Australia. Ella married Henry C Coleman in 1899 7 in reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia. No children births are indexed to 1918 in the NSW BDM Indexes.

3.    Arthur H Fullford was born in 1878 8 in Maitland, NSW, Australia; died 1936 26  registered Hamilton, NSW. Arthur married Hannah Brown in 1900 9  reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia. (Note: his birth is NSW BDM indexed with his mother's name as Maria instead of Ellen - this error likely occurred from Henry having given his mother's instead of his wife's name when registering the birth.)

Children of Arthur H Fullford and Hannah Brown were:
     10.  i.     Irene P Fullford
     11.  ii.    Elma W Fullford
     12.  iii.   Arthur J Fullford
     13.  iv.   Vera E E Fullford
4.    Cora May Fullford was born in 1880 10  in Maitland, NSW, Australia. She married George L Moore in 1900 11  reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Children of Cora May Fullford and George L Moore were:
     14.   i.     Esma R Moore
    15.   ii.    Milba M Moore
5.    Vera Irene E Fulford was born in 1882 12 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia. She married (1) John V H Hiller in 1901 13 reg. Redfern, NSW, Australia. She married (2) John Bernasconi.
     There appear to be no children births indexed for the either marriage in the NSW and VIC BDM Indexes. The death of John Hiller is also not found in these indexes or the marriage to John Bernasconi. There is a 1935 25 death indexed in Melbourne for a Jno. Bernasconi who may have been her second husband.
6.    Harry Fullford was born in 1886 14  in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He served 1st AIF at Gallipoli during WW I and died on 23 Dec 1915 15  at Cairo, Egypt, aged 29.

Memorial plaque on his parent's grave 1

7.    Mervyn J L Fullford was born in 1897 16,17  reg. Newcastle, NSW, Australia  and was christened in Church of England, Hunter River.  Mervyn married (1) Lilly M Smith in 1918 18 reg. Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Mervyn married (2) Louisa Stoddart in 1920 19 in reg. Redfern, NSW, Australia.  Mervyn married (3) Murial M Milford in 1933 20 reg. Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

8.    Cyril G Fullford was born in 1889 21 reg. Newcastle, NSW, Australia.. Cyril married Mary J Stewart in 1912 22 reg. Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

Children of Cyril G Fullford and Mary J Stewart were:
     16.  i.     Phyllis Ellen Eileen Fullford
     17.  ii.    Zena Nance Elizabeth Fullford
     18.  iii.   Carmen J Fullford
9.    Ralph Lionel Fullford was born in 1892 23  reg. Newcastle, NSW, Australia; died 1968 1 in Canada. He married Helen Cartwright who died in the late 1950s 1.
Children of Ralph Lionel Fullford and Helen Cartwright were:
     19.  i.     Doris Helen Fullford
     20.  ii.    Olive Fullford

    Ralph Lionel emigrated to Canada prior to WW1 and served with the Canadians in France. He married Helen Cartwright while recuperating in England after being gassed by the Germans 1.


10.   Irene P Fullford was born 1902 27 reg. Hamilton, NSW; died 1902 28 reg. Hamilton, NSW.

11.   Elma W Fullford was born 1903 29 reg. Hamilton, NSW; died 1907 30  reg. Hamilton, NSW.

12.  Arthur H Fullford was born 1905 31 reg. Hamilton, NSW; died 1905 32 reg. Hamilton, NSW.

13.  Vera E E Fullford was born 1910 33 reg. Hamilton, NSW. She married 1928 34  Frederick H Gear reg. Hamilton, NSW.

14.   Esma R Moore was born in 1900 35 reg. Balmain South, NSW.

15.   Milba M Moore was born in 1909 36 reg. St. Leonards, NSW.

16.   Phyllis Ellen Eileen Fullford was born 1912 37 reg. Newcastle, NSW. She married in 1937 38  Wallace Charles Chandler reg. Newcastle, NSW.

17.   Zena Nance Elizabeth Fullford was born 1914 39 reg. Newcastle, NSW. She married in 1936 40  Henry Dixon Little reg. Newcastle, NSW.

18.  Carmen J Fullford was born 1916 41 reg. Wickam, NSW. Possibly the Carmen Helene Fullford who married 1942 42  David Oswald Alexander reg. Newcastle, NSW.

19.  Doris Helen Fullford was born in Canada and died late 1950s 1. She married in Canada.

Only child of Dorris Helen Fullford was:
      21.    Eric Skehor
20.  Olive Fullford was born and died in Canada 1.


21.   Eric Skehor was born and married in Canada 1.

Only child of Eric Skehor was:
      2...    Mikhaila Helen Skehor

2...    Mikhaila Helen Skehor

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Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia
first posted 24 Sep 2003 - last modified 9 Oct 2003