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Descendants of Frederick G Fullford

1.  Frederick Gordon Fullford, son of James Fullford and Maria Matilda Gordon, was born 3rd Feb 1853 2 in Maitland, NSW, Australia and baptised in the Church of England, Hunter River. He died aged 96 on 26 Jan 1950 4, buried Campbells Hill Cemetery, Maitland. He married in Maitland, NSW on 29 Jul 1873 Edith Caroline Brackenreg 3, 4; born ca.1856; died 26 Feb 1909, aged 52, in West Maitland, NSW, buried Campbells Hill Cemetery 43, daughter of Charles John Brackenreg and Mary Ann Bailey.

Frederick Gordon Fullford at 93 yrs 1
     Frederick was one of Maitland's last pioneer racing officials and was clerk of the course at Maitland for twelve years. He was a tailor by trade and as a young man won many hunting events at agricultural shows 40. When he died in 1950 he was just a week shy of his 97th birthday and at the time of this compilation (2003) held the distinction of being the longest living descendant of Robert and Ann Gordon.
     When wife Edith was born in 1856 her father Charles Brackenreg was the licensee of the "Cottage of Content" hotel in Bank Street in East Maitland, having taken over the previous year as the licensee from his father-in-law Samuel Bailey who had been the licensee since at least 1840. A Samuel Bailey descendant in 2006 advised the building was then still standing. 45.
Children of Frederick Gordon Fullford and Edith Caroline Brackenreg were:
+   2.    i.     Ada Maria Fullford
     3.    ii.    James Henry Fullford
+   4.    iii.   Percy Roland Fullford
+   5.    iv.   Frank Fullford
+   6.    v.    Aubrey Charles Fullford
+   7.    vi.   Hecla Blanche Fullford
+   8.    vii.  Edith Mabel Clarice Fullford
+   9.    viii. Frederick Herbert Fullford
+  10.   ix.   Arthur Charles Fullford
+  11.   x.    Ruby Pearl Fullford
+  12.   xi.   Leslie Robert Fullford
+  13.   xii.  Clara (Ida) May Fullford
+  14.   xiii. Ivy Near Fullford
+  15.   xiv. Cecil Maitland Fullford

Frederick & Edith in 1898 with 12 of their 14 children 1
(absent is Arthur who died 1892 & unborn Cecil)


2.    Ada Maria Fullford born on 1 Nov 1873 in Maitland, NSW, Australia 4, 6. She married  James E Webb in 1895 7.

Children of Ada Maria Fullford and James E Webb were:
+   16.  i.    Edith C Webb
+   17.  ii.   Ivy V Webb
+   18.  iii.  Samuel E Webb
+   19.  iv.  Gertrude M Webb
     20.  v.    Charles H. G. Webb
     21.  vi.   Lillian M Webb
+   22.  vii.  John H. G. Webb
+   23.  viii. Ivy Elizabeth Webb
+   24.  ix.   Thomas Kitchener Webb
     25.  x.     Ada Webb
3.    James Henry Fullford born on 27 Mar 1875 in Maitland, NSW, Australia 8, christened in Church of England, Hunter River; died in 1941 in Newcastle.

4.    Percy Roland Fullford born on 23 Feb 1877 9 in Maitland, NSW, Australia; died 13 Jan 1930 10 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia, at age 53. He married Matilda Maud Curran, daughter of James and Mary A Curran,  in 1902 11.  Matilda died in 1903 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia.

        Prior to his 1902 marriage to Matilda Curran, she gave birth to two children - Florence who was registered as Florence Fullford with father's name listed as unknown and, Percy Roy born in 1901 who was registered as Percy Curran with father's name again listed as unknown. Ruby, the only child born after the marriage, died six months after her mother's death. Florence and Percy Roy were made wards of the state and fostered out, losing all contact with their father and his family. Percy Roland worked as a linesman for a electricity authority and was either electrocuted or died as a result of a fall from a power pole in Belmore Road, Lorn 4.

Children of Percy Roland Fullford and Matilda Maud Curran were:
     26.  i.     Florence M Fullford
     27.  ii.    Percy Roy Fullford
     28.  iii.   Ruby P Fullford

5.    Frank Fullford born on 8 Jan 1879 4, 12 in Maitland, NSW, Australia and died in 1940 in Newcastle, at age 61 13. He married Janet B Dougherty in 1910 14.
Children of Frank Fullford and Janet B Dougherty were:
     29.  i.    Linda E Fullford
     30.  ii.   Leo F Fullford
6.    Aubrey Charles Fullford was born on 19 Sep 1880 4, 15 in Maitland, NSW, Australia.  He married married Isabella "Bella" Ross in 1903 16.
        He served with the New South Wales military forces in the Citizens' Bushmen unit in the South African Boer War (1899-1902) 51. On 30 May 2004 a new Anglo-Boer War Memorial Wall with the names of those who served is to be dedicated in Maitland. For the details see footnote 51.

Children of Aubrey Charles Fullford and Isabella Ross were:
       31.       Arthur J Fullford

7.    Hecla Blanche Fullford born on 19 Aug 1882 4, 5 in Maitland, NSW, Australia and, was christened in Church of England, Hunter River. She married Cholton D Redding in 1901 17.
Children of Hecla Blanche Fullford and Cholton D Redding were:
     32.  i.     Beryl C Redding
     33.  ii.    Evelyn B Redding
     34.  iii.   Doreen E Redding (Twin)
     35.  iv    Cholton Redding    (Twin)
8.  Edith Mabel Clarice Fullford was born on 16 Jul 1884 18 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia and died in 1975 (#1975-100238). She married in 1902 19, Joseph Balcombe, born ca. 1883 ; died June 1944 (#1944-11030), son of James John Balcombe and Jane Greely. Prior to her marriage Edith had son born 11 May 1901 who lived only six days. No father's name was given in the registration.
      Notices of husband Joseph's death and funeral appeared in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miner's Advocate on 12th and 13th June 1944. No family details were given. He was buried in the RC Section of Sangate Cemetery with age given in the notices as 61 and that he was a member of the coaltrimmers branch of the Waterside Workers' Federation and had long been associated with the Newcastle waterfront.
      It has been assumed the last three of the fourteen children listed below, born after the 1918 end year of the NSW birth index applicable at the time of this compilation, would be listed in Joseph's unsighted 1944 death registration.
Children of Edith Mabel Clarice Fullford and Joseph Balcombe were:
     36.   i.    Carl Alfred H. C. Balcombe
     37.   ii.   Annie J Balcombe
 +  38.   iii.  Elsie C. M. Balcombe
 +  39.   iv.  Aubrey Charles Gordon Balcombe
     40.   v.    Veronica Balcombe
+   41.   vi.   Joseph L. J. Balcombe
+   42.   vii.  Letitia Balcombe
     43.   viii. George R Balcombe
     44.   ix.   Roland G Balcombe
     45.   x.    Hubert S Balcombe
+   46.   xi.   Ivy Cecilia Balcombe
     47.   xii.  Frederick James Balcombe
+   48.   xiii. Steven Owen Balcombe
+   49.   xiv. Kenneth Douglas Balcombe
9.    Frederick Herbert Fullford was born on 24 Jun 1886 20 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia and died on 5 Mar 1956 4, at age 69.  He married Florence Compton in 1908 21.

10.  Arthur Charles Fullford was born on 14 Jun 1888 4, 22 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia and died on 5 Nov 1892 4, 23 in Maitland East, NSW,  Australia, at age of 4. He drowned in the Hunter River at West Maitland. 44.

11.  Ruby Pearl Fullford was born on 18 Apr 1890 4, 24 and died on 29 Nov 1964 4, at age 74. She married Charles Guy on 13 Dec 1910 4, 25. Ruby's surviving bible listed the birth dates of all 13 of her siblings.

Ruby Pearl Fullford (1890-1964) 1

Children of Ruby Pearl Fullford and Charles Guy were:
+   50  i.     Phyllis Caroline Guy
     51.  ii.    Douglas Frederick John Guy
+   52.  iii.   Olga Elizabeth Guy
+   53.  iv.   Darrell Charles Guy
+   54.  v.    Madalene June Guy
12.  Leslie Robert Fullford was born on 2 May 1892 4, 26.  He married Elsie M Mead in 1914 27.

13.  Clara (Ida) May Fullford was born on 21 Sep 1894 4, 28 and died on 29 Jun 1964 4 at age 69. The birth of daughter Edith was registered under her Fullford surname in 1912 with no father's name given. Ida married in 1914 29  Sidney Summons reg. at Wickam, NSW. (he was possibly the Sydney J Summons whose birth was reg. at Lithgow in 1893 46, parents John Richard and Elizabeth Ann Summons).

        Sometime between the registration of her birth and baptism Clara's first given name was changed to Ida and she married as Ida. It was only at her death that the family discovered her birth registration had been as Clara May and she was buried as Clara (Ida) Summons 4. As there is no NSW BDM death or marriage to 1945 indexed under the Fullford surname for her daughter Edith M. it seems likely the daughter was adopted resulting in a change of her surname to that of the adoptive parents. A descendant of one of Edith's half-brothers has advised it was known by the family that their mother had a child before her marriage 52.
        Sidney and Ida May were listed as such in the 1919 electoral roll for the Commonwealth electorate of Macquarie residing at Cook Street in Lithgow with his occupation given as machinist.

Children of Ida May Fullford and an unknown were:
     55.         Edith M Fullford

Children of Ida May Fullford and Sidney Summons were:
     56.  i.     Charles F. J. Summons
     57.  ii.    John "Jack" Summons
     58.  iii.   Kenneth Summons

14.   Ivy Near Fullford was born on 7 Jul 1897 4, 30; died 13 Sep 1969 41 in Brisbane, Queensland, at age 72; buried 16 Sep 1969, Necropolis Cemetery, Springvale, Victoria. She married Joseph Ashton in 1916 31, born ca. 1885; died May 1960 in Naracoote, S.A., aged 75 years, eldest son of Frederick Ashton (1866-1941) and Ellen (Nellie) Ryan.
         Ivy's husband Joseph Ashton was a grandson of Co. Essex, England, born James Henry Ashton (ca.1819-1889) whose real name may have been Golding. He founded Ashton's Circus in Launceston, Tasmania in Feb. 1851 and by the mid-1870s quote - "headed one of Australia's largest and best equiped travelling circuses boasting a tent capable of holding 800 spectators, about 40 horses and a large brass band" 36. Up until 2002, then in existance for two-thirds of the time since the first white settlement of Australia, Ashton's was the longest surviving family-owned circus in the western world. "Under the direction of third generation family member Joe Ashton this circus reached its peak in 1937 when it boasted a two-ring tent and seventy staff. There were thirty-two children travelling with the circus at the time, they had their own tutor and a travelling schoolroom" 37.
         Of Ivy Fullford it has been written - "She was a serious swimmer and competed against Fanny Durack who won a gold medal at the 1912 Olympics with a 1 minute 19.8 seconds world record in the 100 metre freestyle. Ivy was also a talented roller skater.   .... She brought her family through the depression, and battled alongside Joe until the circus became big and prosperous. After the war, she was ready to help start all over again when Doug and Phyllis re-launched Ashton's. Fernandez (in Circus Saga : Ashton's Circus) recalled a woman of bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks, with an upright carriage who always had her eye on what was going on around her and was ‘left out of nothing’. Ivy had recollections of the horse and wagon days, especially of her own red and white wagon, and, of the slow, happy-go-lucky life of the old circus travellers 38.
         Ivy continued to travel with the circus after her husband Joe died. She was in charge of ticket office that was built into one end of her caravan, when at Mount Gravatt one Friday evening in 1969 having as usual sold the tickets she shortly afterwards suffered a stroke 39. She was bowed out by the press as being a national ‘circus identity’" 38. The article below and accompanying photograph captioned "An old photograph of Ivy Fullford" appeared in an issue of The Newcastle Herald  1.

How to choose the prettiest : use a circus pony

Ashtons's Circus, one of Australia's most enduring shows, will be in Newcastle next month and performance director Mrs Lorraine Grant popped into The Newcastle Herald office yesterday for a chat. Lorraine, a sixth generation Ashton, told me that her grandmother Ivy, whose maiden name Lorraine believed was Fullford, was born at Maitland. Lorraine said her grandmother joined Ashton's Circus after being picked as the prettiest girl at a performance. How was she picked? A pony whose other trick was to present the scruffiest boy in the audience with a hankerchief, chose her!

Children of Joseph Ashton and Ivy Near Fullford were:
     59.   i.    Cecil Ceasar Ashton
+   60.  ii.    Douglas Joseph Ashton
15.   Cecil Maitland Fullford was born on 7 Mar 1900 4, 32 and died on 7 Dec 1968 4, at age 68. He married Ethel Button on 8 Sep 1921 4, 33.

THIRD GENERATION  (grandchildren)

16.   Edith C Webb was born in 1895 in West Maitland, NSW, Australia. She married in 1922 in West Maitland, NSW, John J Roarty.

17.   Ivy V Webb was born in 1897 in West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1920 reg. Wickam, NSW, Norman W Watson.

18.   Samuel E Webb was born in 1899 in West Maitland, NSW. He married in 1933 in West Maitland, NSW, Lenna P Archibald.

19.   Gertrude M Webb. was born in 1902 in West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1931 in West Maitland, NSW, Edward Harvey.

20.   Charles H. G. Webb was born 1903 at West Maitland, NSW; died 1903 West Maitland, NSW.

21.    Lillian M Webb was born born 1905 in West Maitland, NSW. Possible indexed marriages are:  1932 to Henry R. G. Taylor at Wickam, NSW OR 1928 to Herbert H. Hallam at North Sydney.

22.   John H. G. Webb was born in1908 in West Maitland, NSW. He married in 1929 in West Maitland, NSW, Marjorie A. E. Newton.

23.   Ivy Elizabeth Webb Was born in 1912 in West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1936 reg. Kogarah, NSW, Thomas Pollock.

24.  Thomas Kitchener Webb was born in 1915 in West Maitland, NSW. He married in 1941 reg. Redfern, NSW, Ada Emily Easter.

25.  Ada Webb was born in 1918 in West Maitland, NSW.

26.  Florence M Fullford was born in 1901 in West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1924 Harry V Eyre registered Wickam, NSW.

27.   Percy Roy Fullford was born in 1899 in West Maitland, NSW. He likely married in 1931 Clara B Worthey (or Worthley) registered Redfern, NSW.

28.   Ruby P Fullford was born in 1903 34 in West Maitland; died 23 Nov 1903 35 in Maitland West, NSW, Australia .

29.   Linda E Fullford was born in 1910 reg. Newcastle, NSW. She married Bernard J Perry in 1930 reg. Clarence Town, NSW.

30.   Leo F Fullford was born in 1914 reg. Newcastle, NSW.

31.   Arthur J Fullford was born in 1904 reg. Wickham, NSW and died the same year.

32.   Beryl C Redding was born in 1903 in West Maitland, NSW.

33.   Evelyn B Redding was born in 1904 in West Maitland, NSW.

34.   Doreen E Redding (Twin) was born in 1905 in West Maitland, NSW.

35.   Cholton Redding    (Twin) was born in 1905 in West Maitland, NSW.

36.   Carl Alfred H. C. Balcombe (name as birth registered) was born in 1902 (#1902-13745) reg. West Maitland, NSW. He may have been the Carl Alfred St Claire (Sinclair?) Balcombe who married in 1952 (#1952-5180), Fanny Iris Williams reg. Newcastle, NSW. In the 1943 Commonwealth Electoral Rolls a Carl Alfred Balcolme was listed residing in the Waratah electorate and a Carl Alfred Sinclair Balcombe in the Newcastle electorate.

37.  Annie J Balcombe was born in 1904 (#1904-13703) reg. West Maitland, NSW; died 1905 (#1905-1888) in West Maitland, NSW.

38.  Elsie C. M. Balcombe was born in 1905 (#1905-34973) reg. West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1924 (#1924-12315) reg. West Maitland Harold F Lloyd.

39.  Aubrey Charles Gordon Balcombe was born in 1908 (#1908-16672) reg. Newcastle, NSW ; died 21 June 1975 (#1975-17264) Darlinghurst, NSW. He married Mary Ashton - the sister of his uncle Joseph Ashton of Ashtons Circus.

40.  Elma Veronica Balcombe (birth registered as Veronica) was born in 1910 (#1910-6545), reg. Newcastle, NSW ; died 19 March 1978 (#1978-101859) aged 68, buried RC Section East Maitland Cemetery. She married as Elma Veronica in 1926 (#1926-12747) reg. West Maitland, William Alfred Coulton.

41.  Joseph Leslie John Balcombe was born in 1912 (#1912-19476) reg. Newcastle, NSW ; died 1986 (#1986-103867). He married in 1931 in West Maitland, Lelia K Dempsey.

42.  Letitia Balcombe was born in 1913 (#1913-47719) reg. Newcastle, NSW. She married in Newcastle, NSW in 1939 (#1939-9803) Alfred John Brown.

43.  George R Balcombe was born in 1914 (#1914-49619) reg. Newcastle, NSW.

44.  Rowland George Balcombe, born ca. 1915 (birth registration not index identified) ; died aged 7 years on 19 Oct 1922 (#1922-18242) reg. West Maitland, buried RC Section Campbells Hill Cemetery Maitland, NSW.

45.  Hubert S Balcombe was born in 1916 (#1916-2106) reg. West Maitland, NSW. He died in 1916 (#1915-11451) reg. West Maitland, NSW.

46.  Ivy Cecilia Balcombe was born in 1917 (#1917-32201) reg. West Maitland, NSW. She married in 1937 (#1937-739) reg. Bombala, NSW, Ernest "Ernie" John Kelroy (in the NSW marriage index surname is indexed as Yeomans - his father's surname was Kelroy-Yeomans) who was a brother of Phyllis Kelroy the wife of #60 Douglas Ashton. They moved to the USA in December 1956. Ivy died on 15 May 2004 in Burlington, Racine, Wisconsin and her husband in Florida after sufferng a massive heart attack during a show and dying on stage just off the curtain 53
      Noted in one of the cited circus histories it was said Ivy and a brother "Stevie" (presumed to be Steven Owen) were raised by their aunt and uncle Ivy Fullford and Joseph Ashton. Ivy had a son Ronald John and they adopted a daughter Margaret.

Only child of Ivy Cecilia Balcolme and Ernest John Kelroy was:
     61.         Ronald John Kelroy

47.  Frederick James Balcombe, born in 23 Apr 1919 Maitland, NSW ; died 2 Jul 1981 (#1981-104323), buried East Maitland Cemetery, NSW. In WW II he enlisted in the Australian Army at Newcastle on 9 Jan 1940 and served until 7 Mar 1946 with the rank at discharge of signalman

48.  Steven Owen Balcombe was born on 19 Mar 1921 at West Maitland, NSW. According to a circus history he was raised by his uncle and aunt Joseph and Ivy Ashton so presumably when aged 16 in 1937 would have been one of the 32 children said to have then been travelling with the Ashton Circus with a travelling schoolroom and an employed tutor. In WW II he enlisted on 29 Jan 1944 in the Australian Army at Newcastle and served until 30 Jul 1946 as a gunner 54

A child of Steven Owen Balcombe was: 55
     62.         Lisa Balcombe

49.  Kenneth Douglas Balcombe was born on 21 May 1927 at Murrurundi, NSW and died on 9 November 2009 aged 82. His funeral notice in The Newcastle Herald of 10 November 2009 had he was late of Mayfield and formerly of Merewether. He married in 1948 (#1948-26329) reg. Hamilton, NSW, Beryl June Byrnes. During WW II just after turning eighteen and becoming eligible he enlisted in the Australian Army on 21 May 1945 and served until 29 Oct 1947 with the rank at discharge of sapper 54.

50.  Phyllis Caroline Guy born on 1 Dec 1911 4; died on 15 Jun 2001 4, at age 89.  She married Reginald Morris Duggan on 1 Jun 1931 4.

Children of Phyllis Caroline Guy and Reginald Morris Duggan were:
     63.   i.    Guy Duggan
     64.   ii.   Judith Duggan
     65.   iii.  Wayne Duggan
     66.   iv.  Dianne Duggan
51.  Douglas Frederick John Guy  born on 14 Feb 1913 4; died on 7 Nov 1913 4.

52.  Olga Elizabeth Guy was born on 20 Apr 1914 4; died on 3 Mar 1981 4, at age 66.  She married Les McPherson.

Children of Olga Elizabeth Guy and Les McPherson were:
     67.         June McPherson
53.  Darrell Charles Guy was born on 22 Aug 1923 4; died on 14 Feb 1997 4, at age 73.  He married June Carrall.
Children of Darrell Charles Guy and June Carrall were:
     68.   i.    Ronald Guy
     69.   ii.   Carrall Guy
54.  Madalene June Guy was born on 23 Oct 1925 4. She married Ron Tudor.
Children of Madalene June Guy and Ron Tudor were:
     70.  i.    Ann Tudor
     71.  ii.   Sue Tudor
55.  Edith M Fullford was born in 1912 50  reg. at Newcastle, NSW. Very likely she was adopted resulting in a change of surname to that of the adoptive parents. A descendant of one of her half-brothers has advised it was known by the family that her mother had a child before her marriage 52. No NSW BDM death or marriage is indexed to 1945 under the Fullford surname.

56.  Charles F J Summons was born in 1915 48 reg. Lithgow, NSW ; died in 1915 49 reg. Lithgow, NSW.

57.   John "Jack" Summons was born on 29th December 1918 4 ; died 11th April 1993 4. He married Constance Beatrice Sense reg. 1941 47 Parkes, NSW .

Children John Summons and Constance Beatrice Sense were:
      72.          Sydney John Summons
58.   Kenneth Summons was born on 20th July 1920 4 ; died 12th March 1991 4. He married twice. He married (1) Joyce Ince 52.
Children of Kenneth Summons and Joyce Ince were:
     73.  i.     Laraine Summons
     74.  ii.    Dianne Summons
     75.  iii.   Peter Summons

Children from the second  marriage of Kenneth Summons were:
     76.  i.     Sussannah Summons
     77.  ii.    Christian Summons
     78.  iii.   Kingsley Summons

59.  Cecil "Sonny" Ceasar Ashton was born in 1917; died 1933, aged 16 years from Leukaemia.

60.  Douglas Joseph Ashton was born in 1918. At birth his given names were registered as "Dudley N". He died aged 93 on 3 Nov 2011 and was buried on 9 Nov 2011 in Melbourne. He married in 1936 in Sydney, Phyllis Evelyn Kelroy, born 17 Feb 1917 in Melbourne, died 27 Aug 2000, daughter of Ernest Kelroy-Yeomans and Dorethea Walker.

Douglas & Phyllis Ashton - 1992 photo
        Both Douglas and Phyllis Ashton were honoured in the 1996 Australia Day honours list with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM). With their children, grandchildren, and a great grandson, they featured in a 52 minute documentary film produced in 1998 by the Australian Film Finance Corporation about life on the road with the circus they then still actively headed 42.
        In May 2002 the decision to close the circus was announced. At the time of this compilation (in Sep 2003) the Ashton family continued to travel Australia having evolved into three separate circuses headed respectively by two of the children and a grandson - namely the Lorraine Ashton Classic Circus, Jan Ashton Exavia Circus and the Circus Joseph Ashton.
        In reporting on the death of the "circus patriarch" Doug Ashton, the Herald Sun newspaper stated it was accepted that Ashton's Circus had been the longest running family-owned circus in the world, and in the 1950s, 60s and 70s it had an enormous entourage of elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, parrots, a giraffe, bear and even a hyena and at the peak had more than 120 people, 80 animals, and millions of dollars worth of equipment travelling the country. It was said at one stage 38 family members were working for the circus, building an impressive family dynasty. Doug Ashton died after a year long battle with cancer in his caravan in Perth, on tour with his grandson's Circus Joseph Ashton.
Children of Douglas Joseph Ashton and Phylis Evelyn Kelroy were:
+   79.  i.     Lorraine Dorothy Ashton
+   80.  ii.    Mervyn Douglas Ashton
+   81.  iii.  Jan Phyllis Ashton

61.   Ronald Kelroy
62.   Lisa Balcombe
63.   Guy Duggan
64.   Judith Duggan
65.   Wayne Duggan
66.   Dianne Duggan
67.   June McPherson
68.   Ronald Guy
69.   Carrall Guy
70.   Ann Tudor
71.   Sue Tudor

72.   Sydney John Summons born August 1940 4; died 29th October 1999 4.

73.   Laraine  Summons. She married Peter Jones 52.

Children of Laraine Summons and Peter Jones were:
     82.  i.     David Timothy Jones
     83.  ii.    Richard Thomas Jones.
74.   Dianne Summons. She married 1st Sept. 1971 52  Erwin Rudolf Ebenreuter.
Children of Dianne Summons and Erwin Rudolf Ebenreuter were:
     84.  i.     Justine Louise Ebenreuter (twin)
     85.  ii.    Natalie Erika Ebenreuter (twin)
75.   Peter Summons
76.   Sussannah Summons
77.   Christian Summons
78.   Kingsley Summons

79.  Lorraine Dorothy Ashton. She married Gary Donald Grant.

Children of Lorraine Dorothy Ashton and Gary Donald Grant were:
 +  86.  i.    Marshall Garry Ashton Grant
 +  87.  ii.   Tanya Grant
     88.  iii.  Tara Lyn Grant
 +  89.  iv.  Tamalyn Lee Grant
80.  Mervyn Douglas Ashton. He married Nikki Zelie Hicks.
Children of Mervyn Ashton and Nikki Zelie Hicks were:
 +  90.  i.     Joseph Ashton
     91.  ii     Golda Jan Ashton
     92.  iii.   Bekki Mitzi Ashton
81.  Jan Phyllis Ashton. She married Serafin Sanchez Rodriquez.
Children of Jan Phyllis Ashton and Brasil Rodriquez were:
     93.  i.     Tamara Rodriquez
     94.  ii.    Chantel Rodriquez

82.   David Timothy Jones

80.   Richard Thomas Jones. He married Rachel Holkner 52.

Children of Richard Thomas Jones and Rachel Holkner were:
      95.        Abigail Clare Jones.
81.   Justine Louise Ebenreuter

82.   Natalie Erika Ebenreuter

83.  Marshall Garry Ashton Grant. He married Jane Elizabeth Trimble.

84.  Tanya Grant. She married in 1980 Jose Cifuentes Falagan.

Children of Tanya Grant and Jose Cifuentes Falagan were:
     96.         Marcos Falagan
85.  Tara Lyn Grant

86.  Tamalyn Lee Grant. She married in 1977 in Brisbane, Qld., Augustin Candillo Lopez.

Children of Tamalyn Lee Grant and Augustin Candillo Lopez were:
     97.  i.     Anita Tammy Lopez
     98.  ii.    Carmen Lopez
87.   Joseph Ashton.
Children of Joseph Ashton were:
      99.        Jordan Ashton
88.   Golda Jan Ashton

89.   Bekki Mitzi Ashton

90.  Tamara Rodriquez

94.  Chantel Rodriquez


95.   Abigail Clare Jones
96.   Marcos Falagan
97.   Anita Tammy Lopez
98.   Carmen Lopez
99.   Jordan Ashton

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41 The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday, 15 Sep 1969 - DEATHS - Ashton, Ivy Near - September 13, 1969 in Brisbane of Ashton's Circus, Rest in Peace. FUNERALS - The Funeral of the late Mrs Ivy Ashton will leave Tobin's Chapel, 1382 High Street, (corner of Jordan Street) Malvern, on Tuesday September 16, following a service commencing at 1 p.m. for Necropolis, Springvale.
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44   The Maitland Mercury, Tuesday 8 Nov 1892. "Death by Drowning at West Maitland - A fine little fellow, Arthur Charles Fullford, was drowned in the Hunter River at the Horseshoe Bend, West Maitland, on Saturday afternoon. It seemed from the evidence taken at a magisterial inquiry held before Mr H. Crothers J.P. at Mr. Gilligan's Hotel, on the afternoon of that day, that the boy threw a stick into the water opposite what is known as McDougall's Point. He made an effort to recover the stick, and slipped into the water, went under three times, and sank. The accident was witnessed by Miss Mangan, who stated the boy was requested not to go near the water. Percy Rowland Fullford, a brother of the deceased, recovered the body after diligent search ......".
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51   See - Oz-Boer Database. The send-off for the Maitland vounteers appeared on 15 Feb 1900 in the Maitland Daily Mercury and was covered in the Newcastle Morning Herald of 2 Feb 1900. A new Anglo-Boer War Memorial Wall in Maitland, with the names of 275 from the Hunter Valley who served in that conflict, is to be dedicated during a service to be held on Sunday 30th May 2004.
52   Email advice from Dianne Summons dated 30 Mar 2004.
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55   Email advices dated Aug 2016 from Lisa Bosnjak advising she was a daughter of Joseph and Edith Balcombe's 1921 born son Steven Owen and he had a younger brother named Kenny.

Special acknowledgement to Karen Mallam of NSW who provided her compiled genealogy, and Russell Gordon of Sydney, NSW a long time Gordon/Fullford family researcher who scanned the orginal photographs and provided the images.

Researched and compiled by John Raymond, Brisbane, QLD., Australia
first posted 10 Sep 2003 - last updated 24 Aug 2016