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Descendants of Frank Adams

Frank Adams Jr. was born was born 13 Mar 1838 1 in Parramatta, NSW, and died 20 Aug 1900 2  in Harris Park, NSW, at age 62. He married on 6 Jan 1864 3, 4 (1) Ellen Hoy. Ellen was born 10 Jan 1844 14, 4 and died 4 Oct 1883 4 at "Myamblar" located on the Mehi River (near Collarenebri) in the Moree District of NSW. He married in 1884 15  reg. Walgett, (2) Catherine Daly. The marriage ended in divorce. He married in 1897 16 reg. at Narrabri, (3) Annie Wallace.

Frank Adams Jr. 51

        Franks's first cousin Ada Gordon in 1888 wrote of him:- ‘I only saw him once when a child so do not remember what he was like. My mother says that he had red hair. I think he did not get along well with his first wife so I heard, and that he married 2nd his children's governess ............. I heard that she had left him’ 13.
        Writing in 1996 his great-granddaughter Pat Kiem, recounting her late father's knowledge of his grandfather, wrote that Frank Adams Jr. was a keen horseman and hard worker who built up a substantial property. He was a big man standing over 6 feet and weighing 20 stone (131 kilos), who could not get a coat that would fit him comfortably while working on a horse, so used two blankets sown together and worn poncho style. Her father told her Frank always kept a coffin in a shed on his ‘Myamblar’ property, giving as the reason that in the event of the need arising he did not want to be wrapped between two sheets of iron for burial! After his death, and the sale of the property, her father said the coffin had been used as a storage box in the shed at his boyhood home, not having been used for the intended purpose as Frank had died in Parramatta whilst in Sydney for medical treatment. 66
        What is known of the early life of Frank Adams and his brother Arthur, as pioneer settlers in the North West of New South Wales, comes mostly from recollections of Frank's 1873 born son Walter (Wal) as put in writing by a friend in 1958 when Wal was in his 86th year and his eyesight had failed. In 1854, when his born in 1838 father Frank Jr. was aged 16 years, Frank Jr. left Maitland with a man named Facer taking a mob of cattle for delivery to two stations named ‘Wellbourngonougher’ and ‘Cowbail’ situated in the Mungindi district of North West NSW near what was to later become the NSW/Queensland border, then managed and perhaps owned by a man named Dunlop (this cattle drive from Maitland to Mungindi would have exceeded 500 kilometers). Frank Jr. then lived and worked on these two properties until 1867, when as a married man he moved to ‘Caidmurra Station’ (located on the Barwon River 30 kilometers north of Collarenebri), which he managed for its owner Mr. Pepperday until 1873.
        It was upon leaving ‘Caidmurra’ in 1873 that Frank made his first venture into land ownership. He and his brother Arthur Adams, who was managing ‘Dungaleer’ in the Walgett district for another former Maitland man Mr. Bourke, took up a 1280 acre selection on ‘Collymongle Station’ which they named ‘Garabaldi’. After satisfying the 3 year residental qualification, and gaining full title, it was sold back to ‘Collymongle’ as it had proven too small for a living area. The two brothers then each selected 1280 acre blocks on ‘Mungyer Station’, located south of the Mehi River midway between Moree and Collarenebri, then owned by Ebenezer Vickery. When selecting these blocks they left a block between intending for it to be taken up by a step-brother. However the plan went astray when the manager of ‘Mungyer’ got in first using a dummy as front man to take it up, leaving the brother's blocks separated and resulting in them having to ride or drive approximately four miles to visit one another! Likewise as soon as the 3 year residential requirement was satisfied, for the same reason of being proven too small for a living area, in 1877 the selections were sold back to Vickery the owner of the station from which they had been excised.
        By then the allowable selection size had been doubled to 2560 acres, comprised of 640 acres Conditional Purchase and 1920 acres Conditional Lease. Wal recounted it was in 1877 that three 2560 acre blocks were selected by Frank, his daughter Ada, and brother Arthur on ‘Merrywinebone Station’. The blocks were collectively given the name ‘Myamblar’ (according to Pat Kiem's 1996 account this naming was after Frank's horse - My Am Blar) and they were worked as one property. At the time of the ‘Myamblar’ selections ‘Merrywinebone Station’ was comprised of three stations named ‘Pokataroo’, ‘Merrywinebone’ and ‘Oreel’ owned by a large firm of wholesale and retail butchers with the name of Walsh, Elliot and Kenny. Wal mentioned in the 1880s his father had once inoculated a mob of 1000 cattle on ‘Pokataroo’ on the Grawin River about six miles from Collarenebri.
        It was on the 7680 acre property ‘Myamblar’, situated on the Mehi River about 24 kilometers by river by east of Collarenebri, that the last four of Frank's children would have been born and where he lived out his remaining years. After his death in 1900 the property was managed by his brother Arthur, and after Arthur's 1908 death, in the year following was sold out of the family. At the time of writing in 1958 Wal thought the original ‘Myamblar’ property may have become the part of ‘Collymongle’ known as Myambla.
        The Wal Adams memoirs also mentioned in 1854 Ernest and Harry Adams, cousins of his father, took up ‘Gineroi’ in the Bingera district and ‘Welbon’ station at Moree, the latter of which he said in 1958 was owned by the Estate of Alexander (Alec) Carrigan who had recently died. Presumably these two were sons of one or more of the four Ansty in Warwick, England born brothers of Frank Adams Sr. Perhaps as Frank Sr. was the 2nd son they were sons of the first 67. §

Children of Frank Adams and Ellen Hoy were:
     2.    ii.    Ada Gordon Adams
     3.    iii.   Arthur Robert Adams
     4.    iv.    Francis (Frank) Augustus Adams
     5.    i.      Walter Adams
     6.    v.     Blanche Maria Adams
     7.    vi.    Frederick (Fred) Adams
     8.    vii.   Willie Adams
     9.    viii.  Unnamed Adams

Children of Frank Adams and Annie Wallace were:
    10.          Alice Murial Adams


2.     Ada Gordon Adams was born on 1 Oct 1865 4, 19 and died in 1938 4, 58 at Narrabri, NSW. She married Alexander Newstead Boggs in 1890 59  reg. at Narrabri, died 1941 60 at Narrabri, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Agnes Boggs.

        Ada's birth appears not to have been officially registered, although there was an Ada M.A. Adams birth registration in Warilda in 1865 to parents of the same given names of Frank and Ellen. Her 1865 Maitland Church of England parish baptism record gave her father's occupation as that of squatter at Barwon River. His occupation at that time does not entirely square with the memoirs of Ada's brother Walter which has him until 1867 as an employee on two stations on the Barwon River in the Mungindi district and thereafter until 1873 as manager of ‘Caidamurra Station’ lower down the Barwon near Collarenebri.
        In the 1937 Commonwealth Electoral Roll for the Gwyir electorate Ada and husband Alexander were noted residing at Dangar Street in Narrabri. Their son Walter and his wife were also in Narrabri in Balonne Street, and the younger son William and his wife were in Wee Waa with his occupation given as drover.

Children of Ada Gordon Adams and Alexander Newstead Boggs were:
     11.  i.    Walter Alexander Boggs
     12.  ii.   William Gordon Boggs

3.    Arthur Robert Adams was born on 7 Mar 1868 4, 20  reg. Walgett, NSW, and died on 9 Aug 1888 4 at ‘Myamblar’ (near Collarenebri), NSW, at age 20.

4.    Francis (Frank) Augustus Adams was born on 14 Dec 1870 4, 21 reg. Warialda, and died on 27 Jul 1950 4, at age 79. He married on 12 Jul 1898 4, 22  reg. West Maitland, Laura Bridget Markham b. 1875 4.

        Frank and his wife were listed in Wee Waa in the 1903 1st Commonwealth Electoral Roll for the Gwydir electorate. In the 1906 to 1909 rolls his wife's given names were listed as Bridget Markham - corrected in the rolls from 1913 to Laura Bridget.  From 1908 to 1921 Frank's occupation was noted in the Gwydir electorate rolls as that of grazier at Wee Waa.

Children of Frank Augustus Adams and Laura Bridget Markham were:
     13.   i.    Alice M M Adams
     14.   ii.   Myra E Adams
     15.   iii.  James F M Adams
     16.   iv.   Francis (Frank) Adams

5.    Walter Adams was born on 23 Jul 1873 12 on "Caidmurra Station", located on the Barwon River 30 kilometers north of Collarenebri in North-East NSW.  He married Catherine Adalene Wicks in 1898 17 reg. Walgett, NSW.
       In memoirs written in 1958 when in his 86th year, Wal as he was known, said his schooldays had never extended past the home as the children had private teachers (this squares with the 1888 Ada Gordon letter mentioned above in the first para which said his father's second wife had been his children's governess). He recollected the 1890 flood as one of the biggest known in the Collarenebri district where his father's property was situated. After that flood had receeded his father Frank gave him and his eldest brother Frank each a team of twelve horses and a wagon and they struck out to endeavour to make a living on their own as carriers. Wal's wife Catherine was born in Inverell but was living in Moree when they married in 1898. After the marriage they went to live in Wee Waa, where they remained until his father Frank died in 1900, whereupon he sold the team and they returned to the ‘Myamblar’ where their only child Dorothy was born in 1903.
        Wal and his uncle Arthur were the Executors of his father's will. After his father's death Arthur managed the ‘Myamblar’ property and Wal worked for Arthur until 1907 when he left to go to ‘Manger Station’, where for three years he was caretaker of ‘Manger Bore’.
        He wrote that after the 1910 flood his wife was anxious to care for her aged parents, so they decided to go to Inverell where he purchased two acres and built a cottage, with his wife's parents coming to live with them. (in the 1915 and 1921 electoral rolls for the Gwydir electorate the address of the residence was given as McIntyre Street). Wal described the move to Inverell as having been quote - ‘the best move I had made to date’. During the thirteen years he lived in Inverell he worked as a drover and saw a lot of the country in New South Wales from the Victorian Border and parts of Queensland.
        In 1923 Mr. N. C. Bucknell offered him the management of ‘Alice Downs’ in the Moree district, and as his wife's parents had passed away, he accepted the position and remained there until 1927 when with the lease approaching expiry date Mr. Bucknell sold the place and purchased ‘Mt. Mitchell’ in the Glen Innes and Ben Lomand district on the New England tablelands. Wal managed ‘Mt. Mitchell’ until 1946, when owing to failing health and eyesight, he made the decision to retire. Having already purchased a house at Tamworth some years before he came there to retire. In 1948 they celebrated their Golden Anniverary in Tamworth entertained by many visiting relatives and friends, and again in April 1958 another gathering celebrated their diamond jubilee. §

Children of Walter Adams and Catherine A Wicks were:
     17.         Dorothy E Adams

6.    Blanche Maria Adams was born on 23 Nov 1875 4, 23 and died on 6 Sep 1915 4, 32  reg. Moree, NSW, at age 39. She married Robert Fing in 1906 24 reg. Moree, NSW.
        In respect of identifying Blanche's children it is puzzling the NSW BDM Indexes have a birth in Moree of a Byron Fing to parents Robert and Blanche M. in 1903 and again in 1914. It seems the second Byron birth registration was likely a twin brother to Robert A as their births in 1914 are BDM indexed only five numbers apart (#24755 & #24750). A later child is usually given the same name as an earlier one only if the earlier was deceased at the time of the birth of the later. In this case the first BDM indexed death of a Byron Fing is not until 1945. Further complicating the 1903 Byron birth registration is that it would have been about three years before Blanche married Robert seemingly making such a birth unlikely. This matter could be clarified by obtaining the certificates, or alternatively if there are cemetery transcriptions for Moree, a headstone for the Byron who died in 1945 may have given his age, thus establishing his identity as either the 1903 or 1914 Byron. Also Blanche Maria's 1915 death registration should have the names and ages of her surviving children and Marjorie A's 1908 birth registration would state whether had been previous living or deceased issue.

Children of Blanche Maria Adams and Robert Fing were:
     18.  i.     Byron Fing
     19.  ii.    Marjorie Fing
     20.  iii.   Ellen Fing
     21.  iv.   Frank Fing
     22.  v.    Robert Fing
     23.  vi.   Byron Fing

7.    Frederick (Fred) Adams was born on 23 Jul 1878 4, 28 reg. Walgett, NSW, Australia. He married Annie Edith Hynes in 1901 33 reg. Narrabri, NSW.
        Fred and wife Annie Edith were noted listed in Wee Waa in the Gwydir electorate in the 1903 first Commonwealth Electoral Roll. Seemingly they would have been the Fred and Annie Adams listed in the Darling electorate in 1913, residing in Collarenebri with his occupation was given as carrier, as in 1913 the birth of Frederick Jr. was registered at Collarenebri. Fred was listed again in 1915 and 1917 in the Collarenebri subdivision of the Gwydir electorate as a hotelkeeper at Angledool. He was no longer listed there in the 1921 roll. Additional to the six children listed below, whose births were all registered with their parents named as Fred (sic) and Annie E, there was a possible seventh child named Ellen C. whose birth was registered at Condoblin in 1906 to parents named Frederick (sic) and Annie E.

Children of Fred Adams and Annie Edith Hynes were:
     24.  i.     Eileen E Adams
     25.  ii.    Thelma M Adams
     26.  iii.   Frank H Adams
     27.  iv.   Norma V Adams
     28.  v.     Frederick J Adams
     29.  vi.   Walter G Adams

8.    Willie Adams was born on 2 Apr 1881 4, 29 reg. Walgett, and died in 1923 4, at age 42.  Willie married Rachel May Neilson in 1905 30 reg. Bingara, NSW.
        Willie and wife Rachel May were noted in the 1908 and 1909 Commonwealth Electoral Rolls for the Gwdyir electorate residing in Wee Waa with his occupatuion given as grazier. In the 1913 and subsequent rolls he was at Dennison Street in Narrabri with occupation given as drover. In the 1936 roll his widow Rachel May was noted at Dennison Street, with the three children listed below, and likely two other children named Eric Clive (a rail clerk) and Hazel Amelia Lillian.

Children of Willie Adams and Rachel M Neilson were:
     30.  i.     Arthur Ernest Adams
     31.  ii.    Edna Clare Adams
     32.  iii.   Herbert Gordon Adams

9.    Unnamed Adams was born on 4 Oct 1883 4 and died on 4 Oct 1883 4  at "Myamblar", NSW, Australia.

10.  Alice Murial Adams was born on 3 Nov 1899 4, 31. There are six Alice M Adams marriages from 1922 to 1945 indexed in the NSW BDM Index.  Most were in Sydney suburbs. Perhaps Alice's marriage was in 1922 to a George E Munsie in Inverell, NSW?


11.  Walter Alexander Boggs was born in 1892 61. He married Philomena Ellen Wales in 1923 62  reg. Narrabri, NSW. He was listed in the 1937 Commonwealth Electoral for the Gwydir electorate in Balonne Street, Narrabri.

12.  William Gordon Boggs was born in 1902 63. He married Alice Vera Rabbit in 1922 64  reg. Walgett, NSW. He was listed in the 1937 Commonwealth Electoral for the Gwydir electorate in Wee Waa at Burren Junction, with occupation of drover.

13.  Alice M M Adams was born 1900 34  reg. Narrabri, NSW, Australia.

14.  Myra E Adams was born 1902 35 reg. Narrabri, NSW, Australia. She married John E Knight in 1928 52  reg. Narrabri.

15.  James F M Adams was born 1905 36 reg. Narrabri, NSW, Australia.

16.  Francis (Frank) Adams was born on 3 Oct 1916 4, 50  and died on 25 Nov 1995 4, at age 79. He married on 30 May 1948 4 , Marjorie Maxwell b. 29 Mar 1919 4, d. 10 Feb 1981 4.

Children of Frank Adams and Marjorie Maxwell were:
     33.         Pat Adams
17.  Dorothy E Adams was born at "Myamblar" in 1903 18  reg. Inverell, NSW.

18.  Byron Fing was born in 1903 5 in Moree, NSW, Australia and died in 1945 4 in Moree, NSW, Australia, at age 42.

19.  Marjorie A Fing was born in 1908 6 in Moree, NSW, Australia. She married Albert J Goverd in 1929 25  reg. Randwick, NSW.

20.  Ellen Fing was born in 1909 7 in Moree, NSW, Australia. She married Noel A Paton in 1930 26 reg. Sydney, NSW.

21.  Frank Fing was born in 1911 8 in Moree, NSW, Australia. He married Ethel Brady in 1941 27 reg. Moree, NSW.

22.  Robert A Fing was born in 1914 9 in Moree, NSW, Australia.

23.  Byron Fing was born in 1914 65 in Moree, NSW, Australia.

24.  Eileen E Adams was born in 1902 37  reg. Narrabri, NSW, Australia; died 1903 57  reg. Narrabri.

25.  Thelma M Adams was born in 1904 38 reg. Narrabri, NSW, Australia.

26.  Frank H Adams was born in 190853  reg. Collarenebri, NSW; died 1912 39  reg. Collarenebri, NSW.

27.  Norma V Adams was born in 191154  reg. Inverell, NSW.

28.  Frederick J Adams was born in 1913 55  reg. Collarenebri, NSW.

29.  Walter G Adams was born in 191756  reg. Inverell, NSW

30.  Arthur Ernest Adams was born in 1907 4. He was listed in the 1936 Commonwealth Electoral Roll for the Gwydir electorate, residing in Dennison Street, Narrabri, with occupation given as clerk.

31.  Edna Clare Adams was born in 1908 10 in Narrabri, NSW, Australia. She was listed in the 1936 Commonwealth Electoral Roll for Gwydir electorate residing in Dennison Street, Narrabri, with occupation given as shop assistant.

32.  Herbert Gordon Adams was born in 1912 11 in Narrabri, NSW. He was listed in the 1936 Commonwealth Electoral Roll for the Gwydir electorate residing in Dennison Street, Narrabri, with occupation given as mechanic.


33.  Pat Adams married John Kiem in 1971 4.

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Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia
first posted 5 Oct 2003 - last modified 17 Oct 2003