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Descendants of Clara Adams Gordon

Clara Adams Gordon was born circa 1845 in Maitland, NSW, Australia. She died on 26 Mar 1922 1 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia, at age 76.  She married on 22 Jul 1873 2 in St. Mary's C of E, West Maitland, William Charles Denshire, son of George Denshire and Ann Griffiths. He was born in 1840 3 in Maitland, NSW, Australia; christened in 1840 in Wesleyan Methodist, West Maitland, NSW; died on 29 Nov 1887 4 at Parramatta, NSW, Australia, at age 47.

        Clara's birth is not found in the NSW BDM Indexes under either Gordon or Adams, and her baptism record does not appear during the period from 1838 to 1849 in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle Baptisms for West or East Maitland. Her July 1873 church marriage register record, under the name of Clara Adams Gordon, gave her age as 27 years indicating she was born during the second half of 1845 or first half of 1846. This birth time-frame is confirmed by her 1922 newspaper death notice and Rookwood Cemetery headstone inscription age of 76 years. Taken together these records indicate Clara was born in the second half of 1845 or in the first quarter of 1846.
        Clara's second given name of ‘Adams’ in the 1873 marriage record presentes a puzzle. Seemingly it was bestowed by her mother Maria in order to present Clara as a sister to Frank Jr. and Arthur Adams. Clara's marriage record gave her father's name as Frank Adams but that was clearly not the case as Frank Sr. left Australia for India with his 28th Regiment in June 1842 and from India the regiment returned to England in 1848. He married in India in September 1844 - a couple of months before the earliest Clara could have been concieved to have been aged 27 when she married in July 1873! There is no reason to suppose he visited Australia in the period between his June 1842 departure and his 1844 marriage or subsequently (his whereabouts in India from time to time could be checked in the films of the 28th regiment quarterly Pay and Muster Rolls held by the P.R.O. in England). During his sojourn in Australia, which spanned the years 1836 to 1842, he was absent for two full years from March 1840 to March 1842 on a return trip to England. Thus it is not possible for Clara to have been his daughter unless she was born no later than December 1842 which clearly based on the records was not the case. As a surviving January 1845 letter written by Clara's grandmother Ann Gordon mentioned Maria and her children were then living with Ann in Maitland all that can be said regarding the real identity of Clara's father is that he was likely in 1844/45 a Maitland area resident 22.
        A 1888 letter from Clara's cousin Ada Gordon to her aunt Letitia Garmonsway in New Zealand mentioned Clara Adams and Amelia Fullford had married on the same day wearing the same style of wedding dress. This joint ceremony in Maitland in 1873 is confirmed by the marriages being consecutively recorded in the St. Mary's church parish register and also numerically in the NSW BDM Indexes. Both Clara and Amelia's ages were recorded in the register as 27 years and the occupation of Clara's husband was given as Post Master at Muswellbrook. The 1888 Ada Gordon letter referred to his recent death 7. Clara's 1922 newspaper death notice stated her late husband had been of the P.O. at Parramatta, indicating he was the Post Master there and they had occupied the Post Master's residence. Such is confirmed by his 1887 newspaper death notice and in the Sands Sydney & Suburban Directory for 1887 which listed him as:- Denshire W. C., post and telegraph master, Church St., Parramatta.
Children of Clara Adams Gordon and William Charles Denshire were:
+   2.    i.    George Arthur Denshire
     3.    ii.   Gordon L Denshire
+   4.    iii.  Frank Sydney Denshire

2.    George Arthur Denshire was born in 1874 5  reg. Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia  and died on 15 Nov 1945 6 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia, at age 71. He married Alice Maud Gray in 1906 8  in NSW, Australia. She was born in ca. 1882 and died on 17 Apr 1961 9 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia.

George Arthur Sr. and his wife, together with his widowed mother Clara, were noted in the 1921 electoral roll for the Marrickville subdivision of Lang at 7 Riverdale St, Marrickville, located about 100 meters SE of Marrickville railway station with his occupation given as an accountant.

Children of George Arthur Denshire and Alice Maud Gray were:
+   5.    i.    William Arthur Denshire
+   6.   ii.    George Arthur Denshire

3.    Gordon L Denshire was born in 1877 10 in reg. Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia  and died in 1880 11  reg. Sydney, NSW, Australia, at age 3.

4.    Frank Sydney Denshire was born in 1882 12  reg. Parramatta, NSW, Australia  and died 4 Jun 1949 13  in Marrickville, NSW, Australia, at age 67.  He married in 1919 14  reg. Marrickville, NSW, Honoria Payn Hawke who was born in 1887 15 and died 3 Jul 1935 16, 17 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia, daughter of George W. and Maria Hawke.

With wife Honoria Payn he was noted in the 1921 Commonwealth electoral roll, in the Marrickville sudivision of the Lang electorate, with his occupation given as accountant. They were residing in "Myambla" at 17 Graham Avenue, Marrickville, situated a kilometer north of where his brother William lived at 7 Riverdale drive. He last appeared at this address in the electoral roll for the year he died. Of interest is that the "Myambla" house name was seemingly was a reflection of the almost identically spelt "Myamblar" name of the rural property on the Mehi River near Collerenabri owned by his uncle Frank Adams Jr. which was sold in 1909. This suggests he likely spent some time there when young.
Children of Frank Sydney Denshire and Honoria Payn Hawke were:
+   7.           Mona Denshire
THIRD  GENERATION (Grandchildren)
5.   William Arthur Denshire was born in 1907 18 in Collarenebri, NSW, Australia  and died on 16 Dec 1959 21  in Belmore, NSW, Australia, at age 52. He married Marion Jean Smith in 1929 19  reg. Marrickville, NSW, Australia. Marion Jean Smith died after 1966.
Following the 1929 marriage the couple were noted in the 1931 Supplementary Commonwealth electoral roll for the Lang electorate, residing at 28 Jersey Street, Marrickville, with his occupation given as clerk. In the 1950 roll the couple were at 71 Kingsgrove Rd in Belmore, in the Belmore subdivision of the Lang electorate - a property still in the hands of descendants in 2001. Their two children Neville and Norma first appeared at this address in the 1955 roll.

Children of William Arthur Denshire and Marion Jean Smith were:
+    8.   i.     Neville Arthur Denshire
+    9.   ii.    Norma Jean Denshire

6.     George Arthur Denshire Jr. was born before 1911. He married Vera Rosina Ross in 1941 20  reg. Randwick, NSW, Australia.
His birth is not NSW BDM Indexed. It would have been  before 1911 as he appeared at his parents 7 Riverdale Av., Marrickville address in the 1932 electoral roll with the occupation of pastrycook so would have then been at least 21 years of age.

Children of George Arthur Denshire Jr. and Vera Rosina Ross were:
+   10.         Melvyn Edward Denshire

7.    Mona Denshire was born circa 1920. She married H.C. Manning before 1949.


8.    Neville Arthur Denshire was born after 1929. He  married Dorothy Beatrice (?) .

Children of Neville Arthur Denshire and Dorothy Beatrice (?) were:
     11.   i.    David Neville Denshire .
     12.   ii.   Glen William Denshire .
     13.   iii.  Kathryn Patricia Denshire .
9.    Norma Jean Denshire. Born after 1929.

10.  Melvyn Edward Denshire


11.   David Neville Denshire
12.   Glen William Denshire
13.   Kathryn Patricia Denshire

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Compiled by J. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia - first posted 29 Sep 2003