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Act of Abjuration
of Jaque Poissan and Daniel Fore

I, undersigned as Sequenot, pastor of this Parish, and wanting to certify to whom it may concern, that Jaque Poissan dit La Saline and Daniel Fore dit Laprairie, the first one, son of the late Jaque Poissan and Isabelle Magos, his father and mother that come from Marennes, the episcopate of Xaintes, and the second one, son of the late Isaac Fore and Ann Tibau, his mother and father that come from Saint d’Angeli, episcopate of La Rochelle and both the two, soldiers of the company of Mr. Cadillac, a detachment of the Marines, have made on this day of April 15, 1685, after the reading of the gospel during the parochial High Mass, on Palm Sunday, at the foot of the altar, in my presence and the presence of Mr. Jean de Bermonde, Grand Knight of St. Basile, and Cromiere lieutenant of the said company, of Mr. Jean Deroche, St. Amant, Tourblanche, de Fontenay, Laprairie, Archambau, Rainau, Gralenot and all the parishioners, a public abjuration from the heresy of the Calvinists and Huguenots of France, renouncing all connections imposed upon them, unfortunately, by their birth in this presupposed reformed religion, promising and swearing solemnly on the Holy Gospels, that they want to be considered in the ranks of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, the one true mother church of all other churches, outside of which there is no salvation, and to live and die in the faith that it teaches, through the grace of God.

Mr. Caron, after reading the profession of Faith found in the Catechism of the Council of Trente, and constructed in part for this purpose by order of the Fathers of the Ecumenical Synod, they known as LaSaline and Laprairie have declared in faith that they know why I have signed with other witnesses, and declared that they do not know how to sign and because of the other witnesses present in great numbers, that they sign is not necessary.

This took place on 15 April 1685 at La Pointe aux Tremble, below the Island of Montreal.

Gillemarien (Gille Marien) 

                                             J. Raynaud

St. Basile                J. Caron            F. Laprarie

                                            Sequenot     (Francois Sequenot, Cure)