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Unidentified Photos
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Unidentified Photographs
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Many years ago, I discovered a treasure trove of old family photos that were in my mother’s possession, having been passed down to our family by deceased family members.  Unfortunately, many of these old photos were unidentified.  Further complicating the matter was the fact that I don’t know for sure from which side of the family, mother or father, the photos descended.  Please take the time to review these old gems and contact me if you see anything or anybody that looks remotely familiar (be sure to include the photo number on the entry).  As my wife Carol Anne sagely put it, “You really aren’t dead as long as someone remembers.”

I’d like to believe the proper identification of these photos would ensure longevity of memories for these folks.

All of the following photos were of a very small size (maybe about 1" tall) and were found in an antique photo album.  I believe them to have belonged to my paternal grandmother (Mary Frances Speer Childress, 1875-1957), but cannot be sure about that.

(Click on the thumbnail sketches below to see enlarged views.)

    oldpht01C.jpg (27090 bytes)    oldpht03C.jpg (17485 bytes)    oldpht02C.jpg (63582 bytes)    olpht11C.jpg (20993 bytes)

The following first two photos were found in the same photo album as above.  In addition, however, the larger picture on the right turned up later in another box.  It appears that all of the individuals in the smaller photos appear in the larger one, in addition to the lady whose photo also appears in the adjacent photo.

    olpht05C.jpg (11831 bytes)    olpht07C.jpg (18758 bytes)    olpht55Cgroup of four repeats.jpg (67206 bytes)    olpht24C.jpg (42848 bytes)

Shown below are a few photos that seem to me to have some family resemblance to my immediate family.  The first photo on the left has remarkable similarity to my father, John F. Childress, Sr. (1918-1977).  The second family group reminds me of the Mathis side of the family, while the third photo is quite possibly a Mathis as well, particularly with the flinty blue eyes.  The last photo was originally believed to have been of David Franklin Childress (1862-1937); however, I now do not believe that to be the case, given the makeup of the photo and his age at death.  He does, however, have the same prominent ears as my grandfather (his nephew), William Thomas Childress (1874-1959).

olpht23C.jpg (49241 bytes)    olpht31C.jpg (44328 bytes)    olpht68C woman with blue eyes like mathis.jpg (65198 bytes)    chlddfC.jpg (89132 bytes)

I have no clues as to the identity of the following individuals, although for some reason I associate the first lady with the Speer surname.

olpht04C.jpg (28593 bytes)    olpht06C.jpg (18735 bytes)    olpht08C.jpg (21586 bytes)    olpht09C.jpg (16078 bytes)    olpht12C.jpg (26279 bytes)

olpht10C.jpg (70633 bytes)    olpht13C.jpg (38181 bytes)    olpht14C.jpg (28684 bytes)    olpht15C.jpg (41360 bytes)    olpht16C.jpg (37245 bytes)

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For additions, corrections or comments, please send an e-mail to Patrick Childress