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Overton DNA Project

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  All data therein is maintained in the same fashion and by the same Project Administrators. 

The following proposed Lineage Tree for the Overton "Clan 1" in the Y-DNA project remains a valid proposition:

Note to following Clan 1 "Proposed Lineage Tree":
My (J.P. Childress) Overton Lineage has been verified by use of Y-DNA.  I constructed the following family tree using the results of DNA testing on participants in the FamilyTreeDNA project.

The following chart represents a proposed lineage that might possibly exist, given the known documentation of each of the Participant's line and the Y-DNA results of the six Overton DNA participant (as of July 1, 2009). Perhaps the only significant contrary finding is the Y-DNA "signature" of Alton Lee Overton (1933-2000).  His DNA reflected a three step mutation compared to the probable M.R.C.A. (most recent common ancestor) Y-DNA alleles values.  While this occurrence is not impossible, it is somewhat improbable.  However, Alton Lee's closest "documented" cousin, Donald Ray Overton (b. 1945) has a much closer alignment with the MRCA alleles values, so perhaps Alton's Y-DNA (and that of his immediate ancestors) did, in fact, mutate in an unusually rapid fashion.

In any event, the reader should accept the following as only a proposed chart and should strive to find documentation that will either validate or invalidate these findings.   (J.P. Childress - July 2009)

Note:  Chart updated with new findings and alignments as of October 11, 2009.  In this new alignment, Alton Lee and Donald Ray Overton lineages were placed under the David Overton, b. 1765, the son of Aaron Overton (earlier lineage was under David Overton, son of John Overton, Sr. b. 1720).

Proposed Most Recent Common Ancestor is John Overton, born before 1689, married Elizabeth McDonald who was born about 1690.  This John and Elizabeth are mentioned in the Onslow Precinct, Bath County, North Carolina several times.  Their thirteen documented children are James, Mary, Sarah, John, Naomy, Elizabeth, Susannah, Patience, Aaron, Moses, David, Jesse and Angel.  (Brothers shown below in blue:)

John Overton, Sr., born 1720 in Moore County, North Carolina and married Sarah Hummet, born about 1720.

Aaron Overton, born 1733 in Onslow County, North Carolina; died 1774 in Cumberland County, NC
(Brothers shown below in mauve.)

James Overton, born 1710 in North Carolina

John, Jr. 1758
Moore County, NC to Baton Rouge Parish, LA ca. 1819.  Had 4 surviving children by first wife Christian (Jackson); one surviving son Thomas Jefferson Overton by his second wife, Susannah (Unknown) in Louisiana.

David 1765
Moore County, NC to Warren County, TN around 1814
(Brothers shown below in gray.)
Moses 1763 Jesse 1761 Nathaniel 1739
Jesse 1787
Born in Moore County, NC in 1787; moved to Maury County, TN where he died in 1856
Moses 1808

David Ransom 1822
Warren County, TN to Brazoria County, TX

John Bibb 1821

David 1795 Asa 1771
Samuel E. 1821
Born in Maury County, TN in 1821, moved to Smith County, TX where he died in 1897.
Anderson 1837 Andrew Jackson, Sr. 1867 Adolphus “Doll” Henry 1850 Jackson S. 1825 Drewry 1815
Knox 1868 Franklin 1862 Tom Dave, Sr. 1906 Robert Rueben “Bud” 1898 Samuel W. 1849 Thomas 1846
Frank 1906 Miles A. 1888

Donald Ray Overton b. 1945
Horseshoe Bay, TX
(Kit 36590)

Robert Lee Overton
b. 1926
Houston, TX
(Kit 70278)

Lester E. 1889 Benjamin Franklin 1883
Billy F. 1934 Vern A. 1911 - - Herman Glynn 1927 Howard M. 1913

Keith A. Overton b. 1964
Argyle, TX

(Kit 27980)

Alton Lee Overton
b. 1933
Las Vegas, Nevada
(Kit 23012)

- -

Kevin G. Overton
b. 1956
(Kit 150858)

Howard B. Overton
b. 1940

McPherson, KS
(Kit 90215)

Note:  In the chart above, similar background colors indicate proposed brothers.

Note:  The above data is merely a proposed lineage relationship chart between the Overton DNA Project participants, based on their respective Y-DNA test results as of 7/30/2009.  Kevin G. Overton’s final results are not yet available as of this date.  A potentially difficult fact to explain is that Alton Lee Overton’s results reflected a three single step mutation against the proposed baseline which seems to indicate a low probability of having the ancestry as this chart indicates.  Extended marker analysis likely will be the only way in which a more concrete lineage chart can be constructed, along with pertinent documentation, of course.  Donald Ray (36590) and Kevin G. (150858) both have 37-marker tests; the other participants have only 25-marker tests.











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