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OVERTON Ancestors
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Overton Ancestor Photographs
Jesse Overton (1787-1856)

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How common is the surname "Overton?"  According to the 1990 U.S. census figures, "Overton" is the 1,542nd most popular name with approximately 20,000 U.S. citizens representing about .008% of the population.

OVERTON - We have an ongoing DNA project in which we are endeavoring to sort out the various family lines with the surname of Overton.  We are using the latest DNA technology and are under the auspices of FamilyTreeDNA, a Houston-based company specializing in DNA testing for genealogical purposes.  Click here to go to another page on this website for further details on the testing.

The Overton name provides us the best avenue for tracing long-ago relatives on our family tree.  However, the earliest photographs currently in my possession feature some of the children and descendants of Jesse Overton (1787-1856).  Jesse was born in North Carolina, but lived most of his adult life in Maury County, Tennessee.  He married Susanna Alexander (1789-1858) and is buried in the Alexander Cemetery in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  Pictured below, left to right, is the entrance stone to the cemetery; the interior of the graveyard; Jesse Overton's tombstone and finally, the tombstone of his mother-in-law, Margaret (Carter) Alexander (1770-1820).  The Childress/Mathis Family Tree (linked below) has a great deal of information on Jesse Overton.

Ancestral Lineage:  John Overton, Sr. (b. 1720) > John Overton, Jr. (b. 1758) > Jesse Overton (b. 1787) > Dr. Samuel Overton (b. 1821) > Mary Elizabeth Overton Childress (b. 1855) > William Thomas Childress (b. 1874) > John F. Childress (b. 1918) > JPC (b. 1945)

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Alexander Cemetery entrance.jpg (33434 bytes)    Alexander Cemetery with gravestones.jpg (40352 bytes)    Overton Jesse 1787 - 1856 tombstone (2).jpg (37679 bytes)    Carter Margaret Alexander 1770 - 1820.jpg (38315 bytes)

(Above photographs courtesy of Howard Bramlette of Nashville, Tennessee, a direct descendant of Jesse Overton)

Going back much further in time, one can make the case that the very oldest "documented" ancestral line in this entire "Childress/Mathis Photo" website is associated with the Overton lineage.  If the research is valid, one can begin with Robert de Estouteville, Baron of Cottingham, Yorkshire (in the reign of William the Conqueror) who married Blanche, daughter of Guethenoc, Sire of Rieux.  Thus, we could begin this line around the middle of the 11th century, as William invaded England in 1066.  Following are images of the ancestral lineage leading up to Diana Skipwith, born May 27, 1621 who is said to have married Major Edward Dale about 1650.  A daughter from that marriage*, Katherine Dale (1652 to 1703) married Thomas Carter (1630 to 1700) in 1670; and their second great granddaughter, Margaret Carter (1770 to 1820) married Eleazer Alexander (1763 to 1810) about 1787.  Their daughter, Susanna Alexander (1789 to 1858) married the aforementioned Jesse Overton in 1810.

The following images were furnished to this writer in 2009 by Martin Wood of Leicestershire County, England.  Mr. Wood lives near the area where the Skipwith family were prominent.  In 2008 Mr. Wood published a book about his own lineage beginning with Sir Thomas More.  The first two images trace the family lineage as abbreviated in the preceding paragraph and the last image is a photograph of the tomb of Sir William Skipwith (ca. 1540 to 1610) and the first of his two wives, Margaret Cave (died 1594).  The tomb of his second wife, Dame Jane Roberts (died 1630) is in St. Andrew's Church, Prestwold, Leicestershire, England.

Skipwith Pedigree - p.1. (Medium).jpg (78002 bytes) Skipwith Pedigree - p.2. (Medium).jpg (78499 bytes) Tomb of Sir William Skipwith (Medium).jpg (102903 bytes)

*In the interest of full disclosure, there is some controversy over whether the aforementioned Katherine Dale's mother was, in fact, Diana Skipwith.  While there seems to be total agreement that Katherine was the daughter of Major Edward Dale, some researchers believe Katherine's mother to be an earlier, unnamed wife of Edward Dale.  If that is indeed the case, the above lineage description is merely an interesting foray into a royal lineage - one unassociated by marriage to this Overton line.  The reader may wish to read of the controversy at the following Roots Web website on the above families.

Click here to go to the Childress/Mathis Family Tree data on Roots Web for notes on the above individuals.

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