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MCMULLEN Ancestors
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McMullen Ancestor Photographs

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How common is the surname "McMullen?"  According to the 1990 U.S. census figures, "McMullen" is the 1,062th most popular name with approximately 20,000 U.S. citizens representing about .008% of the population .

MagillCeme.jpg (41064 bytes)Before we jump off into the photographs of McMullen ancestors, it is only fitting we pay tribute to some of their other ancestors, namely the Magills.  John Liner Gooch (1790-1844) married Susanna Magill (1791-1870) in 1811.  According to Ezra Smith McMullen, they traveled over the mountains of Virginia in a two-wheeled ox cart around 1812 and settled in the Lincoln County, Kentucky area.  Some of their kinfolk came onward to Texas and settled in the hill country.  The Magill name was well regarded in the Burnet County area, as the historical plaque demonstrates.  The subject of the plaque, William H. Magill (1813-1878), was the nephew of Susanna Magill.  William (along with several of his relatives) was a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle in Texas' bid for independence from Mexico.  Two grandchildren of John Liner Gooch and wife Susanna Magill (John Liner McMullen and wife Susan Craig Gooch) also settled in the Texas hill country, migrating down from their Kentucky home in the mid-19th century and settling in the small community of Bertram, Burnet County, Texas.

The Family of John Liner McMullen (1847-1913)

Ancestral Lineage:  John Wilson McMullen (b. 1797) > Shelby McMullen (b. abt. 1820) > John Liner McMullen (b. 1847) > Eva Ellen McMullen Mathis (b. 1886) > Dorothy Lou Mathis Childress (b. 1922) > JPC (b. 1945)

John Liner McMullen (1847-1913) was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky but moved his family to the little hill country town of Bertram, Burnet County, Texas in 1884.  In the photo above, John and his wife (and first cousin) Susan Craig (Gooch) McMullen (1846-1917) are shown with the two youngest of five children, Dean M. McMullen (1883-1930) and Eva Ellen (McMullen) Mathis (1886-1935).  One of the distinctions that John and his wife Susan achieved was an award at the Burnet County Fair for being the heaviest couple in attendance.  John McMullen was a very sociable man, as many of the old photographs picture him in the company of his friends, such as the following:

McMullenJohn Liner and associates circa 1900.jpg (49152 bytes)    McMullenJohn@fair.jpg (82816 bytes)

In the first photo, the gentleman in the upper right corner is John Liner McMullen, in case you don't recognize the stature.  John is on the front row, second from the right, in the second photo.  Note the number of stars on Old Glory.

Pictured below are the children of John Liner McMullen and wife Susan Craig (Gooch) McMullen, in order of birth.  Louisa Jane (McMullen) Leach (b. 1868), Ezra Smith McMullen (1873-1846), Ira G. McMullen (1877-1923) and Eva Ellen (McMullen) Mathis (1886-1935).  I have no adult photograph of Dean M. McMullen (1883-1930).

(Click on the thumbnail sketches below to see enlarged views.)

McMullen Louisa Jane 1868.jpg (35839 bytes)      McMullen Ezra Smith 1873 - 1946 portrait.jpg (36006 bytes)      McMullen Ira 1877 - 1923 portrait.jpg (37550 bytes)      McMullen Eva Ellen 1886 - 1935 portrait.jpg (38122 bytes)

Contemporary McMullen Family Reunion

Lloyd Victor Mathis (1919-2000) spent a great deal of time during his retired years tracing the family heritage and staying in contact with his contemporaries in the family.  Somewhere around the year 1987, Lloyd put together a family reunion in Tyler, Texas.  Several McMullen descendents attended, as shown in this photograph:

McMullen Reunion about 1987 (comp).jpg (64397 bytes)

Those in attendance were as follow:
First Row: Chris Mueller, Elsie McMullen (wife of Duane McMullen), Willie (Lynch) McMullen (wife of Leo McMullen), Mrs. Leonard Bump and two children, Donna Kay (McMullen) Williams, Janice McMullen (wife of Jacob Alfred McMullen), Earl Mueller;
Second Row:  Cody Childress, Julia (Ratliff) Mathis, Margaret Mueller (daughter of June McMullen Mueller), Michelle McMullen (daughter-in-law of Willie McMullen), Cleo (Mathis) Jones, Janie (Leach) Bump, June (McMullen) Richardson, Tom Richardson (son of June);
Third Row:  Harold Mueller, Jacob Alfred McMullen, Lloyd Mathis, Duane McMullen, John Franklin Childress, Jr., Delmar Bump, Leonard Bump, Dorothy (Mathis) Childress, Lloyd Michael Childress, Randy Williams

Other Relations - Gooch/McMullen/Singleton

Photographs of individuals related to John Liner McMullen are featured below.  The first rather stern looking lady is, I believe, Elizabeth Jane (Gooch) McMullen (b. abt. 1829), the mother of John Liner McMullen and the wife of Shelby McMullen (b. 1823).  The second photograph features one of her three daughters, Clarinda Jane McMullen Eoff (born March 31, 1852).

As a further validation of the identity of Elizabeth Jane Gooch McMullen, I received a note from an individual who had the same photograph and had also identified it as E.J.G. McMullen.  When I queried the source of her identification, here was her response:  "Identified by photos found at my Grandmother's Irene Godbey Eoff's house and other Eoff research.  She is still alive at 97 years old.  We went through all the Eoff/McMullen/Gooch pictures she had kept in a box my Grand Aunt Catherine Eoff Blair had at her death.  Many of them you can find attached to my tree.  Elizabeth McMullen's daughter, Clarinda Jane McMullin's pictures were all in the box.  Looking through my records I scanned this picture the same day so almost sure this exact picture was included. I f you compare, you will see the family resemblance."

The next photo portrait is of Ray Singleton (b. 1886), John Liner McMullen's nephew and son of General H. Singleton (b. 1858) and wife Ezadora Norwood (McMullen) Singleton (b. 1856).  The next photo possibly is General H. Singleton (note that "General" is the given name of this individual, not a military title), wife Ezadora and one of their daughters - perhaps Dovie (Singleton) Fore (b. 1896), although I have no definitive proof of this.  This same photo is shown in the "Unidentified Photos," page 2 of 4.

As an update to the above, I found a verifiable photograph of the General Harrison Singleton family taken circa 1901 in Burnet County, Texas and have added it as the fifth photograph below, right.  The viewer can decide whether these are the same two families.  The sixth photograph below was taken on the same photo shoot as the Singleton group shot and features two of the boys, Miles and Irvine (a.k.a. Gaius U.) Singleton.  This same photo (#62) is shown in the "Unidentified Photos," page 2.

Gooch Elizabeth Jane ca 1820 maybe.jpg (36886 bytes)        Singleton Ray born 1885 portrait.jpg (48168 bytes)    olpht65C daughter with parents in pose.jpg (75888 bytes)       

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More McMullen Ancestor Photos (children of John Liner McMullen):

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