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Childress/Mathis Family Tree – You probably got to this photograph website via the Childress/Mathis Family Tree on Roots Connect.  If you haven't visited the website, it will be worth your time to investigate the background of those folks whose photos you’ve been viewing.  Be sure to note the birth and death dates of the people whom you wish to look up, as there are many repetitive names in this 4,600+ database, distinguishable one from another only by birth and death dates. 

Dr. Samuel Overton Medical Ledgers, Transcribed – Dr. Sam Overton (1821 to 1897) was born in Tennessee, but moved to East Texas to start up his medical practice.  He kept meticulous records of his medical routines in ledgers, seven of which survive intact to this day.  This writer transcribed over 12,500 such entries and used the data to formulate a database of information, which was then used to extract a variety of conclusions and statistics concerning 19th century medical practices.  An interesting read, I think! 

Letters from the Past, E.C. Overton (1812 to 1903) to J.F. Overton (1816 to 1879) – Eleazer was the eldest son of Jesse Overton and wife Susannah Alexander.  Around the Civil War period, Eleazer wrote his younger brother Colonel John Overton in Texas numerous letters concerning the contemporary state of conditions in Tennessee.  A “must read” for any Overton descendant. 

Joseph McKay 1883 Diary – Joseph R. McKay (1852 to 1943), a native of east Texas, visited his ancestral homeland in Tennessee during the summer of 1883.  He kept a daily diary of activities for the entire summer.  A rather tedious read, but probably interesting to descendants. 

Smith County Historical Society – This homepage is replete with information about the early citizens of east Texas.  Several of the above linked pages are rooted in this website.  (NOTE:  All three of the previous URL's (Dr. Overton's Medical Ledgers, E.C. Overton's letters and Joseph McKay's 1883 Diary entries) link back to this Smith County Historical Society.  So, if the reader finds a broken link, you might want to do a web search for this Smith County site and link to the specific entry from there.)

Roots Web Surname Message Board – If you’ve run out of luck trying to get a line on an early ancestor, you may wish to post a message on the appropriate surname web page at this site.  You can also search the archives for others interested in the same names, dates, locations, etc. 

Mormon Church Data Base – The world’s largest online accumulation of family tree databases available at no charge to the user.  In my opinion, this site is rivaled only by the Roots Connect site linked above.

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