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Ebenezer Cemetery

Ebenezer Cemetery
Arp, Smith County, Texas

Ebenezer Cemetery is located just outside the small East Texas town of Arp, and is near Troup and Omen.  Many family members of the Overton, Childress, Barron and associated names have "permanent homes" here.   I can vividly recall the lowering of the caskets of my Childress grandparents, William Thomas and wife Mary Frances ("Fannie") into their respective graves.  I have included a miscellany of photos of the tombstones in this small, but restive, cemetery.  I could well find myself there someday in the future, but hopefully not too soon!

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gpgmchildress.jpg (60844 bytes)    4childressrocks.jpg (61012 bytes)    marychildress.jpg (58127 bytes)    davfrchildress.jpg (59096 bytes)

Overton Gravesites:

artieoverton.jpg (62806 bytes)    bfoverton.jpg (67656 bytes)    drsamoverton.jpg (59808 bytes)    juliaoverton.jpg (60824 bytes)

More Overton Gravesites:

sammieoverton.jpg (61340 bytes)    sarahoverton.jpg (57916 bytes)    susannaovertn.jpg (61096 bytes)    mandaoverton.jpg (57215 bytes)

Other Related Gravesites:

alvlanier.jpg (67192 bytes)    tomlanier.jpg (62100 bytes)    roboverton.jpg (61448 bytes)    marthchildress.jpg (60268 bytes)

Click here to go to the Childress/Mathis Family Tree data on Roots Web for notes on the above individuals.  For a complete listing of all those interred in Ebenezer Cemetery (abt. 1980), click here.

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