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Coats of Arms

Coats of arms for the "primary" surnames in the Childress/Mathis family tree are shown below.  Most of these designs were retrieved from a website entitled "Coats of Arms, Designs of Wonder," although the Childress, Mathis, Speer and Gooch designs were obtained from other sources.

The reader may be interested in researching the meaning of the various symbols used in the following coats of arm.  For example, the buckles displayed on the Childress coat of arm symbolizes "victorious fidelity in authority" while the color read symbolizes "warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity."

The viewer should realize that the legitimate claim to a coat of arm design is available only through the Herald Registry.  These designs are intended for information only and no representation of registration of these designs to the specific families in the Childress/Mathis family tree is implied.  There are two separate Gooch coats of arms shown in the first row.  The final image was commissioned by Evalena Gooch Singleton (b. 1879), noted family genealogist and wife of Dr. Tilden H. Singleton, sometime in the mid 20th century.

First Row:  Alexander, Barron, Childress, Gooch (2 shown)

Alexander Crest.jpg (26330 bytes)    Barron Crest.jpg (34973 bytes)    ChildersCoatofArms.jpg (41174 bytes)    Gooch Crest.jpg (26419 bytes)    Gooch Crest commissioned by Eva Gooch Singleton.jpg (67382 bytes)

Second Row:  Houston, Ingram, Jackson, Mathis

Houston Crest.jpg (38054 bytes)    Ingram Crest.jpg (34430 bytes)    Jackson Crest.jpg (36138 bytes)    Mathis Crest.jpg (65739 bytes)

Third Row:  McFadden, McMullen, Overton, Speer, Thornton

McFadden Crest.jpg (36217 bytes)    McMullen Crest.jpg (34612 bytes)    Overton Crest.jpg (36489 bytes)    Speer Crest.jpg (38255 bytes)    Thornton Crest.jpg (36843 bytes)

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