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The James River Viking Clan
Supplemental Website

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SUMMARY STATEMENT:  As of February 2013 there are approximately 127 individuals who have joined the Childers/Childress DNA Project; about one half of these DNA "testers" have confirmed DNA results that place them in this category of this "James River Viking Clan" making this clan, by far, the largest single ancestral grouping in the entire Childers/Childress DNA project.  This project is associated with only the one half of the Childers/Childress Y-DNA Participants whose test results place them in this Clan.

There are Three Parts to this Project

  1. The FamilyTreeDNA public website for the Childers/Childress "James River Viking Clan" which is the primary and controlling element for the administration of the Y-DNA test results for Clan participants.  The reader will find a variety of online reports that will help them understand the DNA test reports.

  2. A Constantly Evolving "Proposed" Family Tree for the very earliest American settlers who immigrated to North American in the 17th century.

  3. This "Supplemental" James River Viking Clan website, devoted to those Childers/Childress participants whose Y-DNA test results place them in this clan.  This website is devoted to ancestral materials not readily available on the primary Y-DNA website (see #1, above) such as photographs and documents as well as links to outside websites.

The reader will find that conclusions are best reached only after visiting and utilizing all three websites, in conjunction with one another.






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