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My New Hobby Stained Glass

Following a 4 day course in January at W.I. Denman College in Oxfordshire I now have a brand new hobby. Stained Glass. On the course I made a leaded glass panel 16" square. Fired with enthusiasm on my return I collected together the tools and materials I need and am now 'in production' in the garage. I make suncatchers using the Tiffany technique of copper foiling and stained glass topped stepping stones. I have sold quite a lot of things via the Uttoxeter Country Market and shows it attends and also through friends and via Lady Foley's Tearoom on Malvern station which is run by Jenny's mother-in-law, Margaret Baddeley.

I now have an online shop via my website and have items on sale here via FOLKSY.

The photos on this page are a bit out of date now and will, like the family tree files, be updated - when I find time.

First leaded glass - window panel made at WI Denman College

First glass piece made unsupervised. My little leaded stained glass window to fit in the door of the outside loo

"Isobel" as an alphabet mobile - first attempt at copper foiling

Second copper foiled piece. A suncatcher in pink to match the decor in Isobel's nursery.

Blue and clear circle - practising cutting curves

Leaded suncatcher waiting for Jenny to paint a blue flower in the diamondu

10 piece copper foil worm now hanging from one of my hanging baskets

Copper foil suncatcher. Practice piece

Copper foil blue iridescent butterfly with glass bead antenae. This one shows a major improvement in technique probably because I now have a fully set up studio And a glass sssbei

  Little blue teddy bear - for a baby present - hangs from a ribbon not a chain

  Little brown and red teddy. baby's present

  Pretty white iridescent dove in a bright blue sky

A red heart. Spare for sister Rosemary

  Pink angel with a halo that looks like a hat. Odd

  Gold Ruby and diamonds.

  Little bee to sit on a stick in a flower pot

Rather lovely  shimmering dragonfly in blue, green and turquoise

  5 point star with 3 baubles in the middle

  Turquoise butterfly

  A sweet little friend to look after the plants

This brightly coloured caterpillar does not eat the plant it sits in. Have now mastered the fitting of a spring to the base into which a peastick can then fit.



Credit here to Bill Davies our super tutor on the Denman course.