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Here are some of more general photos - of our house and garden and of our lives when we are not motorhome travelling abroad

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Our new Magnolia had its very first bud

My Delphiniums grow well despite the snails

Lovely colours of sweet peas this year

Close encounter with a peach coloured foxglove

Pasque Flowers are gorgeous

Anemone with a little poetic enhancement

Jenny (youngest daughter) and great nephew


London red buses

Spring blossom

Autumn Hellenium - wonderful colour

Our wonderful Camelia. It flowers late so doesn't get hit by frost

Delphinium display. Grew these from seed and they are strong enough to beat the slugs

Early sun on the delicate poppy stems

oriental looking flowering cherry

Roses - not mine but in Trentham Italian gardens

We try to grow plants which attract butterflies

Foxglove and Achillea

Bright red Hellenium

Summer bedding - petunias, lobelia and sweet peas

Peaks of Delphiniums at their peak !

Giant Foxglove

Pots full of summer bedding

Lychnis and Phlox

Summer flowers outside the garage, by the greenhouse

Dahlia display


Long tailed tit enjoying our peanuts

Autumn spider

Osteospernum - is that how it is spelt ?

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