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Notes on my Family Tree Research and Records


I must apologise for any sometimes odd and/or seemingly miscellaneous bits of information which I include
 in my working notes but these often prove invaluable at a later date when I am trying to connect a family

There are some people included in the tree who have no currently proven link to my family members but I use the strategy that all information I obtain is is filed just in case I may need it later.




I have not included on this website all the notes in my tree – only those which are recorded as ‘Events’. If you have any queries on specific individuals it is quite possible that I have more information available.  I am always very willing to extract a Gedcom file of a family line to send out by email.  

See virus scan note below.




My email address as used on this website  mailto:JOYBOBTREE@JSALT3.FREESERVE.CO.UK is specific to this family tree site which will allow me to identify Emails which are Family tree / website related. This is necessary as I receive a lot of Spam mail and I have set up my Email so that 95% of this are deleted unread. Oh to find a way to stop Spam coming in at all > 



I have most recently, just before reloading the website, spent some time going through the tree
to ensure that names are to a more consistent format than previously. This makes it easier to group families together especially where there are different ways of spelling a surname. (eg Brining / Bryning or Fernyhough / Fernihough).  It also helps me avoid duplicate recording.  My recent exercise to tidy up the tree revealed several instances where a wife married the same husband twice with just a slight difference in spelling of their names ! 



I have also, for ease of reference, made sure that everyone in the tree has an approximate date of birth.
 Where dates are unknown I have had to assume that husband and wife are born in same year,
 that first child is born when parents are aged 25 and that subsequent children are born 2 years apart.
 This strategy appears to have a reasonable validity but please 'shout'
 if I have made you or your relatives far too old or too young and I will make the necessary corrections.




Since the website was last updated I have had little time for new research so this is a tidier
 rather than a much expanded tree.
One area where I have added more detail is in the Royal lines where I have attempted to include all the
 English and Scottish Kings. This is in addition to those who are in my direct line of descent.
 I used data from the official Royal Family website  as a reference and apologise for any errors I may have made in transcription.




I hope in the coming months to concentrate on more research on my immediate family lines and
will update the website as new data becomes available to me.




My research to date has been mainly carried out from home.

As we now live in the lovely Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire access to the records from our original home areas of Lancashire and Staffordshire is not very easy. My PC however gives me access to the growing volumes of genealogical information on the internet, contact with fellow researchers by Email and also to my genealogy related CDs.  It also allows me to scan in old photos, certificates and to download more recent pictures from the digital camera. When I have collected all  the information it then provides me with software facilities to enter the data and present it lots of different formats.

 I also have a very old Bell and Howell Microfiche reader on which I can read old parish records.

 Isn’t technology wonderful !


Now I am retired it should in theory be easier for me to get out and about to the record offices. That has not yet proved to be the case as we have been far to busy ‘holidaying’ in our motorhome. The coming winter months should hopefully find me bent over a fiche reader in my local LDS centre.




I use FAMILY TREE MAKER (had to buy it) to record all the information in my family tree file. This is the software I started with and with which I have become most familiar. I find FTM better for data entry than the other software I have tried.  It has a brilliant relationship calculator which means I can immediately work out how I am related to anyone else in the tree.

I do not use FTM to build my famly tree website or webpages.  My family tree is just too big for Family Tree Maker which tries to upload the entire file in one go and the two hours uninterrupted connection time allowed by my ISP, Freeserve, does not give sufficient time to upload the file. FTM is also not too good when it comes to selecting specific family lines for export to someone else.



I use LEGACY (downloaded free from the internet (  ) to build my website. In order to do that I export my Family Tree Maker file to GEDCOM format and then Import it to LEGACY.  Legacy provides a simple to use website builder which gives various options of format (I use Pedigree view) and also provides Name and Surname indexes – as found on this site. Legacy also provides an excellent ‘people’ selection facility via tags so it is easy to create files containing only members of one particular line – this allows me to create, send out selective Gedcom files where requested.

I do have problems incorporating photographs as Legacy converts lowercase photo file names to upper case in its hyperlinks (and the internet is case-sensitive so will only find links in the correct case). It will also only allow one photo per page so I have to use Front Page Express to add in any others. I also have to be very careful where I put the photos to ensure that a simple 'same folder' link is created. When the web pages are viewed on my PC all can appear to be OK but if I have made any mistakes once the pages are on the web the link errors are revealed !




I also use PAF (downloaded free from the internet ( ) to build charts, export to Excel spreadsheet format etc.  I use the Gedcom file out of FTM and import it into PAF the same as I do with Legacy.




I am very computer literate as I should be as I spent 30+ years of working life in IT though on Mainframe computers not PCs. This makes it easy for me to use the PC for my Family Tree ‘work’. I have not yet learned (lack of time) HMTL but a bit of confient trial and error goes a long way I find.  I do have great admiration for those who have no such  IT experience yet successfully meet the challenge of the foibles of home PCs. .




I do not make use of Source references in my tree.

 It would probably be better if I did but as a beginner I did not do so and I have rather too many people in my tree now to start again !

Some data is source referenced but most is not.  I do keep all emails relating to family tree matters filed by surname so can generally answer queries. I do have a full copy of the English 1881 census, a number of parish record microfiche, various directories (Pigots etc), Memorial inscription transcriptions, Vital record CDs etc etc and spend many hours checking through these in addition to the time I spend on the internet. The most obvious sources of information on the internet are IGI and FreeBMD but I have also made use of the 1901 census and the Scottish GROS service. See useful website page

One of my most valuable sources of information is the genealogy mailing lists. Members of these lists are generally only too happy to assist someone else in their research – and it is of course essential to reciprocate by assisting others where one has access to requested information.




I have tried to ensure, with this latest version of my family tree that everyone has a reasonable format name and an approximate birth date.  This makes it far easier to identify people when I have a query. An undated entry of ‘John Smith’ is not very helpful especially when there are 10 such entries ! 

I am also correcting any entry I find, as I come to it, which has incomplete location details – as it was suggested to me that all entries should include country,  I have not yet amended all the entries but will get it done in time.




Last and not least I have AVG virus scanner installed and running on both my PC and my laptop.

 This is free software which can be downloaded from  I download very regular updates and run the scanner at least once a day. More if there are any particularily evil bugs doing the rounds.

 I NEVER open attachments unless I know what they are and where they come from and I generally ‘preread’ all emails, before opening them, using right click to Properties and then selecting Details, Message Source. I have come across some pretty nasty little viruses in this way and managed to throw them away without catching them.

I also have a Zone Alarm fire wall and its astonishing how many unsuccessful attempts to get into my PC are logged every hour.  Again ZALOGS software is free from



and Finally


GOOD LUCK with your Family Research




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