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Richardsons of Ohio, West Virginia, and All Points Beyond

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Mystery House
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This webpage is dedicated to my paternal Richardsons. I tackled their mostly forgotten and seemingly unremarkable history and after twenty-five years of digging, dusting off countless courthouse records, and tramping through obscure cemeteries in 3 states, I have found enough pieces of the puzzle to warrant a reconstruction of the Richardson family journey.

It is journey, perhaps, much like that of thousands of other immigrant families, but for me, the Richardson journey is personal, because it has shaped and informed my own history.

It is also a journey of threads intricately woven into the complex tapestry of other family histories. I share my research and discoveries because if we work together and share our missing puzzle pieces, we can, perhaps, reconstruct a larger and richer story.

Truth be told, I've been smitten by the genealogy bug! For me, the missing puzzle piece is just around the corner, the key to a photograph, perhaps, in yet another long forgotten attic hatbox - best of all, yet another undiscovered cousin?

What's in your attic?

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