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Katherine, Adah, Louisa, and Julia Wiley Newspaper Tidbits

Newspaper Tidbits
Katherine Wiley, Julia Ann McConkey Wiley, Louisa Carouthers Wiley, and Adah May Wiley

These ladies were Mary Ellen Wiley Richardson's unmarried sisters.

The Wheeling Register had a Board of Education report and every year from 1874 to 1878 Julia M. Wiley was teaching at the Madison School in the grammar department.
The Wheeling Register

Miss Kate Wiley, of Mansfield, Ohio, is visiting Mrs. Jim Vanpelt.
Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (Martins Ferry) March 4, 1885
Home Weekly

The new cottages are being occupied as fast as the children arrive. A number of changes are being made in the cottages. Miss French and Miss Wiley are now comfortably settled, with their boys, in Nos 21 and 22. Miss Pritchard, who moved from No. 5 to 23 will change again with her boys to No. 2, and Mrs. Morrel will take no. 23, which will be filled with boys as fast as they arrive. Mrs. Clark has charge of no. 24, and is getting things in working order with her new boys. Mrs. Neil and Miss Dummitt will preside in nos. 25 and 26, and they are getting their cottages arranged for children. Miss Reed and Miss Thrall, who have occupied nos. 2 and 4 were requested to move, with their boys, to no. 27 and 28, which was granted. Miss Post will be transferred to-day from no. 13 to no. 5, and will have new girls. Miss Yoder already has no. 3 in charge and Miss Foland will take charge of no. 1 as soon as she recovers from her sick spell. Mrs. Tarbutton, who will arrive today, will take charge of no. 13.

Daily Gazette, Xenia, Ohio January 21, 1889 p 3

Miss M. J. Wiley, of the Island, will spend the summer with friends in Chicago.
The Wheeling Sunday Register, July 1, 1890

Miss Adda M. Wiley of Chicago visiting Miss Minnie Scott.
Mansfield News, Saturday, September 17, 1890

Miss J. M. Wily, grammar teacher at Madison School, is spending her vacation at Chicago.
The Wheeling Register, July 6, 1892

House Weekly
A telegram from Miss Wiley, of cottage 22, states that her mother with whom she has been for the past week was not expected to live. Miss Wiley has the sincere sympathy of her many friends.

Daily Gazette, Xenia, Ohio December 17, 1892 p. 2

Home Weekly

Word was received from Miss Kate Wiley that her mother whom she had been attending for several weeks, died Tuesday, January 3rd. Miss Wiley will probably remain with her sister in Chicago. In her resignation from her position as cottage matron from the Home sustains a severe loss. Her fourteen years of service here have been eminently successful. The sympathy and best wishes of her associates in work, as well as all the pupils who have been under her care, go with her.

Daily Gazette, Xenia, Ohio January 9, 1893 p. 3

Miss Addie Wiley, of Chicago, is visiting Miss Minnie Scott, of East First street, for a few days.
Mansfield News, May 14, 1895

A. Wiley, of New York, and sister, Miss Julia, of Wheeling, visited their sister, Mrs. Ella Richardson Friday and Saturday.
Monroe Gazette, May 21, 1896

There was a series of long articles in this time frame over the issue of Julia Wiley and why she should be let go as a teacher. Evidently she was out of date.
The Wheeling Register, July 17, 1896

Madison School Editor of the Register Sir: I wish to add a few words to endorse the noble efforts of A. Clark, Dr. Ulr{illegible}, and other gentlemen of the Board of Education, who champion the cause of Miss Julia Wiley.The writer has personally known Miss Wiley for years, as a taxpayer and patron of Madison School, and having three of my my children as pupils, I think I have a right to be heard, especially when I believe that an act of injustice has been done. There is no lady who ever taught at Madison who stands higher in the estimation of the pupils and their parents, or guardians, than "Miss Julia Wiley," noted as she is for her noble, Christian character, scholarly attainments, and kind treatment of her pupils. In the years that have past her friends are "legion" throughout the district and city where ever she is known. I am surprised to see that any one who calls himself a representative of the taxpayers and patrons of Madison school, oppose the will of the people of the Island, who placed them in that position, by so unjustly taking a stand against such a faithful servant as Miss Wiley for little or no reason.
I trust that the majority of the Board of Education will co-operate with Mr. Clarke and Dr. Ulrich and see that justice is done this "lady", and will "reinstate" her in her old position, and let there be mere charity shown in the future and there will be less friction. Vox Populi
Wheeling Register, July 19, 1896

Miss Addie Wiley, of Chicago, will be the guest of Miss Minnie Scott, of East First street, for a few days.
Mansfield News, June 25, 1900

Miss Lou Wiley, of Wheeling, spent Thanksgiving with Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Griffith.
New Martinsville News, December 5, 1902 {Sardis column]

Miss Kate Wylie, matron of the Home for the Aged, at Wheeling, is visiting her niece, Mrs. Griffith.
Sentinel, May 14, 1908

Miss Lou Wiley of Wheeling is spending a few days at the home of her aunt Mrs. D. S.C. Griffith.
Spirit of Democracy, March 11, 1909

Miss Lou Wiley of Wheeling arrived Saturday noon for a visit with her aunt Mrs. Dr. Griffith.
Spirit of Democracy, Feb. 23 1911

Miss Lou Wiley returned to her home in Wheeling Sunday from a weeks visit here with relatives.
Spirit of Democracy, March 9, 1911

Miss Lou Wiley of Wheeling arrived Thursday for a short stay with relatives.
Spirit of Democracy, April 6, 1911

Miss Lou Wiley, of Wheeling, was a guest last week at the home of Dr. S. C. Griffith, of Sardis.
Monroe County Republican, March 17, 1913

Misses Kate and Lou Wiley of Wheeling were guests of Dr. S. C. Griffith and family.
Spirit of Democracy (Sardis) March 20, 1913
Miss Lou Wiley of Wheeling visited her sister Mrs. Ella Richardson the past week.
Spirit of Democracy (Sardis) April 1, 1915

Miss Lou Wiley of Wheeling visited her sister Mrs. Ella Richardson a few days last week.
Spirit of Democracy (Sardis) April 1, 1915
Misses Adah and Louise Wiley of Wheeling are the guests of their niece, Mrs. S.C. Griffith.
Worthington News, August 22, 1929

Former Clerk in Local P.O. Passes Away at Wheeling
Mrs. Alice Griffith spent a part of last week in Wheeling, West Virginia where she was called by the death of her aunt Miss Louise Wiley. Miss Wiley will be remembered by many people here having been engaged for two years as clerk in the Worthington Postoffice, several years ago.
Worthington News, March 31, 1931