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David V. Kennedy

    "Wells David" Kennedy
David Kennedy   
   Margaret "Peggy" Faulkner
David V. Kennedy   
Celia Pointer
Mary Elizabeth Mattingly
Photographs & Images 1. David V. Kennedy
  Birth: 18 Mar 1854, Garrard County, KY
Source Materials Death: 29 Dec 1921, Buffalo Springs Cem., Stanford, KY
  Occ: Owner, General Store & Flour Mill; McKinney KY
Family Memories
  Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Mattingly
Brickwalls Birth: 23 Apr 1852, Meade County, KY
Death: 9 Jul 1933, Calvery Cemetary, Nashville, TN
Return to Homepage Marr: 25 Nov 1875, Lincoln County, KY
1.1 Phillip Kennedy
1.2 David Joseph Kennedy
1.3 Oscar Kennedy
1.4 Elizabeth Kennedy
1.1 Phillip Kennedy
Birth: 1878, Lincoln County, KY
1.2 David Joseph Kennedy
1.3 Oscar Kennedy
Birth: 2 April 1887, Lincoln County, KY
Death: 28 Sep 1963, Nashville, TN
Buried: Grave 345C-1, Woodlawn Memorial Cementary, Nashville, TN
Spouse: Gletha Brock
Birth: 19 Oct 1889, Kentucky
Died: Nashville, TN
Buried: Grave 345C-2, Woodlawn Memorial Cementary, Nashville, TN
James E. (1908-)
Francis (1915-)
Kenneth Hubert (14 April 1917- 9 January 1973)
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