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Descendants of Richard JORDAN V


Generation No. 1

1. Richard5 JORDAN V (Joseph4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1) was born 1759 in Surry Co, VA, and died Bef. 22 Dec 1834 in Pitt Co, NC. He married Anna. She died Aft. Sep 1835.

Notes for Richard JORDAN V:

We know Richard was born 1759 in Surry Co, VA according to his pension. Our research centers on adult Jordan males still residing in Surry Co, VA during this time period that could be his father. He could be a son of Joseph Jordan as he mentions his two small sons: Richard and William in his Will.

Richard V mentions brother-in-law Burrell(Burwell) EDWARDS in his Rev. War pension.

We are pleased to find a descendant of this family! Mr. Bill Hocutt-( )

Mr. Hocutt's research on the Barfield family has been provide to us with his permission.

We encourage others to contribute additions or corrections to this Edgecombe/Pitt Co, NC research. This research is not complete. Any assistance is appreciated. Please contact Janet Burks ( if you descend from this man.

Thank you.

Janet Burks


Records from Pitt and Edgecombe Co, NC are found below the pension.

From Research of: Janet Burks and Fay Collins.

RICHARD JORDAN born ca 1759 Surry Co, VA received a Rev. War Pension. He served in the American Revolution from Edgecombe Co, NC.

The pension of Richard Jordan born 1759 in Surry Co, VA transcribed by Janet Burks:


RICHARD JORDAN, Pvt, Col. Caswell Company, 14 months

#7087 Rev. War INVALID, RICHARD JORDAN, Private, Rev. War, Act of 7 Jun 1832

Vol 103?? Page 1960

Side of sheet: Dead. See letter to P. Agt. 17 Sept 1835

Roll of NC at at the rate of $49.16 per annual to commerce on the 4th day of March 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 5 Apr 1833 and sent to A. Parker, Greenville, NC Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 $98.36 semi-anl allowances ending 4 Sept $24.58 Total: $122.90 Revolutionary Claims Act June 7, 1832 Recd by Nathan Rice? Clk Book E Vol O Page 45

State of NC, Pitt Co. On the 9th day of August 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the State and County aforesd now sitting Richard Jordan a resident of Pitt Co State of NC aged -----years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.

That he entered the service of the US under the following named officers and served as herein stated.

He states he was BORN in SURRY CO. in the State of VIRGINIA that he has no record of his age but believes he is 72 or 73 yrs of age that he was living in the County of Pitt and State of NC when called into service that since the Revolutionary War he has resided partly in PITT CO and state aforesd and a part of his time in ANSON CO, NC that at the present he resides in the county of Pitt and State of NC that he was drafted and served the space of 5 mths in the militia under GENERAL BRYAN and GENERAL ASHE and that WILLIAM CASWELL was the COLONEL of the Regiment in which he served and that in this tour of service he was with the army at BRIAR CREEK in the State of GEORGIA and that he was discharged from the service by MAJOR REDDIN BLOUNT that he left his discharged with his MOTHER on his return and does not know what has become of it since that NATHANIEL CANNON was the CAPT under whom he was drafted and the sd RICHARD JORDAN further states that subsequently he surved as a substitute for his BROTHER-IN-LAW- BURWELL EDWARDS of Edgecombe Co, NC for the span of 3 months under CAPT BATTS and COL JOHN SHEPPARD, that he was marched to CHARLESTON, SC where GEN LINCOLN commanded and then received a discharged, a few days before the surrender of the tour from CAPT BATTS.

And the sd RICHARD JORDAN further states that he served another tour of 3 months in the CAVALRY as a Substitute for JOSEPH TISON under GEN MARQUIS as he believes by where he was marched from TARBOROUGH in EDGECOMB CO,NC to GRANVILLE CO. in the same state where they joined GEN CASWELL and that he there lost his horse which caused him to be placed under a CAPT RICHARDS of the INFANTRY by whom he was discharded at the experation of this tour. That he left sd discharge with his MOTHER and does not know what has become of it.

And the sd RICHARD JORDAN further says that subsequently he served another tour of 3 months as a substitute for BURWELL EDWARDS-the same BURWELL EDWARDS aforesd mentioned of EDGECOMB CO,NC-that he does not recollect the names of any of the Officers but was marched towards WILMINGTON,NC when the British & Tories were doing great damage by ____and burning-that he received his discharge and returned home to PITT CO,NC just before the battle of at MORRIS? CREEK. He further states in addition to the foregoing he served several short tours in pursuit of the Tories but cannot give any strict account of the number of days except in one instance a service of 20 days while Crag and the Tories were burning and destroying on NAUSA?RIVER above NEWBORN and that he was with Gen Bryan when HIS HOUSE WAS BURNED WHICH WAS DURING THIS SERVICE .................................

evidence and that he knows of no persons whom testimony he can procur who can testify to his service. That he is known to JOHN JORNER ESQ. and SHERWOOD TISON ESQR. who reside in his neighorhood and who can testify as to his character for viracity and their belief of his services as a Soldier of the Revolution. And the sd RICHARD JORDAN hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annunity except the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension roll of the agency of any State. Sworn and subscribed, this day and year aforesd ARIH? PARKER Clk Richard X Jordan

JOHN JOINER and SHERWOOD TISON residing in the County of PITT NC

hereby certify that we are well acquainted with RICHARD JORDAN who has subscribed and sworn to the above declarative that we believe him to be 71 or 72 years of age; that he is respected and believed, in the neighorhood where he resides, to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion. /s/ JOHN JOINER /s/ SHEROOD TISON

Pension Office, Fayetteville, NC 11 Sep 1835

Sir, I have you an application by the attorney of ANNA JORDAN for the ___of pension due her in right of her husband. This was claimed within 90 days of the execution of the power of attorney, but was rejected for want of the certificate from War Department. Since then nearly 15 months have lasped-please give the necessary order in signed to them- Very Respectfully /s/ W.G. BROUDGOOR for agent James L. EDWARDS, ESQR Com. of Pensions, Washington

From NC Archives research:


NC Newbern Dist #1987 or 1487 This may certify that agreeable to an act of assembly in the year 1781, RICHARD JOURDAN is allowed specie the sum of two pounds two shillings for -----dated this 10 Dec 1783


1790 PITT CO, NC

p145 John Jordan males 5/16+, 4/u 16, 3 females, slaves-15 (Langley,Evans,Procter,Sessum,Cooper)

p 146 RICHARD JORDAN males 1/16+, 1/u 16, 2 females, no slaves (Wooten, Thos Tyson, Geo Evans)

p 146 James Jordan males 2/16+, 3/u 16, 5 females,slaves-4 (Eliz Edwards, Langley, Job Tyson)

p 147 Jesse Jordan males 1/16+, 5/u 16, 7 females, (Wm Johston, Tison, Bynum)

p 147 Benjamin Jordan 1/16+, 5/u 16, 5 female, ( Tison's)


p54 Thomas Jordan males 1/16+, 5/u16, females 5 slaves-3

p 54 Grey(Gray) Jordan males 1/16+ females 1

p55 Joseph BATTS, Josiah-Elias-Wm FORT, JOHN & JACOB HOWSE(HOUSE) Enoch Flood, and

Thomas Johnston, Sol. SESSUMS, Edwards families

p 57 Cornelius Jordan males 1/16+, 2 u/16 females 1, slaves-1

p 57 Cornelius Jordan JR males 1/16+, 4/u 16 females 1

p 57 Nathan Johnston

p 57 Joshua Jordan males 3/16+, 3/u 16, females 4 slaves-4

p 57 Joseph Jordan males 1/16+, 1/u 16 females 2


p 213 Edy Jordan males 1/10-16 fem 1/16-26 slaves -1

p 213 Silas Jordan males 3/u 10, 1/26-45 fem 1/u 10, 1/26-45 slaves-4

p 214 Joshua Jordan males 1/u 10, 1/26-45 fem3/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-45

p 214 Gray Jordan males 2/u 10, 1/26-45 fem 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-45

p 214 Cornelius Jordan males 1/16-26 fem1/16-26

p 214 Henry Jordan males 1/16-26, 1/26-45 fem 1/u 10, 1/16-26

1800 PITT CO, NC

p 272 RICHARD JORDAN males 1 m 1790-1800, 1 m 1755-1774, females 3/u 10, 1/45+ no slaves

(neighbor James Edwards)

p 266 Benjamin Jordan male 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 2/16-26, 1/45+, females 1/10-16, 1/16-26, 1/45+

p 239 Elizabeth Jordan male 1/16-26(1755-1784), 1/26-45(1774-1784), females 1/16-26, 1/26-45, 1/45+


p 595 Richard Jordan males 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-45 female 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-46

p 595 Joseph Jordan males 1/26-45, female 1/26-45

1810 PITT CO, NC

p 510 (bold 252b) RICHARD JORDAN- males 3-(1800-1810), 1-(1794-1800), 1-(1765-1784) females 3/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-45 no slaves

p 486 (240b) Thomas Jordan males 1/10-16, 1/26-45 females 1/16-26, 1/26-45 8 slaves

p 486 (240b) Valentine S. Jordan males 1/ u 10, 1/10-16, 1/16-26, 1/26-45

females 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 1/26-45, 2/ 45+ 15 slaves


No Richard or Joseph Jordan in Greene Co, NC


p 766 Cornelius

p 766 Edy

p 766 Henry

p 753 Gray

p 764 Joshua

p 718 Randolph

1820 PITT CO, NC

p 535 RICHARD JORDAN, Capt. Dupree's District

males 1(1810-1820), 3 (1804-1810), 1(bef 1775)

females 1(1810-1820), 3 (1794-1804) 1 (bef 1775); 4 slaves

p 537 Sherrod TISON males 1/1775-1785; females4/ u 10, 1/ 1775-1785

p 542 HENRY BARFIELD, Seth Tison's District

males: 1/u10, 1/26-45 females 1/u 10, 1/26-45


p 89 Gray Jordan

p 93 Randolph b 1768 above

p 96 Eady

p 96 Henry

p 129 Charles


p 265 Joseph Jordan males 1/45+, females 1/u 10, 1/10-16, 2/16-26, 1/45+, slaves-1

1830 PITT CO, NC (This census is Alphabetized. Pages numbers do not mean living next door.)

There are two Richard Jordan's living in this county: one born 1750-1760; the other 1770-1780 yrs.

p 61b RICHARD JORDAN (Morgan's Dist) males 1/ 70-80 female 1/70-80 (neigh Bynum and Johnston)

p 61b Jonathan Jordan(Morgan's Dist) 1 m 30-40, 1 fem 10-15, 1 fem 20-30

p 66 RICHARD JORDAN (Harris'Dist) 1/10-15, 1/20-30, 1/30-40, 1/60-70 female 1/15-20,1/20-30, 1/50-60

(neigh Jordan Johnston, James Johnston 50-60, Cornelius Johnston 30-40

p 53 Matthew Jordan

p 81 Valentine Jordan

p 81 Thomas Jordan


p 244 HENRY BARFIELD males: 1/u5,1/5-10, 1/40-50 females: 1/u5, 1/10-15, 1/15-20, 1/40-50


p 267 RICHARD JORDAN males 1/u 5, 1/30-40, females 1/20-30 [ md Elizabeth GAY ]

p 267 Gray Jordan

p 276 Cornelius Jordan

p 276 Edith Jordan

p 276 Joshua Jordan

p 274 Henry Jordan

1830 GREENE Co, NC

p 243 Joseph Jordan males 1u5, 1/50-60, females 1/5-10, 1/15-20, 2/20-30, 1/50-60

1840 PITT CO, NC

p 374 GRAY Jordan males 1/5-10, 1/30-40 fem 1/u 5, 1/20-30, 2/-60-70 (neigh: Moore, Foley, Harris)

p 390 JOHN Jordan males 1/ u 5, 3/5-10, 1/40-50 fem 1/u 5, 1/30-40 (Tison, Bynum)

p 399 HENRY C. Jordan males 1/15-20, 1/20-30 fem 1/20-30 (Hardy Johnson)

p 401 JOHN Jordan males 1/20-30, fem 1/u 5, 1/30-40 (John Edwards)

p 407 DANIEL Jordan males 1/20-30 fem 1/15-20

p 407 WILLIAM Jordan males 1/50-60 1/70-80 no females

p 408 VALENTINE Jordan males 1/5-10, 2/20-30, 1/50-60 fem 2/5-10, 1/15-20, 1/20-30

p 408 THOMAS Jordan males 2/20-30, 1/50-60 fem 2/20-30, 1/40-50


p 8 GRAY Jordan

p 13 THOMAS Jordan

p 13 JOSIAH Jordan

p 14 JOSHUA Jordan

p 14 JOSIAH Jordan

p 40 CORNELIUS Jordan

p 40 JAMES Jordan


James Jourdain 23 Far NC living with Hines Cobb 28 Far NC with wife Harriett 24 b NC

1850 PITT CO, NC

p 15 b, 26 Aug Falkland Dist

HENRY C. JORDAN 36 Farm 3,918 NC

Emily C. 30

Frances C. 9 f

Wm C. 6

Henry S.R. 3

Sophia Hassey 45 f


"Kinfolks of Edgecombe Co, NC, 1788-1785" by Joseph W. Watson, 406 Piedmont Ave Rocky Mount, NC 17801, 1969

--28 April 1813: BURWELL EDWARDS and wife NANCY S. EDWARDS of Isle of Wight Co, VA were heirs to a part of a one-ninth share of the real estate of NATHANIEL TYNES, decd. Bk 15 p 228

--May 1808: Division of land of widow Hardee COLEMAN, decd according to Will between Barholomew Browne and Nancy EDWARDS. Bk 12 p 355

--18 Dec 1813 Bk 15 p 44: Milley Corbitt wife of Dempsey Corbitt of Pitt Co, NC was dau of Amos WOOTEN decd. Also Nancy Edwards wife of Siley EDWARDS was dau of sd Amos Wooten decd.

--19 Jan 1854 Bk 26 p 360 Division of real estate of Richard Jordan decd. among his heirs at law to wit: 1. Whitmel Williams 2. Wm D. Long right of wife Tishia Ann E. 3. Wm A. Jordan


PITT CO, NC Deeds:

17 Nov 1768, Bk E p 117, John WOOTEN and Mary to RICHARD JORDAN of Edgecombe Co, NC for 214 acres land on Hickory Branch....Rock Branch....Hurley's Branch.


[NOTE: This Richard Jordan was born at the least before 1747.]

1765 a Benjamin Jordan SR is in Pitt Co, NC by 1765.

17 Dec 1774, Bk F p 101, BENJAMIN JORDAN JR of Pitt Co, planter, sells to THOMAS JORDAN of NASSANND CO, VA, 100ac being half of the land that BENJ. JORDAN bought of William MAIL the lower part of plantation where Wm SMITH lives on by patent 2(0) Mar 1738. /s/ Benjamin Jordan

Wit: James BARRON, Thomas DUKE

27 Oct 1780,Bk F p 546, JOHN JORDAN to John JONES N side of Gaindace Creek near Robert DANIEL line meandors of the swamp..150 ac being granted to Wm CANNON 11 Mar 1740./s/ Jno Jordan

Wit: John Salter? and WILLIAM JORDAN

21 Oct 1782, Bk G p 118, Grant to JOHN JORDAN 640 ac N side of Tar River and N side of Grindle Creek.. John BRINLEY & Jordan...Will Smith..James BARROW's line

Chair carriers: Sololman Whichard? , John Cherry?

12 Feb 1781, Bk H p 40, James JOHNSTON Sr to James JOHNSTON Jr, South side of John WILLIAMS Creek, South side of Tar River near mouth of Rock Branch to John WOOTEN's.

Witness: RICHARD JORDAN and Nathaniel MOORE

20 Jul 1782 , Bk I p 20, William CORBITT to RICHARD JORDAN, 30 acres on S side of Tar River, N side William Mill Creek beginning at RICHARD JORDAN' corner and Richard JORDAN'S OWN LINE.

Witness: Jesse PROCTOR, William PAGE

21 Oct 1782, Bk G p 119, Grant to JOHN JORDAN, 469 ac N side of Tar River and on N side of Gimdle? Samuel BARROW...Thomas JAMES line...

Chain Carriers are: Samuel Barron and WILLIAM JORDAN

21 Oct 1782, Bk G p 189, Grant to JESSE JORDAN, 222 ac S side of Tarr River and N side of Little Cotentinea Creek..Fredrick TISON's line, between sd Jordan and Tison's line...John Tison's line, John JOINERS line..

Chain carriers: Jacob TISON, Job TISON

13 Oct 1783, Bk G p 460, Grant to JOHN JORDAN, 240 ac N side of Tarr River and N side of Grindall Creek.....Henry CARSON's corner...Lemuel JAMES line.... George CANNON's corner.

Chain Carriers: Joshua JAMES, Will JAMES

6 May 1791, Bk N p 504, Deed of Jos MATHIS to Elizabeth DOWNS


27 Mar 1816, Bk T p 120, James JOHNSON Sr. to Cornelius Johnson his son, South side Williams Mill Creek mouth of Rocky Branch adj: RICHARD JORDAN's, Robert DUPREE, Josiah WOOTEN, James Johnston Sr, Robert FREEMAN, Bullock's.


30 Oct 1833, Bk GG p 150, Joel BIRD and wife Nancy to RICHARD JORDAN, 31 acres middle Swamp adj: James FLANAKIN, Benjamin RILEY, Thomas PHILLIPS, James MOORE's.

24 Feb 1834, Bk HH p 71, Asa PHILLIPS to RICHARD JORDAN, twelve and five and 1/4 acres on South side Little Contentnea Creek, William Turnage's, Wainright's.

17 Oct 1834, Bk GG p 416, RICHARD JORDAN to John NEWTON, 91 1/2 acres on South side of Tar River, North Side of Williams Mill Creek, Wolf Pond Branch, and Matthew's.

Witness: Ben TISON and Ch JOHNSON

17 Oct 1834, Bk GG p 420 RICHARD JORDAN to John Newton Jr., 153 acres on North side Williams East Side Mill Creek

22 Dec 1834, Bk HH p 144, HENRY BARFIELD and wife PATSEY BARFIELD of Greene Co. NC to JONATHAN JORDAN of Pitt Co, NC for $46., 35 or 36 acres North side of Middle Swamp being tract of land RICHARD JORDAN purchased from Joel BIRD and ASA PHILLIPS which descended to us by WIFE'S FATHER RICHARD JORDAN.

5 Nov 1842, Bk KK p 125, JONATHAN JORDAN in debt to Shepard & Tison sells 36 acres.



1815 PITT CO, NC TAX LIST: (Capt. Vines District)

RICHARD JORDAN 244 acres land adjoining where he lives lying on the South side of Williams Mill Creek. valued at $3. per acre. 732, 1 White poll.

His neighbors were: James Johnston Sr., Jordan Johnston, Merimon Allen, Reuben Cobb, Oliver Prince, Josiah Wooten, Willis Dupree, Abraham Darden, Jesse Powers, John Newton, Patrick Peedin, James Blow, John Fourman.




Note: From various sources. Please write us if you have additional information on these families.

From Sammy Pierce <>

Descendant of MARY JORDAN who md JAMES JOHNSTON Pitt Co, NC.

"Trees of Wilson" includes a list of persons from Edgecombe, Wayne, Nash, Johnston Counties who signed a petition in 1804 to form a new county 1805 Edgecombe Co near Nasha nd the Creek:




Child of Richard JORDAN and Anna is:

+ 2 i. Martha "Patsey"6 JORDAN, born 1790.


Generation No. 2

2. Martha "Patsey"6 JORDAN (Richard5, Joseph4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1) was born 1790. She married Henry BARFIELD. He was born 1790 in Greene Co, NC.

Notes for Martha "Patsey" JORDAN:

Pitt Co, NC

22 Dec 1834, Bk HH p 144,

HENRY BARFIELD and wife PATSEY BARFIELD of Greene Co. NC to JONATHAN JORDAN of Pitt Co, NC for $46., 35 or 36 acres North side of Middle Swamp being tract of land RICHARD JORDAN purchased from Joel BIRD and ASA PHILLIPS which descended to us by WIFE'S FATHER RICHARD JORDAN.

Notes for Henry BARFIELD:

1820 Pitt Co, NC census

p. 542 HENRY BARFIELD, Seth Tison's District

males: 1/u10, 1/26-45 females 1/u 10, 1/26-45

Removed to Greene Co, NC



males: 1/u5,1/5-10, 1/40-50 females: 1/u5, 1/10-15, 1/15-20, 1/40-50


Research from Bill Hocutt with his permission


1850 Census Greene Co, NC

Family 341

Henry BAREFIELD 60 laborer NC

Martha 60

Benjamin 23

1860 Cesnus Greene Co, NC


Ellinor 30

Benj. 2

Children of Martha JORDAN and Henry BARFIELD are:

3 i. male7 BARFIELD, born Bet. 1810 - 1820.

4 ii. Feddona BARFIELD, born Bet. 1815 - 1820.

+ 5 iii. Louisa BARFIELD, born ca 1822.

6 iv. Richard BARFIELD, born ca 1825.

+ 7 v. Benjamin BARFIELD, born ca 1826 in Greene Co, NC.

8 vi. Rebecca BARFIELD, born ca 1830.


Generation No. 3

5. Louisa7 BARFIELD (Martha "Patsey"6 JORDAN, Richard5, Joseph4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1) was born ca 1822. She married Unknown HOBBS.

Children of Louisa BARFIELD and Unknown HOBBS are:

9 i. William8 HOBBS, born 1843.

10 ii. Martha Ann HOBBS, born 1845.


7. Benjamin7 BARFIELD (Martha "Patsey"6 JORDAN, Richard5, Joseph4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1) was born ca 1826 in Greene Co, NC. He married Ellinor "Helen" JONES. She was born ca 1830.

Children of Benjamin BARFIELD and Ellinor JONES are:

11 i. John8 BARFIELD, born ca 1846.

12 ii. Nancy A. BARFIELD, born ca 1850.

13 iii. Henry BARFIELD, born ca 1854.

14 iv. William BARFIELD, born ca 1856.

+ 15 v. Sherd Benjamin BARFIELD, born 29 Jul 1857 in Greene Co, NC; died 14 May 1906 in Greene Co, NC.


Generation No. 4

15. Sherd Benjamin8 BARFIELD (Benjamin7, Martha "Patsey"6 JORDAN, Richard5, Joseph4, Richard3, Richard2, Richard1) was born 29 Jul 1857 in Greene Co, NC, and died 14 May 1906 in Greene Co, NC. He married Mary Elizabeth Frances CROOM 29 Aug 1877. She was born 23 Jun 1856 in Greene Co, NC, and died 12 Aug 1939 in Durham, NC.

Children of Sherd BARFIELD and Mary CROOM are:

16 i. Adam T. B.9 BARFIELD, born 21 Jul 1878; died 19 Jun 1880.

17 ii. Hattie Louise BARFIELD, born 03 Aug 1880; died in Norfolk, VA. She married Tom BROWNING 02 Feb 1919.

18 iii. Cleveland Benjamin BARFIELD, born 15 Sep 1884; died 20 Jan 1955 in Durham, NC. He married Delphia NOBLE; born 23 Dec 1885; died 02 Dec 1974 in Durham, NC.

19 iv. Annie Frances BARFIELD, born 06 May 1887 in Wayne Co, NC; died in Durham, NC. She married Joseph Philip VIGUE 10 Apr 1906; born in Canada; died 20 Jun 1960 in Durham, NC.

20 v. Sarah Ann Alice BARFIELD, born 15 Apr 1890 in Snow Hill, NC; died 08 May 1971 in Norfolk, VA. She married Joseph Keen HOCUTT, Sr. 01 Jun 1919 in Norfolk, VA; born 22 May 1889 in Pender Co, NC; died 18 Jan 1957 in Norfolk, VA.

21 vi. William Troy BARFIELD, born 15 Apr 1890; died 11 Jul 1908.

22 vii. Pauline Susan Axie Idora BARFIELD, born 10 Dec 1893 in Greene Co, NC; died 10 Aug 1964 in Norfolk, VA. She married Zeb Vance FREEMAN 26 Dec 1915 in Portsmouth, VA; born 14 Sep 1890 in Bertie Co, NC; died 13 Dec 1963 in Norfolk, VA.

23 viii. William John Paul BARFIELD, born 21 Sep 1896; died in Norfolk, VA. He married Betty HUDSON; died in Norfolk, VA.

24 ix. Mattie BARFIELD, born 03 Oct 1898 in Greene Co, NC; died 03 Oct 1898 in Greene Co, NC.

25 x. Claude BARFIELD, born 13 Feb 1900; died in Snow Hill, NC. She married James Lee "Jim" SMALL 23 Dec 1915; born 24 Oct 1890; died 15 Jan 1974 in Snow Hill, NC.

Notes for Claude BARFIELD:

Claude Barfield Small had the family Bible.