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Descendants of Joseph JORDAN


Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH1 JORDAN was born Bet. 1756 - 1761 in VA or NC, and died 05 Jun 1834 in Anson Co, NC. He married EDEY BRYANT Bef. Apr 1788 in Edgecombe Co, NC, daughter of GALE BRYANT and ELIZABETH "BETSY". She was born in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died Bet. 1820 - 1834 in Anson Co, NC.


On going research is being conducted by Fay Collins <> who has supplied us with the descendants of Joseph Jordan as well as the following research.

Please contact Fay if you descend from this family.

1790 Edgecombe Co NC, Halifax District,

p 57 JOSPEH Jordan 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 2 females, no slaves

Also listed in this district are: Cornelius Jordan Sr and Jr, Nathan Johnson, Joshua Jordan,

William and Field Batts,Thos-John-Joseph-Benjamin Edwards, David-Martha-Malakiah Cooper,

John FORT, William FORT Sr., Noah Wiggins, Pittman families, and Barnes families.

1800 Anson Co, NC census

1810 where?

1820 Anson Co, NC census

NC Surveys

12 Nov 1779 Survey for John EDWARDS in Edgecombe Co. on S side Town Creek and N side White's Swamp beg:.....Hartwell WILLIFORD's old corner....200 acres.

ChainCarriers Joseph Jordan & Hartwell Williford

12 Nov 1779 Survey for John EDWARDS in Edgecombe Co. lying on both sides of Little Swamp..beg:...Benjamin EDWARDS new line.....150 acrees.

ChainCarriers Jesse GRANTHAM & Joseph Jordan

13 Nov 1779 Survey for Thomas VIVIETH? South side of Town Creek...Beg: his own John Edwards new line in said Creek...Caleb KILLIBAEU? old line....300 acres

ChainCarriers: Joseph FARMER & Joseph Jordan

20 Sep 1780 Survey for Thomas VIVCRITT a planter on North side of Town Creek...James WATLEY's old corner....Joseph Jordan's new line...Benjamin Edwards new corner.....John Edwards new corner.... Gath? HICKMAN Sr. new James Watley's old corner....400 acres

ChainCarriers: Benjamin Edwards & Joseph Jordan

22 Sep 1780 Survey for David CHILSON? a plantation North side of Tyancokey Swamp. Beg: at Duncan HAMON Corner....

Chain Carriers: Joseph Jordan & Wm DIXON

28 Oct 1782, #1927 Joseph Jordan of Edgecombe Co, NC, 219 acres, grant No. 155, entered 16 Dec 1780

Beg: at a hickory John PERRY's corner

No. 155, Etheldred Phillips entry Officer of Claims for lands in the County of are lay off and survey for Joseph Jordan a tract...300 acres... on the South side Jacob JOHNSON's Mill Swamp beg: at John Terry's Corner on Dead tree Branch....E along Jonas JOHNSON's line to James SCARBOROUGH's line....given at Tarborough the 16th Dec 1780.

On survey also list Amos WOOTEN's line, 219 acres and Chain Carriers as: Edward SUMRELL and WILLIAM JORDAN

10 Nov 1781 Survey for Edward SUMRELL , 630 acres lying in Edgecombe Co. beg: at a hickory James SCARBOROUGH's corner...Jospeh Jordan corner....Amos Wotten's line....Richard Botton?Boltons corner... in Hardbargain Branch....Joseph JOHNSON corner. ChainCarriers: Jos. Jordan & William Jordan

20 Mar 1783, Deed Bk E p 398, Edgecombe Co, NC Joseph Jordan sells to Mathais DOWDING a tract of land on E side the Dead Tree Branch Beg: at ...James SCARBOROUGH Simon EDWARDS corner....100 acres. /s/ Joseph Jordan

Witness: /s/ Amos Johnston, Simon X Edwards, John? X Wilson

20 Mar 1783, Deed Bk E p 401, Edgecombe Co, NC Jospeh Jordan sells to Simon EDWARDS a tract of land on the E side of the Dead Tree Branch beg: hickory of John PERRY's corner.....Jonas JOHNSTON's line....Mathais DOWDING corner....119 acres. Joseph X Jordan

Witness: /s/ Amos JOHNSTON, Mathew X DOWDING, John X WILSON

"Edgecombe Co, NC Deeds Vol 4 1786-1794" by Dr. Stephen Bradley, Jr.

Deed Bk 6 p793(205) 15 Jan 1790, Deed of Elnathan Tart to John Brashar. Witness: Joseph X Jordan,

Joseph X Sherrod

11 Feb 1795, Edgecombe Co, Deed Bk 8 p 242-243, Jacob HORN of Edgecombe sells to Joseph Jordan 400 ac N side of the Little Swamp...beg: at a pine in John SRINGFIELD's old line. /s/ Jacob Horn

Witness: Joseph X TAYLOR and Joshua(his mark O) BRANN

13 Feb 1797, Edgecombe Co, Deed Bk 8 p 787, Joseph Jordan sells to Jonathan THOMAS a tract of land fore hundred acres..N side of Little Swamp beg: at a pine in John STRINGFIELD's old line....

Joseph X Jordan and wife EDY X JORDAN Witness: /s/ John Pipkin and Enus X Pipkin

1 Mar 1797, Edgecombe Co, Deed Bk 8 p 819, Elizabeth BRYANT sells to Joseph Jordan the plantation left me in my dec'd husband Gale BRYANT's Last Will being the plantation and lands where on myself and the said Jordan now lives. /s/ Eliza Bryan Witness: /s/ John BELL

4 Mar 1797, Edgecombe Co, Deed Bk 8 p 731, Joseph Jordan and Edey Jordan his wife sells to Amos JOHNSTON a tract of land on the S side of Town Creek beg: at a red oak on the sd Creek in Lancelot VIVERETT's William BATTS line...Gays Branch... 140 acres being the land and plantation which Gale BRYANT held in his life time by deed from Thomas VIVERETT dated 21 Feb 1782 and give to his daughter EDEY JORDAN in his Last Will. Joseph X Jordan and Edey X Jordan

Witness: /s/ Edmund Ellis and /s/Henry HINES

Children of JOSEPH JORDAN and EDEY BRYANT are:

2. i. JOHN2 JORDAN, b. 16 Nov 1788, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. 23 Dec 1856, Coosa Co, AL.

iii. WILLIAM JORDAN, b. Bet. 1794 - 1800, NC.

4. iv. HANNAH JORDAN, b. Bet. 1795 - 1800, NC; d. Bef. Jun 1834, unknown.

5. v. RICHARD JORDAN, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, Anson Co, NC; d. Bet. 1870 - 1879, AL.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 JORDAN (JOSEPH1) was born 16 Nov 1788 in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died 23 Dec 1856 in Coosa Co, AL. He married UNKNOWN. She died Bet. 1832 - 1840.

Notes for JOHN JORDAN:

1820 Anson Co, NC census

1830 " "

1840 Talbot Co, GA

1850 Chambers Co, AL



Burial: Elmore Co, AL

Children of JOHN JORDAN and UNKNOWN are:

i. JOSEPH W.3 JORDAN, b. 11 Dec 1820, Anson Co, NC; d. 17 Aug 1858, Coosa Co, AL.


Burial: Elmore Co, AL

ii. FRANCES ANN JORDAN, b. ca 1826; d. ca 1860; m. JAMES J. NASH, 05 Jun 1850, Chambers Co, AL.

iii. ELIZABETH JANE JORDAN, b. 19 May 1832, Anson Co, NC; d. 23 Dec 1887, Tallapoosa Co, AL; m. THOMAS EDWARDS, 20 Dec 1857, Coosa Co, AL.


Burial: Tallapoosa Co, AL


3. MARY "POLLY"2 JORDAN (JOSEPH1) was born ca 1790 in Edgecombe Co, NC, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in unknown. She married SETH BUTTS Bet. 1805 - 1806 in Anson Co, NC ?.

Notes for SETH BUTTS:

1800 Edgecombe Co, NC

1810 Anson Co, NC

1820 where?

1830 where ?

1840 Autauga Co, AL

1850 Autauga Co, AL

Children of MARY JORDAN and SETH BUTTS are:

i. JOSIAH3 BUTTS, b. Bet. 1806 - 1810.

ii. SARAH BUTTS, b. ca 1811.

iii. JOANNA BUTTS, b. ca 1818.

v. PARTHENIA BUTTS, b. ca 1831.


4. HANNAH2 JORDAN (JOSEPH1) was born Bet. 1795 - 1800 in NC, and died Bef. Jun 1834 in unknown. She married UNKNOWN HOWELL in Anson Co, NC ?.


i. WILLIAM3 HOWELL, b. Bet. 1810 - 1814.


5. RICHARD2 JORDAN (JOSEPH1) was born Bet. 1805 - 1810 in Anson Co, NC, and died Bet. 1870 - 1879 in AL. He married ELIZABETH DUNCAN 13 Jan 1839 in Anson Co, NC.


1840 Talbot Co, GA census

1850 Chambers Co, AL

1860 Coosa Co, AL

1870 Elmore Co, AL


i. JOHN3 JORDAN, b. ca 1840, Talbot Co, GA.

ii. JAMES JORDAN, b. ca 1842, Talbot Co, GA.

iii. MARY JANE JORDAN, b. ca 1843, Talbot Co, GA.

iv. MARGARET A. JORDAN, b. ca 1845, Talbot Co, GA.

v. JOSEPH WILLIAM? JORDAN, b. ca 1847, Talbot Co, GA.

vi. RICHARD JORDAN, b. ca 1848, Talbot Co, GA.

vii. HARRIETT JORDAN, b. ca 1854, AL.

viii. ELIZABETH JORDAN, b. ca 1853, AL.

ix. JEREMIAH JORDAN, b. ca 1858, AL.


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