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James Jordan Decendants

From Descendant:Bonnie Jordan email:

1. James Jordan, (See Note I. *.) b. ca. 1797 SC, d. after 1870 Coffee County, AL.  Purchased land in Pike County, AL by GLO land patent no. 35314 on 2-1-1843, land patent nos. 39325 and 39326 on 2-2-1852 and land patent no. 47085 on 11-1-1858(under comments:  his son’s name – John R. Jordan).  Sp.:  Catherine McCleod, b. ca. 1797 NC, d. after 1860, Coffee County, AL.  They were enumerated on the 1830 census in Darlington County, SC along with their oldest children, Alexander and James Wilkes Jordan.  They were located on the 1840, 1850 census in Goshen, Pike County, AL and 1860 and 1870 census in Coffee County, AL.  He was listed as a clerk (in his son’s store) in 1860 and a farmer in 1850 and 1870.(There were numerous land records for James’ cousins, the Forts, descendants of Elizabeth Jordan, who married John Fort,  in Darlington County, SC, on the South Carolina History and Archives web site.)

2.  Alexander (sometimes called Alexandria) McCleod Jordan, b. ca. 1824 Darlington, SC, d. ca. 1879?   Coffee County Court minutes reflect that he was general county administrator in 1862 and census records reflected that he was a merchant.  He was administrator for the estate filed 7-21-1871 for George O. Tankard, his son in law, who owned a store in Elba, AL. And Alexander executed several legal transactions accumulating land until 1879.  His last two transactions involved the sale of his store on the Elba town square in Coffee County, AL.  Shortly afterwards he mortgaged his property for tools and equipment for an upcoming crop also in 1879.  The family story is that he disappeared during a trip for supplies to Vernon, Florida. It is believed he sustained an accidental death navigating the long river trip. If so, genealogists and librarians who were interested in solving this mystery and who helped with records for counties along the river, wrote that his body would have eventually been swept out into the Gulf of Mexico and never found.   His younger children were living in the household of their older married sister, Josephine Jordan Stevens acc. to the 1880 census in Elba and it would seem he died between 1879 and 1880. No GLO land patents were found for him, but he transacted several deeds on the deed indexes in Pike County and Coffee County, AL.  Military record:  His military record gave Darlington, SC as his place of birth and that he enlisted on 9-25-1863 with the Coffee County Volunteers (John C. Brown’s Cavalry Co. B), which was added along with several other independent companies in 1864 to Major Joseph Barbiere’s Cavalry Battalion.   Sp.:   Catherine Elizabeth Stringer b. Ca. 1831, SC, d. ca. 1869, Coffee County, AL. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Coffee County, AL. Married 2-21-1850 Pike County, AL (Sources:  census records, military records, courthouse records, marriage records, and cemetery records. Newspaper records were lost previous to 1901 in Coffee County, AL unfortunately because of floods.  Also some courthouse records were lost, too.)

3.  Josephine M. Jordan, b. May 15, 1851, Pike County, AL, d. after 1920 in Coffee County, AL.  Bur. In Evergreen Cemetery. Sp.:  George O. Tankard, b. August 9, 1848, d. April 6, 1871, Coffee County, AL. Executor of his estate was Alexander Jordan, his father-in-law.  Sp.:  B.M. Stevens, probate judge of Coffee County, b. 11-13-1844, d. 11-24-1894, buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  Married before 1875 according to court document dated June 4, 1875.(Sources were census records, cemetery records, courthouse records, probate records. Because of floods in Coffee County, AL some records including marriage records were destroyed.)

    3.  Sarah (Sallie) Catherine E. Jordan, b. Nov. 15, 1852, Pike County, AL, d. after 1920, Coffee County, AL. Bur. In Evergreen Cemetery. No dates included on her gravestone. (Sources were census records, cemetery records, and family who said Sarah helped raise Alexander Jordan’s younger children after his disappearance.)

    3.  William J.(Billie) Jordan, b. ca. 1856 AL, d. after 1870, Coffee County, AL, bur. in Evergreen Cemetery.(Sources were census records, cemetery records and  family, who said both Billie and Emma died early in life.)

    3. Emma V. Jordan, b. ca. 1858 Pike County, AL, d. after 1870, Bur in Evergreen Cem. No dates included on her grave stone.(Sources were census records, cemetery records and family, who said both Emma and Billie died early in life..)

    3.  Mary Ida Jordan, b. Aug. 15, 1860, Coffee County, AL, d. March 14, 1915,Coffee County, AL, Married in 1881 in Coffee County, AL.  Sp.:  John J. Morris, b. May 15, 1858, AL, d. after 1910, Coffee County, AL. (Sources were census records, cemetery records and Coffee County, AL marriage index and family.).

           4.  Robert Carl Morris, b. ca. 1881, AL, d.? AL, sp. Ella,

              5.    Max Morris, b. 1908, AL. Sp.:  Susan Reynolds.

           4.  Guy Morris, b. Feb. 15, 1883, Coffee County, AL, d. ? AL

           4.  Jeff M. Morris, b. Nov., 1888 AL, d. 1949, Coffee County, AL, bur in Evergreen Cem.

         4.  Stella Morris, b. Aug. 15, 1891, AL, d.?

         4.  Stevens. Morris, b. Aug. 1894, AL, d.?

    3.  Louisa Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jordan, b. June 5, 1865, AL, d. May 16, 1945, Coffee County, AL, bur. In Evergreen Cem. Sp.:  Charles Spalding Allred, past mayor of Elba, AL,  b. November 3, 1867, AL, d. May 31, 1926, Coffee County, AL, bur. in Evergreen Cemetery. Married Oct. 26, 1892, Coffee County, AL. (Sources were census records, cemetery records, and Gladys Allred Richburg, now deceased.)

   4.  Evelyn Park Allred, b. August 13, 1893, AL, d. October 19, 1979, AL, buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  Sp.:  Charles S. (Guy) Folsom, b. May 4, 1896, d. October 18,

1950, bur. In Evergreen Cemetery.

          4.  Charles Orville Allred, b. July 7, 1896, AL, d. May 16, 1977, Coffee County,

AL, bur. In Evergreen Cemetery.  Sp.:  Minnie Reese.

             5.   Charles Orville Allred, Jr. , b.? AL, d. November 28, 1984. Sp.:  Elsie Hawkins.

          4.  Alexander Kirk Allred, b., AL, Sp.:  Viola Byrd.

            5.  Mary Kirk Allred, b.? AL, Sp.:  John McPhail.

  4..  Gladys Allred, b. August 26, 1899, AL, sp.:  Herbert W. Richburg, b. Sept 1, 1901, d. May 12, 1979, married October 16, 1924, Coffee County, AL.

     5.  Herbert Richburg, Jr., b. February 5, 1929, AL, d. May 10, 1931, Coffee County, AL, buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

     5.  Jo Ann Richburg, b. January 16, 1934, AL, d. June 15, 1979, Al, buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

3. John Stringer Jordan, b. February 22, 1868 Coffee County, AL, d. September 22, 1945 in Mercy Hospital , Baltimore, Maryland, bur. In Evergreen Cemetery.  Sp.:  Cora Josephine Green, b. March 6, 1878, Brundidge, AL, d. July 2, 1962 at 327 East 27th Street, Baltimore, Maryland, bur. In Evergreen Cemetery.  Married March 15, 1898 Coffee County, AL. (Sources were census records, cemetey records, marriage records, and Janie Jordan Watkins, now deceased.)

        4. Janie Jordan, b. August 18, 1901, Coffee County, AL, d. October 20, 1980 in St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, bur. In Glen Haven Memorial Park AA Cemetery. Sp.:  John Collis Watkins, b. March 4, 1906, Dothan, Alabama, , d. January 6, 1985 in Enterprise, AL, Married October, 19, 1927. 

      4.  Charles Sanford Jordan, b. June 1, 1917, Coffee County, AL, d. January 21, 1990, Orlando, Florida, cremated, Sp.: Helen Elaine Warfield, b. February 10, 1919, in Mullinix, Maryland , married, May 3, 1941.


2.  James Wilkes Jordan, b. ca. 1826 in Darlington, South Carolina, d. (of pneumonia acc. to family) October 25, 1870 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, buried as Jimmie Jordan on his gravestone in Evergreen Cemetery in Coffee County, AL. Acquired GLO land patents No. 49067 and 45760 for land in Pike County,  AL on 11-1-1858 and sold them on Jan. 20, 1860 before moving to Louisiana. (Apparently his brother, John R. Jordan, and sister, Mary Jordan Wyatt, moved from Pike County, AL to Mansfield, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana with him in 1860 while his father, James Jordan, and elder brother, Alexander McCleod Jordan, moved to Coffee County, AL acc. to census records. James Wilkes Jordan acquired GLO land patent No. 15157 for land in Sabine Parish, La on August 11, 1861.  After his death the land was sold at auction by his widow as executor of his estate dated Nov. 7, 1871.  It is surmised that he must have kept in touch with his family in Coffee County, AL since they buried him in Evergreen Cemetery in Coffee County..  (Sources were census records,family  bible records kept by Elizabeth Milam Jordan, cemetery records, marriage records, military records,courthouse records, National Archives records, and interview with Ms. Wilma Jordan and Mrs. Fern Jordan Jones, now deceased.)

 Sp(1). Lucinda M. Wyatt, b. July 10, 1827 in  South Carolina, d. Oct. 1, 1851,  in Pike County, AL. Married 12-7-1849 Pike County, AL. She was a sister of Oliver Wyatt, husband of Mary C. Jordan, sister of James Wilkes Jordan.  Their grandfather, Elijah S. Wyatt, founded Elam Primitive Baptist Church in 1830 in Goshen in Pike County,AL. 


     3.  Sarah Mildred Victoria Jordan, b. 2-18-1851, Pike County, AL, died June 9, 1855, Pike County, AL.

Sp(2).:  Martha Ann Stephenson b. ca. 1830, Montgomery, AL, d. ca. 1895, married Nov. 11, 1853,  Pike County, AL, buried in an unmarked grave in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA..It is believed there is a possibility that she and her first husband, James Wilkes Jordan, came to DeSoto Parish, Louisiana in a wagon train with her Stephenson relatives from Alabama in 1860.  Her mother, Mary Jones Stephenson, was located in Martha’s household in 1880 in Mansfield, LA, DeSoto Parish and was buried in the Stephenson family cemetery in Mansfield, LA.   Martha’s second spouse was Hezikiah R. Murphy, whom she married in DeSoto Parish, La on December 22, 1870.  She was widowed again, but the date is not available.  Acc. to family her second husband was shot and killed while he was standing on his front porch by the Morgan gang from Natchitoches Parish, LA.  (A search was made for newspapers to verify this story, but they are no longer in existence. There is documentation about this area as part of the Rio Hondo lands, which occcupied the neutral strip of western Louisiana and which was a no man’s land until a boundary question was settled in 1819 making the Sabine River the western boundary of Louisiana) As Martha Murphy (a widow again) and as head of her family she applied for land on 9-11-1871 in DeSoto Parish and received homestead papers for the land on October 5, 1877.  In 1878 she sold the land and moved her family to Robeline, Natchitoches Parish, LA, located on the Camino Real and designated as Los Adaes, the first capital of Texas by the Spanish until 1772 when they moved it to San Antonio.   It seems likely that her second husband died between 1870 when they married and 1871 when she homesteaded land in DeSoto Parish as a widow for the second time..In the Jordan family bible record she was Marthy Jordan.    .

    3.  Frances Lenora Jordan, b. 10-17-1854, Pike County, AL, d. May 10, 1915, Natchitoches Par., La, buried in Central Baptist Cemetery, married 9-2-1875.  Sp. John (Jack) Hendrick, b. Jan. 4, 1848, Lawrence County, MS, d. 9-18-22, Natchitoches Par., LA, buried in Central Baptist Cemetery.

       4.  Mertice Irene Hendrick, b. July 16, 1876, Spanish Lake, Natchitoches Par., La., d. Dec. 17, 1961,  married Dec. 23, 1897, Natchitoches Par., La,  Sp.:  Johnnie Peter Clower, b. 4-1-1872, Tangipahoa Parish, La, d. October 27, 1946, Robeline, La, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery.

            5.  Ruby Marie Clower, b. Nov. 11, 1898, Sabine Parish, La, d. Jan. 11, 1957.

            5.  A.J. Clower, b. May 7, 1900, Sabine Parish, La, d. September 11, 1908.

            5.  Gladys Elaine Clower, b. Dec. 9, 1901, d.?

            5.  Johnnie Elbert Clower, b. May 6, 1903, Sabine Parish, La, d. April 26, 1953, Venezuela, South America.

    4.  Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Hendrick, b. Dec. 16, 1880, Natchitoches Par., d. Oct. 10, 1961, Sp.:  William Martin “Mart”  Smith.

            5.  Martile Smith, b. Dec. 9, 1902, d. Oct. 6, 1976.

            5.  James Hiram Martin Smith, b. September 27, 1905, d. September 8, 1929.

    4.  Leon F. “Buster” Hendrick, b. September 1882, Natchitoches Parish, La., d.?  Sp.:  May Carr, b.?, d.?, married December 7, 1898.

            5.  Ouida Hendrick, b. March 5, 1903, d. June 27, 1993.

            5.  Herman D. Hendrick?, b. July 3, 190?, d. Aug. 10, 1910.

    4.  Carlisle Hendrick, b. Aug. 1, 1886, Natchitoches Parish, La, d. Feb. 20, 1939.

    4.  Effie Hendrick, b. Aug., 1889, Natchitoches Parish, d.  Tulsa, OK.

    4.  John Fulton Hendrick, b. Jan., 1893, Natchitoches Parish, La, d. early 1950’s.

    4.  Matilda (“Mattie”) A. Hendrick, b. September, 1894, Natchitoches Parish, d. ?


3.  James Alexander (Alexandria on his probate record) Jordan, b. Feb. 4, 1857, Pike County, AL, d. Nov. 3, 1923, Robeline, LA.  Buried in Central Baptist Cemetery.  Married Aug. 28, 1890, Natchitoches Parish, La.  He was on the 1880 census with his brother, John, and cousin, Thomas Wyatt, in Many, Sabine Parish, LA.  Sp.  Talitha(sometimes spelled Tabitha) Jane Elizabeth Milam, (She was called Lizzie.) b. 9-23-1874, d. 12-6-1953, Robeline, LA.  Buried in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA. Some of her Milam relatives settled in Milam,Texas, which is located on Camino

Real.  She kept birth, death and marriage records in the family bible. 

    4.  Angel Baby, b. 8-23-1891 and d. 8-23-1891, Robeline, LA.  Buried in Central Baptist Cemetery.

    4.  Elmer Ernest Jordan, b. 12-7-1892, Robeline, LA, d. 5-14-1962, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery as La. Pvt. Mg. Co. 16 Infantry, WWI.

    4.  James Alvin Jordan, b. 2-26-1895, Robeline, LA, d. 5-29-1979, Robeline, LA, buried in Central Baptist Cemetery, married 5-25-1926, Sp.:  Coretta Marie Killen, b. 9-11-06, Urania, LA, d. 12-26-81, Robeline, LA, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery.

    4.  J.V. Jordan, b. 3-20-1897, Robeline, LA, d. 1-28-1978, Sulphur, LA, married 8-14-1927, Sp.:  Sallie Lucinda Montgomery, b. 7-30-1898, Jackson, LA, d. ca. 1983, Lake Charles, LA.

   4.  Angel Baby, b. and d. 9-28-1898, Robeline, LA, buried in Central Baptist Cemetery.

   4.  Earl Clayton Jordan, b. 12-27-01, Robeline, LA, d. 12-6-89, Denham Springs, LA, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery. Married 3-5-41, Sp. Lillian L. McCarroll, b. 1-27-16, Hayes, La, d. 9-17-88, Lake Charles, LA, cremated. Memorial marker for her in Hayes Protestant Cemetery. 

    4.  Homer Truman Jordan, b. 3-13-04, Robeline, LA, d. 9-20-16, Robeline, LA, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA.. On his grave stone is the inscription, “Lizzie’s boy.”  He was only 12 years old when he died of appendicitis, which was misdiagnosed at first.  Acc. to family at his funeral the children of Robeline lined up with white flowers and placed them on his coffin. 

    4.  Wilma Annie Jordan, b. 11-6-06, Robeline, LA, d. 3-99, Leesville, LA, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA.

    4.  Fern Elizabeth Jordan, b. 7-29-12, Robeline, LA, d. 6-22-99, Lake Charles, LA, bur. in Orange Grove Cemetery, Lake Charles, married 2-16-47.  Sp.  John Paul Jones, b. May 12, 1913, Beauregard Parish, LA, d. May, 1999, Lake Charles, LA, bur. in Orange Grove Cemetery, Lake Charles, La.

            5.  Milam David Jones, born and died ca. 1949, Lake Charles, LA, bur. in Orange Grove Cemetery.

   3. John M. Jordan, b. ca. 1860, Pike County, AL, d. of pneumonia ca. 1880  Sabine Parish, LA..

   3. Henry Oliver Jordan, b. ca. 1863, Louisiana, d. ca. 1936, Alexandria, Rapides Parish, La., married 30 Dec. 1888, Natchitoches Parish, LA and divorced Kitty Taylor from Ohio. 

     4. Edna Jordan, 1890, La, d.?

     4. Villa Jordan, b. ca. 1885, La, d.?

     4.  Henrietta(Little Henry) Jordan, b. ca. 1895, La., d.?


2.  John R. Jordan, b. 4-25-1827, Darlington, SC, d. after 1860, Louisiana, married Dec. 4, 1851, Pike County, AL.  Sp. Martha A.L. Strutyer, b. ca. 1835, AL, d.?, Louisiana? 

(Sources were census records, marriage record, and land record.  John R. Jordan was enumerated in the household of James Jordan, his father, in 1850 in Pike County, AL and he was enumerated next door to his brother, James Wilkes Jordan, on the 1860 DeSoto Parish, LA census.  It is believed he was killed and buried in Mansfield, LA during the civil war.)

  3.  Francis Jordan, b. ca. 1854 Pike County, AL.

  3.  Tensas E.  Jordan, b. ca. 1860, Louisiana.(twin?) d.?

  3.  William J. Jordan, b. ca. 1860, Louisiana (twin?) d.?

2.  Mary C. Jordan, b. 4-26-1827, Darlington, SC, d. 4-13-1895, Sabine Parish, LA,  bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA, married 9-25-1851, Pike County, AL.  Sp.:  Oliver L. Wyatt, b. 12-5-1829.  D. ca. 1910, La. Central Baptist church minutes reflect that Mary and her family lived in Sabine Parish but attended church at Central in Robeline located across the parish line.  (Sources are census records, cemetery records, marriage records, and family.) 

   3.  James D. “Jim” Wyatt, b. 8-22-1852, Pike County, AL, d. 7-13-1883, La.  Bur. in Central Cemetery.  Sp.:  Frances Elizabeth Ricks, b. 11-22-1856, d. ? in La.  Married 10-29-1874. 

        4.  Ida Wyatt, b. ca. 1877, d.?

        4.  Mary Wyatt, b. ca. 1879, d.?

   3.  John Daniel “Jack” Wyatt, b. 3-17-1856,  Pike County, AL, d. 9-9-25, Marthaville, LA.  Buried in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA.  Married 1-7-1875.  Sp.:  Mary J. Whatley, b.?, d.?

        4.  Lenora E. “Nora” Wyatt, b. 4-13-1876, d. 8-22-1959, Sp. Richard Pete Moffett.

        4.  Edward Clayton “ED” Wyatt, b. 1877, d. 1956, Ft. Jessup, LA. sp. Nora Beasley Boswell, d. in Robeline, LA, bur. in Central Cemetery, Sp.:  Laura Alice Neason, d.? in Ft. Jessup, LA

      Second spouse of John Daniel Wyatt:  Margarete Elizabeth “Maggie” Reeks, b. 11-11-1863, d. 2-1946 in Coldwater, La, Natchitoches Parish, mar. about 1880.

       4.  Arthur Valentine Wyatt, b. 9-24-1881, d. 11-14-64. Bur. in Oak Grove Cemetery, Oak Grove, La. Sp. Annie Laura Jeter, b. 7-21-1886, d. 11-19-1935, bur. in Oak Grove Cemetery.

       4.  John Virgil Wyatt, b. 10-21-1885, d. 10-25-71, DeSoto Parish, La, bur in Bellmont, La cemetery.  Sp.: Orlena Haley, b. 6-11-1890, d. 5-30-1980, bur. in Bellmont, La cemetery.

       4.  James Walter Wyatt, b. 12-11-1886, d. 2-65, Sabine Parish, La, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, LA, Sp.:  Cecilia Victoria Nowsworthy, d. in Sabine Parish, La, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, La.

       4.  Oscar Erastus Wyatt, b. 1-23-1890, d. 1-23-84, Provencal, LA, bur in Provencal Cemetery, sp.:  Clara Bell, b. 2-23-1896, d. 6-25-1965, Provencal, LA, bur. in Provencal Cemetery.

        4.  Cora Vietta Wyatt, b. 6-26-1891, d.?

        4.  Edward Lawrence Wyatt, b. 8-23-1894, d. 4-23-62, Alexandria, La, Sp. Bonnie Brock, b. ca. 1901, d. ca. 1928, Marthaville, La., Bur. in Marthaville Town Cemetery.

            Second sp. of Edward Lawrence Wyatt: Lizzie May Worley, b. March 8, 1908, d. Dec. 29, 1993, Alexandria, La., bur. in Flatwoods Cemetery, Flatwoods, La., married Feb. 4, 1931.

             5.  Elsie Estelle Wyatt, b. Feb. 19, 1932, d. September, 1991, Canyon, Texas; bur. in Flatwoods Cemetery.

                    6.  Jackie Ann Wyatt, b. August 8, 1957, Sp.:  Michael Lynn Wiltcher, b. August 17, 1955, married April 11, 1975.

                5.  Mary Magdalene “Maggie” Wyatt, b. December 13, 1935, d. June 2, 1967 in Texas, bur. in San Jacinto Memorial Cemetery.        

        4.  Beatrice Elizabeth “Beenie” Wyatt, b. 3-5-1897, d. 5-11-64. Sp: Pete A. Rogers, b. 4-29-1900, d. 3-2-77, Hagenwood, La, bur. in Pine Grove Cemetery.

        4.  Van D. “Jack” Wyatt, b. 11-23-1900, d. ca. 1933, Sp.:  Minnie Boyd.

        4.  Eula Maude Wyatt, b. 3-1-02, d. 2-20-57, Sp.:  John D. Watley, b. 11-18-02, d. 10-18-76 in Provencal, La, bur. in Pine Grove, La.

  3.  Emma Wyatt, b. 1858, d. before 1870 in La.

  3.  Thomas Jefferson “Denny” Wyatt, b. 10-7-1861, d. 1-14-40, Marthaville, LA, Bur. in Pisgah Cemetery, Sp.:  Frances Elizabeth “Fannie” Reeks, b. 12-3-1866, d. 7-5-1890, Sabine Parish, La, bur. in Central Baptist Cemetery, Robeline, La, married 2-25-1885.

      4.  Wallace H. Wyatt, b. 7-27-1886, d. 6-13-64, Marthaville, La, Sp.:  Mary K. Cartwright.

      4.  Willie Adophus “Bud” Wyatt, b. 3-2-1889, d. 2-1-68, Shreveport, La, Sp.:  Hallie W. Wyatt, b. 12-21-1894, d. 6-14-71.

      4.  Alfred Oliver Wyatt, b. 7-26-1891, d. 2-3-25, Marthaville, La, Sp.:  Hattie Lee Moore, b. 3-9-1893, d. 7-23-71.

      4.  Sylvestor Arnold Wyatt, b. 10-18-1895, d. 3-16-64, Pleasant Hill, La, Sp.:  Lula Mae Sandifer.

      4.  Mary Elizabeth Wyatt, b. 7-31-1898, d. 2-25-25, Marthaville, La, Sp.:  William J. “Will” Wyatt, m. 1912-1915.

      4.  Katherine Irene Wyatt, b. 8-28-00, d. 6-20-75, Shreveport, La., Sp:  Charles G. VanNess, m. 1914-1917.

      4.  Erastus  Clyde Wyatt, b. 12-2-03, d. 2-4-83, Marthaville, Sp:  Mae Moore, b. 10-4-07, d. 1-17-84.

      4.  Arbie Lee Wyatt, b. 9-3-06, d. 5-2-77, Shreveport, La, Sp.:  Bertie Lois Graves, mar. 3-28-28.

      4.  Hugh McKenneth Wyatt, b. 6-15-08, d. 2-8-75, Shreveport, La, Sp.:  Effie Burr, b, 1-26, 24.

      4.  Ila Mae Wyatt, b. 7-16-11, d. 7-20-92, Shreveport, La, Sp. Jewel J. Cobb.

   3.  Erastus Bledsole “Bledy” Wyatt, b. ca. 1865, Sp.:  Allie Selena Warnack, married Jan. 6, 1889,

       4.  Lena Wyatt, Sp.:  Lee Strickland.

       4.  Laura  Wyatt, Sp.:  Lewis Wilkerson

       4.  Jimmy Wyatt.

       4.  Nellie Wyatt, b. Nov. 16, 1893, d. 6- 26- 66, bur. in Bellmont Louisiana cemetery. 

   3.  Alexander “Alex” M. (McLeod) Wyatt, b. 12-16-1868, d. 9-10-40, Marthaville, La, buried in Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Sp.:  Sarch Alice Moore, b. 7-1-1872, d. 10-9-66 in La.  Married 12-29-1888.

        4.  Jenny Wyatt.  Sp. Unknown Davis.

        4.  William J. “Bill” Wyatt, d. in Monroe, La, Sp.:  Ella Kinard, b. 4-30-09, d. 12-22-97 in Arkansas.

        4.  Luther Wyatt, b. 4-17-01, d. 10-24-93, Sabine Parish, La, buried in Bellmont La Cemetery, Sp.:  Ennis Kinard, b. 10-27-15, d. 8-17-56.  Buried in Bellmont La Cemetery.

        4. James “J.D.” Wyatt, b. 2-16-02, d. 12-5-79, Sp.:  Dorothy Unknown, b. 7-22-00, d. 8-13-87. 

        4.  Henry Wyatt, b. 3-17-12, Sp.:  Evalena Unknown, b. 6-21-24, d. 6-27-74.

   3.  Catherine L. “Dainy” Wyatt, b. 1869, d. 1943, Marthaville, La, bur. in Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Sp.:  Albert R. Horn, b. ca. 1868, d. ca. 1930, married 12-4-1887.

   3.  Sarah V. “Sally” Wyatt, b. 1869, d. 1943, Marthaville, La, buried in Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Sp.:  Walter J. Callens, b. ca. 1867, d. 1945, married 11-21-1889.


 2.  Effie M. Jordan, b. ca. 1833, Darlington, SC, d. May 18, 1906, Coffee County, AL, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Coffee County, AL. (Sources are census records,cemetery records, and her obituary from the Elba Clipper Newspaper in Coffee County, AL.)


 2.  Sarah A. Jordan, b. ca. 1834, AL, d.after 1860, AL, Sp.:  John Taylor, b. ca. 1845, Georgia, d. after 1860 and before 1870, AL.It is assumed that Sarah and her husband John were deceased before the 1870 census, which enumerated their children in the household of their grandfather, James Jordan, age 73, in Coffee County, AL.  (Sources are census records, cemetery records, and family who identified Alabama Taylor

as Bama Taylor buried in Evergreen Cemetery.)

    3.  James Taylor, b. ca, 1858, AL, d.?

    3.  Catherine  A. Taylor, b. ca. 1859, AL, d.?

    3.  Martha Alabama  Taylor, b. May, 1860, AL, d.?, buried as Bama Taylor in Evergreen Cemetery, Coffee County, AL Her grave stone has no dates. Sp.John B. Harper 

         4.  Vivian Harper, b.?d.?

         4.  Lally Harper, b.?d.?


  2.  Catherine(Kitty) Ann Jordan, b. September, 1839, Pike County, AL, d. after 1910, Coffee County, AL.  Married Josephus P. Blue, respected physician, b. May 30, 1834 NC, d. Jan. 1, 1881, Coffee County, AL, buried in Evergreen Cemetery. (Sources are census records, cemetery records, courthouse records, and Effie Jordan’s Elba Clipper newspaper obituary which stated she died in the household of her sister, Kitty Blue. )

    3.  Johnnie May Blue(dau.), b. May 1877 Coffee County, AL, d.?

    3.  Willie Blue(dau.), b. May 1878 Coffee County, AL, d.?

    3.  Robert L. Blue, b. Nov. 1880, Coffee County, AL, d.?

    3.  Gipsia Blue(Dau.), b. Jan. 1880 Coffee County, AL, d.?



*I.  Possible father of James Jordan was Joshua Jourdan/Jordan,b. ca. 1777 SC.  Joshua migrated from Darlington County, South Carolina to Alabama and lived close to James Jordan, 53,  in Pike County, AL in 1850 at age 73, according to census records.  Both Joshua(50 to 60) and James Jordan(30-40) were on the1830 Darlington County, SC census next door. On the 1820 Darlington County, SC census in Joshua’s household was a son in the same age group as James Jordan.  On earlier Darlington County census records Joshua had an older wife and later a younger wife, Mary, who migrated to PikeCounty, AL with him.  Next door to Joshua and James Jordan on the 1830 Darlington County census was Joshua Jordan, Jr.,(20-30)  believed to be a son of Joshua Jordan and brother of James Jordan.   Next door also was Joel Jordan,(60-70) possibly a brother or father of Joshua Jordan.  Joel Jordan signed the petition of Jesse Jordan dated 8-10-1830 of Darlington District requesting his Revolutionary War pension, and Joel Jordan witnessed on 12-18-1833 for Richard Jordan a plat for 250 acres in Darlington District. 

Also Joshua Jordan witnessed on 5-28-1800 for Jesse Jordan a plat for 484 acres on  Boggy Swamp, Darlington District, Spring Branch.  A plat dated 3-19-1791 identified for Joel Jordon 200 acres on Boggy Swamp, in Cheraw District according to South Carolina Department of Archives and History web site. 

Jesse Jordan was enumerated on page 219 of the 1830 census record for Darlington County.   In his household were one male 15 to 20, one male 60 to 70, one female 20 to 30.  Next door to Jesse Jordan was Wiley Jordan with one male under 5, one male 20 to 30, one female under 5 and one female 20 to 30.  On the 1820 census for South Carolina noone named Jesse Jordan was enumerated in  Drlington County.  There was another Jesse Jordan in Edgefield County, SC in 1820, but there was a listing for that Jesse Jordan in 1800 and 1810 in Edgefield County, SC.

On the 1810 census of Darlington  County, SC on page 024 there was a listing for Jesse Jordan, Sr. with one male 45 and over, one female 10 and under 16, 2 females 16 and under 26, and one female over 45.  Thomas Brown was next door and next door to him were Joshua Jordan Jun. and Joshua Jordan, Sr.

On page 016 enumerated was Jesse Jordan, Jr. with one male under 10, one male 16 and under 26, 2 females under 10, and one female 16 and under 26.

Also on page 016 Joel Jordan’s household was enumerated with one male 10 and under 16, two males 16 and under 26, and one male 26 and under 45, etc. on the 1810 census of Darlington County, SC.

On the 1790 census of Cheraw District, SC, were Joshua, Joel., William, John, and Henry Jordan. 

For the plat witnessed by Joshua Jordan in 1800 in Darlington, it was done for Jesse Jordan, Sr.   On the 1830 census Jesse was 60-70 and in the age range of someone who would have served in the Revolutionary War and would have applied for his pension. 

Earliest record was found in The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, SCMAR Vol. II, No. 3, Summer, 1979, Darlington County. Memorialized Records (Continued from Vol. 7, p. 80) as follows: Joel Jordan to Joshua Jordan, Junr deed of sale on Dec. 18, 1793 20 pounds sterling for 200 acres.

From Darlington Flag, Editor’s Note:  Most genealogists who have an interest in Darlington County records know that a fire destroyed the county court house in 1806.  Many people do not realize that additional records were destroyed during Reconstruction when a fire swept through Darlington. From Old Darlington District Genealogy web site is a history of Darlington County, SC as follows:  The settlement of what is now Darlington County began in earnest after 1736 and 1738… For three decades following the arrival of the first settlers, local government did not exist for the citizens of the area.  All deeds, estate settlements, and other legal matters had to be taken to Charles Town to be recorded.  In 1769 by an Act of the Assembly Cheraw District was established as a Judicial District.  After the Revolutionary War in 1785 Cheraw District was divided into three counties, Marlborough, Chesterfield, and Darlington. 

Darlington County was bounded by Cedar Creek, the Pee Dee River, and Lynches Creek(River).  After 1798 the designation was changed to district.  In the 1868 SC constitution the designation reverted back to county.  (This history was copied out of “Darlington District., S.C. Cemetery Survey Volume One.)

Other Jordans besides James, Joshua, Sr. Joshua, Jr., and Joel Jordan enumerated on page 218 on Darlington County, SC census in 1830 were Batson, Barry,  Bird, Sarah, Josiah, and Richard, Jordan, Jr.  On page 217 were Peter and Alexander Jordan.  LDS research revealed that Peter, Alexander, Wiley, Judith, Berry, Dolly, John(Dick), Batson, and Bird Jordan, all born in Virginia and lived in Darlington  County, SC,  were children of Baxter Jordan, b. after 1750 Lunenburg County, Virginia and died in Darlington County, SC 1820-1850.  He married Mary Polly Linscomb Pettus, b. 1752, Lunenburg County, VA.  Berry Jordan’s son, James J. Jordan, married Sarah Jordan.  On the South Carolina Dept of History web site Batson Jordan was the administrator of the estate of his brother, Alexander Jordan, on 8-10-1846.  Alexander’s heirs and witnesses listed in his will were Elizabeth Jordan, Allison Jordan, and several other people with the surname of Russel, Moye and Parker. 

Regarding Joshua Jordan, a search of the few Pike County newspapers dated prior to 1860 still in existence was made by the librarian in Troy, AL and no obituary, which might have identified James Jordan as one of his surviving children, was found..  Joshua was last enumerated on the 1850 census in Pike County, AL at the age of  73 and his  youngest children were enumerated in his household on the 1860 census. Joshua left no probate records in Pike County ruling out another document, which would have possibly verified that James Jordan was one of his sons.  According to census records, Joshua had children with his older wife in South Carolina, and in Pike County, he also had more children with his younger wife, Mary, b. 1790 SC.   Joshua Jordan, Jr., b. 1805 SC, who lived next door to Joshua, Sr. and James Jordan in Darlington, SC in 1830, lived in Pike County, AL in 1850.  Some researchers wrote that his wife was Catherine

McCloud/McCleod, a relative of James Jordan’s wife, Catherine McCleod, but there are a lot of brick walls with this family.

Next door to Joshua, Sr. and James Jordan on the 1850 Pike County census was Delilah Jordan, 56, daughter of Joel Jordan, who left her in Darlington, SC Deed Book H, pp. 71-71 all of his worldly possessions upon his death. A search was made for a grave stone for Joel Jordan in Darlington, but none was found.  In Pike County a search was made for a grave stone for Joshua Jordan and the other Jordans who moved from Darlington, SC but none were found.  A genealogist from Pike County wrote that many  early grave stones were washed away.

2.  Other Jordans believed to have moved from Darlington, SC to Pike County and enumerated on the Pike County census were Wiley Jordan, two Henry Jordans, a younger Joel Jordan(He moved to Georgia, where he married Mary Faircloth, before moving to Pike County, AL), a younger Richard Jordan, who married Mary L. Barnett 3-10-1858, in Pike County.  William C. Jordan, who married Nancy C. Sims on 2-5-1852 in Pike County, AL, indicated on his civil war records that he was born in Darlington, SC.

James Jordan and many of the other Jordans lived in Goshen, AL in Pike County and robably attended Elam Primitive Baptist Church founded by Rev. Elijah S. Wyatt.  A search for Elam Primitive Baptist Church minutes was made but unfortunately none are still available to prove that James Jordan and his family had church letters there.. Still in existence on the wall of the church is the name of Henry Jordan as one of the founding members of the church.  Most of Alexander Jordan’s descendants were buried in Evergreen cemetery, which was located behind Evergreen church in Elba.  However, the church closed and church minutes no longer are available to find their church letters. 

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