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 Descendants of Gray Jordan

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Generation No. 1 

1. GRAY2 JORDAN (GRAY1)1 was born 1793 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina2, and died 18 Sep 1863 in Lawrence County, Mississipi. He married (1) MARGARET CHANDLER Bet. 18 Dec 1816 - 1854 in Georgia. She was born 1796 in South Carolina. He married (2) NANCY BRISTER 1854. She was born 1824 in Georgia, and died 1919.


i. WILLIAM H.3 JORDAN, b. 1817, Georgia.

ii. WYATT JORDAN, b. 1820, Georgia; d. 17 May 1862; m. MARTHA MCRORQUE, 25 Jan 1844; b. 1822.

iii. MALINDA JORDAN, b. 1825, Georgia.

iv. SUSAN JORDAN, b. 1826, Georgia; d. 1853.

v. MARTHA ANN JORDAN, b. 1827, Georgia.

                 vi. SIMEON GRAY JORDAN, b. 1840, Lincoln County, Mississipi; d. 1926, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

vii. CLARINDA JORDAN, b. 1847, Georgia.

Children of GRAY JORDAN and NANCY BRISTER are:

viii. GRAY JORDAN3 JR., b. Apr 1857, Lawrence County, Mississipi.

ix. WILSON T. JORDAN, b. 1860, Lawrence County, Mississipi.

x. SARAH JORDAN, b. 1863, Lawrence County, Mississipi.


Generation No. 2

2. SIMEON GRAY3 JORDAN (GRAY2, GRAY1)3 was born 1840 in Lincoln County, Mississipi4, and died 1926 in Lincoln County, Mississipi. He married (1) KESIAH SUTTON. She was born 1835 in Lawrence County, Mississipi, and died 1881 in Lincoln County, Mississipi. He married (2) SALLY NETHERLAND CRANE 1891 in Lincoln County, Mississipi. She was born 1866 in Lincoln County, Mississipi.


i. JAMES HARRISON4 JORDAN, b. 08 Nov 1857, Brookhaven, Mississipi, Lincoln County; d. 28 Dec 1911, Alexandria, Louisiana.

ii. MARGARET JORDAN, b. 1859.

iii. MARTIN W. JORDAN, b. Mar 1865, Brookhaven, Mississipi.

iv. THOMAS JORDAN, b. 1868, Brookhaven, Mississipi; d. 01 Jan 1918, Bogalusa, Louisiana.

v. MARY E. JORDAN, b. 1870, Brookhaven, Mississipi.


Children of SIMEON JORDAN and SALLY CRANE are:

vi. ALLINE4 JORDAN, b. 1893, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

vii. ADA JORDAN, b. 1894, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

viii. EMMA JORDAN, b. 17 Feb 1897, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

ix. IDA JORDAN, b. Feb 1898, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

x. ETHEL JORDAN, b. Dec 1899, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

 Generation No. 3

 3. JAMES HARRISON4 JORDAN (SIMEON GRAY3, GRAY2, GRAY1)5 was born 08 Nov 1857 in Brookhaven, Mississipi, Lincoln County6, and died 28 Dec 1911 in Alexandria, Louisiana7. He married (1) SARAH AGNES RITCHEY. She was born 02 Feb 1857 in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. He married (2) SARAH ANN RIPPY8. She was born Feb 1858 in Louisiana, and died 1899 in Louisana.

Children of JAMES JORDAN and SARAH RIPPY are:

i. WILLIAM HENRY FRANKLIN5 JORDAN, b. 22 Jan 1878, Lincoln County, Mississipi; d. 05 Jan 1942, Baytown, Texas.

ii. THOMAS R. JORDAN, b. 1876, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

iii. MARY JORDAN, b. 15 Feb 1881, Tioga, Louisiana.

iv. ELIZABETH ( LIZZIE ) JORDAN, b. 10 Jan 1883, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

v. JULIA JORDAN, b. 02 Mar 1886, Lincoln County, Mississipi.

vi. WILLIE JORDAN, b. 08 Jul 1888, Lincoln County, Mississipi.


 Generation No. 4

4. WILLIAM HENRY FRANKLIN5 JORDAN (JAMES HARRISON4, SIMEON GRAY3, GRAY2, GRAY1) was born 22 Jan 1878 in Lincoln County, Mississipi, and died 05 Jan 1942 in Baytown, Texas9. He married EMMA BEULAH BOYD 19 Jul 1898 in Rapides Parish, Louisana. She was born 11 Nov 1882 in Dallas, Texas, and died 23 Nov 1922 in Glenmora, Louisana10.

Children of WILLIAM JORDAN and EMMA BOYD are:

i. HENRY FRANKLIN6 JORDAN, b. McNary, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; d. Campbell, California.


iii. WILLIAM JORDAN, b. Oct 1899, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. 1954, Apache County, Arizona; m. HAZEL MCDONALD.

iv. JIM JORDAN, b. 1900, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. 1985.

v. SIDNEY JAMES JORDAN, b. 08 Nov 1903, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. 24 Mar 1985, LosGatos, California; m. VIOLA PENROD.

vi. ERNEST LEE JORDAN, b. 1905, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. May 1981, Baytown, Texas; m. BETHEL.

vii. WILLIAM ELLIS JORDAN11,12,13, b. 30 Dec 1907, Pollock,Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. 04 Sep 1981, Houston, Texas14; m. (1) VELMA JARRELL15,16,17, Bet. 21 Jan 1926 - 28 Jul 1950, Louisana; b. 06 Feb 1906, Louisana; d. 28 Jul 1950, Houston, Texas18,19; m. (2) MARION MAGDALENE FALKE, 04 Apr 1952, Houston, Texas; b. 28 Jul 1935, Houston, Texas; d. 2006, Houston, Texas.

viii. GLADYS JORDAN, b. 1908, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. 1964, Winslow, Arizona; m. HAMILTON VIDRINE, 12 Dec 1924, Saint Johns, Apache County, Arizona.

ix. BESSIE MAE JORDAN, b. 17 Mar 1915, McNary, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; d. 02 Feb 1984, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona; m. MARION RANKLIN MAXWELL, 28 Mar 1933, Saint Johns, Apache County, Arizona; b. 02 Jan 1913, Nutrioso, Apache County, Arizona; d. 05 Nov 1985, Springerville, Arizona.

x. HENRY JORDAN II, b. 1916, Grant Parrish, Louisiana; d. New Orleans, Louisiana. 



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